An airplane on route from Paris to Egypt plunges into the Mediterranean. Air traffic in Sweden stopped when the Civil Aviation Administration radar systems are knocked out. And the tragic plane crash immediately became political, for example, ran two presidential candidates Clinton and Trump stating that it is a terrorist act, because nobody wants to seem naive to the voters. Ny Teknik reporter Monica Kleja reports on flight simulators that allow the real tests in the air can be reduced by two thirds. Lace technology in Gripen E is likely to be used in civilian applications, perhaps to avoid air disasters such as the Mediterranean Sea. comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies.
Elon Musk thinks that humans are going to need to add a digital layer of intelligence to our brains to avoid becoming house cats to artificial intelligence.Musk believes that as AI continues to advance, humans will be left behind, and that even in the most banal situation, we'll be treated like pets by artificial intelligence, as he explained on stage at Vox Media's Code Conference in Southern California.Enter something called "neural lace," a technology concept that Musk finds "quite important" that he thinks companies need to be working on.Neural lace is essentially a wireless brain-computer system.I think one of the solutions that seems maybe the best is to add an AI layer," he said."A third, digital layer that could work well and symbiotically" with the rest of your body.Nanotechnologists have actually already been working on this concept.Musk said that this wouldn't have to be something inserted by "chopping your skull off," but that the technology could be inserted through the jugular vein."If we can create a high-bandwidth neural interface with your digital self, then you re no longer a house cat, he said.Would Musk consider working on this technology himself?Watch Musk's explanation here, starting around 58:00:NOW WATCH: Here s where Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs started as internsLoading video...
Given how much time Elon Musk spends trying to save the world, it s almost surprising that he thinks we re all just living in someone s video game anyway.Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX and maybe the inspiration for Robert Downey Jr. s Iron Man told attendees of the Code Conference he thinks there s a one in billions chance we re actually living in reality.Forty years ago we had pong.Musk was optimistic at points, saying that we re already cyborgs with superpowers, since part of us live online and our access to social media is beyond our ancestors wildest dreams.More depressingly, he predicted that if we don t continue progressing quickly, we might become like a pet or like the house cat for AI.The best defense against this is to physically blend with technology into a neural lace that helps us control technology with our brains.
At the Code media and tech conference in California last night, Elon Musk talked onstage about his varied and eclectic pursuits.And when the talk turned to autonomous vehicles, Musk was sure to share his opinions on what he perceives to be Tesla s biggest competition.Musk doesn t consider Google s self-driving car programme a direct competitor with Tesla they re not a car company .It s a couple years... they ll make a good car and be successful.Speaking of opportunities, Musk is planning another Tesla event before the end of the year to specifically address autonomous technology, which he believes will be ready in two years.You can watch the whole video here for more Musk thoughts on neural lace, production schedules, Hyperloop pods, landing rockets on barges, going to Mars, battery factories, and his project to save the world from a dystopian AI future.
View fact that you can't afford a Tesla?That's according to Elon Musk, who answered a question about the possibility of living in a simulated reality at the Code conference in California on Wednesday.Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic, 3D simulations with millions of people playing simultaneously, and it's getting better every year ...In fact, it got to the point where basically every conversation was the AI/simulation conversation, and my brother and I finally agreed that we would ban such conversations if we were ever in a hot tub," he said.If this sounds like a bleak proposal — that humanity is basically an advanced version of The Sims — do not despair.He also said he plans to send humans to Mars by 2024, and you should hear about his Neural Lace theory.
He backed the idea of a neural lace – a new electronic layer of the brain that would allow us to instantly access online information and greatly improve cognitive powers by tapping into artificial intelligence.I don t love the idea of being a house cat, he said at San Francisco s Code Conference.Google founder Larry Page on Musk: He s kind of homeless, which I think is sort of funny.Somebody s gotta do it, I m not saying I will.Musk said the scenario in which humans are turned into pets was the optimistic one, and that the true consequences of artificial intelligence could be much worse.Last year he launched a $1 billion fund into research on saving humanity from AI, and has joined Professor Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates in warning about the dangers.
Vans has teamed up with Nintendo to bring you shoes straight out of your childhood fantasies.The footwear brand and video game creators unveiled an extensive collection of footwear, apparel and accessories adorned with Nintendo-inspired graphic prints and characters from Super Mario Bros. , Pokemon , Donkey Kong and Legend of Zelda .VansThe throwback collection will be available from Friday 3 June, in both adult s and children s sizing and no we won t judge you for buying a pair .The Vans x Nintendo range includes four variations of the Authentic Vans silhouette, including the Super Mario Bros. Tie-Dye - which features an all-over character print of Mario alongside several power-ups and the villainous Goomba over an 8-bit tie-dye pattern.Princess Peach also stars on a pair, while Duck Hunt and Donkey Kong are each honoured on their own lace-up styles.Lace-up styles are trimmed with special details including Nintendo game logos on the tongue label and NES controller lace caplets - but best of all, are the iconic Vans waffle soles printed with Game Over!
He wants to colonize Mars, make us independent of the electricity grid and build electric jets. As cats, Elon Musk said in a live interview at the Code Conference. It is a "neural lace," said Elon Musk during the interview. The electronics are injected with a needle, and researchers have tested it on mice, at least in one case died of it. The aim seems to be that we can communicate with computers incredibly much faster with the help of thought. Read also: Sure, you can buy the Tesla Model X for over a million - this is the full price list By connecting the brain directly to computers, we can increase the pace and get our AI overlords to see us as equals for a while.
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, says a "high-bandwidth neural interface with your digital self" would stop us from becoming a house cats to artificial intelligence.Photo: Reuters/Rashid Umar AbbasiElon Musk thinks that humans are going to need to add a digital layer of intelligence to our brains to avoid becoming house cats to artificial intelligence.Musk believes that as AI continues to advance, humans will be left behind, and that even in the most banal situation, we'll be treated like pets by artificial intelligence, as he explained on stage at Vox Media's Code Conference in Southern California.Enter something called "neural lace," a technology concept that Musk finds "quite important" that he thinks companies need to be working on.Neural lace is essentially a wireless brain-computer system."A third, digital layer that could work well and symbiotically" with the rest of your body.
Elon Must says crazy thingsTesla, Space X, Paypal, and Solar City founder Elon Musk is known for making predictions about the future of technology.And his latest interview at Recode's Code conference proved to be another trove of slightly insane-sounding pontifications.This man wants to blast you into spaceEssentially, Musk is suggesting a solution to earthly legislative problems by starting over from scratch.Musk also made clear his view that laws should be harder to create on the red planet: "I think I would recommend some adjustment for the inertia of laws would be wise.During his time on-stage, Musk voiced his support for a 'neural lace' – an electronic brain enhancement that would allow us access to online information and artificial intelligence."Hey, if we're going to trust this man to send us to Mars, operate on our brains, and awake us from our simulated reality like some smug billionaire version of Morpheus, surely we can trust him on when autonomous cars will arrive...comments powered by Disqus
By December 2015 he co-founded the non-profit research company OpenAI in an effort to democratize AI development and advance the technology to humanity s best benefit.This week, in a conversation at Recode s annual Code Conference, Musk shared a tentative idea for something called neural laces, which he imagines could mitigate the risk of humanity becoming something of a pet to superintelligence.Just as your cortex works symbiotically with your limbic system, this digital layer would work symbiotically with the rest of you.We re already cyborgs, Musk said, echoing the argument that devices like our phones and systems like the Internet grant us superhuman powers in real time.We re IO bound – particularly output bound.The neural lace would, in theory, allow us to connect and communicate digitally to overcome our biological limitations.
Elon Musk has a new idea: "neural lace".It's a technology concept that would create a wireless brain-computer system.Essentially, the "neural lace" would free humans from being the "house cats" to artificial intelligence and be the AI layer over our world.It's OK if it's confusing because it's a plan that's either crazy or brilliant — like many of the things said by the 44-year old CEO of electric car maker Tesla and founder of SpaceX.After his appearance at the Code Conference this week, Business Insider rounded up some of Musk's most memorable quotes that are either crazy or brilliant or, in some cases, both.View As: One PageSlides
It takes less than an hour of work and a few supplies.Hem the short sides of your fabric, then fold the them together horizontally and again vertically so you end up with four layers of fabric.Go as far up as you want, the further up you go, the smaller the arm holes will be.For a faster version of this project, skip the hemming portion.This will make your jacket more likely to fray but if you only want it to last the summer, then you can do less work for a similar look.You can also add customizations like fringe or lace to the bottom of the jacket.
We're inching closer to building an artificial brain.Or so says Neil Jacobstein, an AI expert who has consulted on projects for the U.S. military, GM, and Ford, at Exponential Finance — a two-day conference on AI and robotics sponsored by CNBC and Silicon Valley think-tank Singularity University."We are going to eventually understand how our brain works — we are going to reverse engineer the brain," Jacobstein, who is also co-chair of the AI and robotics track at Singularity University, said at the event.Jacobstein said we are already making enough progress in our lifetime that we will be able to artifically replicate the neocortex — the part of mammal's brains that controls sensory perception, motor commands, spatial reasoning, conscious thought, and language in humans, according to Science Daily.And Jacobstein said he doesn't think it will stop there.But the creation of artificial brains will even progress to the point where it's integrated with our bodies, Jacobstein said.His remarks sound similar to what Elon Musk said at Vox Media's Code Conference last week.Musk mentioned a new technology he said companies should be working on called "neural lace," which would add a digital layer of intelligence to our brains.It's a concept nanotechnologists have been working on, Business Insider's Jillian D'Onfro pointed out.Jacobstein said creating a neural lace like Musk described is "doable.Robot'We're inching closer to building an 'artificial brain' that can perform work 24/7Samsung s newest Galaxy phone makes it so you never have to buy a caseI tried living on an $8 per hour salary in San Francisco and it was a disasterNOW WATCH: Your brain straight up can't handle this colorLoading video...
Many men, as they lace up their Oxfords in the morning, think a simple thought: Why can't my dress shoes be as comfortable as my running shoes?Justin Schneider, founder of new Florida-based shoe startup Wolf & Shepherd, had that same thought, but he decided to do something about it.Schneider, who has worked as a shoe designer at both Adidas and New Balance, set out to design a dress shoe that looks a lot like the other dress shoes you've worn in your life, but that has hidden technology to make it a whole lot more comfortable.The tech packed into the shoes includes:A memory foam footbedA high-density foam heelRubber outsolesCarbon fiber arch supportThe shoes also got their ratios from running shoes, and have modular outsoles that can easily switch out depending on the weather.The shoes are, on average, a pound lighter than a traditional dress shoe, and use something called a "Swiss insole" to reduce weight.Since part of the comfort of running shoes is their flexibility, these shoes should be able to move better than your average dress shoe.This means the Wolf & Shepherd shoes have a little more give, which can cause some unsightly wrinkles in the leather when worn, as evidenced by some of the product shots.The leather, according to the company, is sourced from the same tannery that Louis Vuitton uses.Comfort doesn't come cheap, though.The shoes' retail price starts at $325, which is about equal to the cost of a well-made traditional dress shoe.They also cannot be recrafted except for the rubber tread patterns, which could present a problem should issues with the sole arise in the future.But if you're looking for comfort, there's really nothing else like it on the market.The company is having former NCAA Division I runner Juris Silenieks wear the shoes as he runs the "Hotlanta Half-Marathon" in Atlanta, Georgia, attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the fastest half-marathon time in dress shoes.NOW WATCH: A former SpaceX exec has reinvented the high heel with the help of an astronaut and a rocket scientistLoading video...
It is both a dream and a vision of horror, from Galadriel friendly view messages in Lord of the Rings films to the unpleasant Psi Corps in the TV series Babylon fifth The simplest variant is sold, for example in the form of a small drone that can be controlled with the power of thought, or toy with a ball in a tube which can be lifted without touching it. To get more detailed information about where in the brain activity is used magnetic resonance imaging, which is a very large and unwieldy instrument which the examined person must lie perfectly still in. But the experiments also show that the research is far from understanding the fundamental processes of how thinking works. - We are looking for a specific brain activity, which can be used for example to control a robot arm. It seems very far from being able to become something practically useful Elon Musks speculation neural lace that could be injected into the bloodstream and unfold in the brain.
Running is simple: just lace up some shoes and go, right?So, go ahead and check out the cheap shoes first, but don t be surprised if you end up needing to spend more than the minimum.On the bright side, once you find a shoe you like, you can scour clearance sales or use Shoekicker to find it at a discount.Races Aren t CheapA lot of us focus our training by picking a race, whether that s a marathon next year or a five-kilometer race about three miles as our graduation from couch-to-5K training.At the Pittsburgh marathon $145 , runners get a swag bag with just a few items—a whistle and a protein bar were in my relay bag this year—and have to walk through a crowded expo full of vendors to collect them.Other studies have come up with different numbers, but all agree that runners are very prone to overuse injuries—like my tendonitis, or other issues that can cause pain in the knees, ankles, and hips.
Store-bought ice cream cones can be flavorless and cardboard-like, but this method from Food 52 allows you to make tiny, extremely tasty, adorable little cones from your favorite tuile, brandy snap, or lace cookie batter.To make these cute little cones, you ll need a recipe for one of the cookies listed above or you can use Alice Medrich s coconut tuile recipe , a flexible piece of plastic like a cutting mat or Silpat that has seen better days , and some electrical tape.Prepare your batter according to whatever recipe you re using, and place a rack in the center of the oven.Bake the tuiles until they are mostly golden brown with pale splotches about 10-14 minutes rotating halfway through the baking time.Remove from the cookies from the oven and set them on top of the stove to keep warm.As soon as you can slip the cookies off the sheet without destroying them, gently remove the tuile and wrap it around your cone mold, smooth side towards the mold, pressing the edges of the cone against itself so it doesn t unroll.
A month.If the University of Hairy Nipples Fighting Areolas want to play on blue turf, then by cracky, go to town:It had all come a long, long, long way from 1993, when EA launched a college football series minus the rights to school names and logos Michigan vs. BYU could be simulated as Ann Arbor vs. Provo to mirror its successful Madden franchise, even slapping the name of another iconic Bay Area coach, Bill Walsh — then about to wrap up his second tenure at Stanford University — on the title.But the big whammy was Owner Mode, giving basement jockeys a chance to unleash their inner Steinbrenner, allowing users a 30-year window to control almost every aspect of a franchise, from stadium creation to ticket prices, staff budgets and even daily promotional gimmicks.Sure, we could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about Rucker Park and Julius Erving and Nate Archibald and Moses and the Big O and The Hawk and The Glide and Nique and The Iceman and The Pearl and Pistol and Bird and Magic and Jordan to say nothing of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach, who would also lace em up in a rare inter-license crossover .The final installment in the THQ series, Undisputed 3, managed to combine the best elements of its two immediate predecessors Undisputed 09 and 10 .To many gamers, EA s UFC combatants feel somewhat homogenized; Undisputed fighters felt unique.
Not every fabulous vacation needs to be a jet-setting getaway to a resort in a far off locale.Some of them, sure, but odds are there are plenty of beautiful natural spaces, from huge state or national parks to smaller green spaces in your area you can lace up a pair of shoes, pack a small or large bag full of snacks, drinks, and goodies, and explore for an afternoon.Just remember to apply plenty of sunscreen and some good insect repellent, and you ll be ready to tackle the outdoors—whether that s a big national park with gorgeous rock structures and flowing rivers, or a lazy afternoon with some snacks and a bottle of wine or three in your public park.After all, your plane or train tickets are probably a significant portion of your overall vacation budget and you do have a vacation budget, right?If the very thought of a plane ticket or a train ticket is still simply too much money for you, consider a road trip instead.You ll still have to pay for fuel, but if you grab a friend and offer to split it, you can see some great sights not too far from your hometown in just a day or so s drive.