It is an ever competitive world of mobile applications and the choice of mobile app development frameworks is still not easy.PHP Frameworks are preferred by Mobile App Developers because they help to create quality apps in the least time possible.Well, we are going to showcase some point of differences among these frameworks that will help you to choose the one that suits perfectly to your needs.Let’s First Look on the Points of Similarities of these PHP FrameworksSymfony and Laravel have a number of features in common.Being an open-source framework, it allows developers to bring in coding elements easily.
Laravel is popular open-source modern web application Framework created by Taylor Otwell.It is based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern to enhance the web development process.Laravel was built to reduce the number of errors and time-consuming processes which developers mostly face during the development of the website.It provides better security and fast database migration without any data loss.Laravel has unique features which make it better than Codeigniter which are;Multiple file system: The latest Laravel has third party package called "Flysystem" to provide great support for multiple file system.
If you are executing your business with PHP development in 2017, then you should consider using a framework.The last several years Laravel has emerged as the best PHP frameworks because of its huge community of users, flexible and scalable architecture.Laravel is an open source web application PHP framework created and developed by Taylor Otwell for web application development followed by the MVC Architectural pattern (model-view-controller).As laravel is an open sourced, free, new generation PHP framework, most of the enterprises and start-ups use laravel for building their business websites.  
Laravel Development — Future & ScopeTop 8 Reasons Why to Choose Laravel Development for Enterprises:The important aspect for every web application was authentication and authorization for its security level.And such an authorization system was coded by laravel developers again and again, which spends huge amount of time till the logic works.Also well versed to organize the authorization logic and can also control access of the users by running few artisan commands.To reduce the load on the database server, we use caching to store the data temporarily and can retrieve it back soon.
Laravel always keeps amazing everyone with its exclusive technique, its excellent features, tools, modules and community support.Since its existence, Laravel, open source PHP based framework, has been using the agile development approach to create a user-friendly website rapidly.In keeping that many Laravel development companies come forward to render exceptional Laravel framework services across the worldwide clients.Laravel’s surprising flexibility allows its applicability to be used for various operations across different business verticals.Developers over the years have preferred Laravel due to its simplicity and ease of learning.This superior framework has many vantage points like stability, better support, extensions and the good community in it helps developers to complete the web application with ease.
Most of the web developers have started practicing the latest PHP based framework technology to build a personalized web application.It is none other than a simple, elegant, and well-documented Laravel framework.It eases the burden of the developers from the spaghetti coding and avail them with trouble-free syntax to create websites with this comprehensive framework.Laravel is considered as an ultimate PHP based framework for 2015 and by viewing the secret plot of this framework, many web development companies like Agriya are coming forward by availing laravel development services .Here, it is the perfect post to see through the secret agenda of this framework in detail.Laravel is the PHP based web application framework that gains its popularity since its existence to the online world.
There are many full-stack PHP frameworks that can be used for the purpose of developing massive projects without much performance lag and stability problems.Most of the developers will feel at ease to work with Laravel and Yii when they create something anew for both these frameworks have a lot of followers in terms of full grown communities all over the world.Laravel development is designed for the purpose of building high-end web applications with a powerful and elite scripting.Yii follows simple coding and fast performance.Yii has an elegant Query builder and diverse caching that are highly useful for programming purpose.In terms of scalability, speed and developing of customized extensions Yii as a framework proves to be very effective.
An extensive look into the most preferred Server tools among Laravel developers community.A server tool with open source attribution helps in performing crucial actions over coding and project implementations.It should facilitate easy hosting and review of code standards alongside project management.A distributed version control system focused on creating the space for improved collaboration.With DigitalOcean, the requisite of deploying and scaling web applications becomes very much simpler.The community support you get with them is top-notch.
Ten or 15 years ago many of the companies selling goods and services online would have described their ecommerce software as a “shopping cart.” Now, changes in software development could bring the term back.3 Phases of Ecommerce Software EvolutionFor the sake of explanation, let’s describe three discernible, evolutionary phases for ecommerce software and associate those phrases with the terms “shopping cart,” “ecommerce solution,” and “ecommerce platform.”Manages core “ecommerce” functions like the product catalog, sales reporting, and processing transactions.But, nonetheless, it helps us think about ecommerce software.When Amazon and eBay were getting their start in 1995, ecommerce software was often a simple script added to an existing website to process payments.
The battle between CodeIgniter and Laravel is going strong.It was developed Taylor Otwell and the Architectural pattern followed while developing Laravel is model-view-controller.The main question now for businesses is whether to hire Laravel developers or CodeIgniter developers.Finding complex models is easy in CodeIgniter thanks to the MVC system.The use of both views and controllers helps you create applications with ease.Also, CodeIgniter allows the easy editing of existing files.There is an inbuilt tool in Laravel called Artisan that takes care most of the repetitive and tedious programming tasks done by programmers. These tasks include creating a skeleton code and creating a database structure. Since the Artisan can interlaced so that programmers can use the command-line to not only generate basic MVC files, but also manage them along with their respective configurations. This is the reason it is easier to find a Laravel development company than it is to find a company that specializes in CodeIgniter.   
Laravel represent one of the most commendable PHP frameworks as it outruns the rest in terms of performance, features, and scalability. However, never omit the fact that, like any other framework Laravel’s development cycle also holds certain hindrances and even though you have vanquished every other development challenges, hiring the right person can be a real bother sometimes. Further will explore the best five questions to consider during the process. Unlike CMS, or ECommerce frameworks Laravel is an all-rounder and hence, it demands profound expertise and dedication. If you own your own Laravel development company, they will have all the sufficient resources and will rectify the error soon as possible. The question the other party asks or the solution they suggest will depict their interest towards the process as well their expertise in this particular realm.  
A framework is a structure or a platform which you can choose and build a program on it. This decides the structure of your application, moreover, help to connect with various APIs. Laravel is a renowned PHP framework that enables the developers to advance development process without increasing project overheads. Unlike other frameworks, Laravel ensures all-out performance and scalability, hence preferred by a considerable number of laravel development services Laravel Development stands among the best of modern-day frameworks as it succeeded in satisfying today’s web application development demands. Any laravel development company with a convincing track record will undoubtedly confirm the contributions of aforementioned factors in deploying a top-end product. However, to choose a framework is more than just features. It incorporates a serious understanding of market, challenges, requirements and more.       
Finding a suitable multi vendor shopping cart software is a task filled with risk and awareness.A well-established multi-vendor shopping cart has a smooth functioning and it changes the way, people shop for a product.Laravel Ornate multi-vendor clone script enables an individual to turn into an entrepreneur within a short time.But, there are several aspects that one should consider while choosing the script.The multi-vendor marketplace script creates a platform that brings people, merchants, stores, and products together under one roof.It is a quite different shopping experience, as people can boast about the shopping experience in social media platforms and watch the purchases made by their friends.
In this world of enormous progress and innovations, several full-stack PHP frameworks that can be used for the purpose of developing massive projects are available. However, among many, Laravel, and Yii development services are the two widely used frameworks today. Both Laravel, and Yii drives ease and convenience into the development process, moreover, it is supported by a broader community of experts from all around the globe. Here in this extract, we are analyze the both frameworks from a programmer’s point of view.Both Laravel development and YII2 are undoubtedly the most utilised PHP frameworks by developers all over the world and this article is analysis between the features offered by both these frameworks to help programmers in doing various projects.  
Today Laravel is widely used in PHP web development framework and support fast and effective customized web development services. So let's find out how it is easy to use and what features it bring with itself that has made the best PHP framework in 2018 across the globe. Have a look. For more information-
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According to W3Techs, PHP is used by 83.4% of all websites whose server-side programming language we know.Some features of Laravel are:a modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency managerdifferent ways to access relational databasesutilities that aid in application deployment and maintenanceLaravel is used not only for big projects but also works well for small projects.
This research highlights top 10 performing software development companies in New York according to the evaluation of work portfolio and client feedback. "These hand-picked software development companies of New York are chosen based on their deliverables and customer satisfaction ratio.”— GoodFirms Research Here are the best Custom Software Development Companies in New York according to the GoodFirms ongoing research:1. EzeTechEzetech is a dev shop helping non-technical entrepreneurs minimize time to product/market fit. It serves as an implementation partner taking care of the technical aspects, so that founders can shift their focus to strategy, marketing and business development. The scope of services covers initial planning and product scoping, software architecture, compliance, digital strategy, building an MVP, further product development and maintenance. While EzeTech team has deep expertise in a broad range of technologies among which: Node, React, React Native, Swift, Objective-C, they are nonetheless focused on the business case, developing the most practical solutions to address their client’s business problems. KEY CLIENTS:Koyfin, Swag, SpoiledNYC.2. FingentFingent is an enterprise software development house headquartered in New York, with offices across the globe and 300+ employees. We have been a trusted technology advisor to more than 150 businesses, including start-ups, SMB's and Fortune 500 enterprises.  Fingent builds cohesive technology solutions on next generation web and mobile platforms. Their deep understanding of diverse business environments has helped them develop applications that deliver tangible business value. Fingent services include Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Product Development (SaaS) and Enterprise Software Development. They will help you solve your business challenges through software in any technology area.KEY CLIENTS:Sweden Academy, FiveBrothers, Zintro.3. RedwerkRedwerk is committed to providing businesses of all sizes with reliable, high-quality full cycle software development and consulting services. We have been continually evolving and refining our approach to custom software development since 2005. Redwerk team has been routinely exceeding expectations with such clients as Universal Music Group and Siemens with our cost-effective approach to tackling both challenging technical and business problems competently. We are based in the Ukraine, but our clients come from all over Europe, the United States, and Canada.RedWerk specializes in outsourced IT services, and offer their clients from around the world access to the pool of the very best coding team. Rely on them for full product development, web design, web and desktop development and testing, as well as creating highly polished mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows. Their expert teams of enthusiastic developers, testers and analysts will see through the full cycle of realizing your customized software from scratch.In addition to that, they also offer support and maintenance service, business consultancy and system administration. Also, their affordable rates are a great opportunity for you to reduce your IT budget and speed up your R&D and information technology processes, as well as take some load off your in-house teams. RedWerk makes a point of meeting your deadlines, and although they’re based in Ukraine, we have great experience with seamless collaboration across various time zones.KEY CLIENTS:WorldNow, PageFreezer, Linktiger.4. HQSoftwareHQSoftware is a trusted custom software development company that is delivering complex solutions worldwide since 2001. It provides all-around services from consulting and prototyping to software maintenance and enhancement. Backend tech stack: PHP, Java, .Net, Python, Node.js;Front-end technologies: JavaScript, ReactJS, Angular 2-5, Knockout, Bootstrap, Vue, Backbone;Mobile stack: iOS Native, Android Native, React Native, Apache Cordova, Ionic 1-3, Qt, Xamarin, Meteor. KEY CLIENTS: Fastmatch, Skoda, UNDP.5. SemiDot InfotechSemiDot Infotech is a Mobile apps and Web development company comprising of highly qualified and experienced web designer and developers proficient in handling all the aspects of the Mobile application and Web development. They have earned the status of being one of the top mobile app development companies in India by consistently delivering excellent mobile solutions to clients all across the globe.Their Head Office is in Boulder, CO and they have business centers in the Manchester, UK and Australia as well. Their development Centre is in India.They come up with more than 6 years of extensive experience in providing the Mobile and Web & Software Solutions to their clients. They started the company with 2 people and now they have 40+ strong team consistently performing par excellence and delivering solutions.They are young, keen to grow and Hungry for success and they know it cannot be achieved without our clients. Hence SemiDot Grows as their CLIENTS GROW.Mobile Application Development: Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad Pro, ReactNative.PHP Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Laravel, Cake, Yii, Zend, Smarty, AngularJS, NodeJS.PHP CMS: Magento, Drupal, Shopify, WordPress.Graphic Design: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Flash, CorelDraw, Fireworks, HTML, XHTML.Databases: MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access and Oracle.Internet Marketing: Search Engine Optimisation, App Store SEO, Content Marketing, Online Reputation and Social Media Marketing, Link Popularity, SEO Consultancy.KEY CLIENTS:Various Startups/Entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 Companies and SMB's.6. Venture AviatorVenture Aviator is an innovative software development company. Venture Aviator has capabilities in Web Development, Mobile Development, Blockchain Development, Full-Service Initial Coin Offering (ICO) advisory & cryptocurrency launches, and Artificial Intelligence. Venture Aviator was recently named as one of the Top Custom Software Development Companies by GoodFirms and Clutch for 2017. Clients range from Fortune 500 companies like Allianz and Cisco to award-winning startups and top Blockchain companies and ICO's (Initial Coin Offerings).Venture Aviator offers highly customized IT solutions – we have the agility to grow a new startup and the capacity to scale a growth company. They have a talented and experienced team of designers, technologists and project delivery managers spanning the full range of leading development technologies and methodologies in web, mobile and enterprise applications.KEY CLIENTS:Cisco, Allianz, Rentberry (Top 10 ICO / Blockchain company for 2018 according to Inc. and Forbes).7. iTechArt GroupiTechArt is a top-tier, one-stop custom software development company with a talent pool of 1000+ experienced engineers. They help VC-backed startups and fast-growing tech companies build successful, scalable products that users love. Their forte is agile dedicated teams of brilliant minds who rock in Web, Mobile, Big Data, QA & Testing, and DevOps. Services: Web Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, TestingKEY CLIENTS:Etouches, ClassPass, Rocketrip.8. RustyBrickSince 1994, RustyBrick has been creating Web software for businesses and organizations of all kinds. Over the years they have grown to offer anything from iPhone and Android apps, to branding and identity creative work. Using the latest technologies, they build the most dynamic and reliable solutions for your company.RustyBrick offers a wide variety of services for our clients. These include project management, graphic design, e-commerce development, marketing and hosting. RustyBrick's Web services include; Web page design, Web development, logo design, e-commerce, mobile Web development , iPhone development , search engine optimization and search engine placement, various Web seminars, and more Web technologies. KEY CLIENTS:MTV,CIBT,CMT.9. OTS SolutionsOTS Solutions specializes in offering: Mobile App Development-iOS, Android, Window Phone, Agile Software Development, MEAN Stack Developers, Node.js, Angular.js Developers, Chatbot Development, AR Development, Startup Advisory, Mobility, CRM, Web Development using Microsoft Technologies - C#.NET, ASP .NET, ADO .NET, Cloud Enablement, Cloud and SaaS platform development, Business & Data Analytics, Digital & Innovation Consulting, Enterprise Content Management, Intranet Portals, Enterprise E-Commerce, eLearning & Training, Custom Software Applications Development, QA & Testing solutions to clients around the globe.OTS Solutions is a top software & mobile app development company in New York. They offer unmatched quality to improve efficiencies and help grow the businesses of our clients across the globe. With deep domain knowledge and an expert talent pool, OTS delivers value to its customers through innovation, knowledge and expertise. OTS aligns its offerings with award winning world-class processes and people imparted with their core values.OTS has helped number of global small to large businesses achieve innovation and high-performance results through technology offerings.  KEY CLIENTS:1mage, SAGE, smith&nephew. 10. SolvedaFounded in 1995 and headquartered in Long Island, New York, Solveda is an award winning software design and development company. As a highly innovative global systems integrator, Solveda's commitment to on-time, on-budget projects is increasingly embraced by some of the world’s best run businesses.Over the past two decades, Solveda has served customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the world’s largest retailers. Solveda has built patent-winning mission critical systems like the trading and accounting system at American Financial Group, run-the-business ERP solutions, and highly transactional eCommerce sites at Sleepys, mJunction and Carrefour.Solveda's design and software practice brings strong solution design capabilities around a wide array of proprietary, commercial and open source platforms. The enterprise solutions practice offers custom development and product engineering solutions. SERVICES: IBM Websphere Commerce Integration, IBM Sterling OMS Intgeration, MobileFirst, PHP Opensource, Mobile application development. KEY CLIENTS:Carrefour, Sleepy's USA, Mahindra.  Top Software Development Companies in New York in 2017 by GoodFirms
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