'The concept of paying for monitoring per host has not aged well' Application Performance monitoring (APM) biz New Relic has trimmed its offerings to three core products and is moving away from host-based pricing to a per-user-per-month subscription and pay-as-you-go for data ingested and events processed.…
New Relic, the SaaS applications performance management platform, announced a major update to that platform today.Instead of ripping off the Band-Aid all at once, the company has decided to take a more measured approach to change, giving customers a chance to ease into it.The new platform, called New Relic One, has been designed to replace the original platform, which was developed over the previous decade.Jim Gochee, chief product officer at New Relic, says that all of the existing tooling and functionality will eventually be ported over or reimagined on top of New Relic One.We are still running our existing technology stack with our existing products.So we’re [essentially] running two platforms in two stacks in parallel, but all of the new stuff is going to be built on New Relic One over time,” he explained.
New Relic CEO Lew Cirne was feeling a bit nostalgic last week when he called to discuss the announcements for the company’s FutureStack conference taking place tomorrow in San Francisco.It had been 10 years since he first spoke to TechCrunch about his monitoring tool.A lot has changed in a decade including what his company is monitoring these days.Cirne certainly recognizes that his company has come a long way since those first days.The monitoring world is going through a seismic shift as the ways we develop apps changes.In the early days, they monitored Ruby on Rails applications, but gone are the days of only monitoring a fixed virtual machine.