LinkedIn is a professional platform which is utilized to grow connections, develop brand awareness, driving website traffic, and generating leads with regard to B2B marketing.The purpose of this blog is to help you get an insight on improving the LinkedIn marketing strategy.Connect with other businesses, do networking especially with those who give you a helping hand to move ahead.Don’t limit SEO for blogs and websites, use it for your LinkedIn business page as well.Since it is a professional networking channel so the mixture of text, videos, and infographics should be aligned in a proper way.Content could be about company news, insights, and information of products and services, novel phenomena of business with descriptive captions, catchy images, hashtags, and a few bullet points.After building an engaging network of people, examine most valuable people (MVPs) and figure out through their profile what interests them; and, examine whether or not it relates to your brand development.
It is kind of an asset for corporate marketing teams to get genuine leads for sales.Besides Instagram and Facebook, it is necessary to incorporate LinkedIn in your social media marketing campaigns.Use the following hacks to substantially grow your business using LinkedIn’s platform.Sign up for a company page and upload your logo as the profile picture.In the about us section, let people know the vision, mission, achievements, and how you help your clients or customers.Not just any content, but the one that gains attention of people and provides them something valuable.Find out the topics related to your niche and share information related to it.
LinkedIn is not a platform like Snapchat or Facebook, but it has similar influence and power on its own.Here you can find new work, meet new people and also discover new companies.Did you send someone a message over LinkedIn and want to know if they have read it?Read on and learn how to do so.How to Tell When Someone Read Your LinkedIn’s MessageWho reads your message on LinkedIn depends on your privacy settings.This feature will show you when your recipient reads your information.Here are the steps on how to turn on reading receipts into LinkedIn:Launch the Settings application.Tap on settings & privacy.Click on the communication button and then hit Preference.Here you need to tap on read-receipt and typing indicators and on the toggle.After the above process, whenever you send a message to anyone, this will generate a read receipt which notifies your participant to read your message.How to know when someone blocks you on LinkedInBlocking is not necessary or prevalent on LinkedIn.LinkedIn is entirely different from other social platforms like Facebook or Snapchat, so here you don’t need to block someone or be blocked by someone.To know if you have been blocked, here is what you can do.You are no longer viewing their profile.You can’t send the message.You can see their further posts and updates.You are not connected.You are not under the criteria that someone sees your profile.You can see them in “People you may know” and in the suggestion.If you are using LinkedIn marketing, then you need to know some features that can increase the chance for someone to see your message.Complete your LinkedIn ProfileIf you are using LinkedIn, then you need to know that your LinkedIn profile is your online resume that is used as your professional remarks and shows your ability to do your work and your companies.
Its members are spread across every continent, and it is used as a platform for different reasons like:Small businesses trust and utilize LinkedIn to hire employeesFreelancers use LinkedIn to find work on ProFinderPeople use LinkedIn to find new employment opportunities by submitting their job applicationsService providers are open for business on LinkedInLinkedIn is ranked as a №1 B2B lead generation platform, and from a marketing point of view, it can help engage with professionals and target them.FREE AND PREMIUM SERVICES: LINKEDINLinkedIn provides free service for businesses and individuals to maintain their profiles, connect with people, and access the SlideShare platform.Based on your objectives, you can choose from these four options — Career, Business, Sales, and Hiring.Content Style: LinkedInWith LinkedIn, you can post multiple types of content.Let’s discuss them.PostWhen making a post:You can type text with emojis in your main message body up to 1300 characters.In the end, you will find an “Add Hashtag” option to help people discover you using the relevant hashtags.You can also attach an image, video, or document.Below you will also find more options to create a post on a theme based on templates.2.ArticlesTo write longer content, you can post an article up to 100,000 characters or less.Add these terms in the About>Overview, to tell people about yourself and your offerings.Boost your search rankings by linking to your page.Sharing relevant content often can improve your audience engagement and helps your brand to appear higher in the search results.4.They are highly engaging and interactive.LinkedIn AdsThis platform offers a wide range of marketing options to help you in promoting your business.Experimenting with AdsWith the help of LinkedIn Ad Manager, you can run an ad campaign all by yourself.
If you are looking for a tool that can scrape data from Social Media's and Websites, Texau is the Marketing Automation tool you are looking for.TexAu is the new kid on the block and has a LOT of features up his sleeve.Features include but not limited to: Facebook automation, Facebook scraper, Facebook data extractor, Linkedin automation, Linkedin Marketing, Email extractor, Linkedin lead generation, Instagram growth tools, Youtube extractor, Web scraping for generating more leads, etc.
Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, announced today the first platform-wide agreement with the LinkedIn Audience Network to provide brand safety for all native ads across desktop, mobile web, and in-app.This integration uses IAS’s predictive technology and real-time data to not only ensure that all campaigns activated through the LinkedIn Audience Network are brand safe, but also fraud-free.Marketers rely on LinkedIn’s Audience Network to reach millions of high-value professionals through trusted, third-party publishers.With this IAS integration, advertisers will now have an additional layer of brand protection to confidently deliver their messages in trusted environments.The integration will automatically filter out high-risk inventory before the bid is even placed for campaigns on the LinkedIn Audience Network martech news.“This relationship brings together the strengths of two trusted platforms joining forces so marketers can confidently activate ads on brand-safe inventory, finding the right environments for all campaigns,” said Lisa Utzschneider, Chief Executive Officer, IAS.“As the LinkedIn Audience Network’s first platform-wide brand safety partner, we can provide the highest level of brand safety protection for marketers across their platform.”It is now more important than ever for marketers to get the highest possible return from their media investment.IAS gives advertisers comprehensive coverage to ensure wherever an ad is placed reaches real people, in the right environments with the ability to make an impact.“As the publishing landscape has evolved, marketers have come to recognize the importance of finding a trusted partner who can ensure that their ads are being served on brand safe publishers,” said Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Senior Director Product Management, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.
Jane Manchun Wong revealed this new LinkedIn feature, who is an expert in locating unreleased programs with the help of reserve engineering apps.With the LinkedIn polls, you will be able to ask for votes from the audience regarding a question.Wong shared an example of this new feature: he has created a poll by asking a question, “What Does the WFH abbreviation mean?” Then he has shared a few options to choose from, and users can choose any of the listed answers to vote.This new feature will turn the whole landscape of LinkedIn Marketing, even while approaching the organic way of advertising.It is way better than Twitter polls as it stays for two weeks, and on the other hand, Twitter’s poll can only last for one week.On other popular social media networks, be it Instagram or Facebook, you can only post polls maximum for 24 hours, and when a poll completes its 24th hour, it ends automatically.Keep in mind that there is no official announcement regarding this new feature till now.
The core essence of a business whether it is a startup or a well-established organisation is marketing.In this technologically advanced era, every individual has basic access to the internet and every consumer is well aware, marketers use social media as their tool.Social media marketing drives high audience engagement and higher the audience engagement the higher are the chances of generating leads and sales.Strategy to reach the audience more personally and grow the brand over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit is considered as a “SMART” goal.Adopting new and innovate marketing strategies help business to retain consumers and ensures their survival.Unlike Facebook, Instagram and other social media LinkedIn offers a more professional touch for marketers so for most B2B LinkedIn is the new ” MANTRA”.LinkedIn focuses on professional networking and career development with millions of business professionals and users worldwide.LinkedIn is similar to a social network site like Facebook based on principles like connecting to Friends (in this case LinkedIn connection), posting updates, sharing and liking content and instant messaging other users.LinkedIn offers a platform where every professional individual has a profile with proper resume, work experience, accomplishment, recommendations and referrals from colleagues and this enables a marketer or a professional individual to connect to one another to talk business or build a personal relationship.WHY LinkedIn Marketing Matters?B2B marketers approach LinkedIn as a content distribution channel.Chalking out strategies, setting objectives, creating quality content and weaving all these into an organization’s marketing plan secures a significant advantage.Some marketer adapts to strategies that are focused on more value creation by keeping the customers informed, positioning the organization for the recruitment of future employees, branding, driving traffic.Posting Links to high-value content at the end of the article and creating an effecting plan on how to move every visitor into the nurturing strategy of the company can drive mass traffic.STRATEGY FOLLOWED IN LINKEDIN MARKETING:GROW BRAND > CUSTOMER CONVERSION>DRIVE LEADS>SALES> CUSTOMER RETENTIONDO’S AND DO NOT’S OF LINKEDIN MARKETING: lead generation strategiesTo smartly use LinkedIn as a marketing tool constructive measures need to be adapted.With the emerging competition often professionalism lacks the personal touch and within day to day life the most important criteria for success is the personal touch.
Brandezza is the best for a Viral Marketing Agency in India.We give every one of you the game plans required to propel your business and increase bargains.We do a wide scope of marketing like-Facebook marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Viral Marketing Agency in India, etc.Our marketing bunch is a particular gathering with understanding of more than 7+ years.Who can deal with your issues by providing you the best marketing answers for your business?There are various ways to deal with do viral marketing to propel your business, video marketing, notice marketing, content marketing, and web diaries marketing, etc.
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.This article is written by Patrick Brewer, founder of Brewer Consulting and SurePath Wealth, host of “The Model FA” podcast, and an Advisor in The Oracles.That’s because the advisory business requires a level of trust-building that just can’t be automated.I’ve helped hundreds of financial advisors improve their marketing techniques with the exact strategies I have personally used to grow my advisory business from $0 to $60 million in assets under management in just three years.Video is a huge opportunity for financial advisors.The combination of seeing your face and hearing your voice means you create a deeper emotional connection with potential clients than you can through other mediums.
The deadline is Oct. 31LinkedIn is accepting nominations through Oct. 31 for Best of LinkedIn Pages 2019.Alexandra Rynne, a content creator at the professional network, wrote in a blog post that LinkedIn received over 13,000 submissions in 2018, covering 945 different pages.Page administrators can post updates directly to their followers to drum up support, spurring followers and employees to engage with those posts and comment on why they like the page.Nominations can also be submitted by commenting on associated posts on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn Sales Solutions or LinkedIn Talent Solutions showcase pages.Winners will be determined by the number of members who nominate a page, plus the number of engagements (public-facing reactions and comments) on the page’s first nomination post (defined chronologically, deleted posts won’t be counted).
LinkedIn added several tools to help marketers on its platform bolster the effectiveness of their targeting.Director of product management Abhishek Shirvastava said in a blog post detailing the new tools, “You’ve shared that one of your biggest priorities is to reach more of the right audiences at scale.We’ve recently invested a lot in bringing that to life with the introduction of new tools to expand your reach, including lookalike audiences, interest targeting with Bing search insights and audience templates.Today, we’re taking that up a notch by bringing more sophisticated audience targeting and campaign reporting features to Campaign Manager.These tools are designed to help marketers who are looking for more powerful reach and insights for their LinkedIn campaigns.”The professional network said it improved the campaign forecasting panel in Campaign Manager, enabling marketers to see the makeup of their target audience directly via the dashboard.
TLDR: Use the power of LinkedIn to get your dream job or expand your personal network with the $34 training package.Facebook might have more users and Instagram may be more fun, but if you’re looking for social media to really make a direct impact on your life, don’t overlook LinkedIn.Two professionals join the business networking hub every two seconds.And it’s where you’ll find literally half of Americans with a college degree.So it makes sense that LinkedIn would be fertile ground for building your business opportunities and capitalizing on that upscale, educated demographic.You can get trained in leveraging all the power of LinkedIn for yourself with the courses in The Complete LinkedIn Marketing & Sales Bundle.
TLDR: Finding clients, securing sales, building relationships — this training pulls it all together for $35Despite all the spreadsheets, analytics and super-buzzy “big data,” business can always be boiled down to personal relationships.Your ability to engage and connect with potential clients, selling them on your particular product or vision, is the bedrock foundation of any business’ success.Creating those relationships is more than simple glad-handing.And, it’s more than a command of stats and bullet points.You’ll get the full overview of exactly what it takes to build and maintain a healthy client base for a thriving business with the training in The Business Development and Sales Bundle.
LinkedIn added an Audience Engagement category to the LinkedIn Partner Program with the aim of helping brands on the professional network with reaching and engaging the most appropriate audiences for their campaigns.The initial Audience Engagement partners are Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy and Sprinklr.LinkedIn Marketing Solutions senior product manager Amita Paul said in a blog post that those partners integrated the LinkedIn Audience Engagement API (application-programming interface) “to create offerings that enable customers and clients to discover new audiences, better understand the types of content those audiences are engaging with and see how your content is performing against industry benchmarks.”She added that in order to protect its members’ privacy, only aggregated insights that do not identify them are provided, and access to the API is limited to “a small subset of partners.”Paul also outlined three key benefits of the initiative for brands:Audience discovery: LinkedIn has over 645 million members, and Paul said that while choosing who to engage with can seem like a daunting task, “Our integration partners enable you to discover new audiences who have high engagement with topics and articles related to your industry.”
B2B Buyers Demand Personalization Above All Else, Study FindsB2B buyers place the highest value on personalization, according to a newly-released report based on a survey of some 1,000 B2B leaders, which also showed that 30 percent make more than half of their purchases using digital platforms, up significantly from 15 percent in 2017.How Will Twitter’s Redesign Impact Social Media Managers?Twitter recently updated its desktop design to more closely resemble its mobile experience, a change that has affected how and what digital marketers can do on the desktop experience, and presenting both new opportunities and several challenges.Microsoft reports $33.7 billion in Q4 2019 revenue: Azure up 64%, Surface up 14%, and LinkedIn up 25%Microsoft reported revenue of $33.7 billion in its 2019 fiscal fourth quarter, including a 25 percent year-over-year increase for LinkedIn (client), which also saw record engagement and sessions growth of 22 percent, the technology giant recently announced.
Advertisers on LinkedIn have three new objectives to tap via its Campaign Manager: brand awareness, website conversion and job applicants.The professional network said the updates now give marketers a full-funnel experience, from initial awareness through to conversion.LinkedIn is also optimizing its click pricing to align with the objectives of its advertisers, saying as an example that when website visits are chosen as the objective, advertisers will only be charged for clicks that go to their landing pages, and pricing will be optimized for all social actions (such as likes, comments and shares) in social engagement campaigns.LinkedIn Marketing Solutions senior product manager Amita Paul said in a blog post, “As a marketer, you’ve shared with us that one of your biggest challenges is ensuring that your campaigns can meet increasingly complex business goals.Whether you’re a new startup trying to increase share of voice or an established business-to-business player looking for leads, you need solutions that are flexible and can adapt to your unique objectives.”The brand awareness objective enables marketers to increase share of voice for their products or services via top-of-funnel campaigns that charge by CPM (cost per thousand impressions).
Digital Ads Are Raking In More Cash Than EverA new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) report shows that 2018 was the first year U.S. digital advertising earnings topped the $100 billion mark, hitting $107.5 billion, up from 2017’s $88.3 billion, led primarily by the strength of mobile and video.Users also spent 22 percent more time on social media properties in 2018 than during 2017, the report details.eMarketer Reduces US Time Spent Estimates for Facebook and SnapchatU.S. adults are using Instagram more than ever, at an average of 27 minutes daily and expected to increase through 2020, while Facebook and Snapchat have both seen a drop in the average number of minutes of use per day, according to new forecast data from consultancy eMarketer.More Than Half of Marketers Say AI Is Not Meeting Their Needs
Twitter to launch a ‘hide replies’ feature, plus other changes to its reporting processIn June Twitter plans to launch an experimental feature to hide certain replies, and a handful of other new changes the firm says are designed to help make conversations on the platform more productive.Facebook gives Ads Manager a design refresh and launches new cost cap bidding strategyFacebook advertisers and users of the firm’s Business Manager platform will see new layout changes and features, including streamlined Ads Manager navigation and tools to improve new client on-boarding, Facebook recently announced.LinkedIn Is a Newcomer to the Reactions Game, With 4 Options Joining Its Like Thumbs-UpOver the coming months LinkedIn (client) will roll out a slew of new user content reaction options to the professional platform, including expressions of curiosity, love, and celebration, the firm recently announced.
In honor of it’s fifth anniversary, LinkedIn has released a revamped edition of The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn.The eBook features a powerful array of digital marketing smarties, each who shared their insights and practical advice on how to get the most out of LinkedIn—from optimizing your profile to expanding your network.The TopRank Marketing team was privileged to work with LinkedIn team to identify, engage, and gather fresh insights from these brightest marketing minds.If you’re anywhere near the B2B marketing world, social selling or recruiting, getting to know LinkedIn is more essential today than ever.With over 610 million members in over 200 countries and territories, more than 1 out of every 3 professionals worldwide is on LinkedIn.LinkedIn counts executives from nearly all 2018 Fortune 500 companies as members
Adobe and Microsoft are teaming up to strengthen their sales and marketing software offerings in a bid to take on rival Salesforce.The firms will partner to help users of Adobe’s marketing software identify potential customers on Linkedin, which is owned by Microsoft, the companies said today.Read more: Adobe invests £63.5m in UK as creative sector boomsThe deal would allow Adobe customers to target an appropriate audience for their business goods on Linkedin.If this marketing campaign worked, clients could then use Microsoft’s sales software to follow up.“Orchestrating the engagement of multiple individuals in a complex marketing and sales journey is at the heart of account-based experiences and what B2B marketers do day in and out,” said Steve Lucas, senior vice president at Adobe.
LinkedIn beefed up its ad-targeting options with three new offerings: lookalike audiences, audience templates and the addition of search data from Microsoft corporate sibling Bing to its recently introduced interest targeting.LinkedIn Marketing Solutions senior product manager Jae Oh shared details about the updates in a blog post saying that they will be available to all advertisers over the next two weeks.Much like their namesakes on other social platforms, lookalike audiences enable advertisers to target new audiences who are similar to ideal customers, under the premise that if they are already engaging with the company, conversions are more likely.Oh wrote, “LinkedIn’s lookalike audiences combine the traits of your ideal customer with our rich member and company data to help you market to new professional audiences similar to your existing customers, website visitors and target accounts.Since these members are already on LinkedIn, they’re in the right professional mindset to engage and respond to your marketing messages.”He also shared three potential use cases for lookalike audiences on the professional network:
Targeting by interest will finally be available to advertisers on LinkedIn starting this week, via the professional network’s Campaign Manager.LinkedIn Marketing Solutions senior product manager Jae Oh said advertisers will be able to target members with relevant ads that match their professional interests, which are determined by the content they share and engage with on the professional network.There will be over 200 professional interest categories, including artificial intelligence, global economy and customer experience.Oh shared some potential use cases for interest targeting on LinkedIn:Brands can tailor their campaigns’ messages and content to match their audiences’ interests.He offered the following example: “If you sell cloud computing services, you can target members interested in cloud computing and create a campaign with sponsored content ads that show how your solution is helping farmers increase their crop yields.”
LinkedIn says it will make $2 billion from its media business that sells advertising in 2018, primarily from sponsored content.LinkedIn wants to be the go-to platform for brands to talk to both employees and potential hires, and it's rolling out a bunch of new tools to help them.LinkedIn announced that it has 590 million members, more than 30 million Company Pages, and generates more than 2 million pieces of content in its newsfeed every day.LinkedIn You're seeing an increase in sessions, close to up to 60% year-over-year on mobile — that leads to more people coming back to the newsfeed and consuming more.Brands aren't limited to text or one single photo.The engagement there has far exceeded our expectations.
LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Monday announced the beta-release of objective-based advertising in the professional network’s Campaign Manager.Group product manager Nikin Julka said in a blog post that the new experience will be available to all LinkedIn advertisers starting Nov. 14, describing it as a “complete overhaul” of Campaign Manager and saying that it will “lay the groundwork for objective-based optimization and pricing to come mid-2019.”Once advertisers choose the primary objective of their campaign—driving clicks to a website, lead generation, video views—LinkedIn’s campaign creation experience will be customized based on that objective.Julka said only ad formats and features that support the primary objective will be surfaced, and “other enhancements” have been added to guide advertisers through each step of the process.He also highlighted several improvements:Multiple screens have been combined into a single flow, making navigation easier and resulting in fewer pages for advertisers to click through.
“The good news about being a marketer in 2018 is that we have dozens and dozens of channels to share our marketing story,” Megan Golden, group manager of LinkedIn’s* global content and social media marketing, said in the opening of her session at Content Marketing World last Thursday.We’re inundated with options for trying to reach our audiences these days, making it a challenge to narrow focus and find the right mix.During her presentation, Megan pulled back the curtains to provide an inside look at tactics her team has developed and refined over the years.When Megan talks about shifting to a “Blockbuster Strategy,” she’s certainly not talking about the defunct video rental chain.Instead, she’s referring to the approach used by film studios like Disney to capitalize upon their most valuable franchises.After all, effective content needs to entertain, so which better examples to follow than cherished box-office boomers like Star Wars and The Avengers?
Editor’s note: Jason Miller is a finalist for 2018 Content Marketer of the Year.A collection of “big rock” content assets – in-depth projects that require more time, resources, and budget – helped LinkedIn own key topics.Updated yearly, it has now been downloaded more than a million times.The guides have been translated into six languages.Other downloads followed the same formula:The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to Thought Leadership
In fact, according to Orbit Media’s most recent blogger survey, most writers spend about three and half hours crafting one blog post—which is a one-hour jump from its first report in 2014, highlighting to me the focus on quality over quantity of output.And, of course, the body is at the heart of it all where we make good on everything we’ve promised in the headline and introduction.Take a peek at my video debut if you want the Cliff’s Notes, but I encourage you to keep reading to get more depth and examples that can inspire the next piece you craft.As a result—whether we’re curious about a new trend, researching something we may need to purchase, professional development—we often scan or skim content to get satisfy our need for credible, quality content in the shortest amount of time.Here’s an example from my recent post regarding Facebook’s latest algorithm changes and what they meant for influencer marketing.Here’s a subtle example from the *LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog.
LinkedIn began beta-testing video for sponsored content last October, and the professional network is making it available to all businesses over the next few weeks.More than 700 advertisers participated in the beta-test, including GE, Philips and Audi Canada.LinkedIn Marketing Solutions product manager Phil Spitzer announced in a blog post that the new native video ads appear directly in LinkedIn’s feed as stand-alone posts, and they can help brands build awareness via rich, visual stories, drive traffic to their desktop or mobile sites and collect leads through a call-to-action button or the professional network’s Lead Gen Forms tool.Error loading player: No playable sources foundLinkedIn is making video for sponsored content available to all businessesPeriscope vice president of media Jen Brady was supportive of the announcement, saying that it was a long time coming.
In a move that was probably inevitable, LinkedIn is introducing video advertising as one its Sponsored Content formats.Although my LinkedIn newsfeed already includes plenty of video, Abhishek Shrivastava, director of product for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, explained for advertisers, the only way to incorporate videos was to link to other websites.Now, the Microsoft -owned professional network is rolling out a native ad format, where video ads will appear as standalone posts in the feed.The video ads will play automatically, though with the sound turned off initially.Other social networks introduced video advertising years ago, but LinkedIn is a different environment — Shrivastava touted this as a way to bring “sight, sound and motion” to business marketers, while the company announcement declares that the company is going “all in on B2B video.”Shrivastava added that while most videos are seen as ideal for “top of the funnel” marketing (i.e., building awareness, rather than sealing the deal), LinkedIn’s Video for Sponsored Content is designed to work “across the funnel.”