At its I/O 2016 developer conference, Google today launched Android Studio 2.2 preview, the latest version of its integrated development environment IDE .You can download the new version for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly from the Canary page.If you are already using Android Studio, you can check for Canary updates in the navigation menu Help Check for Update on Windows/Linux and Android Studio Check for Updates on OS X .Google released Android Studio 2.1 just three weeks ago, so this preview is coming very soon out of the pipe.And yet Stephanie Cuthbertson, Google product manager for Android, showed a long list of features that 2.2 brings to the table:On stage, Cuthbertson also shared that 94 percent of the top 125 apps and games in Google Play now use Android Studio.Not bad for an IDE that only launched back in December 2014.
I m not saying kids these days aren t enjoying themselves, lost in their photorealistic first-person battle zones, but where s the fun in playing alongside some random via headset?Rare is the game that offers what s now laughably referred to as local multiplayer – and when one comes along, even if it s filled with minor flaws, it s still cause for celebration.That s the case with Push Me Pull You, a mostly cutesy, slightly horrific indie game available for the PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.Designed in a simple, streamlined cartoonish style, gamers control a literal human centipede – a Chinese finger trap-like anthropoid creature as you push and pull balls around a basic court.Your shrinking-growing tube-like freak isn t just a gimmick, and it takes great skill to know when to go compact to steal a ball, or to super-size yourself before scoring.And best of all is what we call the buddy quotient – the local multiplayer, where the game goes from entertaining to an absolutely addictive fast-paced thrill ride.
Platform as a service PaaS cloud software company Apprenda is announcing today that it has acquired Kismatic — a startup that provides commercial support for the open-source Kubernetes and Docker software for working with applications with code packaged up in containers.In the past three years, containers have become more fashionable than longstanding virtual machines VMs .You can run many virtual machines on top of a physical server, but often you can run more containers on that server, thanks to the use of just one operating system OS for all containers — as opposed to letting each VM run with its own guest OS — and update them more frequently.As we started venturing into Kubernetes, it became obvious that Kismatic could help accelerate our journey and to be even more aggressive in our goals for the Apprenda platform.Patrick Reilly, Kismatic s CEO, is taking on the role of chief technology officer at Apprenda.And now Apprenda will be able to bring in revenue through commercial support for Kubernetes, which can be run on major Linux distributions.This is Apprenda s first acquisition.Kismatic was founded in 2014 and is based in San Francisco.
It means different things to different people, from the purist who considers it to be the kernel, to the GNU advocate who sees it as a part of GNU/Linux and the new user who thinks it is another name for Ubuntu.Strictly speaking, the term Linux used alone refers to the kernel of the operating system, while GNU/Linux is the whole operating system, comprising the Linux kernel and GNU tools – either would be useless without the other or one of its alternatives .An operating system can be defined as the software needed to enable the applications to run on the hardware –as such, it consists of several interleaved layers.Along the way, distros acquired package managers, update tools, configuration GUIs and a host of other niceties.If you are compiling your own kernel, a good rule of thumb is to build in drivers for hardware that is always in use, such as your network interface and hard disk filesystems, and build modules for everything else.There is still some hardware not covered by in-kernel modules, usually because the code is too new or its licence prevents it being included with the kernel yes ZFS, we're looking at you .
Significant customer partnership for Microsoft cloud, as Jenkins project infrastructure moves to AzureThe Jenkins Project is to move onto Microsoft s Azure platform in order to bolster security and capacity of the project as its infrastructure needs grow.As Jenkins continues to be widely recognized as the preferred open source choice for many organisations to succeed and utilise continuous software delivery, this relationship comes at the perfect time for both the Jenkins community and Microsoft, said R. Tyler Croy, Jenkins project board member and community evangelist at CloudBees.Migrating to Azure simplifies and improves our infrastructure in a dramatic way that would not be possible without a comprehensive platform consisting of: compute, CDN, storage and data-store services.We re proud to support the Jenkins community, furthering Microsoft Azure s commitment to supporting choice and flexibility across the entire ecosystem, added Corey Sanders, director of compute for Microsoft Azure in a statement.By delivering enterprise-proven infrastructure and services to the Jenkins project, we will help to support the tremendous growth of the Jenkins project.Sanders expanded upon this development in a blog post, saying the collaboration will see the building of great things – at any scale.
The addition of Android apps for Chrome OS will help, and the sleeper hit may be gaming.At a session during I/O, Google execs confirmed you d be able to run any Android app you liked on Chrome OS — at least someday.It s a hurdle Google will overcome, no doubt; it has become increasingly dedicated to Chrome OS in the past few years.A recent study showed that 90 percent of Android app revenue went to games.You re limited to the Web, and the days of Web-based games being good they were never great have come and gone.Here s how Steve Hoffman of RocketOn put it to GigaOm back in 2009:Google will also face stiff competition in this area from a variety of Linux and Windows netbooks, which will work just fine with Firefox or IE…Maybe, if Google sticks it out, it can gradually gain a dedicated following around Chrome OS in combination with Google s apps and services, and some of those users may take advantage of gaming on this new platform, but this is way off in the future.
Long-expected marriage of operating systemsChrome boss proud to announce software weddingGoogle I/O 2016 Google has pulled the move the software market has been waiting ages for, and built a system to run Android apps on its desktop operating system.Chromebooks are more powerful than the smartphones that Android apps are designed for, so processors will have little problem running the mobile code.Android apps that require specific hardware, like an always-on cellular link, won't run on a laptop that doesn't have the necessary kit.Overall, Google was very pleased with the Chrome OS model, Liu said, citing figures from IDC saying that the platform is now outselling Macs in the US.Fifty million schoolchildren are now using Chromebooks, he said, and there was potential for great growth in the enterprise market.Liu said that the Android addition would be included in the next developer release of Chrome OS, M53, in the next few weeks, and then on to consumers later in the year when the bugs have been sorted out.
External hard drive makers LaCie has worked with Porsche Design since 2003; this USB-C mobile drive is just the latest combined effort.Comes with free backup softwarePlug in this drive for the first time and you ll find a setup program for Windows and Mac.The program helps you partition your drive, allowing you to decide how much space you want to use only with Windows computers via NTFS, and how much space you want to work with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices via FAT32.There s Genie Timeline Free, which is an application that automates backing up files of folders, and Lacie desktop manager, which shows you the status of your drive.Two-year limited warrantyThe LaCie Porsche Design mobile drive is covered for two years.Attractive, but ultimately overpricedWe recently reviewed the lightweight and speedy Samsung T3 Portable SSD, which costs a staggering $800 for 2TB.
The tutorial video provides a step-by-step guide on how to hack a given targetA pseudonymous hacker who claimed responsibility for the Hacking Team and Gamma Group breaches, has released a tutorial video showcasing various hacking techniques, which targeted Spain's Catalan Sindicat De Mossos d'Esquadra police union.The hacker, going by the name Phineas Fisher aka Hack Back, Gamma GroupPR hacked into the Sindicat De Mossos d'Esquadra SME website and proceeded to dump all the data, including names, bank details and additional personal details of the police officers, online.The hacker also claimed to have temporarily vandalised the SME's Twitter account.The roughly 40-minute-long video displays Fisher using the popular Kali Linux operating system, which comes bundled with various penetration testing features.He provides viewers with a step-by-step guided process on how to go about determining whether a website is vulnerable to a particular strain of an SQL injection and then proceeds to attack the website and download the data accessed.Fisher also highlights the date of the hack in the video, remarking, "so it's likely the majority of Mossos were literally out on the streets at that moment harassing protestors out for Global Debout and the anniversary of 15M", the Motherboard reported.
The vulnerability has been known for almost a year, but many users haven't applied the patchesThe Ubiquiti Networks AirRouterRouters and other wireless devices made by Ubiquiti Networks have recently been infected by a worm that exploits a year-old remote unauthorized access vulnerability."This is an HTTP/HTTPS exploit that doesn't require authentication," Ubiquiti said in an advisory."Simply having a radio on outdated firmware and having its http/https interface exposed to the Internet is enough to get infected."The vulnerability was reported privately to Ubiquiti last year through a bug bounty program and was patched in airMAX v5.6.2, airMAX AC v7.1.3, airOS 802.11G v4.0.4, TOUGHSwitch v1.3.2, airGateway v1.1.5, airFiber AF24/AF24HD 2.2.1, AF5x and AF5 2.2.1.Ubiquiti Networks has also created a Java-based application that can automatically remove the infection from affected devices.It can be used on Windows, Linux and OS X.Router security is particularly bad in the consumer market, where large numbers of routers can remain vulnerable to known vulnerabilities for years and can be compromised en masse to create distributed denial-of-service DDoS botnets or to launch man-in-the-middle attacks against their users.
Kali Linux, laptop, coffee - hack on!Even if you do trust whoever issued the certificate it doesn't mean much if the network cannot be trusted.If you sit in a coffee shop and go surfing you can quite easily end up being the victim of a man-in-the-middle MitM attack.All a potential attacker needs is a copy of Kali Linux, a reasonably powerful laptop and coffee!Certificate pinning, though, is limited to Google sites at present.HTTPS is not the silver-bullet online defence shield a lot of users believe it to be on public networks, meaning activities such as online banking and shopping are done at their own risk.
El Ranchito, which was founded in 2010 in Barcelona, has an office in Madrid.It has done work on movies including The Homesman and it also did some special effects work for Game of Thrones's season 5.It can do this by replacing its filer estate with faster filers, utilising more and faster CPU cores, SSDs to replace some disk drives and faster network pipes, but this is costly and the kit remains in place to be supported and maintained after the project is finished with no guarantee of replacement project workOr it can decide that the classic dual-controller disk-based array approach is inherently screwed because it is disk-based and needs replacing with 100Gbit Ethernet-accessed all-flash filer storage.Unfortunately this is only to be found at the in-your-dreams fantasy store, especially at a reasonable cost.It doesn't seem like a cold Irish coastal scene, but that's VFX magicGame of Thrones season 6 and work for A Monster Calls threatened to bring El Ranchito's filers to a crawl.IT manager Fran Andreo was quoted as saying: "It was not possible for the artists to work, it was a nightmare.
Many of the big-name websites and companies will track your activities to deliver targeted advertising, and can build up an astonishingly detailed profile including your interests, spending habits, age, location and more.If you would prefer to keep your personal details private, a VPN or proxy tool will help.As well as preventing third parties building up a profile of you, these privacy tools can open up the web, granting you access to sites blocked in your country, to access region-locked content when you're travelling away from home, and to add a layer of protection when you use a public Wi-Fi network.Tor The Onion Router works by bouncing your data between encrypted nodesTor is available for Windows, OS X and Linux, and has a large following in the privacy and security communities.It's based on the same code as Firefox, and guides you through the process of getting online.Read on to discover four more of the best proxy and VPN tools for anonymous browsing.
Because what happens instead of closing the window is that you are, in effect, saying "It's OK to upgrade my PC to Windows 10 when I least expect it and even if I don't want it."Whether you're on Windows, Mac, or Linux, the close button on the window border is normally interpreted as "close", and is expected to cancel or negate the current action.While the GWX.exe, the "Get Windows X 10 " program, does indeed close when you hit that button, it doesn't cancel or reject the action it proposes.With just around two months left before Windows 10 ceases to become a free upgrade, Microsoft has started to sneakily schedule updates behind users' backs.The urgency in its efforts is due to the fact that users are less likely to upgrade when they need to pay for it.VIA: MSPoweruser
The video shows creator OsirisX browsing the Steam library before launching into the game Bastion, which is then shown running at what appears to be full-speed.When it was originally released the PlayStation 3 officially supported the installation of the open-source operating system, but this functionality was later removed over concerns that it could facilitate piracy on the console.There has also been an explosion in the amount of games available for Linux, thanks in part to Valve having introduced its store to the operating system.The practice of using a PS4 to install and run Linux games is unlikely to take off thanks to the requirement for users to use an older version of the PS4's operating system.Sony does not make it easy for users to roll-back their firmware because of how this can reintroduce security exploits that have previously been patched.Nevertheless it is interesting to see new functionality being hacked into the PS4, and we would be interested to see if a Linux install on a PS4 could be used alongside Steam's game-streaming functionality to bring Windows games to the PS4.
The outfit is a low-cost, open source, apps-enabled software defined radio SDR platform that can be used to support almost any wireless communication standard UMTS, LTE, GSM, Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID etc .Because it is powered by a Linux distribution Snappy Ubuntu , applications as diverse as aviation transponders or radio astronomy can be run on the device within minutes.Raspberry Pi for MNOsThe beauty of software-defined solutions is that operators themselves or their clients can either use existing services built as apps or build their own in order to extend existing features using cheap kit.That's right, no need to buy expensive hardware and solutions from established players like Juniper and Cisco if you want to move up gears.Cutting the middlemen means that it's cheaper and easier than ever before.The tiny investment will get EE a 100-unit bundle of the kit which will be given to five UK universities nominated by EE.
Playing PC games on a PlayStation 4 has always seemed like a virtual impossibility, but with Sony and Microsoft switching to x86 architecture for the PS4 and Xbox One, there isn't a huge difference between the new consoles and home computers.OsirisX had to jump through quite a few hoops to achieve this feat.He used a PlayStation 4 running the very old Firmware 1.76 in order to jailbreak it, installed Arch Linux, and used some files from console hacking team "fail0verflow.In the video, we see OsirisX browsing his Steam library in Big Picture mode before playing action-RPG Bastion.The process isn t possible on consoles running Sony s current PS4 operating system 3.50 , though there are rumors that a new jailbreak for this firmware version is on its way.Sony doesn't make it easy for users to roll-back firmware for security reasons, but Fail0verflow s files are still available on Github for anyone who wants to give it a try.
Windows/Mac/Linux/Chrome: DuckieTV is a no-hassle, fool-proof calendar to track TV shows you re watching, and it also automatically searches for torrents of new episodes and downloads them to your hard drive.DuckieTV will accordingly populate a custom calendar for you, so you know when a new episode is out.The app can be set to search for them from popular sites like Kickass Torrents and auto-download a new episode, or you can manually do it yourself when a new episode is available too.In fact, there s a built-in search that filters torrents based on HD or Full HD, program language, and more.DuckieTV is incredibly easy to use, and much simpler than our more manual solution to automatically download anything as soon as it s available.Of course, you don t get movies with DuckieTV yet, but let s hope that gets integrated in future versions.
Sony's PS4 can now run Valve's Steam platform - providing you don't mind poor performance and various unofficial hacks, of course.In an inevitable move, a developer has succeeded in getting Valve's Steam gaming platform running on Sony's otherwise locked-down PlayStation 4 console - but it's worth reading the full story before you get too excited.Building on work done by the fail0verflow team in getting Linux to boot on the PC-like PlayStation 4 console, complete with 3D accelerated video courtesy of the Radeon graphics hardware built into the console's accelerated processing unit APU , a developer calling himself OsirisX has posted a video demonstrating running Steam and Steam games directly on the PS4.The catches, of course, are plentiful: only games compatible with SteamOS or other Linux distributions work, as the method involves the installation of Arch Linux onto the PS4 first; the performance is far from optimal, with most titles requiring the user to set the graphical quality to medium or below in order to get playable framerates; and to use the same code execution exploit, to get the Linux bootloader to run in the first place, requires that the target PS4 is running on firmware 1.76 or below.Nevertheless, the hack shows promise for turning the PS4 into a low-cost Steam Machine.It also hearkens back to the popularity of the machine's predecessors, the PlayStation 3 and 2, for general-purpose computing tasks: both devices could run official ports of Linux, at least early in their lives, and found their way into numerous cluster computing projects thanks to their high performance for a relatively low cost.
For the first time, they sported desktop PC components inside, practically making them special purpose PCs fine-tuned for gaming.That fact, of course, has piqued the curiosity of many modders and hackers in actually making those machines run a different operating system, usually Linux.That honor belongs to the Fail0verflow hack that was revealed December last year.That day has indeed finally happened.It must then be jailbroken and patched with Fail0verflow's code to run Linux.In this particular incarnation, OsirisX used Arch Linux, a popular Linux flavor.