An exhaustive analysis of pixels and resolutions has found some bizarre inconsistencies with the 1080p browser output of streaming kingpin Netflix, with stats suggesting its 1080p output isn't actually 1080p when using some underground niche browsers like, er, Chrome and Firefox.The official stats are buried within a Netflix support page, which says that Chrome, Firefox and Opera can only support HD video up to 720p via HTML5 -- while Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge can push out 1080p resolution should your internet be fast enough.It's almost as is Microsoft has bunged an enormous amount of money at Netflix to buy some tech superiority to boast about, eh?Although perhaps it's not all an enormous conspiracy, as users of Safari through Mac OS X 10.10.3 or higher should also get full 1080p video as long as their roadside BT cabinet isn't too congested on the evening in question.That said, if you're broadcasting browser tabs to a TV, you're not really doing streaming right.A Roku or Chromecast or [Chinese clone of choice] ought to be able to handle 1080p streams if your internet pipe's fat enough, so it's only going to inconvenience pixel counters hooking up PCs and laptops through cables and full-screening the web player.
OS X might seem simple — but it's an absolute powerhouse if you know how to use it.Some of the easiest ways to get the most of out of Apple's desktop operating system are hidden in plain sight: Keyboard shortcuts.Knowing the right keyboard shortcuts will save a second here and there — and over the course of a week, or a month, or a year, it adds up dramatically.Here are 13 of the most useful keyboard shortcuts that will save you time on the little things so you can focus on the big things:1) + Space — Bring up 'Spotlight' searchApple improved its search in the latest version of OS X.
Former Apple fans are turning to Windows-users, believes Business's and microsoft's operating system rotating the computer users have for decades formed their own school board, who are arguing about their equipment superiority and, above all, Particular, in the latter battle in the Apple-people have been firmly on the neck of the 1990s, except for always.Now the wind is Business Insiderin according to turning.most Dissatisfied Mac users are professionals who use their machines for programming, video editing and other demanding work.Some of them complain of Business Insiderin according to loud, that they are practically forced to buy still Mac Pro, which hasn't been updated after 2013.
As frustrating as this time of year can be if your favorite TV show gets axed, the silver lining is that cancellations make room for new programming.Set to premiere this fall, the series centers on the ever-resourceful Angus Mac Macgyver played by Lucas Till and his missions with former CIA agent Lincoln George Eads .The preview features quick thinking, clever solutions, and narrow escapes.An adaptation of the 2001 film, CBS Training Day series follows young police officer Kyle Craig Justin Cornwell after he s partnered with a morally ambiguous veteran detective, Frank Rourke Bill Paxton .He stars as Jack Gordon, a well-known adventure reporter who ends up in charge of a group of eager millennials working in an outdoor magazine s digital department.CBS has still more shows coming as well, including Bull, a drama starring Michael Weatherly; Pure Genius, a medical drama; Kevin Can Wait, a comedy featuring Kevin James; Matt LeBlanc s new comedy Man with a Plan; and Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl.
At long last, it appears the Siri virtual assistant is making it to Mac desktops.MacRumors reports that sources close to Apple have shared screenshots that show Siri icons appearing both in the dock and menu bar of early versions of Mac OS X 10.12, due in the fall of this year.9to5Mac was one of the first Apple news sites to report on the inclusion of Siri in the next version of Mac OS back in February.The site did not have any other evidence at the time beyond what its sources were telling it.The Siri integration is likely to be one of the main new features of the new operating system release.Still unknown yet is whether desktop Siri will gain any new commands as a result of the Mac OS X integration — we d guess it would — or will just focus on the list of commands it is already programmed to answer.
In a recent and more rigorous experiment, a group of researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan and Google, dropped nearly 300 USB thumb drives around six campus locations and found that at least 45 percent of them were plugged into a computer and perused by the person who found them.While modern Windows and Mac systems no longer run programs on a USB stick by default, other attacks, such as BadUSB, can make a USB drive appear to be something else, such as keyboard, and then use that access to take malicious actions.When the company finds untrusted USB drives, it can test them, said Chris Novak, a director with the firm s RISK team, a computer investigations group.We often do executive protection, where, when executives go overseas or to a big conference, we give them temporary equipment, and if something happens, we get it back.Playing the movie trailer on the drive installed malware on the victim s computer, enabling the attacker to steal an unreleased movie.The fact that users plug such storage devices into corporate computers is a nightmare for IT security professionals, to the degree that they sometimes—and somewhat controversially—block USB ports on highly sensitive computers by gluing them closed with epoxy.
In some programs, you would have to make copies of that document to distribute to each folder.In the Drive window that pops up, select My Drive.This will bring up a list of all the folders and files stored in your Drive account.Drive s Details menu can help you keep track of which folders house a particular file.Then click the Details icon—it looks like a circle with an i in the center—in the upper-right of the toolbar.Select the Details tab to see information about the file, including when it was created and last modified and what folders it s currently in.
Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook is this week visiting India for the first time.And he is wasting little of his time on the ground in India by saying Apple will open a new app design and development center in the country in 2017.Cook officially called the upcoming Apple facility a design and development accelerator,  and that it will be located in Bengaluru also known as Bangalore , which is considered to be the startup hub of India.India is home to one of the most vibrant and entrepreneurial iOS development communities in the world, Cook said in announcing the new center.With the opening of this new facility in Bengaluru, we re giving developers access to tools which will help them create innovative apps for customers around the world.Apple said it will use the facility to provide support for the Swift programming language, which Apple created to build apps for iOS, Mac and other products, and will conduct weekly briefings with developers to review development of apps at the center.It s no secret as to why Cook is laying the groundwork for more Apple involvement in India.Anyone with a Groupon account has likely seen an offer for one of these iPhones, which are often phones that were bought, returned for some reason, given the once-over to ensure everything works, and then offered up for sale at less than the original sticker price.However, the Indian government has put up resistance to Apple s efforts as it tries to promote homegrown smartphone makers who sell their products at prices even less than those of refurbished iPhones.Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook leaves the Taj Mahal Palace hotel in Mumbai on May 18.
At its I/O 2016 developer conference, Google today launched Android Studio 2.2 preview, the latest version of its integrated development environment IDE .You can download the new version for Windows, Mac, and Linux now directly from the Canary page.If you are already using Android Studio, you can check for Canary updates in the navigation menu Help Check for Update on Windows/Linux and Android Studio Check for Updates on OS X .Google released Android Studio 2.1 just three weeks ago, so this preview is coming very soon out of the pipe.And yet Stephanie Cuthbertson, Google product manager for Android, showed a long list of features that 2.2 brings to the table:On stage, Cuthbertson also shared that 94 percent of the top 125 apps and games in Google Play now use Android Studio.Not bad for an IDE that only launched back in December 2014.
Siri is a major feature of iOS, and its speech interface may soon be coming to the Mac, possibly as soon as the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC in June.MacRumorsProof that Siri for Mac is upon us comes from MacRumors.The site gained access from a reliable source to screenshots that show a Siri wavform icon in the Dock, and a Siri menu bar icon.According to MacRumors, clicking either icon shows an indicator that Siri is listening for you to say a command, and the user can also activate Siri by saying, Hey Siri, as you would on iOS.MacRumors points out that the icons may change between now and WWDC, and that the company may decide to not ship the feature at the last minute if it doesn t meet set standards.With the growing popularity of Amazon s Echo and the unveiling of Google Home on Wednesday, Apple needs to demonstrate that Siri is versatile and worth it for a third party to implement.
Apple s software can really bug ya—last week we discussed a bug that wiped out some users iTunes libraries, and this week Apple dropped iTunes 12.4 to clean up the interface and hopefully increase understanding of just how to manage your collection across iTunes on your Mac, your iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music.Glenn and Susie are joined by Kirk McElhearn, one of the world s foremost experts in how the heck a person can use iTunes without tearing all their hair out, to explain what s changed—and what still really needs to be fixed.Elsewhere, we come to bury CurrentC, not to praise it—although we re really into mobile payments now, thanks, especially after the rollout of those poky chip-reading point-of-sale systems.And Gboard leaked some chicken and noodles.Show notesApple Pay s retailer-backed rival CurrentC may never launch by Caitlin McGarryWhy Apple Pay and other mobile wallets beat chip cards by Brian X. Chen for the New York TimesTwitter is on the right track with this rumored change to its 140-character limit by Caitlin McGarryGoogle s new Spaces app is for group sharing across Android, web, and iOS by Derek WalterGoogle s Gboard doesn t send your keystrokes, but it does leak chicken and noodles by Glenn FleishmaniTunes update coming to address file deletion reports by Nick MediatiTalk to us!Or you can point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader at: find previous episodes, visit Macworld s podcast page or our home on Soundcloud.
Developers, start your Nexuses.Here s a couple of the highlight features you ll find in the new preview, which build on the features already found in the Android N Developer Preview 2.The Daydream program, complete with specially designed VR headsets, will launch this fall.Sustained performance mode API—This lets developers understand how performance will behave when an app s active for an extended duration, taking system-on-chip throttling into account once processor temperatures hit their peak.That more granular information is intended to help developers create apps that avoid performance fluctuations over time.Developer Preview 4 will offer final APIs and the official Android N software developer kit, while Google says Developer Preview 5 will deliver near-final system images for final testing before the final release that s scheduled for later this summer.
If you haven t used your passcode to unlock your iPhone or iPad for six days, an iOS 9 restriction disables Touch ID if you don't unlock with a fingerprint within eight hours.However, it might have some bearing when a court order is issued to compel someone to use a fingerprint to unlock an iOS device, as in a recent case.Macworld was alerted to this change when reader David Shanahan emailed the Mac 911 help column about being prompted for his passcode on both an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 once or twice a week in the morning after leaving them charging overnight.Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski also confirmed that he hadn t seen this requirement before, and said, It explains what the hell s been going on with my phone, though!I would love it to automatically kill the fingerprint altogether or set the expiration down to even 4 hours or 8 hours if I m not inside some geofence I ve set up, he said.Because a law-enforcement or other government agent or a malicious party wouldn t necessarily know the last time the passcode was entered, it raises the stakes higher than the 48-hour timeout.
See larger imageInternodal s $12 Agenda Minder Mac App Store Link helps you prepare for your meetings by organizing any relevant information into an interactive agenda.The app records your daily transactions and includes a comprehensive tutorial to walk you through its every single aspect.See larger imageI-SmartSolutions s Rainbow integrates with popular cloud-sharing services—like DropBox, MediaFire, and Google Drive—to help you effortlessly move your data from one service to another.Once you ve linked the app with the services you use, you can rename, copy, create, and delete files and folders at will, just like you do with the Finder.See larger imageIf you want to give your index finger a little break, Pilotmoon Software s $3 RapidClick takes over your mouse-clicking duties.Designed for gamers and for people with limited dexterity, the app automates the process of tapping your mouse repeatedly by simulating mouse actions at regular intervals that range from 20 times a second to once an hour.
Apple, especially Tim Cook, has made it no secret that China and India are the newest darlings of the tech industry at large and, of course, Apple.After flying to China to deal with the iBooks and Movies blackout, Cook flew to India to help cement Apple's position in the market.In addition to Cook's first visit to the country as Apple's highest executive, it was also an occasion for Apple to announce the establishment of a Design and Development Accelerator in Bengaluru to help spur iOS app development in the country.Over a million of the working citizens there work in the IT sector, while almost 50% of the graduates from local universities are from IT or engineering fields.Apple expects iPhone sales to pick up exponentially as the country rolls out its first network.Although heavily leaning towards iOS, the center will also put forward Apple's self-made programming language, Swift, which lets developers target not just iOS but also tvOS, watchOS, and Mac OS X.
For years it has been rumored that Siri will be integrated into our Macs, but so far we have been waiting in vain. Now, however, argue Macrumors that the voice-activated assistant will be one of the great innovations of OS X 10.12, an upgrade that will be previewed at WWDC show in June. Here is the Siri icon in the dock. Reportedly, Siri will get its own icon in the menu bar, next to the search icon. It is also possible to activate by voice or keyboard command. Previously rumored to OS X 10:12 focuses on performance and tuning, in terms of the interface in general there will be no major changes.
Android is the most popular operating system in the world, installed on millions – if not billions – of devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart appliances such as TVs and fridges.First, this is an early developer preview, which means it's not intended for regular smartphone owners, but rather app developers who want to make sure their products work with Android 7.0 N. So although you can expect some of the latest features of Android 7.0 N to work, such as bundled notifications and multi-window support, you should expect some bugs and errors as well.Ensure that your device's built-in back-up feature is enabled – to do this go to Settings Backup & reset and make sure both 'Back up my data' and 'Automatic restore' are checked.Connect your Xperia Z3Next, make sure your Xperia Z3 is powered on and then plug it in to a USB port on your PC or Mac.Download and install Android 7.0 NHold down the Alt key on your keyboard and click on 'Software repair', which is displayed on the home screen of the Xperia Companion software.Once the Xperia Z3 has turned off, hold down the volume down key on the smartphone and plug it back into your computer.
I m not saying kids these days aren t enjoying themselves, lost in their photorealistic first-person battle zones, but where s the fun in playing alongside some random via headset?Rare is the game that offers what s now laughably referred to as local multiplayer – and when one comes along, even if it s filled with minor flaws, it s still cause for celebration.That s the case with Push Me Pull You, a mostly cutesy, slightly horrific indie game available for the PC, Mac, Linux and PS4.Designed in a simple, streamlined cartoonish style, gamers control a literal human centipede – a Chinese finger trap-like anthropoid creature as you push and pull balls around a basic court.Your shrinking-growing tube-like freak isn t just a gimmick, and it takes great skill to know when to go compact to steal a ball, or to super-size yourself before scoring.And best of all is what we call the buddy quotient – the local multiplayer, where the game goes from entertaining to an absolutely addictive fast-paced thrill ride.
People don't always remember this, but when Microsoft first started, one of its biggest partners was Apple — manufacturer of the Apple II, the gold standard for early PCs.That partnership, always tenuous, didn't last.Microsoft would go on to partner with IBM, paving the way to the era of Windows dominance on a wide range of cheap computers.Apple would have its well-documented ups and downs before ultimately locking down the high-end computer market.So Microsoft performed an end-run and circumvented Apple entirely.Microsoft sold Windows to any and every PC manufacturer, building a thriving ecosystem of computers from different companies that nonetheless offered compatible software.The Samsung Gear VR, co-developed by Oculus, is a lower-end headset also powered by a phone.It may never be as powerful as the Oculus Rift, but if it works, it'll ignite an explosion of cheap VR from every manufacturer, making it a new standard, at the cost of some overall control.Just like Windows.Vision for the futureSo you have Facebook's Oculus at the Apple-esque high end of virtual reality, and Google Daydream at the low-to-middle that's long been Microsoft's forte in PCs.That's great, except not really.If the long decades of Apple's history with Microsoft have taught us anything, it's that consumers suffer the most when tech giants have turf wars.
One Twitter fan said: "Will whatsapp refund me for being down"While another added: " WhatsApp is down how will I communicate"This isn't the first time WhatsApp has gone into meltdown as it also suffered issues on the busiest night of the year – New Years Eve!IT'S DOWN: Down Detector is showing outages across EuropeAlthough WhatsApp is still the world's most popular messaging app it's facing stiff competition.Rival Telegram recently announced its users can now edit messages after they've been sent and Google has just announced its new Allo service.This new platform has a number of unique features over its rivals including the ability to offer responses tailored to individual users text messages and video content.The Facebook-owned firm recently announced that users can now download an official Windows and Mac app to their desktop PC or laptop.Confirming the news on their blog WhatsApp said: "Today we're introducing a desktop app so you have a new way to stay in touch anytime and anywhere - whether on your phone or computer at home or work."