The company, best known for its iPhone camera lenses, wants to help keep you organized on your next trip, even if it's just down the road.
Moment is expanding its line of add-on camera lenses beyond smartphones for the first time, with plans to launch an anamorphic lens for DJI drones.The lens clips on to DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom and works with either drone’s existing camera to capture a wider field of view, complete with cinematic lens flares.Moment made its name selling lenses that clip on to the back of a phone, offering different fields of view and more options for photographers.As interest in traditional Instagram posts has waned, Moment co-founder Marc Barros says the company has found room for growth by appealing to vloggers and filmmakers.“They all had a phone, a big camera, and a drone.” Moment’s team says they were able to fly the Mavic 2 Pro in heavy winds with the new lens attached, and it didn’t affect the drone’s performanceIn addition to the new lens, Moment is selling clip-on ND and CPL filters for both its own lens and the drones’ built-in lens.
Moment has long offered a simple camera app to go along with its custom smartphone lenses.But now, the company has overhauled that app into something much more capable, allowing you to access full manual options and have more control over your phone’s camera.The new “Pro” features are available as a $2 in-app purchase on iOS or as part of the flat $2 price for the app on Android.Buying them allows you to lock in ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and other manual controls.The app also allows you to shoot RAW and use the shutter button on Moment’s phone case.Moment co-founder Marc Barros says the app has been rebuilt “from the ground up” to be faster and more capable.
Moment, the company known for its cases and detachable lenses for mobile phones, is releasing two of its costly yet beloved cases for the iPhone X.The Photo Case and Battery Photo Case both contain mounts that allow Moment's lenses to be attached.The Battery Photo Case can juice your phone up to 90 percent and also features a shutter button that connects to your phone via the Moment app or the default camera app.The company is also releasing four updated lenses: wide; tele, which takes photos 2x closer; superfish, which the company claims gives the widest possible shot on a phone; and macro, for capturing close-ups and smaller details.“Moment for iPhone X will be the most advanced gear we’ve ever made for mobile photography," said Marc Barros, CEO of Moment in a statement.Moment first introduced its lenses back in 2014.
From user reviews to standardized tests and the specs list alone, the iPhone X is shaping up to have the best built-in camera Apple has designed yet — and those capabilities will soon be expandable.On November 15, Moment announced three new accessories for the iPhone X; a battery photo case, a photo case, and a new set of lenses.With the smartphone having launched only this fall, the Moment accessories are among the first iPhone X lenses.Like the company’s earlier cases, the iPhone X case comes in a minimalist black design or with a wood accent.While the first case follows earlier designs, Moment is also launching a battery case.With a launch not planned until the spring of 2018, full details on the case aren’t available, but Moment says the case will include wireless QI charging.
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