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Volvo has unveiled its first all-electric model, the C40 Recharge. The SUV coupe remains visually close to its XC40 sibling.
Bug keeps Mercedes, Venturi teams out of qualifying race Swiss Formula E driver Edoardo Mortara ended up in hospital after a software error left him driving into a safety wall at the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in Diriyah, Saudia Arabia, on Saturday.…
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Blacklane aims to launch its new "chauffeur-hailing" service in more than 20 cities around the globe by the end of March.
JLR's been in perpetual trouble for a while. Now, a massive overhaul will see the company think smaller.
One of the hottest AMG cars made by Mercedes-AMG is the C63. This car has traditionally had a big burly V-8 engine under the hood, making gobs of power. A new rumor has surfaced that claims that will change with the V-8 engine out and a hybrid four-cylinder powertrain in. Automotive enthusiasts know that means an exhaust note that will … Continue reading
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Here's a look back at everything that happened during the week ending Feb. 27.
New powertrains, but everything else stays the same.
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British luxury automaker Aston Martin and German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz are no strangers to inking deals. In 2013, Mercedes claimed five-percent of Aston Martin in return for the former’s AMG V8 motors and infotainment system. Last year, Mercedes-Benz got a bigger 20-percent chunk of Aston Martin for the German carmaker’s EV technology. In a recent meeting with investors regarding the … Continue reading
It's also partnering with Mercedes-Benz to apply its data to Mercedes' Live Map project.
If your dream garage only has space for one car, you could do a lot worse than fill it with the 2021 Audi RS7 Sportback. Not for nothing has the A7 carved out a space at the top of luxury four-door fastback list. Mercedes’ CLS may have got there first, but Audi’s pared-back styling refined it, and the A7 has … Continue reading
Lexus quickly took the video down, but we've got screenshots.
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