It suspects the monster is a rock which even marked on a chart. Photographer: Andrew David Thaler, Andean Geology, Google Earth The alleged sea monster found in Google Earth has now been explained Last week presented a bargain in Google Earth could be some kind of big sjökreatur. Possibly the mythical sea monster Kraken from the Nordic sailor tradition. It was speculated course, even if the UFO. It is the famous 30 meter high rock Sail Rock is the peak of a volcano 35 km southwest of Deciption Island near Antarctica. In a scientific report from the Andean Geology are even Sailrock depicted.
The Microsoft Surface Pro series is one of Microsoft s most important hardware ventures to date, one that provides users with an excellent selection of powerful tablets.The Dux case only weighs a third of a pound, but will protect your device from drops as far up as a meter.It also works with a Microsoft Type Cover or Touch Cover, and features a clear back panel that lets you show off the Pro 3 s excellent design.The case is also pretty cheap, coming in at less than $20 through most retailers.It s perfect for the working type on the go, and has a ton of storage space for all of your files and business needs.If you want to carry your Surface Pro around the same way you would a laptop, you re going to need this tote bag, which includes a comfortable shoulder strap and handle to make your device as portable as possible.
The nuclear-powered icebreaker Arktika can handle up to three meters thick ice. photographer: Sputnik Russia's and the world's largest icebreaker has now been christened at a shipyard in St. Petersburg. With a length of 173 meters and the displacement of 33,540 tons, it is the world's largest icebreaker. The energy comes from two nuclear reactors that provide 175 MW, which gives a top speed of 22 knots and force to break the three-meter thick ice, writes Maritime Professional. Russia today has more icebreakers than all other countries combined, and the new ship will among other things assist tankers along the Northern Sea Route north of Russia with destination Asia. The entire project, which began in 2013 is expected to cost about the equivalent of approximately 16 billion.
Elon Musk needs to learn that every time he reveals what his electric car company s vehicles are capable of, owners will test those claims in the worst ways possible.In response to a video showing a Model S merrily floating through a tunnel flooded with meter-high water in Almaty, Kazakhstan, Musk tweeted that the car can function as a boat for a short period of time.Thrust via wheel rotation.It could be true: being an all-electric vehicle, the Model S doesn t have an exhaust pipe that could get flooded and prevent the car from working.Musk also said that the vehicle s drive units and battery are sealed.In addition, Ars Technica UK noted that the S has a bioweapon defense mode that supposedly can filter polluted air so efficiently that, You can literally survive a military-grade bio attack by sitting in your car, so it s safe to assume the cabin is impenetrable too.
- Surgeons working with keyhole surgery devote the entire day to look at a monitor, it's very tiring, says Ane Søby Eskildsen, Communications at Danish company Chromaviso behind the new solution. The new building has 15 operating rooms equipped with a combination of red and green light, divided into different zones in the room. In the new building uppvakningsdel follow a circadian light, where it slowly gets brighter in the morning, the light of day and at night, switch to a soft lighting. - It represents about a fine day in May, says Ane Søby Eskildsen. Night lighting is so bright that nurses and others can see that work in it, but without the blue light that signals the body that it is time to be awake. The effect is 2.4 watts per square meter.
With the first episode due in the very vague summer – though Telltale admited it is very soon – that means we ll be getting practically a new episode every month.It s great to know that investing in the first episode I ll finally be getting consistency and can remain invested, much like Square Enix s approach to the excellent Hitman rebirth.There s a new mechanic where you must perform a series of successful QTEs to fill up a four-bar meter, upon which you can finish the fight , progressing the narrative.The fight then becomes Batman vs Kyle and spills onto the rooftops, as Selina tries making off with whatever is in the safe we don t find out what this is .Rather than regurgitate Hush, The Killing Joke or any of the other iconic tales we ve enjoyed over the years as Bat fans or been forced to endure recently as Snyder tried his best to destroy Bruce Wayne via Batfleck , the focus here is very much on Bruce Wayne the man.Falcone then presents an offer: he can make Harvey Dent mayor with the click of his fingers but in return Bruce must be willing to help provide funds and a little hush-hush to the devious and very naughty things he and his cronies get up to.
There are many hazards in spaceflight, but one of the greatest is a fire inside a spacecraft filled with oxygen.Therefore the experiments NASA has conducted to date with fire in microgravity have been small and very well-controlled.Scientists at Glenn Research Center and 10 other U.S. and international government agencies and universities built a 1-meter by 1.3-meter long module, and placed a 1-meter long cotton-fiber sample inside to burn.So when the Cygnus cargo spacecraft departed from the station on Tuesday, the experiment was placed inside.Microgravity combustion research leads to the selection of safer materials for use in spacecraft, improved fire detection and suppression equipment for spacecraft, and improved combustion models that are being used for a variety of Earth-based applications including transportation and energy conversion."The spacecraft currently contains trash and other refuse from the station's crew, and after orbiting the planet for several more days it will make a controlled, destructive reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.
Before Ars' closed-door session at a private Nintendo booth, we'd all gotten a chance to watch the extensive preview footage that Nintendo had published during this year's E3.Our demo was split into two portions: a 15-minute "sandbox" session in the middle of the game's opening zone which we started with more armor and weapons and a 20-minute shot at the retail game's cold open.We also got to test the game's new movement systems, which include the ability to jump at will, along with tree and mountain climbing—so long as your stamina meter doesn't run out, at least.This new spry version of Link can grab onto pretty much any surface maybe he's grown serious talons in his fingernails or something , but if he doesn't let go by the time his stamina is out, he'll fall—potentially to his death.Comparisons to more modern series like Monster Hunter, The Elder Scrolls, and even the modern wave of "open-world survival" fare aren't entirely off the mark.Just like that game, this one opens with an unexplained push to adventure—even including a mysterious man in a dark cave prodding you along—and I got that same 1987 tingle in my bones when I first looked at an incredibly huge world that I knew I would soon get to explore.
Energy secretary Amber Rudd has made an assurance that consumers will be able opt out of having their smart meter energy data shared with companies, in a letter to Labour MP Chi Onwurah seen by The Register.In a Parliamentary response last month Rudd initially said: "The data are protected... and they belong not to the Government – which some people might, not unreasonably, fear – but to the energy companies."But Onwurah said the answer was "not reassuring" given the growing discomfort over companies such as Google and Facebook sharing data with third parties for profit.She said any access to more granular information - such as hourly energy consumption usage - requires the consumer's "explicit consent."The widely-hated and much-delayed smart meter programme has been labelled a huge waste of money, by a former Conservative Party energy adviser.Fears have also been raised that the scheme may create a backdoor for hackers.
A bargain that looks like an up to 100 meter long beast has been done in Google Earth. When you zoom in Google Earth at Deciption Island near Antarctica emerges something that looks like a sea monster at the coordinates of -63.048767, -60.957968, writes Mail Online. The most prominent part is about 30 meters long but the picture suggests that the object can be as long as 100 meters. One candidate is the mythological sea monster Kraken from the Norwegian and Icelandic sailor tradition. If you look at the picture carefully, it looks like an artificial object as an underwater UFO that comes up from the depths, are written in a comment on the site UFO Sightings. Other guesses about whales but it can also be a disturbance in the satellite image, which is a fairly common reason for oddities found in Google Earth.
With a maximum speed of 113 km / h and a length of 1300 meters is the fastest Wildfire träbanan in Europe. On Saturday, June 18 opens Kolmårdens new rides: A wooden roller coaster with a 57 meter high hill, a maximum speed of 113 km / h which exposes its passengers to negative g-forces so that they are in several places eases from the seat. One rainy morning - three days before the premiere - will journalists, some fortunate school children and a collection bergochdalbaneentusiaster try out the. Construction worker doing the last surrounding the details and the crane still stands on the site gives an extra advance shiver. After a nearly two-minute ride running a dazed but relieved and nerregnad crowd back into the starting location. - When it is negative G-forces you lift, it feels like it flows, he says.
Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%00:00The ScenePlayMute00:00Current Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00FullscreenNeed TextNo compatible source was found for this video.Advertisement 0:30Oculus Touch at E3 2016: Better controllers, better experienceshareplaysaveI am a skip button.WHOOPS!At this year's show, we had another chance to use the company's crucial new control solution before its planned release later this year We're hearing a possible November date through the grapevine but nothing reliable enough to be certain .EnlargeTracking felt incredibly precise with the two camera setup in Oculus controlled demo rooms, though the demo was confined to a space of about one square meter for tracking purposes.The player's body may start to cause occlusion problems in that situation unless the cameras were somehow set up differently.Our Sam Machkovech felt a little differently about the controller.
One of the main events of this year's E3 trade show in Los Angeles 12-14 June 2016 was Nintendo's latest in the Legend of Zelda series.Until now, information about the game has been scarce with just a trailer and a short gameplay demo hinting at an open world, and changes to the established Zelda formula.After the brand new trailer, Nintendo's Treehouse presenters – with the help of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma – dished out new details regarding how the game works and what players can expect from what looks like a major leap for the Zelda series.Health is now replenished with food, weaponry can break, there's more custom clothing options, a stamina meter, dedicated jump button and the players can tackle dungeons more freely in the order they choose.Nintendo This Hyrule is littered with remnants of ancient buildings A day/night cycle and dynamic lighting add to the game's beauty, as you can see from this screenshot... Nintendo ...and this one, of the the same area Nintendo A distant castle has been seen in the game, but otherwise buildings and structures are largely ruins Nintendo These platforms littered the landscape.Hundreds will be littered through Breath of the Wild's world - offering items and rewards Nintendo A first look at one of the game's dungeon-like areas Nintendo In the foreground, a snowy area of the map.
The trial has been very controversial, it's virtually a British institution that should go on the left side, says Londoner Sandy Errestad said. Saving space About 56 million people pass Holborn, one of London's busiest stations, each year. The idea behind the experiment is that if the escalator completely filled with people it will accommodate more than if the left side is kept free for those who want to take the stairs in big leaps. Then held during peak 16,220 people in the over 20-meter long escalators, compared with 12,745 under ordinary circumstances, according to the BBC. I always get up my steps, she says. "Silly to stand still" Andrew Brenner stood still when the newspaper caught him for comment.
The report, which is made of a private security firm, indicated that nine out of ten Uber drivers fail to use the taximeter, which so far is a legal requirement. However, there is no consensus about what counts as a meter - at least if you ask Uber. That said, we do not share the report's findings and concludes that it is funded by the taxi companies' association Taxi Association, "says Oliver Carrà, spokesperson for Uber in the Nordic region. Thus continues the infected PR war between the traditional taxi companies and Uber, which earlier this year had to draw the short straw when the service Uber Pop coated with a ban in Sweden. All trips übers app is traceable and automated payment and cashless. This is one reason of many, many taxi drivers leaving large companies to be their own boss with your own times as partners to Uber, says Oliver Carrà.
A landscape lit only by the moon looks strikingly different than the same shot taken during the day.Even with cameras that offer very high ISO settings, cleaner images will always come from using a lower ISO and a long shutter speed.The problem arises when the required shutter speed drops below the longest programmed speed of the camera usually 30 seconds .Unfortunately, since the bulb setting could be anywhere between 30 seconds and three days, your camera s built-in light meter ceases to become useful.It will show you that you need more than 30 seconds, but how do you know if you need 35 seconds or 35 minutes?Yes, it does involve a bit of math, but it s quite straightforward.
Now the escalating battle between Uber and the established taxi industry in Stockholm up another notch. Industry association Taxi Association has hired private security company Gothia Protection to identify how many of Uber drivers in Stockholm who pay taxes on their income, writes DI Digital. Security Company has completed 110 trips in Uber cars and could take note that drivers in 99 cases did not use the meter. It is gaining a competitive advantage by doping with tax evasion said Claudio Skubla the Taxi Association, which, according to DI Digital will submit the review to the relevant authorities.
The star of the show is clearly the company s Utopia reference-grade open-back headphones, which the company calls the world s first full-range loudspeaker in a pair of headphones.Beryllium also happens to be more expensive than gold, so it s clear Focal is sparing no expense here.Meant to be paired with a high-end headphone amplifier, the headphones connect via an included 13.1-foot 4 meter OFC cable with a 1/4-inch Neutrik connector on the input side and two shielded Lemo connectors to connect to the headphones themselves.The headphones also feature an included case with a magnetic locking system to protect your investment, which is welcome considering the Utopia headphones will retail for $4,000.That rules out the beryllium driver; the company opted for an aluminum-magnesium blend instead but kept the same shape as the Utopia.Both of the above models are meant to be paired with a quality digital-to-analog converter and headphone amp.
The arrival was celebrated with champagne and exclusive parties, where they polished Mercedes cars stood in line outside. Uber worked hard to position itself as a more luxurious, more forward looking and more digital alternative to the traditional taxi industry. In the summer of 2015 appeared on Swedish Radio that three out of ten Uberpop drivers do not pay taxes on their runs. Furthermore, audits have shown the crimes charged against drivers and cars driving without a meter. The Swedish taxi industry association Taxi Association has long been engaged in an intensive public relations war against his new rival. The union, which is represented by the former Minister for Financial Markets Peter Norman, has funded advertising campaigns debated in parliament, compiled reports that the former DN and today Di Digital writing about, processed journalists with tips and accused Uber for everything from organized fraud that emaciate welfare state.
The 5.5 meter-long solar-powered boat is now around 100 mil east of New York City. The 5.5 meter long craft is completely solar powered and will be on their own trying to cross the Atlantic. The energy for the electric motors that drive the two propellers comes from solar panels that provide 280 W whose energy is stored in batteries of 2.4 kWh, which gives off during the night. The speed is moderate 5 km / h partly due to the Solar Voyger with its aluminum hull is quite heavy and weighs 250 kilos. From the beginning the intention was that the boat would be built of plastic, but tests showed that such a construction would be too fragile and could be broken by high Atlantic waves. Behind the record attempt is a leisure project, the two Americans Isaac Penny and Christopher Sam Soon, who normally are techniques and working with robots for medical surgery.
ReRail is a new wear surface on järnvägsrälen. Photographer: Anders Sundgren Instead of replacing the entire rail when it becomes too worn tested in Lulea now a method to attach a new tread on the old. ReRail called the method developed by the Railway Technology Centre and the Luleå University of Technology. The Finnish Transport Agency is now testing the technique on an eight-meter long rail marshalling yard in Lulea. On the track area in Luleå where the test was carried out only passing freight train. In addition to studying the resistance to fatigue, wear, deformation and wave formation will rail's ability to conduct current study, important because rail is used for the re-direction of current to electric locomotives.
UE Bluetooth SpeakerUE s portable Bluetooth speakers might look a bit unorthodox, but that s a good thing in a world that s flooded with dime-a-dozen wireless speakers.Even better is the fact that they re not all show and no go, they talk the talk as well as they walk the walk.And this week only on Amazon, three different UE speakers are on sale at deep discounts on Amazon.Insanely good, loud 360degree sound with deep bassWaterproof*, shockproof, designed for adventure * IPX7 rated waterproof up to 30 minutes and a depth of one meter 15hour battery life and 100 ft. Bluetooth wireless range Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles Companion app and over-the-air speaker updatesInsanely good, loud 360degree sound with deep bassWaterproof*, shockproof, designed for adventure * IPX7 rated waterproof up to 30 minutes and a depth of one meter 15 hour battery life and 100 ft. Bluetooth wireless range Actual battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles Companion app and over-the-air speaker updatesUE BOOM 2 Wireless Speaker – GreenMachine Edition: $149.99 with free shipping choose price from other sellers section UE MEGABOOM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Electric BlueFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web
Caption: Pavegen's V3 tiles neatly interlock to form a surface CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook compares to a springy mesh.PavegenAs Fitbit users like to point out, walking burns a lot of calories.But the energy you expend doing it ceases to be useful after your sneakers hit pavement.Tread on a tile and the surface depresses up to one centimeter Kemball-Cook compares the sensation to walking in a children s play-area .The beauty of these tiles is that they can conceivably go anywhere there s floorspace and foot traffic—think airport terminals, sidewalks, and playing fields.For the 2013 Paris Marathon, Pavegen laid down a 25-meter strip of the last generation of tiles, and they ended up generating 4.7 kilowatt hours of energy—enough to keep an LED bulb burning for over a month, but nowhere near enough to power your home.We have a footfall rig with four pneumatic drivers that s being going nonstop for four years, running analytics and just trying to destroy the product.
REUTERS/Bobby YipSHENZHEN, China Reuters - A housing boom in China's wannabe "Silicon Valley" of Shenzhen risks undermining the city's tech boom as young professionals consider moving out to avoid the highest residential prices in the country.In the space of four decades, Shenzhen has transformed itself from a fishing village into a manufacturing center and now a tech hub - attracting top firms and young talent in sectors including technology, advertising and design.That could stunt the development of a high-tech sector that Chinese media reports showcase as a shining example of China's move up the value chain.To save on rent, he shares a tiny flat with two others where one has to sleep on a couch each night."Now my friends are discussing more and more whether to leave, and to consider what other cities we might go to," he said.A 90-square meter apartment 970 sq ft near the city center, or in the tech district of Nanshan, costs around 6 million yuan $915,000 .
Bobby Yip / ReutersSHENZHEN, China Reuters - A housing boom in China s wannabe Silicon Valley of Shenzhen risks undermining the city s tech boom as young professionals consider moving out to avoid the highest residential prices in the country.In the space of four decades, Shenzhen has transformed itself from a fishing village into a manufacturing center and now a tech hub - attracting top firms and young talent in sectors including technology, advertising and design.That could stunt the development of a high-tech sector that Chinese media reports showcase as a shining example of China s move up the value chain.To save on rent, he shares a tiny flat with two others where one has to sleep on a couch each night.Now my friends are discussing more and more whether to leave, and to consider what other cities we might go to, he said.A 90-square meter apartment 970 sq ft near the city center, or in the tech district of Nanshan, costs around 6 million yuan $915,000 .
But they pretty much all fall into two categories.Computation is performed by continuously adjusting these couplings between some starting and final value.For annealers with limited connectivity—each qubit is only connected to a few other qubits, rather than all other qubits—this is not such an issue.The instrument produces an analog voltage that is displayed on an analog meter right at the instrument, and the results are relayed to a second analog meter in my home in the Netherlands.In fact, the whole paper in Nature seems to lack details on how this quantum computer is laid out.For a four qubit case, the link between each qubit seems to require a cluster of 48 qubits for control.
View you believe there is an apocalypse a-brewin', you're going to want Mercedes' G550 4x4 as your chariot of choice.Mercedes-Benz announced Thursday that it will be bringing the now-legendary G550 4x4 — the four-wheel version of its terrain-squashing G63 AMG 6x6 — to the U.S. market in 2017.This, as you might imagine, makes it one accomplished off-roader — or at least an ideal truck for chronically terrible parallel parkers.The Teutonic box, which, yes, will come in more than just neon green, is powered by the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine found between the frame rails of the AMG GT S. Under the well-chiseled hood of the G550 4x4 , however, it produces 416 horsepower.Accordingly, it churns out an impressive 450 pound-feet — enough to toss a metric meter of river rock over 100 yards into the air I assume .It's also fitted with dual springs and suspension dampers as well as portal axles.
Google has the last year been talking a lot about his project to develop Augmented Reality, where the physical environment is mixed with information from the software. Here is a demonstration of Google I / O last month: The sensors in the cell phone can track how you move in three dimensions, it can constantly measure the distance to objects and through this learn how the environment around you looks and create a virtual representation of it. Distance Meter Mobile can measure in three dimensions, which means that you do not have to climb ladders with a ruler. Photo: Lenovo Something also demonstrated live by first laying a wooden floor and then furnish it. An example is an app developed by the American Museum of Natural History that shows three-dimensional life-size dinosaurs that you can place in your environment. Here you can read more about Motorola's mobile PHAB2 Pro with Tango.
At 1 to 500 Gigabytes or higher data transfer speeds; virtually no lag delay 5 millisecond and a brand new telecoms architecture that supports dense usage 100 devices per sq meter it enables the Internet of Things - everything to be connected.How privacy planning and business opportunities thinking needs to change in the 5G era ?These new things represent the idea of Artificial intelligence AI that works in your home in real-time is almost here.Rural locations and city living all need to be truly joined up to bridge not just a digital divide but enable a shift to a connected empowered society.5G includes discussions in multi-band support so that Wi-Wfi, NFC, Zig Bee or other networks as well as telecoms can interoperable and maximise coverage load sharing.Bandwidth frequencies will be modified as indicated in current 5G standard to make room, the legislation and governance of this will continue to disrupt existing industry telcos previous investments and the response to new alternatives such as the large cloud providers such as with google fiber investments.
Now that's what I'm Tolkien aboutA new paper in the journal Nature suggests that a hobbit-sized relative of modern humans shrunk to their diminutive status as a result of being trapped on an island.In 2003, archaeologists working on the Indonesian island of Flores found remains of a humanoid species that would have stood only 3.5 feet 1.06 meter tall at maturity, and which had markedly reduced brain capacity.Excavations at Mata Menge in the central part of Flores unearthed part of a jawbone and six teeth from two or three individuals who died around 700,000 years ago.So what caused this dwarfism?The researchers think it was down to their environment, specifically a concept known as insular dwarfing.Several times in the past, species have become isolated on islands and shrunk to fit their limited range – the remains of dwarf elephant and mammoth have been found on Crete, Sardinia, and the Channel Islands off California.