Ordinarily, you won't encounter a radiation thermometer until somebody puts one in your ear at the doctor's office or you point one at your forehead when you're feeling feverish.But more sophisticated and highly calibrated research-grade "non-contact" thermometers--which measure the infrared (heat) radiation given off by objects without touching them--are critically important to many endeavors besides health care.However, even high-end conventional radiation thermometers have produced readings with worryingly large uncertainties.But now researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have invented a portable, remarkably stable standards-quality radiation thermometer about 60 centimeters (24 inches) long that is capable of measuring temperatures to a precision of within a few thousandths of a degree Celsius.The corresponding infrared wavelengths are from 8 to 14 micrometers (millionths of a meter), which is a sort of thermodynamic sweet spot.Modern farmers need accurate temperatures when handling, storing and processing food.
If there was a race to the very bottom of the smartwatch market, Lenovo now appears poised to win it with today’s announcement of Ego — a $29 smartwatch that demonstrates how the core features of a modern wearable can exist in a nearly disposable form factor.Designed with all the charm of a digital sport watch from the 1980s, Ego is unapologetically rubbery and plasticky with a thick, gear-like bezel, but inside beats the heart of a more modern beast.42mm touchscreen and vibration actuator?iOS and Android compatibility, including notifications for phone calls, emails, texts, and social media apps?It even has what’s billed as a 24-hour heart rate monitor, 50-meter water resistance, swim stroke tracking, and sleep tracking.That’s a lot of check marks, all made even more compelling by 20-day battery life between charges.
It’s a place full of natural beauties and a number of things to do & experience it.This is a historical place which was ruined hundreds of years ago.The jagged cliffs, turquoise sea waters, amazing landscaping and tropical greenery are quite enough to make anyone fall in love with these beaches.The attractions of High Park Koh Samui are pool parties, Foam Parties, 15 Meter High Water Slides, Yoga classes, massage treatments, Buggy Cars, Free Fall Bungy, Restobar, Zipline, 12 Meter Climbing Wall, infinity pool, sunset point, restaurant and bar.Two types of parties are held in Thailand at a specific date and these parties are called as Full Moon Party and Half Moon Parties.On a party night, all the clubs and bars are set with drinks, DJ’s with awesome music and visitors filled with full of excitement to get wild & dance on music till morning.
MVL (Mass Vehicle Ledger) Foundation has officially launched its blockchain-based ride-hailing app Tada in Phnom Penh City yesterday.The company also introduced new features, such as the Tada app meter.As part of their strategic partnership, MVL inked a memorandum of understanding with Cambodian mobile wallet and payment app Pi Pay to integrate its services into the Tada app.The company also partnered with Alibaba Group’s Alipay to include its payment services in the app.Tada, which launched first in Singapore in July 2018, uses blockchain technology in its ride-hailing service platform and promises to take no commissions from its drivers.The ride-hailing service, which is also present in Vietnam, claims it has more than 30,000 drivers and 230,000 users.
Possibly because surveillance capitalist firms have subsidized product prices by collecting and trading in the personal data of the people that use their products, enabling them to sell hardware cheap.The crux of Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s argument against firms such as (obviously including but never named) Apple is that his company offers convenience in exchange for personal secrets, makes its services available for free, and has a “profound commitment” to protecting user privacy.By subsidizing products in this way, an unequal playing field is created because products that do not draw subsidy from the erosion of user privacy will inevitably cost more, creating an illusion of them being luxuries.Who else recalls Google’s Screenwise Meter iOS app, which quietly collected user data in defiance of Apple’s developer guidelines?Democracy dies in dark placesYou can read Pichai’s piece here, but for all the statements around democracy and “meaningful choice,” the arguments he’s making still expose weakness in his attempt to rebrand the notion of “privacy.”
Pictures, documents, or any kind of file for that matter, can be attached to emails and send so that the recipient can open and save the file on their device.You can save attachments that you receive in emails on your Mac.Sending and saving attachments in Mail on Mac is pretty easy once you know how.Hence, let’s get you up to speed by guiding you through the process.Sending attachments in the Mail appMail users can attach pictures, videos, documents, and a lot more in emails.They can also use Markup in the app.Open the Mail app.Create a new message.Click on the Attach option located in the toolbar.Now, find the file you wish to attach to the message.Click on the Choose File button.In case you are attaching a picture, then you can tweak its size by clicking on Image Size meter located at the right-hand side of the screen.Mail app, by default, attaches pictures at their real sizes.Files can also be dragged from wherever they are saved and dropped into the email message.Attach images from the Photo appUsers can attach images to the email that are present in the Photo app.
HDMI Encoder Modulator,16in1 Digital Headend, HD RF Modulator at Soukacatv.comHousehold Universal Encoding & Modulation ModulatorSKD19 Series 1U Rack 12CH Encode ModulatorSKD3013 3 Channel HD Encode Modulator Necessity of modulation?Size of antenna or aerialAn antenna or aerial is needed, both for transmission and reception.Each antenna should have a size comparable to the wavelength of the signal, (at least ), so that time variation of the signal is properly sensed by the antenna.For an audio frequency signal of frequency f = 15 kHz, the wavelength, .The length of the antenna = \dfrac{\lambda}{4} = \dfrac{20000}{4} = 5000 [/latex] meter.To set up an antenna of vertical height 5000 meter is practically impossible to construct and operate.If transmission frequency were raised to 1 MHz, then .The length of antenna would be , i.e., As high powers are needed for good transmission, therefore, for given antenna length, wavelength  should be small or frequency f should be high.Thus, this factor also points out to the need of using high frequency transmission.Mixing up of signals from different transmitters.When my people are talking at the same time, we just cannot make out who is talking what?Similarly, when many transmitters are transmitting baseband information signals simultaneously, they get mixed up and there is on way to distinguish between them.This is what is being done for different radio and T.V.This is achieved by a process, called modulation.What is Modulation?Basic to the field of communications is the concept of modulation.
May 08, 2019: Global Water Meter Market is estimated to grow significantly in the forecast period owing to the global advancement of water infrastructure segment and efforts to decrease the quantity of non-revenue water.Just like the electricity and gas meters, water meters record the quantity of water used.The monthly charges for water and sewerage services are calculated from the meter by using the meter reading.Water meters are classified in four types namely, water meters, ice meters, moisture meters, and hygrometers (for air humidity).In farming, gauging the irrigation water with the help of water meters is an accurate way for watering crops.The obvious fact about draining water assets have raised issues concerning measures to reduce water utilization and wastage across globe, thereby impacting water meter market.Browse Complete Summary Click Here @ https://www.radiantinsights.com/research/global-water-meter-market-outlook-2017-2022 Governments of different economies in the world are taking initiatives for reducing wastage by highlighting and introducing different water meters to inspect the required water measure for various purposes, its wastage and techniques for preservation.Owing to the growing infrastructure in developing areas and strong presence of numerous manufactures, Asia Pacific is predicted to lead water meter market.The key players in water meter market include ., Apator SA, Arad Group, Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG, Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd., Badger Meter, Inc., Fedrel Meter, Elster Group GmbH, Neptune Technology Group Inc., G. Gioanola S.R.L., Aichi Tokei Denki Co., Ltd, Ningbo Water Meter Co. LtdB Meter, Maddalena Spa, Kamstrup A/S, Itron Inc., Master Meter, Inc., ZENNER International GmbH & Co. KG, Mueller Systems, LLC., Plata Meter Co., Ltd, Jiaxing Eastron Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd., and Sensus (Xylem Inc.).The global market for water meter will grow at a CAGR of 6.4% by 2022, according to a new report published by Gen Consulting Company.
Brother Printers have now incorporated the feature of wireless connectivity and it has taken the printing expedition to a new level.Whenever a person purchases a printer, it is always expected to get the best result possible.Now coming to the Brother Printer error code TS-02, it is an indication that the access point of the router or WLAN to which your printer has been connected is causing some troubles while authenticating itself with the MAC address.In simple terms, it means that the access point or the Wi-Fi router cannot be located by the system.There can also be other small issues behind the error which will be discussed later on.You can keep on reading further or can directly engage yourself with the Brother Printer  customer support and get the error resolved through their remote service.Some other reasons behind the error code TS-02The printer has not been installed properly in the systemAny corrupt hardware which was detected was not deleted completely from the system.Any presence or entry of corrupt system files.The files in the Windows system was damagedIt is always advised to look for the actual cause behind the error and then apply the troubleshooting method in order to save your time and effort.How to fix the Brother Printer error TS-02?Step 1- The first thing that you are required to do is whether the Wi-Fi router to which your printer and system are connected is switched on.Step 2- Now with the help of an Ethernet cable or built-in wireless LAN, you need to connect the printer to the internet connection and make sure that the access point of the WLAN works properly.Step 3- Now either bring the printer close to the router so as to avoid any net connectivity barrier and issues.Step 4- Now the printer kept within the range of 1 meter or 3.3 feet from the router, you are required to ‘RUN’ the printer’s temporary location.Step 5- See that your Brother Printer is using the radio signals within the range of 4 GHz.
Typical services such as smart meter, smart smoke detector, smart park, and electric bicycle have been widely applied in China Mobile’s NB-IoT live network.To evaluate the high-capacity performance of the NB-IoT network, China Mobile proposed a high-capacity evaluation solution and an end-to-end performance optimization solution based on typical NB-IoT service models.At the end of 2018, ZTE and China Mobile carried out the high-capacity evaluation in Tianjin for the first time based on the typical service models with the help of ZTE’s solution named NB-IoT Massive-connection & multi-service Virtual-verification Platform (NMVP).By evaluating the impact of different service models, subscriber distribution, and parameter configuration on capacity, the field test provides support and basis for network deployment and optimization.Based on the real service model and service performance requirements of China Mobile’s NB-IoT live network, ZTE and China Mobile mainly evaluated the high-capacity, delay, and access performance of typical NB-IoT services such as electricity meter call test, water meter reading report, smoke alarm, and parking information report.Meanwhile, NB-IoT wireless network congestion control feature was also tested.
For 10 years, Doritos offered aspiring commercial directors the chance at Big Game ad glory, with tens of thousands applying for one of the brand’s Super Bowl ad slots.Ben Callner was one of the chosen few from Crash the Super Bowl, and his spot “Goat 4 Sale” (which you can revisit below) ended up being one of 2013’s top-ranked spots in polls like the USA Today Ad Meter.The ad’s success did usher in a strong career for the Callner Brothers—Ben and producer sibling Adam—but it also locked in a reputation for them as slapstick comedy creators.Hoping to attract new kinds of client projects and also stretch his talents as a filmmaker, Callner set out on the ambitious project that became “Adman,” a short film told entirely through ads.He wrote and directed the 14-minute video, a labor of love that emptied his bank account but accomplished his goal of creating something categorically different from the screaming goat spot that kicked off his career.The goal, Ben Callner says, was to “tell a story where everything did really live on its own, but when you put it together, the sum is greater than its parts.”
When Epic released season 8 of Fortnite: Battle Royale in February, there was a new addition to the island: a volcano.The area around the volcano was shaking and a rune -- a mysterious floating object displaying a symbol -- had appeared above it.Players began "feeding" the volcano items and materials, which caused a meter in the rune itself to fill and made the volcano more active.Thanks to data miners -- people who dig through the game's data files for clues on what's coming up -- there's further evidence the volcano event might be right around the corner.One data miner found the time for an "Unvaulting Event" in the game's code on Thursday.The scheduled starting time for the event appears to be 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT on May 4.
Apple has announced the city of Stockholm to the plot in Kungsträdgården which was intended for the company's new flagship store is for sale.Manuel Incerdi, head of development of retail properties on Apple, writes, according to the site to borgarrådet Joakim Larsson (M) that Apple is ”disappointed not to be able to realize the project”.According to the Fastighetsvärlden have techjätten engaged Catella to find a buyer.Apple also announces that the city of Stockholm can get to buy the leasehold, Seven-century-1, which the company originally purchased of the Stockholm Chamber of commerce in 2015.the Price was 129 million, or 172 000 sek per square meter.Apple would terminate the tenant, the restaurant TGI Fridays, demolish the house and build a Swedish flagskeppsbutik.
Imagine being able to shape a pulse of light in any conceivable manner--compressing it, stretching it, splitting it in two, changing its intensity or altering the direction of its electric field.Controlling the properties of ultrafast light pulses is essential for sending information through high-speed optical circuits and in probing atoms and molecules that vibrate thousands of trillions of times a second.But the standard method of pulse shaping--using devices known as spatial light modulators--is costly, bulky and lacks the fine control scientists increasingly need.In addition, these devices are typically based on liquid crystals that can be damaged by the very same pulses of high intensity laser light they were designed to shape.Now researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Maryland's NanoCenter in College Park have developed a novel and compact method of sculpting light.They first deposited a layer of ultrathin silicon on glass, just a few hundred nanometers (billionths of a meter) thick, and then covered an array of millions of tiny squares of the silicon with a protective material.