Ask someone what antivirus software they use and you’ll probably get a near-religious argument about which one they have installed. Antivirus choices are often about what we trust — or don’t — on our operating system. I’ve seen some Windows users indicate they would rather have a third-party vendor watch over and protect their systems. Others, like me, view antivirus software as less important these days; it matters more that your antivirus vendor can handle windows updating properly and won’t cause issues.Still others rely on Microsoft Defender. It's been around in one form or another since Windows XP.To read this article in full, please click here
I’m not ready to give an all-clear to the security patches released Jan. 12, and I want to warn you about one specific update that is affecting HyperV servers and some consumer level workstations.  KB4535680, also known as Security update for Secure Boot DBX: January 12, 2021, makes improvements to Secure Boot DBX for a number of supported Windows versions. These include Windows Server 2012 x64-bit; Windows Server 2012 R2 x64-bit; Windows 8.1 x64-bit; Windows Server 2016 x64-bit; Windows Server 2019 x64-bit; Windows 10, version 1607 x64-bit; Windows 10; version 1803 x64-bit; Windows 10, version 1809 x64-bit; and Windows 10, version 1909 x64-bit. Key changes affect “Windows devices that [have] Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) based firmware that can run with Secure Boot enabled.” The Secure Boot Forbidden Signature Database (DBX) prevents malicious UEFI modules from loading; this update adds additional modules to block malicious attackers who could successfully exploit the vulnerability, bypass secure boot, and load untrusted software.To read this article in full, please click here
Redmond keeps us hanging with on-premises Exchange flaw still to be fixed Patch Tuesday  Microsoft on Tuesday released updates addressing 83 vulnerabilities in its software, which doesn't include the 13 flaws fixed in its Edge browser last week.…
Endpoint Detection and Response added. For servers, not standalone Linux desktops, mind After a few months in preview, Microsoft has made Defender Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) generally available for Linux servers.…
Microsoft releases more findings into the SolarWinds attack, outlining attack methods, malware strains and mitigation strategies.
Of 18,000 backdoored servers, hackers followed up on only a few dozen.
Microsoft Windows has evolved the operating system to be more robust and stable still there are chances of virus infection.Microsoft Defender is good enough to block unwanted programs however there are a few errors that can halt your operating system and stop all the operations.Taking care of such critical issues can be easy if you continuously scan your computer for virus and keep real-time protection turned ON.A FREE antivirus cannot provide you with stringent security.Premium version of Systweak Antivirus can perform different types of scans and eliminate any potential threat.Systweak Antivirus is the best antivirus in 2020 that can offer a security shield to protect your device against virus, malware, trojan, ransomware and other potential threats.Systweak Antivirus FeaturesSystweak Antivirus is available for as low as $39.95 for 1 PC a year.Offers the best protection while browsing, banking or on eCommerce sites.Performs real-time scan while downloading any file or clicking links in your emails.All-in-one protection from malware, trojans, ransomware and other malicious infections.Robust Exploit protection against all kind of threats that may hamper your computing performance.Offers USB protection to scan all your external storage devices before opening and executing files.Scan and remove malicious startup items to provide enhanced booting experience.Real-time safe web browsing experience to eliminate the risk of online activity.Optimize the performance of your operating system to deliver its best.Don’t Open Unknown EmailsMost of the phishing attacks or ransomware attacks are through fancy emails with links and images.Use A Pop-up Blocker When you browse on the internet, you may get a lot of popups to invade your browsing and show you fascinating links and images to click upon.
With just 58 updates to deal with this month, the December Patch Tuesday should make for a welcome  light-duty patch-and-test cycle. There were no zero-days or reports of publicly exploited security issues, though there is a critical update to Microsoft Exchange Server that should be a priority. But we saw less pressure on the Windows, browser, and Office updates.Microsoft has also released two Servicestack Updates (SSUs) for its desktop and server platforms (ADV990001) and an update to the Chromium project (ADV200002).To read this article in full, please click here
Zerologon is one of the major threats that make a user’s computer or laptop more vulnerable.The updated in-built antivirus in the Windows-OS system is sufficiently capable of detecting Zerologon exploits.This initialization vector setting is problematic because the vector sets to a random number all the time.There are active Proof-of-Concept (PoC) exploits available that display the risk profile of Zerologon.MS-NRPC allows the users to log on to servers that are using NTLM (NT LAN Manager).Hence, it will make it a pretty predictable and comfortable mode of a breach.Working of ZerologonIn September 2020, Tom Tervoort, a Dutch researcher working for Secura, showed the presence of Zerologon.
Microsoft has issued a new warning and updated its guidance on how to patch the Zerologon vulnerability on Windows Server devices.
Mobile ransomware has undergone a worrying evolution, new research shows.
While it's still far more common on PCs, mobile ransomware has undergone a worrying evolution, new research shows.
Microsoft Defender receives a useful security update for Windows install images.
The Microsoft Defender Antivirus scans your computer system regularly to make it free from malware and viruses.And for the better functioning of all your devices, it is essential to scan them from time to time.Anyone can easily schedule a scan on their Windows 10 computer.In the following article, we have mentioned the technique that will help you to schedule a scan in Microsoft Defender Antivirus on your Windows 10 desktop.So, to get to the method, please go through the complete article.The Method to Schedule a Scan in Microsoft Defender Antivirus on Windows 10To schedule a Microsoft Defender Antivirus scan on your Windows 10 PC, you will need to follow the procedure that we have mentioned in this article.This task is easy to accomplish and includes some simple steps that you should follow.
Microsoft has released 129 updates to its Windows ecosystem, but the good news  this month is that we are not responding to any zero-days or publicly reported vulnerabilities. Microsoft appears to be getting serious about removing Adobe Flash Player (a good thing) and we see a very broad update to Windows desktops and servers. Unusually, Microsoft’s browsers are not a huge focus this month, and both the Microsoft Office (excluding SharePoint) and development platform have received only a few, lower profile patches.[ Related: Microsoft revamps Windows Insider release vernacular ] We have included a helpful infographic, which this month looks a little lopsided as all of the attention should be on Windows components.To read this article in full, please click here
Microsoft has launched a public preview of "Microsoft Defender Application Guard for Office," a defensive technology that quarantines untrusted Office documents so that attack code carried by malicious files can't reach the operating system or its applications.On Monday, a senior cybersecurity engineer with the Redmond, Wash. company explained how Application Guard for Office worked and more importantly, walked customers through its operationm – something that existing documentation omitted when the public preview was launched late last month.[ Related: 10 productivity-boosting apps for Microsoft Teams ] "Microsoft Office will open files from potentially unsafe locations in Microsoft Defender Application Guard, a secure container, that is isolated from the device through hardware-based virtualization," John Barbare wrote in a post to a Microsoft blog. "When Microsoft Office opens files in Microsoft Defender Application Guard, a user can then securely read, edit, print, and save the files without having to re-open files outside of the container."To read this article in full, please click here
Windows Defender new feature raised concerns over possible security threat.
Oh, the irony: Attackers could abuse a Microsoft Defender feature to download malware directly from the web.
Despite extensive possibilities for app developers and users, Google has turned the Android operating system into a real fortress in recent years. Above all, Google Play Protect has a very large part in preventing malware, viruses, or phishing from having a chance. Now Microsoft is also penetrating this market and bringing the Defender, known from Windows to Android, which can now be tested in the corporate environment.
You say broker, I say trojan, let's call the whole thing off Those wondering when the Microsoft love-in with Citrix might end will be relieved to learn that Microsoft Defender decided yesterday that Citrix Broker and High Availability Services bore all the hallmarks of a trojan.…