MS Outlook is a free close to home email application accessible as an aspect of the Microsoft Office suite.It has unmistakable highlights including schedule, task supervisor, contact administrator, note-taking, diary, and web perusing.Yet, in the event that the worker is down or encountering an Outlook Server Connection Error, you won't be appropriate to play out any assignment like send or get messages on Outlook account.Subsequently, in the event that you are utilizing Outlook in Offline Mode, at that point it is enthusiastically prescribed to initially incapacitate it and afterward attempt to interface Outlook to the worker.Here are the approaches to do as such:Most importantly, you need to dispatch "MS Outlook" on your WindowsAt that point, explore to the "Send/Receive" segmentA short time later, on the upper right corner tap on the "Work Offline" catch to cripple it.When you play out these means, you can begin utilizing MS Outlook in Online mode.In the event that these stunt fizzles, at that point attempt another strategy.
In 2021, you'll be able to pay a flat price to get the Microsoft Office suite, instead of subscribing to Microsoft 365.
Microsoft will create at least one more Office suite, the company said this week during its annual Ignite conference.The next perpetual licensed Office will be released for both Windows and macOS in the second half of 2021, Microsoft said in a Tuesday post to a company blog.Office's perpetual version is the one that a company purchases once with an up-front payment, typically as part of a volume licensing deal, rather than "rented" by paying monthly subscription fees. A perpetual license payment provides the rights to run the application suite as long as one wants, even long after Microsoft stops serving security updates if the user is willing to take risks. It can be installed on just one PC or Mac, and so is tied to that device, not to its current user.To read this article in full, please click here
Microsoft Powerpoint is one of the most popular and commonly used Microsoft Office suite apps.It comes with a lot of advanced features that enable you to make your presentation more attractive and eye-catching.Anyone can use this powerful presentation tool on any of their devices with much ease.In your Powerpoint presentation, you can add animations, text designs, 3D pictures, and many more.But sometimes, you might want to remove the background from a picture in your presentation to make your audience focus more on the content.In the following article, we have mentioned the entire procedure to help you remove the image background in Powerpoint.
For a company that once painted Linux and open source as cancers, Microsoft has been doing a lot in the past years to embrace both. It’s not going to be an open source company, of course, and many still view its actions with suspicion but it’s hard to deny that open source (former) public enemy #1 is doing some things … Continue reading
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is here and ready for you to deploy for your business.It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 and is 100% cloud-based.That means you do not need any hardware or servers to get it up and running.It is simply accessible from any popular mobile device, desktop or tablet you may use in your organization.We have successfully completed several Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM module implementations in Dakota
Apple has introduced a selection of interesting improvements for iOS and Mac admins in the recently introduced iOS 14, including new APIs for mobile device management (MDM) and usability improvements.The easy (but good) stuff One of the better enhancements is the introduction of choice. iPhone and iPad users can now choose which web browser and/or email app they want to use. While Safari is highly secure (and more secure in the latest OS iterations), the real beauty of this improvement is in email, as enterprises built around use of Microsoft Office will now be able to standardize on use of Outlook on enterprise mobile devices. The process is pretty simple: Install the app you want to use and then set it as default in application Settings on the device.To read this article in full, please click here
Creative new email scams allow hackers to capitalize on this classic Microsoft Office flaw.
Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a single penny for a full Microsoft Office subscription; some fantastic free Microsoft Word Alternatives are available for Mac users.In this article, we will mention five free Microsoft Alternatives for Mac users:WPS Office Free WriterWPS Office functions the same as Microsoft Word so that it will be no brainer for new users.WPS Office offers free cloud storage at OneDrive equivalent to 1 GB.WPS Office provides free pre-installed templates that you can use to draft your documents.It supports multiple text formats, including the current version of Microsoft Word.One of the most exciting features of FocusWriter is that it fades everything in the background except your current paragraph or sentence.It also gives you alerts when you reach a specific word count.
Slack to Teams migration tool using Saketa migratorSaketa is Happy to announce the launch of the “Slack to Teams Migration” module as the major highlight of the new version release of Saketa Migrator.The Teams Migration tool of the Saketa Migrator Version 4.0 comes with added capabilities of Slack to Teams migration along with the pre-existing Teams to Teams migration as well as SharePoint to Teams MigrationSaketa Slack to Teams Migration ToolMicrosoft Teams’ contribution to the modern workplace is widely acclaimed as the one-stop solution for all collaboration woes.Slack on the other hand has been an industry leader among the collaboration tools for quite a long time and is also credited with being the first of its kind application that connected the organizational components in the most efficient ways possible.It gave way to organized communication by channels for group discussions as well as private messages for sharing confidential information, files, and others on a single platform.But with time, new alternatives emerge and so is the case with Slack which has a much more advanced and efficient competitor in the form of Microsoft Teams.And as a Slack user, if you are looking for a better collaboration experience, it’s time you should seriously consider going for a Slack to Teams migration.Why Migrate Slack to Teams?Slack has contributed to the collaborative growth of many organizations over the years and suddenly deciding to walk away from it might seem quite vague and scary.But keeping all these hesitations aside, modernization is one of the key aspects that re-imbibes new ways of innovation and productivity in any organization.There might be initial hesitations in investing in moving to an entirely new environment but we must put a light upon its two major positive aspects:Cost SavingSecure migrationMost enterprises have a Microsoft Office Suite license, thus making the most popular chat-based collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams available at no extra cost.cannot go for.What’s in Store for Saketa Migrator Version 4.0 usersThe new and better Saketa Migrator 4.0 aims at tackling all your Microsoft365 and Microsoft Teams migration worries without any complications.
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It is a great feature that helps to reduce eye strain and provides a more personalized look to the application.And now, coming to Microsoft Office, it is one of the biggest and the most popular software companies that have always satisfied its users by providing them with the best features within its every application.Nowadays, we all spend a lot of our time sitting in front of our device screens, and that affects our well-being badly.The following report will let you know how to do so.So, go through the complete article and help yourself in proceeding with the task.The Methods to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Office Suite AppsSometimes, it becomes difficult to work on the bright screen of our devices and especially at night.You can set a dark theme for any of the Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint.