When you browse the web to search for anything, various sites require user permissions.This way, the browser tries to enhance your browsing experience.And nowadays, almost all modern web browsers allow websites to access your location information.This can be handy because this way, it provides you with the best search results.But there are many people who don’t want to share their location with any websites.Read Official Blog Post - A Guide to Disabling Location Permission in Microsoft Edge
Everyone likes new updates and new fresh looks at everything.Even when a user is using any kind of device, they also expect something new and innovative.In the new Microsoft Edge, you can easily customize new things and now let’s explore what interesting things we can do.What’s newNow you can create a tab page as per your choice.A higher level of protection options is available.Amazing new themes to customization.Can modify the home page now.Make a Personalized Incredible Tab PageMost of the time you remember that in the internet browser lots of unwanted tabs, information, and ads show up.You will have so much space in this particular layout and in those spaces, you will find Microsoft news.There are still so many things in these layouts that a user can change from the screen.Things that you can change from the tab are:You can choose what kind of Content Visibility you want from Microsoft News from the informational layout.The Headings Only demonstrates only the news from Microsoft news on the layout.Through focused layout, you can watch Microsoft news on Content Visible on Scroll.In the Content off option, all Microsoft news can be removed.Personalize The Tab PageClick on + to activate a new tab page in Microsoft Edge.On the right upper side setting, wheel icon is showing, click on that.Scroll down from that and choose a layout from all three layouts of Microsoft Edge.You can choose the language from 20 languages as per your choice.If you want to change then select a default language by pulling down.For More Personalization In The Tab PageFirst, click on the + tab to activate the new tab.Select the setting wheel on the upper ride side of the tab.Tap on Custom after three layout choices.You can choose Show Quick Links on/off.The image of the day can be selected on/off.Select on the content pull-down to see how changes look like or start a new tab see changes.Internet Protection Is Now Much ImprovedIn Microsoft Edge, an advanced level of protection is given from getting safe to web trackers.
It comprises web tracking preclusion tools and the capability to clear browsing data easily.Go through the blog and follow the instructions to set up the privacy settings for Microsoft Edge.Set the Level of ProtectionIt provides the 3 stages of protection as it's about web trackers.They provide ads and web content customized for the advantage as you do so.It identifies the bad and good trackers in such a way that other browsers don't.Instead of taking the simple or no approach, the browser provides 3 levels of tracking prevention for the users to select.It suggests to the balanced approach where the browser blocks the harmful trackers and from the sites where you have been before.The extra security means that you will get less rough and personalized experience in comparison to the Simple options.How to Select the Level of ProtectionIf you want to select the level of Protection, then you can follow the provided steps:Select the Microsoft Edge from the active toolbox on the device.Tap on the Preferences option on the pull-down section.Choose the Privacy and Services option below Settings on the left side.Press on the level of protection, selecting from the Balanced, Basic or Strict.You can change privacy anytime.Removing Browsing DataLike any other browser comprising Apple Safari, you can remove the data that gets collected as you are browsing online with the Microsoft Edge.The information consists of download history, browse the history, cache files, images, and cookies.
Support For Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge Customer Service Number.Microsoft Edge is launched in 2015 by Microsoft itself.It was first launched in Windows 10.It is compatible with Windows 10, Xbox One, Android and IOS.This browser contains some cool features like Cortina and has an extension on Microsoft Store just like Apple Store.If Microsoft Edge is your preferred web browser and you use it frequently then you should note down our US Toll-free number to get renowned technical support by an expert technician for all types of Microsoft Edge errors and bugs.Microsoft Edge Customer Service
Fiddle with a URL and you can pop up and tell users to do anythingTechnical support scammers have new bait with the discovery that Microsoft's Edge browser can be abused to display native and legitimate-looking warning messages.The flaws exist in Microsoft's Edge protocols ms-appx: and ms-appx-web: which the browser uses to present warning messages when phishing or malware delivery sites are located.When Edge detects suspected Malicious sites it colours them red with a feature called "SmartScreen."Buenos Aires security tester Manuel Caballero says scammers can create warnings that replace SmartScreen text and phone numbers indicating that a nominated site also displayed in the address bar is infected."When we place a telephone-like number a link is automatically created so the user can call us with a single click - very convenient for these scammers," Caballero says.