MoreFILE - In this May 28, 2015, file photo, a Google employee gives a demonstration of Android Pay on a phone at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco.Consumers in the U.S. and U.K. will be able to add stores' loyalty programs to Android Pay to earn rewards.In addition, consumers will be able to use Android Pay when shopping on mobile Web browsers.Separately on Wednesday, a competing payments service from Samsung added loyalty programs.But Apple and Android Pay work only with stores that have newer wireless readers called NFC.Apple Pay is also in China, Canada, Australia and Singapore, with Hong Kong and Spain to come.
The company today not only extended its APIs, it also created new data feeds aimed at making it easier for developers to integrate payment processing into their apps.Spurring the updates is Google s desire to help people make purchases not only on mobile apps, but also on the mobile Web.The company has launched its PaymentRequest API, which simplifies the checkout process on the mobile Web and which was developed between the Android Pay and Chrome teams.Of course, Google isn t the only one thinking about the mobile Web frontier, as Apple has been rumored to be looking into this area, as well.When it comes to applications, Google has rolled out new features to improve the odds of your paying using Android Pay within apps.It has opened up its API so it can process payments for businesses in the physical goods and services space, added another payment processor to its growing cadre of partners — to increase its network — and integrated with Google s Android Instant Apps, which enables users to pay for goods and services with a single tap.One could think of Android Pay as a digital wallet, a place to store pertinent information, gift cards, loyalty cards, and other offers.This is done either in-store through an NFC tap or by signing up online during the payment transaction.The extension of Google s Android Pay APIs reflects the company s desire to reinforce a broad range of use-cases for its payment service.Google is billing the service as something that makes it easier to obtain goods and services without the hassles of complex forms which may not render well on mobile device and is promoting Android Pay as the new digital wallet.
With Instant Apps, clicking a link can give you an app-like experience even if you don't have the app installed already.MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Mobile websites are often more convenient than their desktop counterparts when you're on your phone, but they're also usually missing some important functionality that's available or just easier to find on the desktop.Apps can help solve the problem, but only if you have the foresight and/or bandwidth to install them when you need them.Developers can, however, can provide "call to action" links that encourage users to download and install apps that they find particularly useful.The effort required for developers to modularize their apps will vary, and there are some kinds of apps that won't work well with this model—games and anything that requires payment up-front, for example.B Photo Video, a prominent Manhattan electronics retailer, has worked with Google to demo Instant Apps, and it will be able to offer both Android Pay and fingerprint sign-in support whether users have actually downloaded their app or not.
Android Instant Apps is a game-changer for the mobile Web.Announced at Google I/O today, Instant Apps lets developers take advantage of modules that allow mobile Web users to use an application without actually installing it.The first example showed the user clicking a Buzzfeed Video link to view a recipe and being transported to the appropriate part of the application — all in a span of about two seconds.No app install took place and after a total of three clicks, and about 30 seconds, the demonstrator has purchased a new camera bag.Google expects to roll out Android Instant Apps by the end of the year.Read next: The internet thinks Google Home looks like an air freshener
Bhat argues that to do this, the company wants to offer amazing value to both users and the rest of the ecosystem, including merchants, banks and developers for in-app purchases .Thanks to this, you will soon be able to roll up to a Bank of America ATM, tap your phone and make a withdrawal which is good news in case you forgot your wallet at home but not your phone, I guess .According to Bhat, it only takes a few lines of code to enable Android Pay support with these partners.The company previously only worked with a select group of developers to test its Android Pay integrations think Uber, Yelp, Eat24 and Ticketmaster , but the service is now live for any developer who wants to integrate it into apps that sell physical goods and services only in markets where Android Pay is available, of course .As Bhat told me, the team worked with Walgreens, for example, to bring that company s Balance Rewards loyalty program to Android Pay users.All of these updates represent relatively small steps in making mobile payments more ubiquitous and convenient, but it s really the sum of all these small parts that will decide whether services like these will succeed in the end.
Simply put, it s a way to bring app experiences to the mobile web and provide access to deeper app functionality without a download.Without knowing much right now about the technology, Instant Apps appeared to me be a new manifestation or evolution of App Streaming, which most people haven t yet experienced.With Instant Apps, app content is rendered in a modular way; only parts of the app are made available.Upon completion of the desired task or content, the consumer can be given a prompt to download the full app.This then becomes another way for Android developers and publishers to get their apps in front of people without the front-end friction of downloads before content can be accessed.Google said it has tested the functionality with only handful of partners: BuzzFeed, B Photo, Medium, Hotel Tonight, Zumper and Disney.
Launched in April 2014 as a mobile in-app ad network and beefed up in August 2015 with some new ad formats and a new name, until now, TAP was mainly a way for brands to extend their on-Twitter campaigns outside of Twitter.It s also adding some pieces that recall an old-school desktop display ad network, such as the basic banners that have been shown to Internet Explorer users for years.Some advertisers in the US will be able to use TellApart — the automated ad-buying firm Twitter bought in April 2015 — to run their TAP ads across the desktop and mobile web.A born-and-raised Angeleno who graduated from New York University, he currently lives in Los Angeles.He has broken stories on Snapchat's ad plans, Hulu founding CEO Jason Kilar's attempt to take on YouTube and the assemblage of Amazon's ad-tech stack; analyzed YouTube's programming strategy, Facebook's ad-tech ambitions and ad blocking's rise; and documented digital video's biggest annual event VidCon, BuzzFeed's branded video production process and Snapchat Discover's ad load six months after launch.He has also developed tools to monitor brands' early adoption of live-streaming apps, compare Yahoo's and Google's search designs and examine the NFL's YouTube and Facebook video strategies.
The new newsletter hub, founder and CEO Jonathan Abrams told me, offers a rapid newsletter-building tool through which authors can select recommended content from your or your friends Nuzzel news feeds, plus they can add stories from other sources and some commentary.To build a subscription list, creators can import contacts from such sources as a Gmail or LinkedIn account, or from an Excel CSV file, after which invitations are sent out.In its announcement, Nuzzel pointed to a McKinsey & Company report that email newsletters receive as much as 40 times the engagement of Facebook posts or Twitter tweets.Some newsletters can grow large subscriber lists, like news summary theSkimm, with more than 1.5 million readers, or actress/author Lena Dunham and director/writer Jenni Konner s Lenny Letter, with 400,000.At launch, this network of newsletters won t actually offer any network effects, Abrams said, as those will be added when a critical mass of titles develops.The new hub is primarily intended as a tool for people to promote themselves, he said, such as influencers, business people or journalists.
DON T MISS: 5 Android N features you won t find on any iPhoneUsing it looks pretty simple — just select a Bank of America debit card in the Android Pay app, and tap your phone to the contactless symbol on the ATM.ATMs are constantly being targeted with near-undetectable card skimmers that copy your magnetic stripe and sometimes capture your PIN , letting thieves clone the card and make fake transactions.Contactless payment is much more secure, and there s no physical contact to skim.It s going to take a long time to roll out contactless payment to the tens of thousands of ATMs nationwide, but hopefully this particular future isn t too far away.Yesterday, Google announced that it s bringing Android Pay to mobile web browsers and apps, which should let you buy stuff on your phone much more conveniently and easily.Thanks to the sharing economy, living in five different cities in five years has never been more doable.
Today at Google I/O, a new Web Payments API was discussed at length which will help AndroidPay find its way to the mobile Web.The API stores payment information you commonly use, and can identify new payment info as you enter it on Websites.You can even check out with one touch if you ve got a modern Android phone with a fingerprint sensor.Of course, an API requires developer support.It ll take time to roll out widely, and may never reach the critical mass of Apple Pay unless Google gets bullish with companies to implement it.Read next: Backblaze's server failure report details best practices for building your own
Why Cupertino should take a hint from Google's latest updates to Android N and Android Wear.Google wrapped up its annual I/O keynote presentation on Wednesday after unveiling its version of FaceTime, its version of Apple Watch Complications, and its version of Siri on steroids.Android N is introducing Multi-Window support for all Android phones and tablets, meaning you can have two apps open at the same time.A subtle change, but one that would save us some time when cleaning out the app switcher.Android Wear 2.0 also lets you reply to your messages by using either a swipe-enabled keyboard or by good, old-fashioned handwriting.While the screen on the Apple Watch may be too small for a keyboard to be beneficial, we can definitely see the potential of being able to handwrite quick one-word messages and have the Watch translate them into text.
New developer APIs will make in-app and mobile web integration simpler.In-app: Android Pay is already integrated into a limited number of apps.That could further broaden the wallet s addressable audience, since mobile users tend to spend the majority of their commerce-related shopping time in browsers but complete purchases at a much lower rate than PC users due to friction associated with slower connections and small screens.Loyalty: Android Pay users can add loyalty and gift cards by selecting a deep link via an email, SMS message, or push notification.Google s expansion of Android Pay s use cases could help make Android Pay more competitive while accelerating adoption and pushing users to test the service.Mobile wallets have lagged in adoption because limited in-store and in-app acceptance has hindered habit formation among potential wallet users.But as loyalty programs are integrated and more consumers rely on their mobile wallets for other features like in-app payments, adoption and usage will surge over the next few years.Evan Bakker, research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on mobile payments that forecasts the growth of in-store mobile payments in the U.S., analyzes the performance of major mobile wallets like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, and addresses the barriers holding mobile payments back as well as the benefits that will propel adoption.Here are some key takeaways from the report:In our latest US in-store mobile payments forecast, we find that volume will reach $75 billion this year.Other potential add-ons, like in-app, in-browser, and P2P payments, will also start fueling adoption.
Airbnb will out-drive Uber.eMarketerAmerican ad blockers to hit 102 million by 2020.Folks fed up with display ads intruding on their content and sucking up their data time will triple in the next five years, says a study from, a paid ad-blocker aggregator that shares revenue with publishers.That amounts to $39 billion in display spend blocked.Currently, 12% of U.S. users are blocking—not yet as severe as Europe, where 20% blocking rates are common.Amobee tracked NBA talk across more than 600,000 mobile, web, and social sites last month and found the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers—two of only four teams left in the playoffs—leading in mentions.
Previously, MobileFuse co-founder and CEO Ken Harlan pointed out, his company allowed advertisers to buy space programmatically through its own platform, but it employed manually administered orders for selling inventory from its selected group of about 2,000 publishers, which include texting/calling app textPlus and media hosting site Photobucket.By moving its operations to the AppNexus platform, he said, his premium supply network can now expose ad supply on a programmatic basis.The only part of MobileFuse that is not moving to AppNexus, he said, is his company s Moments condition-based targeting.The new setup, he said, also offers the ability for advertisers to more readily layer data sources for targeting, like Oracle s BlueKai.He noted that the new arrangement also provides more mobile ad exposure for the AppNexus platform, whose strength has traditionally been in desktop.MobileFuse says it serves about 100 million unique users monthly, with about 80 percent in-app and the rest on mobile web.
Sonos Alternative 2016Sonos makes fantastic products but plainly put, they re not for everyone.Some people are seeking out a different look or different features, but it can be difficult to weed through all the junk out there and find high-quality wireless speakers.This week only, Amazon has knocked $50 off the price of the Raumfeld One S Wireless Streaming Speaker in either black or white.Here are some key details:2-way coaxial system plus passive bass radiators driven by 50 watt bi-amping technology produce incredible clarity and powerA humidity resistant design & handy preset buttons make the One S ideal for bathroom and kitchen environmentsEnjoy top streaming services, internet radio and your own music collection with wide-ranging file compatibility e.g.FLAC, AAC, MP3 via the intuitive Raumfeld appRaumfeld One S Wireless Streaming Speaker: $199.00 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the webMobility has changed considerably over the years, yet carriers haven't.Why hasn't the prominence of the mobile web brought with it unlimited data?
The search giant updated its ads for Google Maps to help businesses drive traffic in a smartphone-dominated world.The changes to the ad experience in Google Maps will be subtle, with advertisers showing up as promoted pins on the map.Walgreens, for example, can have its logo show up while you're exploring an area or driving in navigation mode.Businesses who pay for ads will also get better placement within local search results.Google text ads will now allow two 30-character headlines, a longer 80-character description and a customizable URL path.Early tests performed by Google showed the new ads increased clickthrough rates of ads by up to 20%, so it seems the company and businesses should benefit from this new approach.
PayPal has opted to no longer support Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, and BlackBerry devices, saying that it will discontinue support for these platforms starting June 30.The company explained that while a difficult decision, it s the right thing to ensure we are investing our resources in creating the very best experiences for our customers.All is not lost though, as PayPal offered alternative ways customers using these devices can still use the payment processing service.Instead of having a native app, customers can access PayPal through the mobile web.Those using either BBM or can leverage the PayPal functionality to send money to friends.News of this change accompanied a blog post which encourages customers to update their PayPal mobile app before June 30 to version 6.0, which was released in February and places an emphasis on peer-to-peer payments.Although PayPal spins the move as giving its customers access to the new bells and whistles that accompany the redesign, it could also be viewed as a way for the company to encourage more usage.Total payments that it processed grew 28.6 percent to $81.06 billion.
Whole Foods Market s Gabrielle Rosi decried the way modern life has eliminated the places and rituals that bring communities together.If it s not a new platform that will make buying on smartphones easier, then it will be new, or wider, deployment of existing products — such as mobile wallets and similar payment systems.If we see Apple Pay actually become part of the mobile web, instead of just mobile applications, if we see higher adoption of other wallet-type technologies, PayPal included, certainly in that, too, that can actually accelerate and drive that order share higher on phone.Bonobos founder Andy Dunn made the latter point in a morning presentation with Re/code s Jason Del Ray.Mike Cassidy is BloomReach s storyteller.Follow him on Twitter at @mikecassidy.
Remember Twitter s Buy buttons?Twitter is said to have moved most of the staff working on Buy to either its customer service or dynamic ads teams.A source on Twitter s commerce team told BuzzFeed that our resistance to make purchases in apps is to blame:People are not buying on social media right now.There s still an active Buy Now card at Twitter, but no one s putting any work into it.Further, the move is CEO Jack Dorsey s way of focussing Twitter on the experience, not dispersing its efforts across multiple channels; the Buy button simply doesn t fit his new five-point plan narrative.Read next: No need for Imgur: Reddit now lets you upload pics and GIFs natively
Best WiFi Router 2016Remember back when Wi-Fi routers we re boring little blue boxes with a bunch of antennas sticking out that had to be restarted four times a week?There are a number of startups focused on changing the way we connect to the web, and Starry Inc. is somewhere near the top of the list.But controls aren t the star of the show here.Here are some key features:Total ease and control through 3.8″ touchscreen displaySet network-level parental controls with one tapGet help: Request a call directly from the touchscreen or message via the appThe Starry Station Wi-Fi Router costs $349.99 with free Prime shipping on Amazon, and you can learn more about it right here.Mobility has changed considerably over the years, yet carriers haven't.Why hasn't the prominence of the mobile web brought with it unlimited data?