See an unfinished part of a Rick and Morty season 5 episode in this first reveal of what's to come in the animated series' next set of episodes.
Fans watching the Adult Swim Con got to see the first rough footage of Rick and Morty in trouble in the upcoming season 5.
The totally out of the box series of Rick and Morty has been on the radar of everyone as it crossed those lines and boundaries that were never done before.Releasing the first episode in 2013, it’s been over seven years, and it still stays relevant.It is a huge success story for Netflix as it has yet again decided to revive the show for another season after the recent end of the fourth season.With only 40 episodes released to date, “Rick and Morty” has received a tremendous amount of fame.Source By : was created by Justin Rolland for Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block.The series follows cynical mad scientist Rick Sanchez along with his good-hearted but fretful grandson Morty Smith who embark on inter-dimensional adventures together.That has amazingly traversed gaps among ages, and each age social affair can value this glad group that occurs on Netflix.
Rick and Morty fans have been waiting nearly two years for the arrival of the show’s fourth season and, unfortunately, there are more months of waiting ahead of us.Despite that, we’ve finally received a look at Season 4 via a clip recently published by Adult Swim after it first premiered at San Diego Comic Con.The clip, which is simply titled ‘Glootie,’ is 50 seconds long and features the three character Morty, his father Jerry, and an alien played by Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok.As we see in the clip, this alien has developed an app that Jerry and Morty want removed, but the alien is proving less than cooperative.The clip starts in the middle of a scene and ends the same way less than a minute later; in the absence of a proper season 4 trailer, however, it’s the most exciting content fans have received since season 3 wrapped up in October 2017.Presumably we’ll see a proper trail arrive in coming weeks ahead of the anticipated November season 4 release.
The show is finally coming back!Adult Swim’s hit series Rick and Morty will return for a fourth season in November 2019.The official announcement was made during the WarnerMedia presentation held May 15.The season premiere news is the first update we’ve had on Rick and Morty since the show received a massive, 70-episode order from the network almost exactly one year ago.At the time, series co-creator Justin Roiland announced the news on Twitter with a drawing of the show’s titular, sociopathic scientist and his grandson.Looking forward to all the tweets asking where it is!