Talk about hindsight. Drawing eyes on cattle backsides appears to prevent attacks from ambush predators.
There's no silver bullet, but "eye-cow" technique is one available tool for farmers.
Images: Ben Yexly/University of New South WalesA conservation biologist has come up with a novel method for protecting cattle from being hunted by African lions: paint eyes on their butts.The lions will think their intended prey has seen them and will move on, since they ve lost the element of surprise.This bit of psychological trickery has been dubbed iCow by the man who came up with the idea—Neil Jordan of the University of New South Wales in Australia.It s actually not as nutty as it sounds.The eye-like patterns on butterfly wings are known to ward off preying birds and, according to Jordan, woodcutters in Indian forests actually wear masks on the backs of their heads when working to discourage hungry tigers.