Sky this morning announced that it's rebranding its Movies offering as Sky Cinema.The service, which is now 27-years-old, will undergo some major changes this summer, with the company's head of content Gary Davey promising a brand new look, a fresh approach and additional functionality.Sky Cinema will have a brand new movie premiere every day, and the company also says it's increasing the size of its on-demand library.There'll be a new World Cinema strand too, to keep the most discerning viewers happy, and there'll be a regular stream of events and pop-up channels, built around things like Harry Potter, Star Wars and superheroes.HD will be included at no extra cost, and there'll be a bunch of new features that should enable you to find the content you want speedily.No dates yet, sadly.
Sky this morning announced that it's rebranding its Movies offering as Sky Cinema.The service, which is now 27-years-old, will undergo some major changes this summer, with the company's head of content Gary Davey promising a brand new look, a fresh approach and additional functionality.Sky Cinema will have a brand new movie premiere every day, and the company also says it's increasing the size of its on-demand library.There'll be a new World Cinema strand too, to keep the most discerning viewers happy, and there'll be a regular stream of events and pop-up channels, built around things like Harry Potter, Star Wars and superheroes.The new-look service will launch on July 8th with the premiere of Spectre.Updating...
Jerry Seinfeld just released the trailer for season 8 of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,' his internet talk show.It's available on Crackle, and will premiere Thursday, June 16.Guests for the upcoming six episodes  will include "Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver, Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels, director and screenwriter Judd Apatow, and comedians Margaret Cho, Jim Gaffigan, and J.B. Smoove.And the cars: a Mercedes 300SL gullwing, Pontiac Firebird, Volkswagen Camper, Triumph TR3, Studebaker Avanti, and a Mazda Cosmo.Seinfeld is a noted car enthusiast and collector of Porsches.He claims to pick cars that match the personality of his guests, and so far his choices have been on point.Here's a look at some of the best so far.View As: One PageSlides
Microsoft will be the premiere sponsor of Devcon2, the Ethereum developer conference in Shanghai running from 19-21 September,the Ethereum Foundation has announced.Devcon2, which will showcase the most up-to-date research and development work supported by the Foundation, also represents the most comprehensive Ethereum-focused developer's conference to date.The Ethereum Foundation's chief scientist, Vitalik Buterin, said: "We are very happy to have Microsoft's sponsorship for Devcon2 and highly appreciate their continued support and collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation and the Ethereum ecosystem.Microsoft, an early leader with its Blockchain as a Service BaaS , provides an open, hyperscale cloud platform and an expanding ecosystem of blockchain technologies for businesses, consortiums and governments who are looking to adopt the technology, said a blog post."We're thrilled to support the Ethereum Foundation's Devcon2, which will bring together pioneers in blockchain from all over the world," said Marley Gray, director of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Business Development, Microsoft.The weeklong, single venue format functions to provide both the development-focused Devcon2 and the business and industry focused Global Summit events in one week to facilitate greater interaction and cross-pollination between people involved in different areas or aspects of blockchain tech.
This group of adult Voltron superfans is the subject of a short Netflix video that was released Tuesday, just days after the premiere of the streamer s new series Voltron: Legendary Defender.Each shares their love for the franchise, including how it has impacted them personally.He apparently uses the show to make tough decisions, frequently asking himself, What would the Legendary Defender do?Now, they re thinking about having children, and they plan to use the name Voltron — or so they quip in the video.The trio certainly are not the only adult cartoon fans out there.With so many adult animated series viewers out there, Netflix should find an eager audience for Voltron: Legendary Defender.
Netflix has been open about its plans to trample long-held movie industry practices, making it known that it'd like to premiere a movie for streaming the same day it hits theaters, among other things.These intentions have resulted in swift backlash from theaters, but that hasn't really stopped the company.According to Deadline, Netflix nabbed the global rights for The Discovery, a planned movie that will star Jason Segal, Robert Redford, and Rooney Mara, among others.According to the report, the show will have its premiere on Netflix as part of its streaming library, and will also be making a domestic theatrical run in the U.S. some time next year.The movie itself will be science fiction and is already listed on IMDB, with that description saying it is, A love story after the existence of the afterlife is scientifically verified.According to Deadline, the movie will be set two years after this discovery is made during a time when people are committing suicide in massive numbers to get a second chance.
The video service will make Narcos season 2 available on September 2 of this year, kickstarting what seems poised to be another Netflix original hit.The premiere announcement comes just a few days before the company's launch of Orange is the New Black season 4 it arrives this upcoming Friday .Narcos is a Netflix original series that focuses on the Medellín drug cartel and, specifically, Pablo Escobar and the DEA s effort to take him down.The first season enjoyed high ratings among viewers and not-quite-as-high-but-still-great ratings among critics, currently sitting at 8.9 out of 10 on IMDB.The second season will arriving only a couple weeks past the one-year mark since the show's premiere.Escobar is played by Brazilian actor Wagner Moura, and contrasting him is Boyd Holbrook as DEA agent Steve Murphy and DEA agent Javier Pena played by Pedro Pascal.
Netflix is bringing its members back to Colombia for more Narcos just a day shy of the one-year anniversary of the crime drama series season 2 renewal.The streamer announced today that new episodes of Narcos will be available come September 2.Season 1 premiered on August 28, and Netflix almost immediately showed its enthusiasm for the show; Narcos was renewed for season 2 within a week of its debut.The gritty series centers on the life of the late Pablo Escobar, a drug kingpin who rose to notoriety as his cocaine smuggling operation achieved unprecedented success in the 80s and 90s.Season 1 delved deeply into the dangerous criminal operation, including the drug lord s brutal behavior and brushes with the law.The upcoming season will pick up with Escobar eluding authorities and offer still more real-life drama.
Showtime has a treat for subscribers and nonsubscribers alike: The debut episode of the premium network s newest comedy series, Roadies, is now available, arriving ahead of its June 26 premiere.Additional platforms include various on-demand services, iTunes as a free video podcast , Showtime on Demand, Showtime Anytime the network s standalone streamer , Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Sony PlayStation Vue.The series, which comes from creator Cameron Crowe Jerry McGuire, Almost Famous , centers on a group of roadies who work for the fictional Staton-House Band.Naturally, though, the premium network is offering bait, looking to hook people who have not yet subscribed to any of its platforms.The first season will be 10 episodes long, with Crowe having directed the first six.He also wrote the pilot and executive produces.
In almost all sports game, the entirety of the game is naturally focused on the game itself.That is exactly the focus of the new "The Journey" game mode that EA Sports added to FIFA 17 that details the life of fictional football player and Premiere League hopeful Alex Hunter, allowing players to shape his life and his career both on and off pitch.Experience the feels, the stress, and the social interactions both on pitch, in the locker rooms, and the world at large.But unlike simply watching a movie, players get to make the decisions that will shape Alex Hunter's life and get to experience for themselve what makes or breaks a professional footballer.Of course, that's not the only feature arriving with FIFA 17.FIFA 17 launches on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the PC on September 27 for North America and September 29 for the rest of the world.
A Netflix original series called Stranger Things will be launching next month, and ahead of that season 1 premiere is an official trailer.In it we see a show that appears to set in 1980s America or Canada, maybe , with a seemingly ordinary family being the focus.The family s son is out late riding his bike one night when he ventures into the woods and sees….something.According to Netflix, Stranger Things is a love letter to the supernatural classics of the 80 s," and the trailer certainly drives that statement home.The boy named Will, it seems is seen running in a panic after spotting something in the woods.This leads to some passionate pleas to the local police who, at first, take the disappearance as likely being no big deal.
The trade stopped before it has even begun. We recently wrote about the traditional auction site Lauritz listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange at a value of around SEK 800 million. The trade would have started today, Thursday, but now it turns out that it has been postponed until June 17. It is clear from a press release from the Nasdaq Nordic. The listing is conditional on the auction site can obtain the necessary approvals from the Danish FSA and can meet the liquidity requirements for the share.
Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Live StreamWe re still a few days away from the first E3 2016 press conferences, but Ubisoft decided to get a head start with a world premiere live stream for Watch Dogs 2 on Wednesday.Thanks to a leaked advertisement, we already know that the open world sequel will take place in San Francisco and will launch this November, but there s still plenty for Ubisoft to reveal on the stream today.SEE ALSO: Watch Dogs 2 release date, setting confirmed in leaked advertisementTwo years ago, we asked the following question: Does Watch Dogs live up to the massive hype?When we saw our first glimpse of Watch Dogs at E3 2012, the game looked like nothing we d ever seen before.By the time it actually launched on consoles and PC in 2014, Ubisoft had scaled down the graphics dramatically.Of course, Watch Dogs 2 isn t the only game that Ubisoft will be featuring at E3 2016.
In a world full of greed, betrayal and sexual intrigue and rivalry based Marco Polo at the famous expedition's adventures in Kublai Khan in 1300s China. We were not significantly impressed by the first season, so the expectations are not directly turned up to the max for the second. John Fusco Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is executive producer and showrunner along with Dan Minahan, who previously worked with the famous series like Homeland and Game of Thrones. Patrick MacManus, Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein and Elizabeth Sarnoff is also executive producers. Lorenzo Richelmy play Marco Polo Photo: Netflix In the ten sections, we meet old and new characters: Lorenzo Richelmy Marco Polo, Michelle Yeoh the Handmaiden, Benedict Wong Kublai Khan, Joan Chen Empress Chabi, Zhu Zhu Kokachin, Tom Wu Hundred Eyes, Olivia Cheng Mei Lin, Claudia Kim Khutulun, Rick Yune Kaidu, Remy Hii Prince Jingim, Mahesh Jadu Ahmad and Uli Latukefu Byamba, among others. Season 2 every episode will premiere on Netflix on 1 July.
Comedians In CarsCrackle recently announced that the eighth season of Jerry Seinfeld s popular web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee will kick off on June 16th.To help build anticipation, Crackle — an online distributor owned by Sony — yesterday released a trailer showcasing what we can look forward to once the series resumes in just little over a week.Per usual, the lineup of guests Seinfeld managed to wrangle up are some of the biggest names in entertainment today.The list includes Margaret Cho, famed SNL creator Lore Michaels, Judd Apatow, John Oliver of HBO s Last Week Tonight, JB Smoove of Curb your Enthusiasm fame and stand-up comic Jim Gaffigan.DON T MISS: Brand new images show us how hot the iPhone 7 will actually beThe full trailer can be seen below.Naturally, the entire process is filmed and, not surprisingly, there are always more than a few laughs to go around.
Sure, you d think she s dress as Supergirl for the occasion, but I guess Supergirl s cape would ve been a hazard while running an obstacle course like this.That said, her choice of DC superhero does not get in the way of Jessie Graff absolutely destroying this obstacle course like it was a walk in a National City park.Graff, whose career as a stuntwoman includes Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, Transformers, Iron Man 2, and many more, became the first woman to best American Ninja Warrior s new obstacle course during the recent season eight premiere—impressive enough, considering her previous track record on the show included her being the woman who made it the farthest in the competition in the previous season.But this was made doubly impressive by the fact that she completely nailed this challenge while also dressed as Wonder Woman to boot.Who knows, now that she s progressed to the next stage of the competition, Graff might swap the Wonder Woman cosplay for something Supergirl-themed she should still probably skip the cape, though .Either way, it s pretty badass to see her bringing these superheroes to life while performing her own phenomenal feats of strength and skill.
The company has also released a short teaser that suggests phone-based hacking will continue to play a significant role in the sequel.The Watch Dogs 2 clip isn t giving much away, but it appears to confirm that the first game s protagonist, Aiden Pearce, has been replaced or relegated to a supporting role.The ability to control traffic lights, bridges, and other parts of the city with your smartphone will doubtlessly return, along with a slew of new features.You can watch The Watch Dogs 2 world premiere tomorrow 9 AM PT at ll learn more about the game at Ubisoft s E3 conference, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, June 13, starting at 1 pm PT , following a 30-minute pre-show.It also revealed that the game will be released on Tuesday 15 November.
The video description notes that the official world premiere for the game will take place this Wednesday – June 8 – at 6pm CEST, that s 5pm BST.After Watch Dogs 2 was outed by a Tweet posting some of the game s merch, Ubisoft confirmed the game s existence and that it will be on show during the Ubisoft press conference at E3 2016.The teaser trailer shows a mysterious figure using his smartphone to hack into a screen in front of him.What exactly is being done on the phone, we have no idea, but it s impressive he s able to use a touchscreen so skilfully without even looking at it.Watch Dogs 2 will join South Park: The Fractured But Whole, For Honor and plenty other titles on the Ubisoft stage next week.What are your most anticipated games for E3?
The movie Pacific Rim 2, which at one point had seemed doomed, will be happening and John Boyega of Star Wars fame will have the lead role.Pacific Rim world creator Guillermo del Toro praised Boyega, saying, The Pacific Rim universe will be reinforced with him as a leading man … The World saving the world was our goal and I couldn t think of a better man for the job."The second Pacific Rim movie has been in the pipeline for a while — it was all the way back in 2013 that word surfaced about a written sequel, and some time later the project was given the go-ahead.The movie was set to arrive in theaters in April 2017, but in September 2015 a report surfaced claiming that a rift between Universal Pictures and Legendary Entertainment ultimately resulted in Pacific Rim 2 being halted indefinitely.It isn't clear whether the movie will still be released in April 2017, though if reports that production will start in Q4 of this year, it seems unlikely we'll see it premiere so early next year.Regardless, Boyega will be the central character when the movie does finally hit theater, and we ll also be seeing him sooner, as well in the movie The Circle.
Among those voice actors is Rhys Darby, the talented stage and screen actor known for his portrayal of band manager Murray Hewitt on HBO s Flight of the Conchords and unassuming werewolf pack leader Anton in the critically acclaimed vampire mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows.Digital Trends spoke to Darby about the upcoming premiere of Voltron Legendary Defender, as well as his experience filming The X-Files, the sequel to What We Do In The Shadows, and his new film Hunt For The Wilderpeople, which arrives in the U.S. theaters later this month.But I watched four or five episodes to get the gist of the show and see how my character comes in.It s for the better, modernizing the whole thing.Taika recently talked about a potential sequel for What We Do In The Shadows that would focus on your character and his werewolf pack.… We d want to wait for Taika, because even though Jemaine co-directed What We Do In The Shadows , we need to get the whole gang together, as you say.