Norman Reedus continues to hype up The Walking Dead s return.The Star Trek TV show adds a franchise veteran to its writing team.Also, we now live in a world where there are competing storm heist movies.The Walking DeadNorman Reedus promises that the show s seventh season premiere is worth the controversial wait, saying the cast take character deaths as poorly as the fans do:I will definitely 100 percent say that it s well worth the wait.It s only 20 years since we made the pilot.SupergirlFinally, Melissa Benoist teases what s to come in the show s second season.
After an unsurprisingly short pre-launch "blind sale" promo, the Chinese startup is now announcing a post-launch event that will take place in select places all over the world.Initially, its smartphones were mainly sold online and required invites.Although OnePlus still isn't setting up permanent brick and mortar stores, these pop-up events would be the next best thing, at least for those who prefer to do transactions in person.Here's the schedule for those seven cities:• New York - June 15, 7 - 10 pm, 134 Prince St.• Paris - June 15, 11 am, 213 Rue Saint Honoré• London - June 15, 7 - 10 pm, 53 Brushfield St.• Berlin - June 15, 7 - 10 pm, Linienstraße 40• Mumbai - TBA• New Delhi - TBA• Bangalore - TBAMore than just experiencing the OnePlus 3 first hand, these pop-up stores will allow anyone to buy the smartphone right then and there.For the rest of us, the OnePlus 3 will be launched in virtual reality in the company's shiny new "The Loop" VR showroom and store.As for the smartphone itself, the OnePlus 3 has been consistently leaked to have a Snapdragon 820, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, 32 to 128 GB of storage, and a 5.5-inch Full HD screen.
the Angry Birds Movie will still remain the United states considers films at the forefront, even though the movie's been on for three weeks.Box Office Mojo site prior calculations, that collected from Friday to Sunday a total of about 9.8 million dollars at the box office.Animation has been acknowledged by three weeks during U.S. theaters a total of 86.7 million dollars in sales.the Rest of the world with the latest weekend sales figures is not yet available, but the may 29. date Angry Birds was collected from outside the U.s. 196,8 million dollars, so the total balance has increased certainty 283,5 million dollars and a high probability figure will rise to well over 300 million, when the latest weekend sales figures will survive.for the Bronze was the premiere of the film We Before You 18,3 million dollars and nelossija less than before the Angry Birds two weeks distribution have been Alice Through the Looking Glass of 10.7 million dollars.Angry Birds is hanging in there well look at films on the list.
Almost every creative job requires at least one Adobe program–after all, designers know too well the importance of Photoshop in their daily work.Here s your chance to enter the Complete Adobe Creative Cloud Giveaway to nab 5 years of access to the entire suite of Adobe products you heard right .Here s what s included:PhotoshopIllustratorInDesignAcrobat Pro DCAdobe MuseDreamweaverAnimatePremiere ProAfter EffectsAuditionInCopy…and moreBut, it doesn t stop there–you ll also receive:A custom portfolioTypekit fonts20 GB of cloud storageFor your chance to win, simply click the Sign Up to Enter button on the giveaway page, and be sure to share the giveaway page with friends to earn additional entries.
Indie studio Zeboyd Games announced that its Super NES-style RPG Cosmic Star Heroine will premiere for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this summer.Fans will soon be able to pre-order a limited edition physical version from niche publisher Limited Run Games.Soon after the game begins, Alyssa is branded as a spy, forcing her to flee from her employers and team up with fellow outcasts on a quest to discover the truth behind a dark government conspiracy.Gameplay in Cosmic Star Heroine unfolds much in the style of a 16-bit RPG, and its turn-based battle system features multicharacter combo techniques similar to those found in Square Enix s landmark Super NES game Chrono Trigger.Though Cosmic Star Heroine is built on a foundation of 16-bit nostalgia, Zeboyd has taken steps to eliminate much of the tedium associated with decades-old RPGs.The studio parodied RPG tropes in 2010 s Breath of Death 7 before refining its retro-style approach with the popular follow-up Cthulhu Saves the World.
The company claims it has found some scenes from the show on the pornographic video-sharing website.In addition to that, some videos are said to contain parodies of porn stars pretending to be characters from the Game of Thrones such as Cersei Lannister and Lord Varys.As per data shared by Pornhub, in April the Game of Thrones remained a popular search on the site for having various porn parodies.Throughout the month of April, the search related to the series was slightly above average, but the searches shot up just in the days before the premiere, accounting for 370% on 24 April.Among characters, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen the Queen of Dragons was the top search.The site also said other TV series searched before the Game of Thrones were The Walking Dead and True Blood.
View photosMoreFILE PHOTO: Sumner Redstone, executive chairman of CBS Corp. and Viacom, arrives at the premiere of 'The Guilt Trip' in Los Angeles December 11, 2012.REUTERS/Fred Prouser/File Photo Reuters - Sumner Redstone's spokesman said the 93-year-old is mentally capable of removing Viacom Inc Chief Executive Philippe Dauman and board member George Abrams from the Redstone National Amusements Trust, citing a report by the media mogul's psychiatrist.James Spar, who examined Redstone, said he had only a "mild degree" of age-related cognitive impairment, and that he had the "legal mental capacity" to remove Dauman and Abrams from the trust, in a report sent to Reuters by Redstone's spokesman on Thursday.Redstone last month removed both Dauman and Viacom board member George Abrams from the trust that will determine the future of Viacom and CBS Corp after controlling shareholder Redstone dies or is declared mentally incapacitated.Redstone had also asked a Los Angeles Court for an order validating the removal of Dauman and Abrams from his trust and from the board of his privately held National Amusements Inc.Reporting by Parikshit Mishra in Bengaluru; Editing by Bill Rigby
FX Networks has put its support behind the upcoming X-Men spinoff series Legion with a full-season order that will have the show begin filming later this year.The vote of confidence in the project was accompanied by the first, official photo from the show.Executive produced by Fargo television series creator Noah Hawley, Legion isn t expected to connect with the X-Men movie universe despite the comic-book roots of Stevens character, the title of the show, and certain elements of its premise.In the Marvel Comics universe, Haller was the son of telepathic X-Men team leader Charles Xavier, and was plagued by a dissociative identity disorder that gave each of his various personas control of one of his mutant abilities.Marvel Television is thrilled to not only have our first partnership with FX go to series, but working with the enormously talented Noah Hawley makes it even better, said Marvel TV s Jeph Loeb, who also serves as an executive producer on the series, in a statement accompanying the announcement.Legion is expected to begin filming this summer in Vancouver and to premiere on FX in early 2017.
HBO's war on online piracy includes a porn site.According to British newspaper The Sun, HBO's legal department has issued requests for pornography video platform Pornhub to take down any scenes from the hit fantasy drama.An HBO spokesperson told Business Insider, "HBO is aware of the issue and is in the process of getting material taken down from Pornhub."Demand for "Thrones"-related videos on the site, including explicit scenes from the show and pornographic parodies, has been growing.Pornhub reports that in the days surrounding the season-six premiere on April 24, "Game of Thrones"-related searches went up 370% compared to their average search levels.Meanwhile, Pornhub has seen a drop in traffic during "Game of Thrones" episode airings.Its overall site traffic over 60 million daily visitors, according to Pornhub  went down 4% during the sixth-season premiere.And the traffic continues to fall, with a 5% traffic decrease during the current season's fourth episode.The top five most-searched characters on Pornhub, in order of ranking, are Daenerys Emilia Clarke , Margaery Natalie Dormer , Shae Sibel Kekilli , and Cersei Lena Headey .As for men, Pornhub reported that "there were too few searches for male performers to rank in comparison to females, 'Jon Snow' did come close."Pornhub didn't immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.NOW WATCH: 4 things you might have missed on this week s 'Game of Thrones'Loading video...
Image Source: HBOHBO s Game of Thrones holds the dubious crown of being the most pirated show on TV.Game of Thrones is big business for Pornhub: the site released data showing that in the days before the season six premiere, traffic was up 370% over average.So, on the surface, it s understandable why HBO would want its clips removed from the site: it owns the copyright to those scenes, and in theory, being able to obtain them for free costs HBO money, in the form of revenue it s missing out on.There s a good chance that people are watching Game of Thrones clips on Pornhub, becoming hooked on the non-sex parts of the show, and then becoming HBO subscribers so they can watch full episodes.In that case, having clips available on Pornhub is a shrewd business move.Of course, there s another option: some viewers who used to watch full episodes solely for the sex scenes are instead opting to only watch those sex scenes on Pornhub, and costing HBO viewers.
Image Source: LucasfilmA troubling report this week from the New York Post s Page Six indicated that the spinoff film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would have to undergo reshoots after it received a poor reception from test audiences.READ MORE: We finally know when the Han Solo Star Wars spinoff movie will premiereSources speaking to our sister site Deadline corroborated the report regarding the reshoots, but say that Disney never screened either Rogue One or The Force Awakens in front of a test audience which makes a great deal of sense considering how secretive Disney is about the franchise .Sources also say that the intent of the reshoots will be to lighten the mood, bring some levity into the story and restore a sense of fun to the adventure.This takes place just before A New Hope and leads up to the 10 minutes before that classic film begins.You have to match the tone!The new round of shooting should take place later this month, but according to Deadline, it won t affect Rogue One s scheduled December 16th release date.
Image Source: LucasfilmThe standalone Han Solo movie, a Star Wars spinoff we know is in the making, finally has a release date.The good news, of course, is that he will return in Episode VIII next year.Kasdan wrote the first two episodes of the original Star Wars trilogy and co-wrote Episode VII.Who better to talk about Han Solo than one of the writers who helped Harrison Ford shine in that role?According to him, the Han Solo flick will start filming next January in London.My son Jon and I wrote the script and Chris and Phil are working on it, and they re about to move to London to start shooting in January.
Image: john snyder/disney interactive mediaMichael Hundgen leads the morning pitch meeting at Disney Interactive Media."The Alice Through the Looking Glass premiere is on Monday and we are planning a Facebook Live," said one employee.The ultimate goal of the Disney Interactive Media team is to get all things Disney — everything from the new Alice Through the Looking Glass to a new Disney product — to resonate on the Internet.The Culver City-based company has a network of about 55,000 independent creators in the digital space who collectively draw in 10 billion views per month.DI Media is lucky in that it can utilize Disney IP, which many in the digital space can't do because of licensing and copyright issues."Not a lot of people thought Disney could have an editorial presence," Mark Walker, SVP & GM of Disney Interactive Media, told Mashable.
Mike Mignola talks about the chances of a third Hellboy.Plus the Star Trek show gets an intriguing new writer, and Melissa Benoist talks Supergirl romances.A lot of people who are Warcraft fans continue to wonder, If Garona Paul Patton is half-orc, how can she be half-human?Dirk GentlyThe show will premiere on BBC America on October 22.The Shield, even Seinfeld.Shawna Trpcic , our costume designer, is Joss Whedon s costume designers.
There are times when being a TV fan involves agonizing over whether or not your favorite show will be renewed, but for Outlander die-hards, that won t be the case anytime soon.Starz CEO Chris Albrecht announced today that the premium network has ordered Book Three and Book Four, emphasizing that the renewal serves as assurance that the popular show will run for several more years.As the show continues, Book Three will be based on Voyager, the third of Diana Gabaldron s eight-book hit series, while Book Four will be based on the fourth, Drums of Autumn.The series has built a strong fan base since its August 2014 premiere, and its popularity is only growing.Not only did its premiere set a Starz record for an original series/season premiere, the second season has made the show one of the highest rated across all of cable over the first seven episodes.The series earned three 2016 Golden Globe nods including Best Drama Series and was even named the Most Bingeworthy Show of 2016 at the Critics Choice Awards.
The M3 has turned 30 and to celebrate the milestone BMW has presented the 30 Jahre Edition based on the current model.The automaker did the same when its M5 turned 30 two years ago.The M3 30 Jahre Edition comes in the exclusive color Macao Blue metallic, which once celebrated its premiere in BMW s color range as a special option for the original E30 M3.A similar theme can be adopted in the interior where the designers have also added special detailing on areas such as the door sills, headrests and instrument cluster.A numbered plaque indicating the individual model in the series is also featured on a carbon fiber strip on the dash.All M3 30 Jahre Editions also get the M3 s Competition Package as standard.This ups the power to 444 horsepower from the standard 425 hp and adds a few handling mods.The original M3 was born out of racing and largely unmatched when it came to its driving qualities, performance and, dare we say it, desirability.Many of those same qualities ring true for the current F80 M3, and while the car now also caters to the luxury buyer and is faced with tough competition from the likes of Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz, it's still considered the benchmark in its segment and we bet the same will be true for many generations to come.BMW will build just 500 M3 30 Jahre Editions in total.The automaker is yet to announce how many will be made available to buyers in the United States.NOW WATCH: 9 animated maps that will change the way you see the worldLoading video...
The premiere of Paul Feig s Ghostbusters reboot is still a month and a half away, but one person who has already received a look at the film — original Ghostbusters co-writer and star and reboot producer Dan Aykroyd — showered it with praise.Aykroyd, who has been championing a reboot of the franchise he helped create for years now, recently shared some of his reactions to a test screening of the new Ghostbusters.While his comments fall in line with what one might expect from someone with a financial stake in the reboot s success, it s still interesting to see how far he goes in praising the film — particularly when it comes to comparing it to the beloved 1984 movie that inspired it.Apart from brilliant, genuine performances from the cast both female and male, it has more laughs and more scares than the first 2 films plus Bill Murray is in it!Directed by Feig, the reboot kick-starts a new chapter in the Ghostbusters franchise, with actresses Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones portraying the team or paranormal investigators tasked with saving New York City from a supernatural threat.Ghostbusters hits theaters July 15.
The premiere of the new, Chris Evans-led version of Top Gear was worth watching not necessarily for the show itself, but for an interesting piece of Ferrari news that slipped into the taping.Discussion quickly turned to Ramsay s LaFerrari hybrid supercar, but then Evans asked about another, future best car Ramsay might be taking delivery of soon.And they re doing a limited edition of the LaFerrari, Ramsay continued.The carmaker has an inner circle of particularly well heeled and loyal customers.Some media outlets are already accusing Top Gear of colluding with Ferrari, and that would be a major blow to the show s credibility if it proved true.Evans was quick to announce that this is the first proof we ve heard on a TV, radio, or a magazine that this car exists, although Ferrari has hinted at it before.
Leah SchragerThe New York City Porn Festival, an annual event that has become synonymous with summertime for queer and non-queer people alike in the Big Apple, is returning once again this weekend — and we couldn t be more pumped about it.Presented by Pornhub, the premiere festival of sex will take place in Brooklyn and feature the works of renowned artist Amalia Ulman, James Franco andTim O Keefe s band, Daddy, and a panel including legendary porn star Ron Jeremy alongside NYC nightlife icon Gerry Visco — just to name a few.We need to get off our computers and engage with the real issues, the festival s organizer Simon Leahy told The Huffington Post.Whatever you re sexually into, it s ok.But what we need, as a society, is to make things healthier — for a more equal ideal — to understand the reasons why we re turned on by what we are.What more information or tickets for the NYC Porn Festival?
Your creative genius is limited only by the tools at your disposal, but in today s tech-rich world, the best of those tools can get outrageously expensive.The Adobe Creative Cloud contains all the pro-level tools to fulfill your highest visual ambitions.Photoshop and Illustrator will revolutionize your approach to image editing and creation, while Dreamweaver will supercharge your web development ability.Enjoy a full suite of video editing options with Premiere Pro and After Effects, while you expand your skill set enormously via other programs such as InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Muse, Animate, Audition, InCopy and TypeKit fonts.One registration per person please!Read next: How evolution is the perfect algorithm