In what seems like the blink of an eye, Tesla not only managed to normalize the concept of electric vehicles, but it also changed the way we think about the driving experience altogether.DON T MISS: 11 paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free todayWhile the Model S experienced a few well-publicized growing pains related to quality control issues, Elon Musk a few months ago tried to alleviate concerns by saying that many of the reported problems brought to light by Consumer Reports only affected early production models.— Elon Musk @elonmusk October 21, 2015Tesla gets top rating of any company in service.Indeed, it seems like we can t even go a week without a new story about problematic Model X issues emerging, and that s without even mentioning the Model X recall Tesla announced just last month.Tesla promised me that the Model X s second-row seats move in such a way as to allow a baby seat to be in place and yet still move to access the third row.Specifically, Callaway found issues with the Model X s weather stripping while also observing: the carpeting in spots was poorly glued and fraying on the edges, exposing some wires in the rear cargo area.
Data from wearable devices, telematics in cars, smart buildings, smartphones, and even social media posts allows us to have a much more accurate picture of the weather and thus improve our ability to forecast it.We are marrying atmospheric science and computer science in entirely new ways.IBM Watson has moved beyond machine learning, and we ll be using it to better understand and eventually model the atmosphere.For example, to improve our forecasts for two weeks and beyond, cognitive computing could assimilate all of the background knowledge and then look at reams of historical and current data to help us pick out predictive patterns we haven t recognized with traditional approaches.And, with the technologies described above, individuals, businesses and communities will be better able to understand, plan for and to the extent possible, mitigate possible disruptions to operations.She is a former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA.
Above: GoGame is a Singaporean publisher promising to help developers identify fraud in player acquisition.Marketing fraud extracted $6.3 billion from developers last year, and Singaporean publisher GoGame says developers should only work with publishers that understand that problem.Speaking at the Casual Connect conference in Singapore last week, GoGame chief executive officer David Ng explained that mobile studios desperate for new players are often paying for bots instead.Gaming on iOS and Android thrives on free-to-play apps with virtual items that sell for real money.Typically, a studio agrees to pay a certain amount for each install these networks bring in.For now, he probably has a point since a publisher paying attention to fraud like this is better than one that wants to brute force their way through it with larger marketing budgets.
Heikki Saukkomaa/Lehtikuva via AP FINLAND OUTHELSINKI AP — American biochemical engineer Frances Arnold, whose discoveries in "directed evolution" have helped produce medicines, including drugs for treating diabetes, on Tuesday was awarded this year's euro 1 million $1.2 million Millennium Technology Prize.The 59-year-old professor of chemical engineering, bioengineering and biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, was cited for "groundbreaking work that has a great impact on areas such as pharmaceuticals and gene therapy," with hundreds of laboratories and companies around the world using methods she developed, committee chairman Jarl-Thure Eriksson said."Directed evolution, which mimics natural evolution to create new and better proteins in the laboratory, uses the power of biology and evolution to solve many important problems, often replacing less efficient and sometimes harmful technologies," the citation said.Crowdsourcing, problem-solving — nature's been doing that for several billion years," she said.Past winners include Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the World Wide Web, Shuji Nakamura, the inventor of bright blue and white LEDs, and ethical stem-cell pioneer Shinya Yamanaka.The previous winner, in 2014, was British-American physicist Stuart Parkin for discoveries leading to a thousand-fold increase in digital data storage on magnetic disks used in large data centers, cloud services, social networks and downloads of music and film online.
3D printing is slowly but surely changing the way we look at manufacturing and how we approach problem-solving across a wide array of industries.Whether it s a home-based product like the ThingMaker from Mattel, a 3D printing BioPen that lets doctors draw cartilage implants during surgery, a prototype that prints metal in midair or an industrial-grade machine like HP s new Jet Fusion 3D printer, advancements in manufacturing technology really are impacting the world around us.The latest example of this comes from Dubai where the first functioning 3D printed office building is now in commission.The facility, which Dubai first announced in the summer of 2015, was printed using a special mixture of cement, gypsum reinforced with glass fiber and plastic that has undergone a range of tests in China and the UK to ensure its reliability.Designers went with an arc shape for the exterior for both safety and stability purposes.According to Emirates 24/7 News, labor for the project included one staffer to monitor the printer s function, seven people to install the building s components on-site and a team of 10 electricians and other specialists to handle electrical and mechanical installations.
Today, MakerClub is a company committed to getting young people from all over the world inventing and problem solving with technology, but originally, it was conceived by a realisation that school and university simply hadn't prepared me for the world....Going back just over a decade, and I'd just completed my masters in computing and electronic engineering, I was young and pretty green, but couldn't wait to get out there and start making a difference.When I finally got a job, I ended up feeling like I'd just wasted the last 6 years.Over the next 10 years, I had to learn new programming languages, debug millions of lines of code and spend months trudging through dense manuals, online articles and web forums, just so I could keep up.Children like this are still the exception, but it's our driving passion to make them the norm.HuffPost UK Tech is running a two-week focus on our Tech For Good campaign, which aims to highlight the technology that is driving social change and making a positive, long-lasting difference to our world.
Game director Harvey Smith told OXM its playtesters are already using the game s new abilities in ways that hadn t been predicted.It s a sign, he claimed, that the sequel will support the same creative problem-solving — and inspire the same level of adoration from fans — as the original.Long after the game s release, players were still playing with the systems related to protagonist Corvo s powers, finding new and increasingly inventive ways to stalk and dispatch enemies.Here s an interesting example:What took players weeks and months with the original is already happening with Dishonored 2 before the game has seen the light of day.Rather than distracting, then killing the guards, the tester linked the enemies to her clone, then assassinated it.It s just one of those systemic game mechanic interactions that clever, creative players figure out as they start to experiment.
When Eric Schmidt took the stage today in New York City, he spent less time talking about business at Google where he was previously CEO and now serves as executive chairman of parent company Alphabet , and more time focused on new technologies and the bigger picture.But we need to focus on it.The challenge, Schmidt said, is that we re spending all our time arguing about political issues that are ultimately not that important, while not doing enough things that are transformative.IBM s Watson, he said, has a model that works particularly well for Jeopardy and complicated problem solving, while Facebook s just-announced DeepText is focused on natural language.We ve never had that many companies fighting so brutally against each other and also collaborating, Schmidt replied.Schmidt also said that after Edward Snowden s revelations about government surveillance, Google worked to make sure users data was encrypted, both when it s at rest and in transit.
It probably won't surprise you to hear that some new research has discovered that when it comes to finding new staff members, proficiency with Microsoft Office has become a vital element in terms of the most prized skills employers look for.Highlighting their Microsoft Office skills is one of the most important things job hunters can do according to the IDC study, which put Office at number four in the top 20 most required skills across all occupations not just the tech industry .The three skills which beat out Office were oral and written communication skills – which was number one by a long way – followed by problem-solving, and then integrity not so much a skill as a trait, but never mind .IDC further noted that almost one in eight 12% of what the firm calls 'high-opportunity positions' the best jobs going in terms of predicted growth and wages ask for Microsoft Office-related skills.When you combine that number with the high-opportunity jobs that require Office, this figure grows to almost 20%.Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, commented: "While over the past three years we've seen the breadth of needed skills for jobs increase by 68%, we've also seen that communication skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office and PowerPoint, remain vitally important for success in the workplace."
The products are among the first that LeapFrog has launched since it was acquired by VTech last year for $72 million.The system works with a library of replayable activity books that get kids excited about concepts such as science, technology education and math STEM and social skills, reading comprehension and communication, phonics, and problem solving.The LeapStart Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten system comes with an ergonomically designed stylus for smaller hands and activities for Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten children ages 2-4.The LeapStart Kindergarten and 1st Grade system has a sleeker design and helps children ages 5-7 practice finer pen control.Using the stylus in both systems, kids can tap any page to activate audio responses and play activities.From life skills and daily routines, to space science and coding, the LeapStart library supports core skills integrated with life skills, such as problem solving and critical thinking to help children prepare for the future.Both LeapStart platforms work with all four levels of activity books for complete interchangeability and ability to find just the right level for each set of skills.That s why LeapFrog s focus is on 21st Century learning, a framework that includes the foundational classroom skills kids have always and will always need, as well as life skills they ll need in the future, such as the ability to adapt to changing technology, collaboration skills, and perseverance, said Jody Sherman LeVos, director of learning at LeapFrog, in a statement.Through fun-filled activities and engaging adventures that progress one step at a time, the LeapStart interactive activity book system brings learning to life to provide children with the tools they ll need to thrive in tomorrow s world.
Sure – a weekend of watching your favourite artists on stage while you dance to their beat sounds like a lot of fun, but it also means navigating your way back to your tent in the dark, tracking down friends lost amongst the crowds and being prepared for unpredictable weather.Don t panic just yet – here are a few apps that could ease your stress and help you survive those crazy few days in the muddy field.To find your tentView photosMoreAvailable onYou ve had a long day, your legs are tired and nothing s more frustrating than not being able to find your tent.Find My Friends will help you pinpoint their precise spot, as long as everyone has their location enabled in their phone settings.For weather updatesUnfortunately, there s nothing we can do about unpredictable bad weather we think it s best to pack for ALL weather conditions , but having a handy app could help you decide whether you want to wear sandals or wellies, waterproof ponchos or that cute boho top.Dark Sky will show you a forecast for your exact location, with minute-by-minute predictions and keep you up-to-date.
I don t mind loading clothes into the washer then transferring them to the dryer; it s the folding that irks me.If you re in the same boat I am, a California-based startup by the name of FoldiMate may have the solution you ve been yearning for.FoldiMate has developed a robotic clothes-folding machine that promises to fold shirts, pants and towels twice as fast as a human.Folding laundry seems like a simple albeit mundane task but as The Wall Street Journal points out, it s quite complicated seeing as it requires both dexterity and problem- solving matching socks, turning garments inside-out and so on .That s no small chunk of change but for those that absolutely hate laundry and see this as a long-term investment, it may be worth it.I might be a player if priced a bit lower but given its limitations and the amount of manual labor that still needs to be done to make it work, I ll sit this one out.
Deus Ex's developers don't like to describe the series as science fiction - they think the label makes it sound too farfetched."A lot of what we invented in Human Revolution, the world has actually caught up to that in the last five years," Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, the game's executive art director, tells us."All the touch technology - you're going to notice in Mankind Divided the information pads, the pocket secretaries and all these things," Jacques-Belletete tells us."I'll always tell my guys, even though we want to make futuristic looking buildings or skyscrapers or structures, never invent it from scratch, find something that already exists and get inspired from it," says Jacques-Belletete.However, rather than fiddling with nodes and terminals, the game actually plonks you and your gun into a level that you must navigate to find the data, using stealth and combat to outwit turrets and security cameras as you go."So what we're saying in the world is that the color pink is not real, and the only character who's not real, she has the color pink," explains Jacques-Belletete.
You do what you are told and don t have any say in the company s strategy and operations.And yet our 20-somethings in the company really pushed me to use that more.The job of manager today is to lead, articulate goals, inspire, motivate, and enable.Through email, internal social media, and idea exchanges, companies can have everyone participate in problem solving.In February, IBM made a big decision, to revamp its global performance evaluation system, by crowdsourcing the solution.It explained the deficiencies of its old system to its 380,000 employees in 170 countries through its internal social media platform and asked them to suggest solutions.
A California startup believes anyone can take a nap — in its mobile sleeping pods.He found that a short nap can help workers feel refreshed, more productive, creative and focused.Pham has an master's in business administration from Cal State Fullerton.In 2014, he came up with the idea for Nappify and launched the concept with $100,000 crowdfunded from family and friends.A nap session costs around $13 or $7 for students.Students were able to take a power nap when they needed a break from studying.Pham said students enjoyed the pods and felt refreshed after their naps.Nappify looks like a modified trailer with a small lobby and four sleeping pods stacked two on two.
With surprising timing, the Productivity Commission has dropped a report during the election campaign, criticising the widespread belief that science, technology, maths and engineering STEM education is an employment panacea in the digital era.In a report likely to be dismissed by both sides of politics, the commission also said Australia should increase unemployment support, and has even, albeit tentatively, suggested the country consider a universal basic income UBI .The commission's paper highlights relatively high underemployment among STEM graduates and apparent underutilisation of STEM skills as evidence that the current approaches are not delivering the problem-solving skills needed for technology rich work environments .Sci degree, working in salesThe IT sector is probably gearing up to rip into the report, since the commission notes that along with maths, computer science qualifications have short-run employment outcomes that are just below the average.It also writes that digital disruption drives inequality by eliminating jobs, casualising those that remain, and redistributing income in businesses towards the top.Unemployment support isn't enough to give people mobility between jobs, the commission argues: the income support system needs to be changed to ensure it is not a barrier to workforce engagement and helps reduce income volatility for low income workers .
Stanford-educated engineer Debbie Sterling is on a mission to increase that percentage by encouraging girls as young as four years old to start tinkering with toys and building simple machines.Sterling was working a stale job in marketing when the concept for GoldieBlox struck her during an "idea brunch" in 2011.At the idea brunch, one of Sterling's Stanford friends expressed her frustrations about the lack of women in STEM and said she'd played with her brothers' hand-me-down construction toys as a child."It's so prevalent in our culture that sometimes I think you forget how limiting that can be for girls."Four years after its launch, the company now has a total of 17 products available in more than 6,000 retailers worldwide - and a growing library of more than 100 videos - that teach engineering and problem-solving skills like hinges and levers, pulleys, gears, and wheels and axles.Every toy follows the story of Goldie and her group of friends including Ruby Rails, an African-American coder, and Li Gravity, Goldie's best male friend and a budding physicist.
Now, some seven months later, Bentley has undergone reconstructive surgery to move his brain back into his skull.The parents were unwilling to terminate the pregnancy, saying they wanted at least one chance to meet him before saying goodbye.Aside from the large sac containing critical parts of his brain atop his head, Bentley developed normally.He continued to grow, and cried when he was hungry.Image: Katherine C. Cohen/Boston Children s Hospital When Bentley turned four months, Sierra and Dustin took him to the Cleveland Clinic where a surgeon agreed that the infant was using his brain, but warned that it may not be possible to put it back in the cranium.After taking a look at Bentley, the surgeons realised that the parts of his brain located within the pouch could not be removed because they were responsible for cognitive functions such as motor control, problem-solving, and vision.
Now, some seven months later, Bentley has undergone reconstructive surgery to move his brain back into his skull.The parents were unwilling to terminate the pregnancy, saying they wanted at least one chance to meet him before saying goodbye.Aside from the large sac containing critical parts of his brain atop his head, Bentley developed normally.He continued to grow, and cried when he was hungry.Image: Katherine C. Cohen/Boston Children s Hospital When Bentley turned four months, Sierra and Dustin took him to the Cleveland Clinic where a surgeon agreed that the infant was using his brain, but warned that it may not be possible to put it back in the cranium.After taking a look at Bentley, the surgeons realized that the parts of his brain located within the pouch could not be removed because they were responsible for cognitive functions such as motor control, problem-solving, and vision.
The award-winning series is now 25 years old, but its basic gameplay hasn t strayed from enabling players to build and run their own empires from the Stone Age to the modern age.The companies announced the game at the 13th Annual Games for Change Festival in New York.Developed by Firaxis Games, Sid Meier s Civilization V was one of the most critically acclaimed PC games of 2010, and earned numerous awards and accolades.CivilizationEDU will provide students with the opportunity to think critically and create historical events, consider and evaluate the geographical ramifications of their economic and technological decisions, and to engage in systems thinking and experiment with the causal/correlative relationships between military, technology, political and socioeconomic development, the companies said.GlassLab, a nonprofit that also made SimCityEDU, will add a learning analytics engine to CivilizationEDU to capture students progress and assess their problem-solving skills – harnessing the popularity and innovation of interactive entertainment and turning it into a powerful tool for the classroom and alternative to standardized tests.Civilization has challenged millions of people around the world to revisit and experience history, pursue boldly exploration, and create their own societies based on their passions and freedom of choice.I can t think of a better interactive experience to help challenge and shape the minds of tomorrow s leaders.For the past 25 years, we ve found that one of the fun secrets of Civilization is learning while you play, added Sid Meier, founder and director of creative development at Firaxis Games, in a statement.Along the way, players learn valuable lessons from their success and failures and are able to try again, employing different choices and strategies.