Hunting for remote jobs online is easier said than done.Most of the time, it’s easier to secure freelance work but remote jobs in the Philippines and Nicaragua are increasing daily as more companies adapt remote working trends.RateDetermine how much you want to ask for your services.Perhaps you want to be a social media manager.Maybe you’re more interested in contacting leads.Once you’ve made up your mind, list down the keywords to use in your search.See to it that you read the listing carefully, build your personal value proposition, use appropriate styling, highlight transferable skills, include relevant interests and more.Start Looking for Remote JobsNow that you’ve done the necessary preparations, it’s time to proceed with the actual job hunt.Secret #1 – NetworkingThere’s no need to look far as you can start with tapping your network for openings.Rather, they’re done through word-of-mouth referrals, head hunters, and websites like Zoho Recruit, BambooHR, Workable, and way you can find out what these secret opportunities are is to use Google.
As time passes, this failure rate goes up.45% fail during the first five years.65% fail during the first 10 years.By year 15, only about 25% of these businesses survive.Alarmingly, a 2019 OnPay study found that only 30% of small business owners use an accountant.While we can’t be certain that these companies closed their doors precisely because no one maintained their books, we can’t dismiss the importance of having an accountant either.Especially if you consider that the inability to control expenses is a major reason why businesses fail.Why hire a virtual accountantThese days, however, it’s not enough to simply hire a traditional bookkeeper or accountant to manage your company’s finances.This includes your payroll, employee taxes, invoices, utility payments, property taxes, etc.Because your virtual CPA handles key business processes, you can focus on your core competency.Finding a great offshore CPAIf you’re already convinced that you need a virtual accountant to help run your business, how do you go about looking for and hiring one?job benefits, work-life balance).Include career advancement opportunities within your company.Reveal the virtual accountant salary.For example:Writers and bloggers hang out at ProBlogger’s job board.If you’re filling programming positions, visit Stack Overflow.For remote freelance jobs, check out sites like PeoplePerHour or Guru.Certain niche boards might not receive the same amount traffic volume as large websites, but you’ll find the quality workers you’re looking for.Tip 3: Establish an employee referral programAn employee referral program allows current employees to refer qualified candidates for open roles within your company.For virtual accountants, the average rate is about 8 USD or 10-12 AUD per hour.Note: Our pricing guide shows that remote bookkeepers are paid around 6 USD or 7.72 AUD per hour.
They can save you time, money, and resources in the long run—if you hire the right person.What to Do Before Hiring a Remote AssistantWhether it’s your first or fifth time to recruit for such a role, it’s important to prepare your team and yourself to work with a remote virtual assistant.Doing so will spare you the continuous effort of finding replacements because the one you got is disappointing.Be specific about what you wantDon’t post that you want someone to ‘do social media marketing’, ‘build a website’, or ‘handle your work overload’.Not only are these too vague but also they’re about results, not processes.This helps you determine what you really need outsourced.For reference, here are 6 urgent tasks you need to outsource right now.Consider taking 3 days to note every single task that you or your team works on.It might be meeting clients, emailing leads, writing articles, managing invoices, balancing books, and the like.This way, you can focus on jobs that will profit you more.Choose 3 main tasks that you want to hire a remote assistant for.
Every week, we exhaustively search online for major Philippine news.Here are a few of the top headlines from this third week of January 2021.PH secures deal for 30M doses of Covovax COVID-19 vaccineThe Philippines has signed an agreement with the Serum Institute of India for the supply of 30 million doses of the Covovax coronavirus vaccine.Carlito Galvez, Jr., the government’s chief implementer of policy vs the coronavirus, signed the term sheet.The vaccines will be available starting the third quarter of 2021.Parts of Visayas, Mindanao rainy due to tail-end of frontal system, ITCZCredit: RapplerThe tail-end of a frontal system or shear line and the intertropical convergence zone brought heavy rain to some areas in the Visayas and Mindanao on Monday, January 11.The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration also provided estimates for the number of tropical cyclones inside the country’s area of responsibility for the first half of 2021.Oil companies to raise pump prices this weekThe cost of petroleum products will again go up this week, with gasoline prices expected to rise by almost PHP 1.“Diesel should increase by P0.30 to P0.35 per liter.Gasoline should increase by PHP 0.80 to PHP 0.90 per liter,” Unioil Petroleum Philippines Inc. said in an advisory over the past weekend.DOH eyes travel ban vs United Arab Emirates after Pinoy infected with UK variantCredit: Christoph Schulz on UnsplashThe Department of Health on Thursday, January 14 said it will be recommending the inclusion of the United Arab Emirates in the Philippines’ travel ban list.This after a Filipino traveler from Dubai tested positive for the new SARS-CoV-2 variant.Philippine government bans foreign travelers from 5 more countries, including ChinaCredit: SunStarForeigners from five more countries, including China, are now banned from entering the Philippines due to the new Covid-19 variants.In his press briefing on January 12, 2021, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said aside from China, foreign nationals from Pakistan, Jamaica, Luxembourg and Oman are also included in the ban.The travel ban took effect on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, and ended on Friday, January 15.PH secures 17M doses of AstraZeneca vaccineCredit: CNN PhilippinesThe Philippines has procured a total of 17 million doses of United Kingdom-based AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, through tripartite agreements involving the private sector and local government units (LGUs).This includes the 2.6 million doses purchased by over 30 companies and donated to the government in November 2020.For the second batch, about 300 companies and 39 LGUs from across the country pitched in for the purchase of around 14.4 million doses.CategoriesClient, Misc, NewsPost navigationYou Can Be a Backend Developer With These Must-Have SkillsThings You Need to Know Before Hiring a Remote Assistant
The steps you must take vary according to the category you choose.In this article, let’s focus on becoming a backend programmer.Firstly, what does a backend developer do?Every website can be divided into two halves: the front end and the back end.The front end is what visitors see and interact with as displayed by their internet browser.The back end is what is hidden away on a server, including content management systems, databases and coding.In other words, backend programmers create the logic and functionality to make a site work as intended.They do this through using server-side scripting languages like PHP or Ruby on loading, search functionality, etc.Troubleshooting performance issues and errorsCollaborating with the rest of the team to ensure all needs are metStaying updated on programming languages, industry trends, and best practicesDiscovering new ways to improve website infrastructureDeveloping APIs for the mobile version of web applicationsWorking on business processes and data architectureCreating and implementing libraries and frameworksSecondly, is backend development a good career?In terms of salary, web developers are well paid in general and backend programmers are no exception.Don’t worry if you have these at the moment; a basic understanding of how logic works is a good place to start.If not, consider enrolling in an in-person or online course to be exposed to the necessary groundwork.Both run on browsers or servers but differ in execution and capabilities.Java is typically written in an Integrated Development Environment before being compiled in low-level code called bytecode.
The right marketing strategy can make or break your efforts to grow your startup’s online presence.To help increase your chances of success, here are six proven ways to get your budding company’s name out there.Build a conversion-focused websiteYou probably have logos, designs, and colours you prefer for your website.These might be different from what your colleagues or partners like.Here’s the thing: What you prefer doesn’t matter.When building a website for your business, you need to focus on what your customers want.But keep in mind, what you like may not be what others like.At the end of the day, having a conversion-focused website will help grow your online presence, increase your sales, and improve your bottom line.Invest in SEO and PPCWhether you devote resources to search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, or both, you’ll likely spend money.This is valuable because ranking highly will bring more people to your website, enabling you to gain more digital real estate.The more real estate you have, the less real estate your competitors have.Ranking higher in search engines also helps develop trust, which is vital in developing relationships and increase sales with your customers.PPC, on the other hand, increases the likelihood that more people will see and click your ads on online search results pages.When you place it on your website, social media platforms, and on conversion pages, it’ll pitch your product or service 24-7.Videos are also a great way for people to interact with your brand, especially if it’s you in front of the camera.Because of the opportunity to reach people on a platform they’re familiar with and trust, this is your chance to broaden your online presence without investing an arm and a leg.That’s not to say that you shouldn’t put money into your social media push.
When your website doesn’t show up on the first page for Google or Bing search results, your audience may not even know you exist.A lack of effort in search engine optimisation causes your brand to fade into the woodwork, regardless of how well you did the company launching.Consumers are quick to forget when companies aren’t consistent with their offerings and promotions.This is critical to increasing visits which leads to more sales and brand awareness.If you lack the technical expertise to make it happen, call upon an expert then.When looking for an SEO specialist or a digital marketer with such skills, you might be wondering how to choose the right person for the job.Well, it’s in how they answer the following.What to Ask When Looking for an SEO SpecialistWhat is the most integral component of SEO?Break the ice with this question and learn more about their preferences from the get-go.Just find someone who has been trained and/or handled campaigns for your particular audience, be they British, Australian, American, or even Chinese.Many remote workers in these countries are bilingual yet mostly speak English as a second language.
Every week, Remote Workmate thoroughly searches the internet for major Philippine stories.Here are some of the top headlines from this second week of January 2021.Hong Kong detects new COVID-19 variant in passenger from ManilaCredit: RapplerIn a virtual press briefing on Tuesday, January 5, Hong Kong health officials said they detected 4 cases of the U.K. variant of COVID-19 in their country.Among the cases is a 30-year-old female HK resident, who returned from Manila on December 22.Thousands of Chinese nationals received COVID-19 vaccine in Philippines — civic leaderCredit: GMA NewsSome 100,000 Chinese nationals living and working in the Philippines have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 despite the absence of approval from local regulators, said civic leader Teresita Ang See.Ang See, a Chinese-Filipino, said the vaccinations started as early as November last year but she had no idea how the Chinese-developed vaccine was brought into the Philippines.Philippine Red Cross in talks with Pfizer, AstraZeneca to procure COVID-19 vaccinesCredit: ABS-CBN NewsThe Philippine Red Cross (PRC) on Tuesday said it is in talks with pharmaceutical giants Pfizer and AstraZeneca to procure COVID-19 vaccines that would be sold to Filipinos on a “buy 1, donate 1” scheme.The Philippine Red Cross has written a letter to the 2 pharmaceutical giants to procure some 1 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, PRC chair Sen. Richard Gordon told reporters in an online press conference.BSP sees benign PH inflation for foreseeable futureThe pace of price increases for basic goods and services in the Philippines will likely remain within forecasts over the foreseeable future, as confirmed by the latest data, according to the central bank.In a statement, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Benjamin Diokno said the December 2020 inflation of 3.5% was within the monetary regulator’s forecast range of 2.9 to 3.7%.PH adds six more countries in travel ban list over COVID-19 variant fearsThe Philippines is temporarily prohibiting the entry of travelers from six more countries which have confirmed cases of the new coronavirus variant discovered in the United Kingdom.President Rodrigo Duterte approved the recommendation of the Departments of Health and Foreign Affairs to expand the ban on inbound travel to include:PortugalIndiaFinlandNorwayJordanBrazilNazarene feast may turn into ‘superspreader’ if…Credit: Inquirer/Richard A. ReyesDespite warnings to devotees by health authorities to steer clear of Quiapo Church in Manila on the Feast of the Black Nazarene this Saturday to avert a widespread transmission of the new coronavirus, church officials are worried that many will still show up for the Philippines’ largest religious event.The Healthcare Professionals Alliance Against COVID-19 said devotees flocking to the church could turn the event into a “superspreader,” where a single infected person infects many others on contact, leading to unusually large clusters of cases.CategoriesClient, Misc, NewsPost navigationHow to be a Virtual Assistant: Everything You Need to Know
Sometimes you reach a point in your life when you want to find a balance between earning money and enjoying your personal time.To put it simply, they’re people who offer services to organizations from afar in exchange for an agreed fee.Some consider them as executive or personal secretaries though they’re more than that.Though they mainly handle office and administrative-type tasks, a few of them specialise in things like accounting, marketing, and social media.Thanks to innovations in conference calling, document sharing, and internet connectivity, VAs are in high demand by those who need help but don’t want to hire full-time staff to work in an office.There’s actually no definitive list of activities that you can do.Hence, we’ve compiled a list of the most common services to provide.BloggingWriting and editing postsModerating commentsCreating graphics for postsImproving SEORemoving broken linksAdding affiliate linksManaging emailsScheduling social mediaGeneral AdminSetting up spreadsheetsEntering dataManaging filesMaking travel arrangementsBooking appointmentsOrganising calendarsFinanceProcessing paymentsHandling payrollCreating invoicesBookkeepingContent CreationMaking videosEditing imagesTaking picturesSourcing photosResearching ideasWriting articlesE-CommerceMaintaining websitesManaging inventoriesDealing with exchanges and returnsTracking ordersManaging customer serviceEach VA provides different services.You want to know the right amount to charge, specifically how much is enough but not too much that you turn off potential clients.When setting your rate, determine how much would make it worth your time and effort.
Traditional cold calling doesn’t work.Worse still, fewer than 1% of cold calls lead to a sale.Harvard Business Review reported that over 90% of C-level executives said they “never” respond to cold calls or email blasts.In fact, cold calling will likely lead to a negative experience for your prospects and salespeople, and can hurt your brand as well.However, if you really need to make an outbound call, there are several effective hacks that can improve your chances of success and boost your sales.Don’t make cold calls in the first placeImagine walking around your favourite mall.When cold calling, you have no prior contact with that prospect, which means you’re not talking to a lead – so you’re more likely to fail.Instead, you should first capture your prospects’ interest in what you’re selling, then get them on the phone to convert.Turn the cold call into a warm callBut what if your industry relies on cold calling and you can’t do away with it?To offset the disadvantage provided by an unsolicited call, do your research ahead of time.their LinkedIn profile, Facebook page) to learn more about them.This knowledge will help you during the call, especially if you have no prior relationship with the prospect.Because you need to act as if you’re getting back to them instead of calling them out of the blue, minimising the likelihood of your prospect hanging up on you.Make the call about them, not youIf you must make an outbound call, make it about your prospective customer.Take notes of their pain points and goals so you can start your pitch by saying:So what I’m hearing is…When you’ve correctly identified your prospect’s pain points, transition by asking when they’re free for a discovery call.
Delegating tasks and resisting the urge to do everything yourself is tricky.Added to that, having someone work on something then feeling you have to go over it again is frustrating.Success really depends on you rather than your new employee, however.Being the owner or manager, you’re the one who dictates how things should go.To ensure you get things right, learn what VAs are all about.What is a remote assistant?Remote personal assistants provide various services to companies or entrepreneurs from different locations.Many are the tasks they are able to perform, including:Preparing reportsSetting appointmentsManaging eventsBooking hotelsResponding to emailsOthers are also capable of performing niche work such as accounting and digital marketing.Why hire a remote assistantTo free up other workersIf mid- or senior-level staff had to choose between preparing reports and participating in growth strategies, they will go for the latter since it seems more important.Your full-time workers can focus on more pressing matters then.To cut down overhead costsOne reason why businesses outsource is to cut costs.Your team shouldn’t be spending a huge chunk of their day fielding phone calls and replying to customer emails for minor issues.Skip all of that and have a professional take care of it.It’s hard to list down all that they are capable of here so we’re going to cover their most common roles.Personal TasksOrganising calendars and to-do listsBooking travel accommodationsPurchasing gifts, clothes, hardware, etc.Finance ManagementMaintaining budgetsKeeping track of expensesMaking finances as transparent as possibleResearchMonitoring competitors’ products and servicesAnalysing consumer trendsFinding formats for press releasesEmail ManagementAnswering general questions, job enquiries and follow-upsOrganising and filtering inboxesPerforming email marketing campaignsAdministrative WorkScheduling meetings and appointmentsEntering data into the systemAnswering phone calls and messagesContent CreationWriting short-form and long-form articlesResearching topics relevant to your audienceUploading and publishing posts on WordPressSocial Media ManagementCrafting content for social media channelsEngaging with followersAnalysing statistics and reportsCustomer ServiceAddressing customer concernsManaging client informationDealing with feedbackHow to manage a remote assistantAs you’re not able to interact with your VAs in person, it’s understandable that you have your fair share of concerns on how to manage them.
Statista reveals that freelancers will make up 50% of the total United States workforce by 2027.This means a lot of competition, so you must promote yourself in a unique way if you want to stand out from the pack.Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned pro, here are actionable steps to take the guesswork out of what makes a brand unforgettable and how you can put them into practice today.Step 1 – Pick a good nameIt’s important to choose a name that’s easy to recognise.a.Trademark your own name and personalityUsing your own name is convenient but also means that everything you do will be connected to your professional persona, including political rants and drunken selfies.This option isn’t the best idea if your name is hard to spell though, especially for international work.c.Pay for a studio head shot if you can afford one.b.This also makes it easier for you to convey your brand to any future employees you might hire down the road.Canva has a free tool for making this in a booklet form.Step 4 – Pick your words carefullyIf you want to get noticed and land more work, you must learn to perfect your bio.A long bioBegin with your long bio as this is what everything else will be based on.Ideally, it has to be under 10 words.Examples: ‘Finance virtual assistant based in Nicaragua’ or ‘Number 1 graphic designer in the Philippines’.Have an elevator pitchConsider this a longer tagline that further summarises your short bio into 1 or 2 sentences.
However, they can be difficult to get right and require a different approach from an office-based discussion.In this post, we’ll look at the basics of what you need do to host a productive and effective talk with your team online.Before the MeetingChoose good technologyA good video conference tool is a must-have for every remote meeting.Make a record of who’ll be speaking and how much time is allocated for each.An agenda also helps keep meetings short and concise.This way, everyone will focus on achieving it and not be carried away with other ideas.Consider time zonesHaving a distributed workforce means your employers are scattered across different time zones.Otherwise, a time that suits the majority is your choice.Send invites earlyIdeally, your meeting invite should be sent 4 to 5 days before the event, with reminders sent 1 to 2 days prior and an hour before.Schedule management tools like Calendly and Google Calendar are useful for this purpose.Some project management apps have this feature as well.During the MeetingBegin slightly earlyOpen up the room 5 to 10 minutes before the agreed time.This allows people to adjust their backgrounds, camera, and audio equipment before the actual conversation.Also, it enables them to review the agenda and organise their thoughts or concerns beforehand.Touch base personallyWorking from home is isolating so it’s hard for your staff to maintain relationships with their colleagues.
People make too many mistakes when it comes to self-promotion on LinkedIn so they end up missing out on their dream job.Stop hurting your credibility as a professional.Check if your page has the most common red flags below and make the necessary changes.Mistake # 1: Useless words in the headlineDon’t put your current job title as your headline, especially if you’re aspiring to move up the career ladder.Rather, highlight what you do, why you do it, what you’ve accomplished and what value you bring to employers in an easy-to-read format.Examples:I have 5 years of sales experience in the fashion industry.Over the past 7 years, I have been awarded Employee of the Month 3 times.Mistake # 3: A boring work history sectionMany write long paragraphs talking about how they ‘work with different people in various departments to create innovative products that bring profit to the company’.However, they tell nothing about their specific achievements that set them apart from others in the same field.When a hiring manager looks at your profile, they should think, “let’s schedule an interview with this person.” It must be capable of providing a brief overview of your talents, abilities, and history in a quantifiable way.In other words, have specific numbers in there.Example:Led a team of 20 graphic designers.Streamlined project management that increased staff productivity by 45%.Mistake # 4: Weak profile pictureIt may be easy for recruiters to find you but they’ll leave quickly if they don’t see a photo.
You can answer any question about what you’ve done before, what you can do now, and what you’re planning to do on the future.While you know the business inside and out, are you able to convey it with confidence and clarity on your corporate website though?Not everyone has the talent, skill or even interest to write great copy.If you want to start a new site, create a blog, or rebrand your company, you’ll find hiring a content specialist is a good investment.They save you timeIn your growing team, chances are that you have workers who are familiar with writing.A writing expert can prepare your Facebook, Instagram and other posts in a way that catches the attention of your intended targets.The voice differs largely, depending on who you want to reach out to.They build up your reputation in order to show your existing and future clients that you know what you’re doing and you’re passionate about it.Establishing yourself as an authority gives people the confidence to buy from you instead of your competitors.Additionally, it pushes your site up the search engine results pages or SERPs.Consumers are more likely to click on your link more when you’re at the top of the results.They improve website visualsVisitors can’t help but judge your site according to the design.
Each week, we compile a short summary of several major Philippine stories.Here are a few of the top headlines from this third week of December 2020.Lacson says Duque ‘dropped the ball’ in vaccine deal with PfizerCredit: Albert Calvelo, Senate PRIB – via ABS-CBN NewsSenator Panfilo Lacson said a Cabinet secretary “dropped the ball” in the Philippines’ COVID-19 vaccine deal with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer, leaving the country behind other regional peers in terms of acquiring vials from the said brand.In a statement, Lacson said Health Secretary Francisco Duque III “failed to work on the necessary documentary requirements” needed for the Confidentiality Disclosure Agreement with Pfizer.Partygoers will be arrested–PNP chiefPartygoers during the Christmas season will be arrested as part of public safety efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the chief of the Philippine National Police warned.“Parties have been prohibited so, of course, we will have [partygoers] arrested,” said Police General Debold Sinas.While dinner events can be categorized as parties, they are allowed as long as health measures are observed, Sinas said.“I leave it to the commanders to decide.”Duterte OKs pilot testing of face-to-face classes in low-risk areasCredit: CNN PhilippinesPresident Rodrigo Duterte and his Cabinet gave the green light to the pilot testing of face-to-face classes in areas that will be considered at low risk for COVID-19 in January 2021.The dry run proposed by the Department of Education was approved during Cabinet meeting last December 14, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said.He said the trial face-to-face classes should be conducted in January 2021.ADB: In-person classes may hike deaths by 8%Fully resuming in-person classes in the first half of 2021 may hike COVID-19 deaths by 8% compared to present levels when all students undergo off-campus classes, according to a report by Asian Development Bank (ADB).But ADB estimates also showed that stopping in-person classes during the school year 2020-2021 would cost PHP1.9 trillion in foregone economic opportunities, prompting the country’s chief economist to push for a gradual resumption of classes.Philippines records 1,135 new COVID-19 cases; total nears 452,000Credit: Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN NewsOn December 15, Tuesday, the Philippine Department of Health logged 1,135 additional COVID-19 cases, raising the country’s total to 451,839.This is the 16th straight day that the number of new cases announced is below 2,000, and the 4th straight day below 1,500.Tuesday’s additional confirmed infections do not include data from 13 laboratories which failed to submit their results on time.Are Duterte and his task force doing enough to secure vaccines quickly?Credit: RapplerA deeper look at the Philippine government’s efforts to get COVID-19 vaccines.This includes:Getting around the limitations set by the Government Procurement Act (Republic Act No.9184), which prevented the country from paying for vaccines in advance.Making use of the ADB’s Asia Pacific Vaccine Access Facility – a loan advance for market commitment.CategoriesClient, Misc, NewsPost navigationHere Are Some Tips on Writing A Great Resume for Remote Work
Whether you’re looking to skip the commute or have some time flexibility, working from home has become popular among modern professionals.The good news is, the number of online opportunities has exploded over the past decade so it’s not too late for you to join the trend.Remote work doesn’t operate the same way an office-based one does, which means your application shouldn’t be a traditional one.This helps you avoid applying for the wrong jobs.Also, emphasize the tangible results they’ll gain from choosing you.It leaves them the impression that you’re on the same page.clients rather than customers.Consider the stylingDecide how you’ll be formatting your resume so that you have the highest chance of capturing the attention of a potential client.
Others flounder because they also need to take care of their kids while working.Clearly, some people are better suited to connecting with people on a regular basis and working with a set routine, both of which are part of the traditional office experience.But because of spread of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, companies have asked employees to start working from home.They have a short fuse.Committing more mistakes – People don’t perform as well when highly stressed.This results in slipshod work that’s turned in late and comes with many errors.Distractedness – Your employee seems inattentive or preoccupied during activities like video calls.Forgetfulness – Do your employees fail to remember basic things (e.g.“My career is over”).Absenteeism – Does an employee take time off more frequently?How to approach a struggling remote employeeYoung woman having video call on laptop computer at homeIt’s reasonable to feel apprehensive about approaching an employee.It can fester on your team and affect your business goals.Here are some suggestions on how to address the matter:Before you act, ask someone the employee is close with for insight, but do so confidentially.
If your team is so used to being together in the physical office, you might be struggling with how different remote work is.To counteract your team’s remote difficulties, create a positive company culture.Company values are the beliefs and principles that your company is based on.They also serve as guidelines that outline how your company engages in business.Company values are important because they help shape your company culture and identity.Having a list of company values to follow will help your employees feel like they belong.Perhaps more importantly, they’ll be able to do their work and represent your business more effectively as well.If you don’t have company values, ask yourself what’s important to you and your company.Maybe you care about integrity, accountability, and having fun.It goes without saying that you should lead by example and live out those values yourself.Encourage an environment that involves open communication and feedbackThis type of company culture will make employees feel much more comfortable, and when they feel secure in communicating with you and receiving feedback, they’ll be able to get their work done to the best of their ability.Use tools to manage your remote teamOnline applications provide many benefits to remote teams.
Businesses on the other side of the globe can now accurately advertise to the same audiences, meaning you have thousands more competitors to worry about than the handful that’s based locally.In a world where being different means better chances of surviving, one of the most critical things to think about in growing your company is how to make it stand out.It’s going to be a challenge, yet there are proven ways to show consumers that you’re the best choice.Be a Step Ahead of the CompetitionBusiness success is about more than just luck.It’s about finding your niche, planning for the future, seizing opportunities and so on.If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas:(1) Address pain pointsTo win customers over, you must figure out how to make the purchase flow as painless as possible.Start by asking open-ended qualitative questions to pinpoint issues they’re dealing with.(3) Have company cultureCreating a good company culture helps you in attracting and keeping top talent.Additionally, it can be used for marketing yourself as a brand that cares about its employees.(4) Support social causesBy participating in corporate philanthropy, your business creates a positive public image which enhances your relationships with your customers, as well as provides a positive working environment.You may be surprised to learn how many people will buy from you because you’re donating to charities.