This is obviously good for the organization requesting the services; you don t want to waste your time wading through the RFP responses of potential partners who were making huge assumptions about whether they could handle your needs based on limited information.As a result, great firms will evaluate this background or lack of it , and if the fit isn t there, they ll pass on responding to an RFP that s not good for either party.Allow for some creativityYes, good RFP instruments benefit from rigid, systematic questions and answers, but they also leave some room for your potential partner to offer alternatives based on their expertise or show you why they might stand out in their field.For example, if you re looking to design and implement a web analytics solution, rather than asking how many lines of code or how many elements should be tracked on a website, you re much better served by coming back to the need.To ensure coverage through any transitions down the road, be sure to ask about:ongoing consult and services to support the proposed work and address future needs;knowledge transfer plan and formal training possibilities;guidelines governing current and planned or future subcontracting relationships;competitive issues and conflicts of interest, both existing and potential;sample legal documents like Non-Disclosure Agreements, Master Services Agreements, Statements of Work and so on ;financial health and trajectory of the prospective partner; anddetails around the team and people you might be working with.About The AuthorDavid Booth is a co-founder and Partner at Cardinal Path, where he helps organizations use data and digital intelligence to gain competitive advantage in their markets.
From Marketing Land:Adobe takes the first steps to bring its Marketing Cloud into virtual realityMay 23, 2016 by Barry LevineThe company adds support for analytics, several VR formats, and various ad types.WATCH ML Live 14: Google Home vs. Amazon Echo, Google I/O recap & moreMay 23, 2016 by Matt McGeeIn the latest Marketing Land Live, we recap all the news from Google I/O, including a discussion on the merits of Google Home vs. Amazon Echo.What marketers need to know about Google assistant and Google HomeMay 23, 2016 by Joe YoungbloodVoice search is growing, and Google is investing heavily in products that utilize this technology.But columnist David Booth has some guidelines for your digital data & analytics RFP process to help you get what s best for you and your organization.Google Search Console now lets you group your sites together with property setsMay 23, 2016 by Barry SchwartzOne of the most asked-for Google Search Console feature requests is now live.From Around The Web:Bots: marketing opportunity or RetailFail?, www.internetretailer.comNow you can build your own Amazon Echo or Google Home – and the companies couldn t be happier, qz.com5 Marketing Technology Trends on the Horizon, www.martechadvisor.com5 Dos and Don ts of Mobile Marketing Automation, www.martechadvisor.comGoogle plans to bring password-free logins to Android apps by year-end, techcrunch.com12 Ways Facebook Can Utilize Emotional Data From Reactions, www.searchenginejournal.comInstagram s code hints at option to pay to boost posts, techcrunch.comFacebook buys VR audio company Two Big Ears, debuts Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation , VentureBeatFacebook Live lets you skip to the good part, techcrunch.comFacebook Video and Facebook Live: The Future for Marketers, www.adweek.comHow Google s Daydream mobile VR system will work, venturebeat.comVirtual reality: Three more brands dipping their toes in, econsultancy.comWhy the Virtual-Reality Hype is About to Come Crashing Down, www.wsj.comAbout The Author
Symbiont was the only participating firm responding to the request for proposal whose technology was not derived from existing open source projects.After the administrative components were completed, Symbiont demonstrated a fully modeled catastrophe swap in less than two weeks.Symbiont, which grew out of the Counterparty project, has a laser-like focus on smart contract technology within the professional and regulated ecosystem.In August 2015, Symbiont issued the first ever Smart Securities on the Bitcoin blockchain by publishing its own equity investments.The management team consists of capital markets and technology expert Mark Smith; Adam Krellenstein, who is chief technology officer, along with core developers Robby Dermody and Evan Wagner.Louis Stone, managing director of Global Business Development at Symbiont, added: "Because we're purpose-built for financial markets and don't rely on open source, we didn't have any issues capturing all of the features of these complex instruments.
Whether you are writing one from the client side or responding to one as an agency, they are a foundational part of enterprise-level SEO.While each RFP should include a few questions that are unique to the business at hand, there are also some standard questions that can help the enterprise SEO manager or procurement department qualify or disqualify responding agencies.What SEO tactics do you view as effective in the current environment?Please provide a market assessment of SEO at this time, and any trends client should be concerned with over the next three 3 years.Indicate your ability to provide specific technical guidance to client developers for changes that affect SEO.Describe your approach to and frequency of ongoing updates and account management, including who is involved in review/status meetings and calls with the client team to review project status, activities and next steps.
As an expert in product building- particularly mobile apps- I ve started to notice that everyone seems to think building products is easy and especially with mobile apps being all the latest rage—and with access to simple ways to prototype or early stage simulate a mobile app—almost anyone can build an app in theory but the expertise it takes to behind build and launch an app takes years, years of experience.With more building going on there is even more layers of industry experience than before, especially in mobile and technology.There are hundreds of thousands of development firms all with their own niches of expertise, books on software development agreements, full conferences on software building as a space and plenty of online guides on product building.One female founder who has paved a way in software development is Anastasia Hilinsky of BuildRx.Imagine a successful women s retail brand: they know their product and customer, but they may not know the differences between popular eCommerce platforms, payment solutions or fully understand the fulfillment challenges they may face.By the same token, large or established companies can benefit from working with a shop, even if they are highly technically competent.
How you can better communicate PPC industry updates to clientsSep 6, 2016 by Matt UmbroPPC is about more than just managing accounts — it s about managing client relationships, too.Columnist Matt Umbro provides some advice for how to talk to your clients about industry updates and account issues.Sep 6, 2016 by Marcus MillerSearch engine optimization SEO can deliver strong results for every client, but columnist Marcus Miller explains why it may not be right for every business or every situation.
I have drafted an RFP for my company but now where do I submit it Is there a general portal?Do you individually email out to agencies?The nature of the proposal requires a full service production/creative agency.
The U.S. Army aims to dictate an effort to "establish a new brand"Fort Bliss Air Assault by Alexander NeelyThe U.S. Army has officially issued a request for proposals for its advertising and marketing business.The decision falls in line with the shifting marketing tactics of the Army —covered by DMN in The Data-Driven Evolution of US Army Marketing Tactics — which dictates an effort to establish a new brand.The review, which was initially launched in 2014, encountered significant delays, following the Army's decision to extend its contract by a year and a half with McCann Worldgroup.The contract resulting from this review, according to an army spokesperson speaking with Ad Week, could result in a $4 billion, 10-year commitment.
The white paper or webinar content described below has been produced by one of our sponsors.From technology selection to revamped branding, the process of redesigning a website is far more than new colors and content.Proper up-front preparation and a thorough understanding of your goals and needs set you up for long-term success.This guide from Bayshore Solutions will walk you through the RFP development process and serve as a template to get you started.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download Website Redesign RFP: A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An RFP For Your Website Project.Digital Marketing Depot is a resource center for digital marketing strategies and tactics.
For lack of a better term, these are “Davidisms” that my team can probably repeat verbatim at this point.Some focus on quantitative metrics; others are obsessed with brand and positioning.I use this internally as a motivator when a client doesn’t choose my agency (which is focused on quantitative growth for clients and building a great culture): The client that didn’t choose us is going to get the agency they deserve!An agency without process is just a bunch of people running around doing thingsImagine going into an agency and pulling three account managers into separate rooms.Because those agencies don’t have any underlying process for how they run accounts — they just hire (hopefully) smart people and expect them to make smart decisions for clients.
They want automation and personalization because the ROI can be huge.For many companies, this desire leads to an RFP (request for proposal) for marketing technology to fuel a transformation.But is that really the answer?From what I have seen, a lack of technology is not what’s keeping companies from building successful, targeted messaging programs.Today’s marketers have access to a wide range of industry-leading solutions that will allow them to meet their specific needs.Like most business problems, the answer lies in a mix of vision, focus and budget.
Wondering if you have any good ideas for housing RFP responses (by question)?I want to build an RFP library, so that I can easily find responses without searching through a million different RFPs but am struggling to come up with a way to record and house questions/answers in anything other than a simple Word doc and using the ol "find" feature.In a past life I used Qvidian, but my company isn't quite there or ready for it yet.
p Modular construction technology is growing quickly in the residential sector but Marriot's embrace of the new way is its first inroad to the hospitality industry.Marriott’s innovative new rooms are assembled entirely off site by three different modular building partners.Although Marriot already has one modular hotel up and running — the 97-room Folsom Fairfield Inn & Suites in Folsom, California — the company’s journey toward modular construction began more than two years ago when Karim Khalifa, senior vice president for global design for Marriott International and his team began looking at modular development in Asia and Europe.Jacobs explained that the modular initiative started with a request for proposal that fielded proposals from manufacturing companies around the globe.Khalifa’s team then flew to each finalist’s building sites to assess the quality of the product, the manufacturer’s financial health, and their ability to scale.After this rigorous selection process, Marriott debuted the modular pilot project at its 2015 Connect conference.
p Rebecca Minkoff’s Advice For Aspiring EntrepreneursAs an engineering manager, some day you will be faced with a need to select a vendor.First, you need to come up with a list of business requirements for the project.Describe the high-level problem in non-technical terms and get the stakeholders to sign off.Then (assuming you've decided to go with a vendor and not build your own, which is a big decision in and of itself), put together a more detailed requirements document for potential vendors.Include the business problem, any hard requirements (e.g., "We're looking to update our website; we need WordPress expertise"), deadlines and as little legal boilerplate as you can get away with.
p When making a move to a new provider of cloud or email services, the number one consideration is to leave yourself enough time to administer the procurement process and create an orderly transition.For large companies, a migration tends to include several interconnected dependencies and systems.Too many times we see request for proposals without enough consideration for when the existing contract is up — or no RFP at all.This puts everybody in a bad position.The time of 30-, 60- or 90-day extensions seems to be in the past.If you’re planning to make a move, you must be ready to leave your existing platform behind on the day your contract ends.
In one aspect of my job, I get to look at the various platforms on the market to understand the different capabilities available for different use cases.My lens is generally focused on large-scale marketing, with an emphasis on email.It should be noted that many platforms currently offer some of these features — but whether they’re full-fledged and practical or merely exist to help check a box on an RFP (request for proposal) is up for debate.• Stop making us upload images and links separately and then repath them.I want to be able to upload coded HTML and have the images automatically grabbed, put out on a CDN (content delivery network) and repathed in the email.Similar to the above — if you already have the content, don’t force me to make it conform to your needs.
Amazon has announced plans to open a second headquarters in North America and today launched a request for proposal (RFP) from local and state governments as it looks to pin down a site for the project.The new facility, announced as “Amazon HQ2,” will receive more than $5 billion for construction and is expected to house up to 50,000 new people, according to a press release issued by the company today.Amazon is touting the new project’s broader impact on the local area and claims it will help create “tens of thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars in additional investment” in the vicinity.The company has produced an eight-page RFP document, and submissions will be open from today until October 19, 2017.The final site selection will be revealed sometime in 2018.Amazon recently revealed plans to increase its headcount by 55 percent to 280,000 in the U.S. over 18 months, and just yesterday the company announced that its first fulfillment center in New York state will be landing in Staten Island.
There are a few key lessons here for anyone who writes sales proposals, big or small.No matter what you sell, you can learn from the process of pitching for Amazon's new headquarters to write better sales proposals:Your prospect is not just in the market for a product with the right technical specs, they often want to know how your solution and your team will fit with their company culture.Amazon is seeking several things from the location of their new headquarters: a strong climate for business growth, an international airport, good public transit, a strong pool of tech talent and a high quality of life and cultural amenities that help attract a well-educated workforce.(For example, the New York Times suggested that Denver might be the best metro area for Amazon's new headquarters, based on these guidelines.)You might not be able to compete with other organizations based on every single item on the checklist, but you can try to create a compelling offer based on the overall strategic picture of why your solution is the right fit.
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration Tuesday will make a request for information from companies interested in helping it expand broadband internet access, an action that could challenge cable giant Charter Communications Inc.’s market dominance in New York City.The request, which is generally the first step before issuing a formal request for proposal, invites internet service providers and other industry stakeholders to advise the city on how it can reach its goal of having affordable, high-speed internet access citywide by 2025.The request is meant to “maximize the benefits of competition,” according to a draft reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.“We are utilizing every approach to engage with partners that share our vision to expand citywide broadband and constructively inform the process,” said Miguel Gamiño, Jr. , New York City chief technology officer.“One thing we know for sure is that business as usual won’t work, which is why we’re keeping the door open to new ideas that will help us achieve success in this critical endeavor.”John Bonomo, a spokesman for Charter Communications Inc., said Monday that New York City is “one of the most competitive telecom and Internet markets in the country, with a host of wireline, wireless and other technologies offering services to all customer segments.”
A comprehensive and well written mobile app RFP can help you to obtain accurate and reliable information about your specific project.The RFP can be a valuable document that can help you to find a good vendor for your app development project.Keeping such factors in mind will help you to come up with a better written RFP that contains all the minute details and requirements of your app which will in turn help you to obtain relevant responses.If that is the case with you, you should remember that including the budget can actually help you to select a vendor that is suitable for your job.Mobile app development companies vary greatly in their infrastructure, cost, scope as well as the quality of work that they are capable of delivering.Mobile app development projects should be backed up by proper maintenance and support