This process of tweaking the algorithms helps to provide relevant search results to the consumer.If you are planning to create a proper SEO campaign, then you have to understand the need and relevance of link building.What is Link Building?The link building helps to generate a huge library of links on several other websites that will directly point back to your website.Though the search engine optimizer will certainly agree on the fact that it is very difficult to build a high quality portfolio of the links, yet, it is very crucial.The links can take decades to arrange themselves organically.15 SEO Link Building TechniquesIt is very important to know and follow some of the strategies that will help you to get the target customers to your website.Therefore you must use the strategies to attract the correct set of customers and also get appropriate rankings.The techniques are:Provide Testimonials One of the best ways of link building is by providing testimonials to companies that need it.It is one of the most effective ways to create a quality link for the homepage.