With all the focus on Huawei’s fate vis-a-vis the US ban, there has been less attention on other phones that are just coming out of the woodwork.Even less on phones that exist only in rumors and speculation.The Galaxy Note 10 belongs in the latter and now that the dust around Huawei has settled down a bit, there is a bit more room to talk about what could be Samsung’s oddest Galaxy Note yet in a long time.Perhaps nothing still beats the Galaxy Note Edge.Although curved edge screens are now Samsung’s mark for premium phones, a one-sided slope that is actually a separate display is still a pretty odd design.The Galaxy Note 10 could come second, changing the way Samsung has designed its phones for years.
Now that you’ve managed to get your hands on the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it’s time to get to know your new phone.To give it a try, go to Settings > Advanced features> Dual Messenger.Toggle on the slider next to the app you’d like to clone.Tap the radio box under the resolution you’d like to use.While creating a strong unlock password, PIN, or pattern can help in many circumstances, it’s probably a good idea to add a second layer of protection.When you’re ready to set up Secure Folder, go Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure folder.
Although no announcement has been made, inside sources suggest Samsung is about to invest $40 million into game-maker Niantic.The partnership could also result in a Samsung Galaxy Note-exclusive Harry Potter game in which you use the S Pen as a makeshift wizard’s wand.According to an anonymous source speaking with The Inquirer, Samsung is poised to make a substantial investment in mobile game maker Niantic, creator of the worldwide smash Pokémon Go.Reportedly, Niantic is planning to file an IPO in 2019 and thus needs to raise money.Samsung — looking to work through its mobile division “crisis” — is looking to add more perceived value to its smartphone lineup.As such, the two companies are looking to help each other out, with Samsung providing a new injection of cash (reportedly $40 million) and Niantic providing Samsung with exclusive content.
Even companies like Apple, which stuck to smaller smartphones for years, eventually followed the trend with the iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.Best all-around: Samsung Galaxy Note 9Want a big 6.3-inch AMOLED display and equally-large 4,000mAh battery?The bright and large display is the best on the market,If you can think of a software feature, it probably has it.Bixby continues to not be particularly good and its button cannot be officially remapped.
On Wednesday, Apple announced its trio of new iPhones, and with it, the company put the final nail in the coffin for rebooting a small, pocketable iPhone.Couple that with the fact that Apple is discontinuing the 4-inch iPhone SE, and this all means one thing: abandon all hope of ever owning a new small smartphone, iOS, Android or what have you.When it first came out in 2011, its 5.3-inch display (which these days isn't even enormous anymore) seemed almost comical.After that though, suddenly every phone had to be big.There was the ridiculously squared 5-inch LG Optimus Vu, the barely holdable 5.9-inch HTC One Max and the 6-inch Nokia Lumia 1520 (may everything about that phone rest in peace) to name a few.Phone companies would argue they're just giving the people what they want.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cooling system is bigger and more efficient than any prior system.Samsung posted an infographic as well as a blog post describing how it works in detail.The Water Carbon Cooling system ensures that your Note 9 doesn’t overheat and can handle processor-heavy tasks with ease.Samsung introduced what it calls the Water Carbon Cooling system in 2016 with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7.The cooling system does what you’d expect: it helps regulate the internal temperature of your smartphone to keep things running smoothly.The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – which just landed on store shelves last week – features the largest and most ambitious Water Carbon Cooling system yet in a Samsung device.
To celebrate today’s release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Sammy posted an infographic with a history of the Note line.The infographic goes into detail on every Note product — except the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which isn’t mentioned at all.This is further proof that Samsung apparently intends to strike the Galaxy Note 7 from the record entirely.A few weeks ago, Samsung released a teaser ad to hype up the then-upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.The teaser ad ran through the numerical entries in the Note line, but very conspicuously skipped over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.Today, to celebrate the global release of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung posted a neat infographic that goes over the entire history of Galaxy Note devices, even including the Galaxy Note Edge.
Of course, that still depends on how well or how badly the Galaxy Note 9 performs in comparison.It might, however, be more beneficial to simply merge its two flagship phones completely, whatever name it comes up with.While it’s not as bad as it was before the Galaxy S8, at least not yet, Samsung is worried it might find itself in the red again.So far, however, anticipation for the Galaxy Note 9 has been ambiguous.According to sources, if the Galaxy Note 9 manages to sell well, Samsung might give the Galaxy S Plus model the boot.On the other hand, should the Galaxy Note 9 flop, it will be the one that gets its features assimilated by the larger Galaxy S. In both cases, the smaller non-Plus Galaxy S would remain.
At this stage there doesn't seem to be very much we don't know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but the leaks are still coming further proving that the leaks have been right all along.The latest is a pre-order page for one of the phone's cases, complete with renders of what seem to be the final phone.Mobile Fun put up pre-order pages for Olixar Note 9 cases, and shockingly, the phone displayed is some sort of rectangle with a horizontal dual-camera system and a fingerprint scanner hiding underneath.The images show off the phone at various different angles, but honestly there isn't really anything we haven't heard about already.You can see the horizontal camera layout, as promised, along with the new fingerprint scanner located underneath, plus the range of ports that still include the 3.5mm headphone jack.As ever there's the four button layout, including the Bixby button nobody wants or asked for.
August is just a month ahead, and Samsung seems to be putting some effort into getting its upcoming Galaxy Note 9 released earlier in the next month.After some important details about the functionalities of the new S-Pen leaked, as well as a glimpse of the device design through a case render, the new king of phablets has paid a visit to FCC – The United States regulatory agency.This specific model will be exclusive to Uncle Sam country, and as usual, will pack the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset.The standard model number of the phone is SM-N960U, but the unlocked version will carry the SM-N960U1 label.Furthermore, the FCC documents also reveal an illustration showing the agency’s name engraved on the rear bottom of the Galaxy Note 9.The filing also reveals the complete list of LTE bands supported by Samsung’s flagship.
Rumors suggest the S Pen on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could have Bluetooth connectivity.Features mentioned include the ability to take pictures remotely and for use as a pointer during presentations.The S Pen is also expected to carry a digital signature function that will store signatures for authentification purposes.Samsung is reportedly planning to introduce some big changes to the S Pen on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9.According to ETNews, the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen’s functionality will go beyond that of a simple stylus with remote features and unique authentification tech.ETNews cites a “senior official” from a local carrier who claims that Note 9 users will be able to use the S Pen to take pictures remotely and control music, as well as use the stylus as a pointer during presentations.
Samsung upcoming flagship phablet – the Galaxy Note 9 has now received 3C certification in China, a few weeks after it cleared the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT) hurdle.This is one of the few certifications the device is expected to secure before it could sell in the Chinese market.The version that just got 3C certification is the Note 9 with the model number SM-N9608, and while no specific details were highlighted, the listing document reveals the Galaxy Note 9’s battery supports a power input of 9V DC/1.67A or 5V DC/2A through fast wireless charging as well as support for TD-LTE bands for cellular connectivity.If you aren’t already aware, the Galaxy Note 9 is tipped to launch at the scheduled Galaxy unpacked event slated for August 9 in the New York City.Speculations are rife that the device will be heading straight to the Chinese market shortly after its launch, hence the need for the 3C approval.Previous leaks indicates Note 9 won’t come with any radical change in terms of design, and if words from Eldar Murtazin are to be taken for it, the Note 9 is tipped to come with a 4000mAh battery which should offer up to one to two days of normal usage and 23 to 25 hours of video playback at maximum brightness, a huge leap over that of the Note8
This afternoon we’re having a look at the wide world of expectations we have for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now that the device’s announcement event was revealed.Samsung sent invitations to the press for a Samsung Unpacked event which will take place on the 9th of August, 2018.At that event we expect the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to be revealed – and probably not a gold-encrusted salmon with Bluetooth, but who knows?!The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was leaked in a variety of ways over the past few weeks and months, creating for us a picture of the device that’s quite solid.The chart you see above runs down the official specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.The above chart also shows the Galaxy Note 9 in what we’re reasonable sure will be an accurate portrayal – detail-wise.
Samsung has sent out invitations for an event on August 9th for a new Galaxy device — and while it doesn’t call out the Note 9 by name, the picture of a Note stylus plus the timing means it’s almost certain we’ll see the launch of the company’s next flagship device.The August 9th date was rumored by Bloomberg earlier in the month, and the Note 9 itself recently cleared the FCC, so a launch event was likely to happen sooner or later.As for the Note 9, rumors indicate that it’ll be a similar upgrade to the Note 8 as the Galaxy S9 was to last year’s S8, with a focus on an improved camera rather than a completely overhauled design.The invitation also seems to hint at a new yellow color for the device.Given that Samsung also tends to use the Note line as a platform for bigger hardware experiments, though, it’s likely we could see some other additions — like say the long-rumored in-display fingerprint scanner.Whatever the case, we’ll find out in just a few weeks when Samsung’s event rolls around (or, if past history is any indication, when the leaks start to come out).
Sources suggest the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus could have a massive 6.44-inch display.This would be bigger than the display of the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.The same report also says the Galaxy S10 will get a triple camera setup, not the dual camera setup previously rumored.Samsung is reportedly planning to give the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a 6.44-inch display.If true, this would be larger than any display found on a current Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series device, as well as the 6.38-inch display that the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 is expected to ship with.According to The Bell’s sources, Samsung informed parts suppliers about adjustments made to the specs of the upcoming Galaxy S10 series devices around June 22.
For the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 a key tip was leaked this morning on what’s easily the most important feature for end users: Battery Life.According to Ice Universe, this newest Samsung Galaxy Note device will have a larger battery than any other flagship out right now.Word from Weibo by Ice Universe is that there’s a big upgrade INSIDE the Galaxy Note gen-to-gen. An apparent potential plan for the size and shape of the Galaxy Note 9 was a bit hampered by its camera placement, as a portrait-style stack of lenses.Now with the Galaxy Note 9 moving to a more landscape-style row of lenses, there’s room for more innards.Images shared by Ice Universe show potential size of battery for the Galaxy Note 9 with two different designs.Below we’ve also included a photo of the inside of the Galaxy Note 8 courtesy of iFixit.
When I think of August, I think of the Galaxy Note.That's the month that Samsung typically introduces its latest phone for power users, with its trademark digital stylus.The Note represents the culmination of Samsung's technology for the year; the phone that Samsung usually saves as its "best for last" to battle the iPhone and Pixels, and thrust in front of buyers when the holidays roll around.I have my own hunches on what the Note 9 could have, what I think it should have, and what I think it absolutely won't include.Just because the last phone in this series was the Note 8 and the one before was the Galaxy Note 7 doesn't mean Samsung wouldn't skip a number to rename its phone.Samsung did skip 2016's Galaxy Note 6 in favor of the Note 7 name; some suspected it was to match up numerically to the iPhone 7.
The Galaxy Note 3 might forever be known as the most massive of the series.Since the Note 3, Samsung’s been making the body of the Galaxy Note smaller – if only fractionally – every generation.The trend continues today with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a device that looks like it’ll have the same size display as its predecessor, but a bit smaller body, making it feel more “full”, as it were.Today we’re having a peek at the latest renderings from the folks at SamsungMobile.News on Twitter.They’ve created a Galaxy Note 9 using the latest rumors and behind-the-scenes traded 3D CAD models.With these models, they’ve created a to-scale reproduction of what the Galaxy Note 9 will likely look like, right next to the Galaxy Note 8.
Today we’re having a peek at what might be the biggest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak yet revealed.This device saw quite a few leaks over the past few weeks, and we’ve seen what might well be the full back and front already.But what of the components we rarely see the difference in until the final product is in our hands?For the first time in a long time, it would appear that the Samsung Galaxy Note line will push a major upgrade over the Galaxy S. The Galaxy S8 largely provided the basis for our understanding and expectations of the Galaxy Note 8.But for the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S9 might not be the best guide.According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we’ll likely see an “upgraded camera” with the Galaxy Note 9.
This morning a new set of details on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 spilled in South Korea.In this new set of details, some previously assumed bits and pieces are a bit closer to confirmation, and some new elements are discovered.Of course until we get to Samsung’s final event for the Galaxy Note 9, we don’t know FOR SURE what it’ll bring to the table.Until then, we’re getting close!The chart you see below compiles all the bits and pieces we’ve come to understand about the Galaxy Note 9 thus far.There’s very little we can’t pretty confidently bet on at this point!