First HTC declared that its prime models would get the update later this year and now reports claim Samsung has also chalked out its plans for Android N rollout to its flagship devices starting from Q4 in 2016.SamMobile reports that its sources in Samsung have claimed that the Android N update slated to release sometime between August and September this year would start rolling out to Samsung's current flagships from the fourth quarter.The move hints at a faster pace adoption for OS upgrades by the company as last year even though the Android 6.0 Marshmallow version was released in September, the first beta testing version to a Samsung device only made its way in December.As of tablets, the Galaxy Tab S2 should be the first to get the update sometime in 2017.The fate of the yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is uncertain, with certain rumours still claiming that it may very well be the first device from any manufacturer to sport the OS.In case Google releases the Android N ahead of the Galaxy Note 6, then there is a strong possibility to seeing the OS pre-installed on the unreleased flagship.
Galaxy Note 6 iPhone 7 PlusWe often talk about the performance of mobile devices, insisting on real life tests that show how the hottest smartphones in town perform during regular usage.The iPhone is still the performance benchmark to beat, with Galaxy flagships fighting for second place.And, ironically, it s Samsung that s going to help do that.Since then, a reliable Apple insider said the iPhone 7 Plus will need 3GB of RAM, given that the phone will have a dual lens camera with advanced photo features that will require more memory.At the 2016 Samsung Mobile Solution Forum in Shenzhen, China, Samsung just unveiled its 10nm LPDDR4 6GB mobile DRAM solution, SamMobile reports, which is expected to go inside the Galaxy Note 6 this year.The Galaxy Note 6 and iPhone 7 might be in for a huge RAM upgradeThe iPhone 6s is the fastest smartphone you can buy today, thanks to a combination of hardware innovation and software optimization.
They are much larger, though, something Samsung calls "Dual Pixels", and they lock on quickly and accurately for one of the fastest autofocuses on a smartphone.SamMobile picks up a much broader rumour, and while not namechecking the Galaxy Note 6, claims that Samsung is working on a "huge" camera sensor for use in its future flagship smartphones, tablets and phablets.HardwareAccording to Trusted Reviews, Samsung will make the Note 6 in two hardware configurations – one for the Asian market and another for the west.While some tout that the device could come this summer, others argue it will launch in the early autumn, which would mean there's a possibility it could come with Android N.Trusted Reviews picks up the trail, saying Google is likely to announce Android N launch details this summer but it could take "quite some time" before it begins appearing on handsets.However, the idea of Android N on the Note 6 in 2016 hasn't been completely sunk.Know Your Mobile picks up a leak on Chinese social media website Weibo that a watered down Note 6 is on the way this year, featuring lower specifications and a cheaper price point.
Although long rumored for the upcoming Galaxy Note 6, other smartphone OEMs, like Vivo for example, have beaten Samsung to the 6 GB RAM punch by launching early this year.While those, of course, are commendable, Samsung might still have the last laugh.The difference between Samsung's chip and existing 6GB RAM chips is that Samsung utilizes the newest 10 nm manufacturing process, promising faster, more efficient memory.Smaller chips not only take up less space but also use up less energy and decreases the time needed for power, and therefore data, to travel from one point to another.It has already been widely believed that the phablet will indeed come with 6 GB of RAM, but this latest tidbit would hint that it would have the latest that technology has to offer.The rest of the Galaxy Note 6's specs are still being debate, with contradicting and sometimes puzzling information coming from different sources.
Fingerprint scanning is commonplace on many devices, but the lack of widespread adoption of iris scanning would make it a standout feature.It is also used by an assortment of smaller, Chinese manufacturers.The latest word suggests Samsung will make it water and dustproof, albeit with an IP67 rating compared to the IP68 seen on the Galaxy S7 – the compartment in which the stylus sits could prevent the device from receiving full IP68 protection.They are much larger, though, something Samsung calls "Dual Pixels", and they lock on quickly and accurately for one of the fastest autofocuses on a smartphone.HardwareAccording to Trusted Reviews, Samsung will make the Note 6 in two hardware configurations – one for the Asian market and another for the west.However, the idea of Android N on the Note 6 in 2016 hasn't been completely sunk.
What it can do, what it can't do, and what we're going to expect it to do now that Apple has finally presented a stylus of their own.Samsung far and away beats the rest of the smartphone-with-pen smartphone universe with their all-in-one solution.The United States Patent and Trademark Office has posted a Patent Application for a "Stylus with Inertial Sensor" applied for by Apple.This Apple patent introduces so many different ways to use the stylus, it's hard to imagine the device failing to bring about a whole new category of apps for whatever devices it works with.Not yet, anyway.At that point, Samsung would create a secondary stylus - perhaps one called the X Pen - which does the lot.
Well, Samsung is reportedly pulling the same kind of marketing trick for its Galaxy Note line.DON T MISS: This is the OnePlus 3 feature the iPhone 7 has to copyA new report from ETNews says that Samsung will move from Galaxy Note 5 directly to Galaxy Note 7.When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone, a high-ranking official said.Samsung might have one other reason to look for such cohesion between Galaxy S and Galaxy Note numbering systems.That doesn t mean the reasoning isn t silly as well.The report goes on to say that the Galaxy Note 7 should be launched at some point in mid-August, just like its predecessor, to avoid iPhone 7 competition.
Samsung has done well so far with its Galaxy S7 family of smartphones.According to a new rumor making the rounds, Samsung will skip the Galaxy Note 6 name and move straight to the Galaxy Note 7.The last Galaxy Note smartphone was the Galaxy Note 5, which we reviewed at launch if you want to learn more about that device.It's certainly not unprecedented for smartphone makers to skip numbers in its naming convention.That move was more to show that the iPhone 3G supported faster wireless speeds though.One source in the industry said, "When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone."
Samsung is preparing to pull a Microsoft by skipping a version number for the forthcoming Galaxy Note release.According to reports, the company is planning to leapfrog the large-screened Galaxy Note 6 and call it the Galaxy Note 7.The rationale behind the decision is quite simple; it wants the next Note to sound newer and neatly in line with this year s Galaxy S7 devices.The source said: When a Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone.See also: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 reviewBeyond the nomenclature change, Samsung is only planning to release an Edge version of the device, with dual-edged display, ET sources claim.The report also suggests Samsung will announced the device in late July, ahead of an on-sale date in early or mid-August.
This would be first time the company has chosen to skip a model number for the Galaxy Note lineup due to marketing strategy.ETNews, quoting multiple sources in the industry, claims Samsung has chosen the name Galaxy Note 7 for its new Note, which is expected to be released in the second half of 2016."When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone," said a source.The company is planning to start production of the handset sometime in the middle of July, with a launch expected in early or mid-August.The Note 5 was unveiled on 13 August, 2015, followed by a release in the same month.Samsung might even have an early launch date ahead of Apple's next iPhone iterations — the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus — expected to be launched in September.
GSMArena adds that skipping over the 6 name could also be part of a drive to compete against Apple, which introduces its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in September.At the moment, the only premium brand to incorporate the tech is Windows, with its Lumia 950 and 950 XL handsets.It is also used by an assortment of smaller, Chinese manufacturers.The Note 6 is set to be a powerful, hardware-driven mobile device.Rumours so far suggest it could come with the as-yet-unrevealed Snapdragon 823 chipset mated to 6GB RAM and make use of a 5.8ins OLED display.A less powerful and cheaper Galaxy Note 6 Lite making use of the same internals as the Samsung Galaxy S7 has been touted to release alongside the flagship version.
It's sure to be very expensiveSamsung Galaxy Note 6 release dateAccording to @evleaks the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be released during the week of August 15, so with no other release date rumors to go on that's looking the most likely.Given that all the rumors so far are pointing to the same size and resolution it's likely that's what we'll get.Certainly it's going to be at least QHD, given that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is, and 5.8 inches would only be marginally bigger than that phone's 5.7-inch screen.While most camera rumors are pointing to a 12MP lens PhotoRumors claims Samsung is working on a new sensor that will be between 18MP and 24MP and have a wide f/1.4 aperture, which should allow it to take in a lot of light.The Gear VR is a nice bit of kit, but it's held back by a lack of visual fidelity.The Note 6 will be a newer handset, so we want newer, better things, like full waterproofing, rather than just water resistance.
Last year's simultaneous debut of the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy Note 5 might have caused some confusion in naming, and Samsung's decision to keep the Note 5 out of the UK was... perplexing, to say the least.This may be a move to better align the marketing and consumer expectations."When Galaxy Note 6 that has its model number lower than Galaxy S7, which is the newest model, is released, it can give out a feeling that it is an outdated phone," said an unnamed, high-ranking industry representative, according to ET News. "That will give Samsung a bit of a late summer window to itself, potentially, instead of going head-to-head with the impending iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in September.That would help with messaging and promotion, as well, and align the phablets even closer with the Galaxy S7 branding.However it shakes out, we should see a Galaxy Note by the time summer winds down - we'll just have to wait and see if Samsung sticks with its familiar numbering or makes the leap.
Will the 2017 Galaxy S8 feature a 4K display?The specs of the display are as follows:Size: 5.5-inchResolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4KPixel Density: 806 PPIVisible-light intensity: 350nit brightnessRange of colours: 97% colour gamutThe prototype, which was bright with excellent contrast and colour, was shown outside of a headset or a device.This leads to speculation about which device the display could actually feature on.While the former is their older and first of its kind flagship series, the latter is relatively new and treads more towards the phablet category.Samsung says it will still be a while before something like this can go into production so it does not fit with the Note 6 release which is due for the July-August period.But the Galaxy X is supposed to be the long-awaited foldable display smartphone from the company which also rules it out from featuring the 4K display.
The SM-N935G is a model for a device made by Samsung that we've not yet seen - and based on past model numbers and tendencies for the company to name devices with similar codes each year, we can certainly make some educated guesses as to what's going on here.These numbers are not guaranteed to bring us the smartphones we're guessing at - but again, they are pretty decent indicators of device manufacturing.The same - or a very similar - code change year-to-year has taken place with Samsung phones over the past several years.As such, the following can be extrapolated:Galaxy Note 5: SM-N920Galaxy S7: SM-G930Galaxy S7 Edge: SM-G935• SM is always there.If the pattern Samsung has had over the past several years hold true, then yes.August is still a ways away - we'll likely happen upon quite a few more bits and pieces before then!
This event will feature devices that allow users to Move, Explore, and Create - that could mean a lot of things.We can expect plenty of Summer-aimed products for this event.Devices that'll go with you as you leave your apartment or basement or bedroom this warm season to exercise your body and allow your lungs to be filled with real, unfiltered oxygen from the great outdoors.Samsung will also likely bring out their IconX wireless earbuds with all sorts of fun abilities like smart tracking and touch controls and media storage and more.And don't forget this little gem.No matter how you slice it, SlashGear will be bringing you the news up to the minute - complete with images and video to make your early adopter experience as fulfilling as possible.
Update: A Snapdragon 830 processor and a VR-ready 4K screen are both likely fits for the Samsung Galaxy S8.QHD, as we have on the Samsung Galaxy S7, is more than sharp enough for using it as a phone but it's not quite up to scratch for VR, so it's likely Samsung will push the resolution up for the Samsung Galaxy S8, perhaps as high as 4K.Or maybe it will focus on making the phone thinner.Samsung Galaxy S8 camera and batterySamsung is said to be working on a new camera, which will be between 18 and 24MP and have a wide f/1.4 aperture, where the Samsung Galaxy S7 has a narrower f/1.7 one.Certainly a boost on the 4GB found in the Samsung Galaxy S7 is likely.But when you consider that many high-end Chinese phones and even fairly big name handsets like the OnePlus 2 launched for far cheaper, it's hard not to wish it was a little more affordable.
DON T MISS: The OnePlus 3 might be incredibly cheap, new leak suggestsReliable leaker Evan Blass said on Twitter that the Galaxy Note 6/7 launch event is almost exactly two months away.Assuming that s accurate, then Samsung s upcoming Unpacked event will take place a few weeks earlier than expected.The move should give Samsung even more time to sell the Galaxy Note 7 to customers shopping for big-screen smartphones.The Android phablet was unveiled in early September, well ahead of Apple s iPhone keynote, but Samsung wasn t able to launch it as fast, or in as many markets, as Apple did.Last year, Samsung changed tunes, making sure the Galaxy Note 5 would hit stores well ahead of the iPhone 6s series.By the time that happens, the Galaxy Note 7 – an odd name choice for Samsung, which is looking to skip a beat in its numbering system – might be in stores for a full month.
Last year, Samsung skipped the traditional September IFA release for the Galaxy Note series and announced it in August instead.The latest rumor suggests it'll be even earlier this year.According to reliable Twitter leaker @evleaks, the Galaxy Note 6 will be launching in two months time.Bringing it forwardWhat still isn't clear is what the name of the device will be.It'd mean the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 would launch in the same year, for example.The source claims Samsung Electro-Mechanics is working on a new dual-camera system that may be ready in time for the new Galaxy Note 7.
Credit: OnLeaksWith the summer months here, it s only natural that smartphone enthusiasts look to the next big release on the horizon: the Galaxy Note 6.One of the many rumors about the next phablet suggests that Samsung will skip ahead in numbers to bring some brand consistency.The most recent leaks from OnLeaks Steve Hemmerstoffer , who has begun to rival VentureBeat s Evan Blass in terms of scoring exclusive images, show a phone that looks like a larger Galaxy S7 Edge with the stylus and USB-C port.On the spec front, we should have the usual water resistance, a high-resolution AMOLED display, a nearly 4,000mAh battery and possibly 6GB !We ll have to see if this turns out to be accurate and bring something else to think about besides the summer heat.All we need now is to see the thing in the flesh, which could happen before launch given how much we ve learned already.