We spoke to Emergence partner Santi Subotovsky about what sparked his interest in Zoom, and why Yuan reminds him of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs — only a nicer version.Emergence General Partner Santi Subotovsky took a seat on Zoom's board, and he's been working closely with Yuan ever since.In the hours after Zoom started trading, Subotovsky spoke to Business Insider about what first drew him to the company and why Yuan reminds him of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs — but nicer.We're just celebrating a milestone without thinking that this milestone is the ending.Read more: Billion-dollar startup Zoom filed to go public — and shares of a totally unrelated company also called called Zoom shot up 1,100%Peterson: How big was the company when you first invested?
Emergence, the 18-year-old, San Mateo, Ca.-based venture firm focused on enterprise tech startups, has rounded up nearly a billion dollars in capital commitments across two funds. It closed its sixth early-stage fund with $575 million; the outfit also raised a so-called opportunity fund for the first time, closing it with $375 million in capital commitments. […]
Zoom experienced wild growth in 2020. Now, it faces new challenges and opportunities as it adapts to a post-pandemic world.