During this process, I stumbled onto some older posts on the topic, including an old blog post on the topic from Matt Cutts, Google’s former head of webspam.Sharing knowledge about things that you’re expert in is a great way to get links and traffic.There’s certainly nothing wrong with including shorter content, product/company updates, or posts that are more explicitly designed to drive leads and sales — these are, after all, company blogs.This is a concept that’s been talked about by SEOs and content strategists ad infinitum, but I still see tons of companies who want to crank out self-referential sales materials and have someone “sprinkle SEO pixie dust” on top of content that no one would have any reasonable incentive to share or link to.posts that curate and link out to other resources (which is helpful for both your prospects and the resources you highlight).Understanding what Google says and what they’re emphasizing in search rankings is useful and important, but make sure you’re making sound business and marketing decisions.
Yoast is one of the perfect SEO solutions and caters various benefits to its users. It’s free and can be installed easily on any self-hosted WordPress website. With the use or help of Yoast we can:- • Create and submit sitemap of our websites in XML format that also supports images. • Add SEO title, Meta description, and Meta keywords to each post and page of your site • Add custom title for your main site, archives, and category and tag pages
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The "iPhone 7S" and "iPhone 7S Plus" would be the traditional "S phone" upgrades we get in odd-numbered years, keeping the same basic design we've seen since the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, while adding some new under-the-hood hardware improvements -- the requisite faster CPU and better cameras, along with (possibly) something like inductive wireless charging.Supposedly, it even drops the Touch ID home button in place of facial recognition.1 "new iPhone" term on Google Trends, it's become something of a self-fulfilling prophecy: As more publishers seek to cash in on the search engine optimization (SEO) value of "iPhone 8," more stories about "iPhone 8" flood your feeds.Apple pundit John Gruber suggests that 3 new iPhones could get some form of the "iPhone 8" moniker if the lower-end S models offer a surprise design overhaul, too.After all, if Apple follows its normal tradition, the existing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will remain on sale with $100 knocked off the price.But "iPhone Pro" would be the first-ever use of that name -- a nice nod to its "newness" -- and the Pro designation as "king of the hill" would line up with everyone's general understanding of Apple's product lines.
Recently, someone emailed me some information about a private Facebook group run by an SEO company in Austin, Texas, that is encouraging businesses to “swap reviews” on Google.If you’re interested >> COMMENT BELOW.”In the group, people are commenting with their profiles and indicating that they’re a Level 5-7 on the Google Local Guides program.This group was reported to Google weeks ago, but as of this writing, the profiles are all active.Although what these people are doing is against Google’s guidelines, Google has yet to take action on tons of the massive networks I’ve sent in — and I anticipate it will take some time before they start cracking down on these users leaving fake reviews.I looked at the reviews of the SEO company behind this, and they have had several negative reviews on their Google listing recently from people calling them out on their other fabricated five-star reviews.
Most popular JavaScript librariesAs it was already mentioned libraries are divided into two types - already popular and widespread among developers and little-known but with a promising set of features aboard.Let's first consider the most popular JavaScript libraries that are in the limelight.React.jsLicense: BSD-3-Clause Website: facebook.github.io/react/What is React.js?However, we just could not exclude this library from our top at least because it is one of the most popular JS libraries.It is worth to single out such React.js advantages as an ability to create SEO-friendly web applications as well as its high performance and flexibility.Also, you may watch a video related to this topic.These features in React development are possible due to the virtual DOM tree that is created on a server-side.Thus, every time when users interact with a product, ReactJS creates a new DOM to compare it with the previous one and rebuild it taking into account all the changes.So, to other React.js benefits, we can refer the fact this library easily handles with big amounts of data and decreases the load on a browser since all the processes are conducted on a server-side.When to use?Getting started with React implies the necessity of a flexible tool intended to create a dynamic View layer.
That is, currently sites those give a superior ordeal on gadgets that the clients utilize, aside from the well-established desktop stages, will be positioned higher and improve situating on the outcomes page for an inquiry. The versatile, and the cell phone showcase is unified with awesome potential, considerably more noteworthy development and one of only a handful couple of business sectors that are as yet anticipated that would grow and differ further. Along these lines, it ends up noticeably fundamental for Google to give better situating to sites that heap speedier or give preferred UI over the rest. The reason, along these lines obvious, is the reason Google needed to begin SEO for cell phones too. It would discolor the Google client ease picture it has made assuming generally. Top SEO Company in Mumbai, India and the ones giving them, along these lines now ought to extend their spaces to versatile and different gadgets also.
Like whatever other myths, SEO myths are additionally frequently deceptive and false. Subsequently a comprehension of them and what they mean is essential and advantageous in the event that you a business wander working on the web or going on the web. Myth 1: Excessively utilizing watchwords Website Designing Company in Mumbai and other maturing organizations that are going to the online stage accompanied the obtrusive information that utilizing watchwords, and a greater amount of them, is useful in pulling in better SEO rankings. What utilization of more watchwords does is chafe the clients while perusing your blog; additionally, web indexes are embracing advancement and today, use of catch phrases in wealth does not help in showing signs of improvement position in the after effects of a question. You could likewise be subjected to punishments for such use. Myth 2: Immoderate number of connections seo services in Mumbai, different places in the country, for the most part, concentrate on getting a higher situating for a site not through old practices of connections and references any longer.
The undeniable answer is to be seen by the majority and making their quality felt and represented.The fundamental paradigm for good social media marketing is quality substance without which a business does not stand an opportunity to gain ubiquity on the social media rounds.Indeed, even the specialists from the social media marketing in Mumbai trust that quality substance and ideal and vital utilization of the social media go as an inseparable unit.Following are a few laws as to maximizing quality substance to witnessing the increase in the online passage points which are the fundamentals of social media marketing and ought to be inculcated while technique planning:  1.The law of paying consideration:  On the off chance that you need to prevail with the assistance of social media figure out how to talk less and listen more.The law of fixation:  As the saying goes, handyman, the ace of none.
Designing a website in the right way is quite important and while you are doing so it is important that you avoid a few common mistakes. This is because if you make a few mistakes then the strategy will all go wrong. So, here are the 5 most common mistakes that you should avoid. You can seek help of Web Design Company in Mumbai. This will really help.The most common mistakes that you must avoid while designing the website:• Making things complex: Go ahead and choose how you want to do. You should not take the complex approach while designing the website. The website should be simple and the users should have good experiences. If you are making E Commerce site then you should have without fail the options like sign up now, add to the cart, also look at etc.• Not using analytics: It is important that you use the analytics tool. But the problem is that many small sites or the developing sites do not use these things and finally the problem will happen to you as you will lose important data and this will really create a lot of misguiding concepts.• Not being regular with content posting: It is important that when you have created a website you should have the provisions for posting the contents on regular basis. If you avoid these things then perhaps you will have to repent later. So, just be very specific about these common things.• Not making the responsive site: These days most of the people prefer responsive web design. If you are the one who have not yet taken such a step then you need to take the option now. This is because; it is not just the web design that will matter. A responsive design will give the users a chance to view the site on any important platform and that would include a tablet, a phone and even the laptop.• Not fostering social media engagement: If you are just creating the website design then make sure that you are getting access to social media engagement as well. If you avoid Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and all then you will not get the real traffic which you deserve to get. So, be very specific on these things.If you have made up your mind that you want to get ahead with the best website design then you should avoid the 5 common mistakes which you might make in the haste to come up quickly over the search engine. But you need to stay patient and then you will get the perfect options. If you check out affordable SEO services then you will realize that such amazing options are available for you. Just stay in touch with the right things and see how you can take care of the basic things in relation to the website. Source
Travis and Stewart then interview Rand Fishkin — one of the world’s leading SEO authorities — on the future of the future of the industry and what is going to happen next.Kununu has worked with Monster to analyze jobs reviews in order to gain insights into employees’ motivation.Stewart prognosticates that in the future there will be the haves, the have-nots, and the “super-haves.” [06:20]The haves will be able to afford microchips, nanobots, and brain interfaces that will give them the competitive advantage to become “super-haves.” [07:15]We are in danger of these technologies pushing us further apart, in an era where diversity is such a heavily debated topic.When brain interfaces such as Elon Musk’s go live in three to four years, it’s going to be wild.
SEO was like the wild wild west, where anything goes, and brand new companies could easily dominate big brands.
Super early bird rates expire next week for SMX East, the East Coast’s largest search marketing conference.Attend for 3 days of actionable, cutting edge search marketing tactics presented by experts that will leave your competition in the dust.Here’s what to expect October 24-26 in NYC:Actionable content: The agenda consists of 55+ expert-led sessions covering the latest in SEO and SEM topics… from the latest ranking factors to how to effectively test your campaigns!Powerful connections: Dive into intense conversations, share tips and ideas, and establish friendships with your fellow search marketing peers through a number of networking events including our Meet & Greet, networking lunches, expo hall reception and more!Performance-enhancing solutions & case studies: Swing by the expo hall to meet a variety of search marketing vendors and attend our unique “Plus Sessions” featuring inside info and training directly from Google & Bing employees and experts.
Whether in an agency environment or inside a business, your SEO team is affected by where it’s placed within the organization.With that said, understanding the influences in play with certain organizational placements can help you make wiser decisions as you look at the logistics of categorizing an SEO team.This works for medium to large teams that are able to have their own leadership structure and growth opportunities.The benefits of having this team operate independently include being able to segment the department into functional groups, such as technical SEO, content marketing, link building, etc.Another benefit is that SEO processes are not biased by another department’s focus.Continuous coordination between PPC and SEO allows for building search engine results page visibility, and an understanding of where both PPC and SEO efforts should be enhanced to maximize conversion opportunities.
Almost everyone, it seems, has received one: a call falsely claiming that your business listing on Google is about to expire.Many people also receive deceptive robocalls from marketing companies claiming to represent or be authorized by Google.One such UK-based company, Movette, was just shut down by regulators for using fraudulent tactics to sell a Google My Business (GMB) listings management service.The firm reportedly convinced numerous small businesses to sign auto-renewing annual contracts, worth between £199 to £249 ($260 to $324, approximately) to manage GMB listings on their behalf.After numerous complaints over a two-year period about its fraudulent or misleading business practices, the firm was finally shut down.According to the UK regulator, Movette:
While many things tend to get worse with time, search engines tend to get better, at least for users.I mean what they strive for is to give the users exactly what they want.Another thing is that the SEO world has to struggle to comply with the search engines' aspirations.Sometimes it looks like you have to jump, count to three, and sneeze while drinking virgin tears when the moon is full.Keywords, backlinks, mobile friendliness, and many other SEO must-do's are buzzing in our ears, and our heart longs something fresh, fast, and fiery.And we thought, why not call for brainy authority advice?
Do you want to create a stylish blog on your PrestaShop store?This is possible with the help of blog in PrestaShop Module.This plugin creates a blog area on your main site from where you can add new posts and manage all other posts from a single page.You can insert images, text, links and embed videos inside the blog posts.Formatting options like bold, italic, underline, font size, heading sizes and other options are provided by WYSWING editor.The blog created by this plugin is fully responsive and you can also set the meta title, descriptions and keywords for the blog posts for better ranking of the posts.Following are the top features of it;Built in SEO featuresFully responsive styleGrid and list view of blog postsRead More button for postsBlog sections on different pagesPrice: 70Euro
Search something, for example, like "top SEO tools 2017," and you'll get results from over 4 million different business websites.So, what you're doing is a battle.Morrow starts off his post with the subhed "Telling Stories" as his number one way to be a mediocre blogger.And that's weird, too -- because almost every content guru out there is already preaching that stories are a key to engaging readers.But the weird point grabs your attention and leads you on.Another example: After Morrow's seemingly weird point gets your attention, what follows is the reason behind his strange advice:
Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.5 ways to balance technical & non-technical SEOAug 9, 2017 by Jim YuThough tactics and strategies differ greatly for technical and non-technical SEOs, columnist Jim Yu believes it’s critical that they find ways to work together.Each is powerful on its own, but it’s in the combined efforts of both that the real magic happens.Apple Search Ads: Still tapping after 6 months of testing
One of the most difficult aspects of managing a brand and its digital presence online is knowing where to focus first.With dozens of different social apps, interactive commerce and content platforms, and tools to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the enormity of finding and connecting with the right audience on the web.If you need help identifying when and where to center your efforts, start with training like this Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing Masterclass , available right now from TNW Deals for only $15 .If you’ve never heard the term growth hacking, it’s pretty much what you’d expect: escalated growth in a short period of time.This course gives you training in all the tools to help make that happen, utilizing some of the most popular digital marketing components available like Google Analytics, MailChimp, AdWords and more.You’ll form marketing strategies for identifying the customers you want and crafting effective ways to reach them.