If you ve been working with one client or one site for a long time, you know it can be challenging to keep things fresh, both from an idea perspective and also an interest perspective.Yes, the search results change and strategies evolve, but at the end of the day, search really comes down to creating something that s accessible, useful and important to your customers.I ve talked about keywords plenty of times, and guess what?Because keywords are the foundation of any SEO program.They help us understand how our customers are searching and help us ensure we give those customers the information they want.A client of mine who I ve worked with for several years is launching a new site.
Google s rollout of artificial intelligence has many in the search engine optimization SEO industry dumbfounded.The old days of GoogleGoogle s pre-machine-learning search engine operated monolithically.What applied to one industry/search engine result applied to all results.Moz s algorithm change history page details the long history of Google s algorithm updates and what types of sites and pages were impacted.Businesses rose and fell on the backs of decisions made due to such insights, and those that were able to course-correct fast enough were the winners.
In their never-ending quest to understand which creative works best in an ad, marketers now have another tool.Today, social ad platform AdParlor is unveiling Intelligence Tags as way to offer more granular analysis of multiple creative elements in social ads.The company, based in Toronto, provides video and static ads for social networks, and Intelligence Tags is initially available for ads on Facebook and Instagram, with Pinterest and Snapchat coming soon.Search Engine Land's SMX West is returning to San Jose in 2017!We're celebrating 10 years of providing proven tactics, networking, industry-leading vendor solutions and demos, and top notch conference amenities to hard core SEOs and SEMs.If you're looking to feed your obsession with SEO and SEM, then make it a priority to attend SMX West in March.
What is the most underestimated SEO strategy, yet is so effective?originally appeared on Quora - the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.- the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.The industry has matured quite a bit, and there s a tremendous amount of transparency, sharing, and uncovering of successful tactics to the point that very little flies under the radar.That said, I do see several groups in the web-marketing worlds with varying opinions that suggest some blind spots.Many, many startups and technically-focused companies believe that SEO should be a matter of just building something people want, because of course the smart engineers behind Google would never want to give an unfair advantage to those who engage in manipulative SEO vs. those who simply make great stuff.
I've tried audio podcasts a few times but I'm more of a visual "attention keeper".If I look at my phone during audio it's all gone right over my head.I'm looking for some series on topics related to: Marketing Advertising Copywriting Psychology SMM SEO or anything else useful I've watched a decent number of them previously just want suggestions.Want to watch it on my TV/Laptop
pardon if the title is a bit confusing.essentially I am trying to get more info on how hard it has been for some of you to find jobs in this field before finishing your BA?I currently am the Director of Business Development for a small business which has a few other organizations under it's umbrella, a non-profit that provides support for lower income families, an early education academy that brings in a few million a year with 60 employees, and a newer LLC which does staffing solutions and consulting .I oversee the marketing for all three organizations, and have since March of 2015.I handle all social media, advertising, SEO, CRM, and website development/updates, and honestly branding as a whole.Prior to this employer, I was a merchandiser for a fast-fashion retailer which gave me alot of experience in marketing and customer relations.
Everyone wants to get a high click-through rate and a good spot in Google's search algorithm.But, when it is generally accepted in the industry that Google uses approximately 200 ranking factors to rank websites -- and some of these are proven, some are controversial and some are purely nerd-based conjecture -- it can be hard to know which factors to focus on when it comes to your search engine optimization SEO ."And, it's links pointing to your site."I've heard people foolishly suggest links aren't important anymore.We tend to almost always come back to links, as they feature largely and very importantly in the 200 or so ranking signals, such as:The volume of external links you have.
Join us for 3 days of actionable tactics from SEO, SEM and conversion optimization experts.You ll leave a more educated, inspired and creative marketer; we guarantee it.SMX features expert search marketers from leading brands and agencies who present many perspectives on SEO and SEM.You re certain to experience many ah-ha moments when challenges you re facing are solved.Register today and save $100 off on-site rates.You ll get the complete SMX experience: conference sessions, networking functions including Google Dance and Janes of Digital, Expo Hall packed with vendor solutions, meals, snacks and free WiFi.
Yes, the search results change and strategies evolve, but at the end of the day, search really comes down to creating something that s accessible, useful and important to your customers.Because keywords are the foundation of any SEO program.A new site with a new design, new content, new URLs and more.While there s always quite a bit of prep work that goes into a site transition namely, not messing it up , it also presents a great opportunity to look at what s currently there, what s working and what opportunities exist.Which takes me to the concept of a keyword-focused SWOT analysis.Until I started really breaking down the client s site and realized exactly what it was I was doing — I was analyzing their keyword Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and looking at potential Threats that could result from the site updates.
Google has added a new video to their do you need an SEO help document page.The 11-plus-minute video walks people through the process of hiring an SEO consultant or firm.It tells them what to look for, what questions to ask, what some of the red flags are and more.Maile Ohye from Google is the face of the video, and she does a very good job clearly documenting the main points one should look at during this process.She outlines the SEO hiring process in these three steps:Conduct a two-way interview with your potential SEO.
Enterprise SEO Platforms: A Marketer s Guide, from our sister site, MarTech Today, examines the market for enterprise SEO software platforms and the considerations involved in implementing this software in your business.If you are considering licensing an SEO software tool, this report will help you decide whether you need to.The report has been updated for 2017 to include the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for SEO software tools as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers.Also included in the report are profiles of 13 leading SEO tools vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download this MarTech Today report.Search Engine Land's SMX West is returning to San Jose in 2017!
In my 17 years as a B2B SEO and marketing consultant, I hadn t really considered giving PPC a go until Google changed the layout for its search results to remove right-side ads on desktop and to increase the number of ads appearing above the organic results to as many as four.Suddenly, SEO became a whole different ball game, especially since I work with small manufacturers, many of whom are SEO-challenged to begin with.Seeing the lower CTRs and my clients listings being pushed farther and farther down on the page, I realized it was time for me to learn AdWords so that I could offer it as a new service.Thankfully, one of my manufacturing clients wanted to begin a small AdWords campaign, so we agreed I d set it up and manage it — with the understanding that I was in beta.Although I brought considerable skills to the table, including direct response copywriting, years of analytics and a deep knowledge of SEO and online marketing, I still found myself making mistakes and having to spend time researching to figure things out.AdWords, I discovered, has a steep learning curve — and if I was struggling, I could only imagine what small business owners must be going through.
If you are targeting local searchers and have not employed a Near Me SEO strategy, I think it s time we had a talk.As you can see, Google Trends data shows explosive growth of things to do near me queries worldwide.But it s not just things to do — it s pretty much every query that has local intent.Of course, it s not like people just woke up a year or two ago and decided it was time to start doing near me searches.This is more a result of Google, and Apple s Spotlight Search to some extent, increasing the number of queries that suggest near me as an option as search goes more mobile and thus more local in intent .And fat fingers being what they are, we hit the first suggestion near us.
In this week s episode, Stewart and Travis interview Howard Love, author of The Startup J-Curve, on how startups can succeed, and how the always mobile, always connected customer has changed the landscape forever.In the news section, we discuss how live video is taking over Twitter to the point that the social network is becoming a global TV network.We also talk about how 4K 360-degree content will start to become the norm in the near future, and why that means Stewart will have to start using a better moisturizer.We then find out why AI is making SEO consultants redundant.By listening to this episode of the VB Engage podcast, you will hear:Next week, we interview Itai Lahan, CEO of Cloudinary, an image optimization and digital asset management platform.We talk about how the Israeli-based company optimizes images for the mobile space and how it has grown.If you missed last week s episode VB 038, Travis and Stewart interviewed Sean Sheppard of GrowthX.We discuss how to grow your startup, the lessons Sean has learned along the way, and what you can do differently that will have a massive impact on your fledgling business.As always, thanks for tuning in.If you like VB Engage, subscribe via your favorite podcast portal: Apple, Android, PC, Mac — we don t care.We re equal opportunities podcasters.
Next, I started picking up content from others: Search Engine Land, SE Journal, Blind Five Year Old, SEER, and hundreds of others.I consulted with a few small sites, and even completed several projects with different IT teams and Project Managers.So a few years ago, I took my expert SEO knowledge, resume, and applied to one of the top 50 websites in the world.The worst part about failing the analysis was when I asked what I could have improved, the director couldn t tell me.How was I to take it to the next level?Stop reading only the mainstream blogs, start reading job descriptions of the world s largest sites, and implement the skills they require.
Check out this special episode of Business Sidekick Podcast!This time we're talking with Brian Dean from Backlinko who explains how to gain valuable backlinks, if website architecture is important and what the Skyscraper Technique is.
Hey, I'm finishing my degree this August hopefully in Communications.I have been working part-time 10 hours a week doing content writing and social media marketing.I might be let go due to budget cuts by the end of the month.In the event of being let go, I'd be interested for someone with marketing experience to help me learn more and grow as a marketer.I've taken exams in Google Analytics, AdWords, Hubspots Inbound Marketing and I think that's it.I've read up on different subjects such as SEO as Link-building
Today I give 2017 SEO suggestions to online marketers and SEO s who are looking to increase their rankings and conversions.Thanks Randy, video response for you here https://youtu.be/0R5SBbDrEdQ?t 69How To Setup a Podcast in 2017 Get Your Podcast on Itunes Chase Reiner SEO 1 second agoThanks C Wise, I acknowledge you here: https://youtu.be/0R5SBbDrEdQ?t 76When you selected seo 2016 learn search engine optimization, are you only using learn search engine optimization for your longtail keyword?
Podcast Marketing Land Live 44: A Super Bowl / Hashtag Bowl recap with Brandwatch CMO Will McInnesFeb 10, 2017 by Matt McGeeIn this week s show, we talk about the risk brands take when making political statements in their marketing messages, the declining use of hashtags and more.Cool tricks to explore Google s Knowledge Graph results, featuring Donald TrumpFeb 10, 2017 by Tony EdwardWhether you want to gain some insight into how Google s Knowledge Graph works or just want to prank your friends, columnist Tony Edward shows some cool tricks for changing up the SERP display with URL modifiers.
Editor s note: This post continues our weekly primer in SEO, touching on all of the foundational aspects.In the end, you ll be able to practice SEO more confidently and converse about its challenges and opportunities.Before you worry about how to run a successful SEO program, determine your SEO goals.Focus on what you need to accomplish before determining how to accomplish it.Don t skip this step.The SEO team will collaborate with the public relations and the social media teams to reduce the number of negative rankings for our company s name to one on the first page of Google s search results by end of September 2017, in preparation for the holiday selling season.