Folks relying on mains-powered alarm clocks had an excellent excuse for turning up late for work on Friday in Seattle – after a raccoon knocked out power to a chunk of the northwest US city.On Thursday evening, the marauding mammal made its way onto the property of municipal power generating company Seattle City Light and, as raccoons do, started exploring.While investigating the area, the prying procyonidae made a fatal misstep.It tiptoed onto live connectors in a substation, knocked out the power, and now it's very much a crispy critter."We have determined the cause of the outage," said Seattle City Light reps in a statement."A raccoon made its way into the bus work of the South Substation, causing an arc flash and ultimately this large-scale outage."
As European Parliament's legal affairs committee mulls over votes to tweak the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, the site has also "gone dark" in Italy.Wikipedia also said the right to charge for snippets won by the newspaper industry* "will make it more difficult to access and share information about current events in the world, making it harder for Wikipedia contributors to find citations for articles online".Crispin Hunt, chair of composers and songwriters association BASCA, said he thought Wikipedia was misleading users and abusing its authority.It's abusing every great principle it stands for in pursuit of [its] own ends."Shame on Jimmy Wales," he tweeted.In return, rights-holders won four concessions in the EU Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market.
A rare type of deep-earth tremor caused by a fierce storm dubbed a weather bomb has been detected – and it could shed new light on the Earth s interior.It s the first time scientists have observed this particular type of tremor on the sea floor, known as an S wave microseism.Tracking these elusive, faint tremors could help geoscientists map the different materials that make up the Earth s interior because tremors change direction depending on the type of material they pass through.Faint tremors called microseisms are phenomena caused by the sloshing of the ocean's waves on the solid Earth floor during storms.Thanks to weather bombs - violent storms when atmospheric pressure drops rapidly - oceanic waves become so strong that a tiny portion of their energy reaches the sea floor and shakes it in the form of seismic waves, as if a very weak earthquake has occurred, New Scientist reported.David Rothery, Professor of Planetary Geosciences at the Open University stressed though that the weather bomb that shook the Earth is not an earthquake per se.
Moments after we're led into the waiting room, the lights cut out."From the moment you enter the train, the show, the ride, the experience relies on surprises.VariabilityGhost Train is the brain child of park owners Merlin Magic Makers alongside VR firm Figment Productions and not forgetting mentalist Derren Brown himself, with a goal to scare the bejesus out of thrill seekers in a totally new way.Founder of Figment Productions, Simon Reveley, tells us that there were specific interface reasons which meant that the Vive edged out its rivals."It's actually a variant on the one we have on Galactica."However, despite the years of research and effort from 1,000 people to make it happen by Spring 2016, many of the illusions are still unfinished; we were only able to experience part of the ride ourselves.