Since a vaccine or medication is yet to reach the general public, social distancing is the best way to curb the spread of this disease.In the following lines, let us take a look at some simple tips that can help teachers in enhancing student engagement and making sure the purpose of online classes is served to the fullest: Make the classes shorter - Instead of taking longer sessions, it is advisable to keep them short and crisp.This ensures that the students are listening to the whole session since it matches their attention span.Based on the topic chosen by the teachers, they should design the class in such a way that all the key points are discussed in a compact manner.Conducting tests and grading them keeps up the competitive spirit in students.They work harder to score better and the same grades can be shared with the parents to make them aware of the situation.In case of any students performing below par, special attention should be given to them and extra classes may be conducted to keep up their progress with the rest of the students.Introduce an element of fun - The old adage, ‘All work and no play…’ holds true even today.