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Elon Musk appeared on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Friday, where he said that The Boring Company first started as a joke.Musk said that he couldn't be sure that the project's ambitious plans to build a high-speed transport system under LA would be successful — but the idea was born out of "desperation.""I don't see any other ideas for improving the traffic," Musk said.Elon Musk described The Boring Company is a "hobby company" that first started as a joke — and said there is a reasonable chance that his plan to build tunnels for a transit network under LA would be successful.On the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Friday, Musk outlined the origins of The Boring Company, a tunnel construction company that is trying to build a high-speed transit systems under LA, and later other cities."And we decided to make it real, and dig a tunnel under LA.
Elon Musk took a drag on a joint during his interview with former UFC commentator Joe Rogan.Musk said last month that he is no fan of marijuana, arguing that it kills productivity.Elon Musk took a drag on a fat joint while being interviewed on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Thursday.Musk spoke to Rogan for more than two-and-a-half hours, in the latter stages of which the presenter offered Tesla's CEO a drag on the joint, which was rolled with tobacco."It's marijuana inside of tobacco," said Rogan, and asked if Musk had ever had it."Yeah I think I tried one once," replied Musk.
Elon Musk made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast hosted by the eponymous comedian, where the pair smoked a blunt and pondered the flat-Earth movement, the future of AI, “inventing shit” and several other of the eccentric billionaire’s favorite topics.The now-viral interview, which was live-streamed to thousands of viewers, was immediately followed by two high-profile executive departures at Tesla.Here are a few highlights.Elon Musk probably got high.We weren’t in the room with him, but the Tesla CEO looks to have inhaled what was described as a mixture of marijuana and tobacco.“You probably can’t because of stockholders,” Rogan said to Musk before he took a hit of the blunt.
Elon Musk said it is "probably not wise" to kick robots in a wide-ranging interview with Joe Rogan.Musk, who has famously voiced concerns about AI, said he worries less about it now because he has adopted a more fatalistic attitude.He believes the danger with AI will come when people weaponise it against each other.Robots are a bit like elephants, they never forget.Musk expanded on previous remarks about AI during two-and-a-half-hour long podcast the "Joe Rogan Experience," presented by comedian and former UFC commentator Joe Rogan.Rogan joked about animal protection group PETA putting out a statement that you shouldn't kick robots, in reference to footage of Boston Dynamics robots being kicked around by engineers to test their sturdiness.
Elon Musk thinks we're all probably trapped in a "Matrix"-like pseudo existence.The universe is 13.8 billion years old, so any civilizations that may have arisen throughout the cosmos have had loads and loads of time to hone their technological know-how, the SpaceX founder and CEO explained early this morning (Sept. 7) during a long, wide-ranging and very entertaining appearance on comedian Joe Rogan's popular podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience."[13 Ways to Hunt Intelligent Aliens]"I think most likely — this is just about probability — there are many, many simulations," he added."You might as well call them reality, or you could call them multiverse."You'd make a simulation that's way more interesting than base reality," Musk said, citing the video games and movies that humanity makes, which are "distillation[s] of what's interesting about life."
The CEO of Tesla and Space X smoked marijuana toward the end of a more than two-and-half-hour live interview Thursday on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.The conversation touched on everything from flamethrowers to artificial intelligence."I think I tried one once," said Musk, when asked if he had ever smoked a mix of weed and tobacco."I mean, it's legal right?"Musk then took a single puff from the joint offered by Rogan.The interview was filmed in Los Angeles, where marijuana is legal under state law.
Elon Musk on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast.YouTube/Joe Rogan ExperienceDuring an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Tesla CEO Elon Musk discussed how he feels apps like Instagram aren't a great representation of how life truly is."Some of the happiest seeming people — actually some of the saddest people in reality," Musk said.It was part of a nearly three-hour conversation with comedian Joe Rogan, in which the two discussed Musk's companies, artificial intelligence, and smoke marijuana together.Elon Musk isn't buying the rose-tinted glasses that come with looking at people's lives through social media apps like Instagram.During his nearly three-hour conversation on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Tesla CEO Musk and comedian Joe Rogan discussed topics ranging from Musk's businesses, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and then smoked some marijuana together.
It was the single puff felt 'round the world.Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk took one (legal) puff of a marijuana cigarette Thursday on comedian Joe Rogan's podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience.The podcast was two and a half hours long, but social media quickly focused on the brief second of smoking.Musk didn't exactly go full Spicoli with his lone puff, saying "I don't actually notice any effect," and "I don't find that it is very good for productivity."But that didn't prevent Tesla stock from taking a hit Friday after both the company's chief accounting officer, Dave Morton, and its head of human resources, Gabrielle Toledano, announced they were leaving the electric carmaker.Many people on social media found comic value in a billionaire CEO pulling a Big Lebowski.
After a full day of the internet intimately dissecting Elon Musk’s pot use, reports began to surface that the US Air Force has opened an investigation into the Tesla and SpaceX CEO’s drug habit, since SpaceX is a government launch provider.However, an Air Force official tells The Verge that those reports are premature and that the military hasn’t figured out what it’s going to do.“It’s inaccurate that there is an investigation.We’ll need time to determine the facts and the appropriate process to handle the situation,” an Air Force spokesperson told The Verge.It’s just one of hundreds of stories that have popped up in the aftermath of Musk smoking weed on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.And at first it makes some kind of sense: SpaceX launches satellites for the US Air Force after all, and the use of marijuana is prohibited for those in the military and people with government security clearances.
NASA has initiated a safety probe into both SpaceX and Boeing reportedly due to a video of Elon Musk smoking weed, according to a new report.Musk partook of the substance on video during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, during which time he was filmed in September smoking cannabis and drinking whiskey.The video reportedly upset some people at NASA’s “highest levels.”The safety probe will impact both Boeing and SpaceX starting next year, according to WaPo, which cites three sources on the matter.These sources claim Musk’s consumption of whiskey during the podcast, as well as a brief moment when he sampled Rogan’s cannabis, was viewed poorly by unnamed higher-ups at the space agency.The sources claim NASA will be evaluating the ‘culture’ at these two companies, indicating that the officials may believe similar activities take place among the workers.
NASA is ordering a review of the workplace cultures of SpaceX and Boeing, two companies working with the agency to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, according to a report Tuesday by The Washington Post.The decision was reportedly prompted by SpaceX CEO Elon Musk's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in September, where he took a puff of a marijuana blunt during the live stream.The move didn't sit well with NASA's top officials, the Post said.The assessment won't focus on technical details, but issues including drug policies, leadership and management style, and how many hours employees work.The review will start early next year, and will take months to complete.NASA and SpaceX didn't respond to requests for comment.
NASA will launch a safety review of SpaceX and Boeing, who it has contracted to fly astronauts to the International Space Station, The Washington Post reports.Three officials familiar with the probe told the Post it was prompted by Elon Musk's behaviour on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, in which he smoked weed and sipped whisky.A NASA administrator said he has confidence in SpaceX's team, but added: "Culture and leadership start at the top."The probe will begin next year, and examine "everything and anything that could impact safety."Three NASA officials told the Post that it was prompted by Elon Musk smoking weed and drinking whisky on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast in September.Musk's behavior reportedly concerned senior staff at NASA, who then felt it necessary to scrutinise the corporate culture at its contracted companies.
You won't be seeing SpaceX CEO Elon Musk smoking marijuana or drinking whiskey on a podcast again if he wants to help get astronauts into space.That's the word from NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, whose agency is working with SpaceX and Boeing to fly astronauts to the International Space Station."I will tell you that was not helpful, and that did not inspire confidence, and the leaders of these organizations need to take that as an example of what to do when you lead an organization that's going to launch American astronauts," Bridenstine told reporters Thursday at NASA's headquarters in Washington, DC.Bridenstine went on to say that Musk "is as committed to safety as anybody, and he understands that that was not appropriate behavior, and you won't be seeing that again," according to an account of the meeting reported by The Atlantic.The comments were in reference to Musk's appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in September, where he took a puff of a marijuana blunt during the live stream.Musk's appearance on the program didn't sit well with NASA's top officials, who earlier this month ordered a review of the workplace cultures of SpaceX and Boeing.
Following Elon Musk’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast – during which he smoked weed and drank whiskey while on the air – NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine said the SpaceX CEO promised him he will not behave inappropriately in public again.Bridenstine has every right to be concerned; SpaceX, along with Boeing, has been tasked with developing transportation systems for NASA to fly its astronauts into spaceSpeaking at a meeting of reporters at NASA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., Bridenstine said that Musk’s behavior was reckless:I will tell you that was not helpful, and that did not inspire confidence, and the leaders of these organizations need to take that as an example of what to do when you lead an organization that’s going to launch American astronauts.Earlier this month, The Washington Post broke the news that NASA would conduct reviews of workplace culture in both SpaceX and Boeing following Musk’s behavior on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.While the national space agency refused to provide a specific reason for the audit, it hinted that it wanted to check if the employees at these companies were sober at work:
NASA boss Jim Bridenstine has told reporters that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk smoking week on a podcast "was not appropriate behavior."Bridenstine said he's had "a number of conversations" with Musk about the incident, and "you won't be seeing that again."Bridenstine confirmed he has ordered a safety review of NASA's contractors SpaceX and Boeing after Musk smoked, but said that was always the plan.NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine told reporters on Thursday that Elon Musk smoking weed live on the internet "did not inspire confidence," The Atlantic reports.Musk's company SpaceX is subject to a NASA safety review after he inhaled cannabis on the livestreamed "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast in September.Now Bridenstine has commented publicly on the incident for the first time.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk will appear on 60 Minutes Sunday, Dec. 9 at 7pm ET/PT on CBS.(Disclaimer: CBS is CNET's parent company).In the interview, the eccentric CEO will have to answer for some of his recent actions.For example, Musk took a lot of heat in September for smoking weed during a filming of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.In the 60 Minutes trailer (now taken down), he responds to questions about this by saying, "I do not smoke pot.As anyone who watched that podcast could tell, I have no idea how to smoke pot, or anything, I don't know how to smoke anything, honestly."
In a teaser for an upcoming 60 Minutes segment, Elon Musk told veteran US TV journalist Leslie Stahl: Weed?Stahl, in probing Musk about his many foibles in the past year—which include accusing a rescue diver of being a paedophile, vacating his post as chairman of Tesla, and being accused of union-busting—asked bluntly, “what about the pot?”“I do not smoke pot.As anybody who watched that podcast could tell, I have no idea how to smoke pot, or anything,” Musk told Stahl, referring to his guest appearance on episode 1169 of the Joe Rogan Experience, “I don’t know how to smoke anything, honestly.”Is it possible the guy who is currently being investigated by NASA for smoking weed publicly, and who tweeted the only known weed joke to generate a fraud charge... knows absolutely nothing about weed?Musk denied being baked at the time of the infamous “funding secured” tweet to the New York Times, saying “Weed is not helpful for productivity.
Tesla on Friday announced the two newest additions to its board of directors: Walgreens executive Kathleen Thompson-Wilson and Oracle founder and CTO Larry Ellison.In October, Ellison heaped praised on Tesla's CEO Elon Musk, and slammed media coverage of Musk's actions and his companies.Larry Ellison hasn't been shy about his admiration for Elon Musk — even before Ellison was appointed on Friday to the board of directors at Tesla, where Musk is CEO.Ellison, founder and CTO of database giant Oracle, discussed in October his "very close" friendship with Musk, disclosed his sizable stake in Tesla, and criticized the media for its coverage of Musk and his companies, Tesla and SpaceX."I am not sure how many people know, but I'm very close friends with Elon Musk and I'm a big investor in Tesla."After a year in which Musk often found himself the target of controversy, Ellison took issue with how the Tesla CEO was portrayed in news stories.
It’s 2019 and, in two months, Twitter would be 13 years old.A lot has changed since it launched in 2006 but one thing has not: its inability to edit tweets.Knowing too well the can of worms it could open, the social networking giant has tread carefully on how to implement that feature.And CEO Jack Dorsey has a few ideas that sadly still remain unimplemented.It had to do with it being built on SMS, where there are no take-backsies.There is, of course, a deeper reason behind that fear.