Enlarge2016 Wizards of the Coast / Tyler JacobsonMagic: The Gathering finally jumps away from grim alien-infested worlds in the last set of 2016: Kaladesh, a new world full of inspired, steampunky inventors with a vivid colour scheme.This is a drastic change to the mise en scène of the past year, but Magic happily accommodates this without it ever being jarring; embracing different worlds is part of the appeal of the evolving game.The feel of the world is well communicated through art—the art being as beautiful as any of the modern expansions in recent memory—and the flavour text on some cards does a great job of fleshing out the world with little details.This should be welcomed by players who want to dive deeper into the story, and might pique the interest of those who haven t had a look at the new stories, whilst being unobtrusive for those who are happy skipping it.Alongside explaining what the world of Kaladesh is, the designers are also trying to communicate the storyline of what's happening there right now, and also character development for the Gatewatch—a group of planeswalkers whose members are often the main characters in recent Magic sets.
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MI6 headquarters on the River Thames in London, England.John le Carré's spook George Smiley would have been a very different character if he had FacebookWe have noticed you are using an ad blockerTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.In the world of modern-day espionage, spies are just as likely to be sitting behind a computer as lurking in the shadows.
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen Close Embed Feed WWE 2K17 MyCareer trailer 2K Games 2K Games has unveiled the first batch of roster additions for WWE 2K17 coming in paid-DLC packs.Current WWE Superstars Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows a.k.a.The Club and NXT's Austin Aries headline the crop of Superstars from the modern era being released post-launch, while the late, great, Eddie Guerrero stands out as the marquee addition in the Legends category.The newly revealed selection of playable wrestlers were teased during the 21 September episode of SmackDown Live, with official artwork later posted by WWE 2K Games' official Twitter account.Other notable additions include two of Charles Wright's in-ring personas, Papa Shango and The Godfather, Mojo Rawley who can now team-up with Zack Ryder in-game as the Hype Bros and Von Erich family members Kevin and Kerry.Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin and Buddy Roberts are also included, representing the legendary southern tag-team The Fabulous Freebirds.
The project had not been announced, so the team couldn t really ask fans what they wanted, though, so they took a good hard look at the Modern Warfare community.They combed Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Steam forums and anywhere else they could find active Modern Warfare players — the hardest of the hardcore, as Raven Software Studio Director David Pellas put it — to find out what fans would really want from a re-release of Call of Duty 4.There was a realization that this is freaking terrifying, because it s not just important to us, Pellas told Digital Trends earlier this month.It sounds simpler than it was — in order to bring Modern Warfare into the modern era, the developer and several support studios in Activision s Call of Duty stable, Beenox and Certain Affinity didn t just update the textures of Infinity Ward s title, they actually rebuilt it.While Raven had all of the original source code, models, level layouts and animation data for Modern Warfare, not everything about the game was fit for upgrading.And it did a comparison between how much time it took move from start to run, how much time it took you from pushing the button to have an action actually take place on the Xbox 360, and compare that to what it was on the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.
Simplifies Social Sales and Marketing Technology Complexity and Costs SANTA MONICA, Calif.– BUSINESS WIRE –September 21, 2016– Nimble, the pioneer of Social Sales and Marketing CRM, today announced Nimble 4.0 with major enhancements to its award winning Customer Relationship Manager.The biggest cause of CRM failure is lack of use because salespeople hate working for the CRM, says Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble and founder of the pioneering CRM, GoldMine.Nimble has reimagined relationship management with a Simply Smarter CRM that works for you, everywhere you work and your team will love using it to help grow your business!Summary of New Nimble 4.0 Features: What Analysts Are Saying The modern sales and marketing technology stack is too complex and expensive for most businesses, said Michael Fauscette, Chief Research Officer, G2 Crowd.Emerging social sales and marketing CRMs like Nimble blend Marketing Automation, CRM, Sales Intelligence, Social Insights and Email Tracking into a smart, powerful and affordable platform bridging the customer connection gap between social, marketing and SFA/CRM platforms.Social Selling Influencers Love Using Nimble CRM I m hooked on Nimble s Social Selling Platform.
Healthtech, Fintech and AI dominated Techstars London Demo day today in London.At a packed venue the famous Royal Institution, no less the teams demo d their products in short pitches.They say: Didimo creates Virtual Avatars ready to be animated with one photo.This is about creating personalized 3D avatars at scale.They say: Next gen fitness app right in the middle of the modern fitness revolution • This is an app which turns your phone into a personal trainer that focuses on muscles rather than cardio.
Comma.ai will ship a $999 autonomous driving add-on by the end of this year At TechCrunch Disrupt SF this year, famed iPhone and PlayStation hacker George Hotz unveiled the first official product of his automotive AI startup, Comma.ai.The Comma One is a $999 add-on shipping before the end of the year, with a $24 monthly subscription for its software, which Hotz says will be able to drive your car from Mountain View to San Francisco without requiring a driver to touch the wheel, the brake or the gas.New system could break bottleneck in microprocessors Engineers at North Carolina State University and at Intel have come up with a solution to one of the modern microprocessor s most persistent problems: communication between the processor s many cores.The ocean in question is the subject of Salman Rushdie s 1990 fantasy novel,Haroun and the Sea of Stories, a book unfamiliar to me until Jack Dorsey spontaneously urged me to read it as we chatted in the Aviary, a secluded spot at Twitter s expansive San Francisco headquarters.One thing to note, the Gaming PC segment, where higher-end GPUs are used, continues to deliver growth for PC makers.GlobalFoundries skips the 10-nm node on the way to 7-nm FinFETs GlobalFoundries recently announced it would be adding a 12-nm node to its FD-SOI roadmap, and it's now announcing a more mainstream node for high-performance silicon: 7-nm FinFET.
In the modern world we are always worried about the impact technology and media will have on our children.The world has after all changed drastically in recent times, I remember the internet dial-up tone, Snake on Nokia, the magic of VCR but the kids of today are so far past that.The 1930 s seemed like such a simpler time, you could leave your doors open and kids could wonder off in to the woods and explore and still be home for supper.So, is it time to bin the gadgets and lock our children in the back garden until their hands turn green?Personally I don t think so, as with everything else, technology is not good or bad by itself - It s how we use it.But today s kids aren t a slave to the TV guide like I was, they can watch what they want, when they want, the concept of staying in to watch something on the telly is completely lost on them.
How does a young band make it these days?Finally, it s essential to embrace streaming wholeheartedly and see where it leads.With only a pair of uber-catchy songs under their collective belts — the driven singalong dreamscape of Ender and the submersive minimalist jangle of Swim — Groves nonetheless caught the attention of MDDN, the management company formed by brothers Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte fame.Boy George of Culture Club loved what he heard in the Groves grooves, and before you could say Karma Chameleon five times fast, Groves was out on the planks doing a 30-minute, seven-song set opening for Culture Club on their summer reunion tour.Digital Trends sat down with Groves backstage at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, New Jersey an hour before their opening set for Culture Club to discuss mixing genres in the modern way, embracing the streaming age, and how they prepared to play onstage with a pair of 80s legends in San Francisco.Digital Trends: How do you achieve the balancing of electronic elements with more traditional instruments in your songs?
An Imgur user's photos on his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as exploded.A short circuit in the battery is behind.Dornacher left his new Samsung phone, a Galaxy Note 7, on charge in his sport utility vehicle.Shortly later it went barely see it under the flames and the thick smoke.Galaxy Note 7, as well as almost all of the modern, rechargeable, gadgets using the same technology: lithium-ion batteries.Each cell contains, in very simple terms, four thin layers and a perforated fabric in the middle.
You re constantly moving from morning to night but it feels like there aren t enough hours in the day.To combat that, focus on clearing up your cognitive bandwidth, rather than getting more done.As productivity author Tony Crabbe points out to the BBC, much of our work in the modern world revolves around knowledge, rather than manual labor.If you worked on a farm, there s only so many hours of daylight and so much land to take care of.You know precisely when you re done.Your email inbox, however, always replenishes itself and it knows no down time.
First TV, now enterprise techInterview In an age of on-demand Netflix content streaming, BitTorrent Inc – which developed and maintains the peer-to-peer protocol from the early 2000s – reminds many of us of its historic place in file-sharing rather than bringing to mind the modern software biz of the same name.Now he estimates the P2P protocol accounts for around five to six per cent, although he says it probably still accounts for most of upstream traffic."How we have lived to be 15 years old?"Restructuring and splitting of the portfolio were two big changes to happen and driven by the fact we had over-invested in a lot of products, coupled with some declining revenue numbers, he says.He still holds an advisory role with BitTorrent Inc.
According to educational experts I interviewed at this year s EdTechX Europe event on behalf of EdTech Media, this vision could soon become a reality.With concerns over unaffordable tuition fees and unsustainable debt together with the news that Leeds University will be the first to offer a fully accredited Mooc course , many predict that higher education will soon evolve beyond recognition.Sattya V. Nitta, Global Head and Program Director of Cognitive Science and Education at IBM, predicts that Jack will enjoy a highly customised, technologically-assisted university experience and that Massive Online Open Courses Moocs will be the most significant game changer.While Nitta is quick to explain that machines will be used to supplement, rather than replace, Jack s human teachers, it s worth bearing in mind that the modern school already incorporates an impressive level of technology that Jack and his classmates will probably take for granted.With twenty-four hour schools, remote access learning and specialist maths tutors Skyped in from Bangladesh, education is already changing to accommodate students of the information age.Jack s parents might be surprised to learn that the modern classroom - light, airy and flexibly arranged - is more GooglePlex than Victorian schoolroom.
Australian graphic design startup going head-to-head with Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop, just took a $15 million investment from Australia s Blackbird Ventures and Silicon"Our vision is to create the platform that powers the modern workforce and enables everyone to communicate their ideas visually, but we have so much left to do," Canva CEO Melanie
When famed architect Santiago Calatrava designed the building known as the Turning Torso, he ushered in a new era of twisted designs.The buildings seem to rotate the traditional rectangular tower around an axis, creating a spiraling, ribbon-like aesthetic.Since the Turning Torso was completed in 2005, the modern technique has gained popularity, especially in Asia and the Middle East.China recently completed the tallest twisted skyscraper yet, at a whopping 2,073 feet, and others are being planned in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.Take a look at some of the most stunning twisted towers around the world.
A helpful Chrome app called All-in-One Messenger brings together all your new messaging services.The modern world has a messaging problem: There are just too darn many apps and almost no one can get away with using just one.In many ways, we re right back where we were in the late 90s and early aughts before apps like Adium and Digsby consolidated AOL, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo into one window.Even if a chat platform doesn t like third parties, many do have web apps, and that s where a useful new Chrome app called All-in-One Messenger comes in.This Chrome app brings all those different messaging services into one place on your desktop with a tab for each.It s not like the days of old where all your messaging contacts were in one list regardless of platform, but it still works.
For all their differences, Pokémon Go and Groupon may share a similar fate: a rocketlike takeoff that burns through fuel without a plan to keep the company aloft.Pokémon Go and Groupon share other similarities.Both popularized then-unexplored tech opportunities.Both are built on questionable business models: Apple and Google take a hefty rake of Pokémon Go s in-app purchases, while Groupon s daily deals were money losers for local businesses if they couldn t convert discount shoppers into repeat customers.It s Icarus refashioned with glass, silicon, and a touchscreen interface.And, for every entrepreneur who doesn t heed the modern-day parable, it s destined to be retold again and again.Nintendo, with tech partner Niantic, launched Pokémon Go on July 6.Engagement fell, while international debuts masked the bleed of 10 million daily active users in established countries.And — just ask Myspace — very few companies buck a downward trend after it takes hold.Groupon s history reveals eerie parallels.
In order to compete for the modern customer s attention amidst an array of other brands, products, and services clamoring for their consideration, brands must get creative.Selling experiences are just one way leading brands are achieving this goal.Let s say you and your friend purchase two tickets to a baseball game on Friday night.While at the game, you have a blast.In all, you and your friend have a wonderful time and end up telling everyone you see over the course of the weekend about how awesome it was.Related Article: Inbound Opportunities: 5 Ways to Generate More Sales Online
Adobe is announcing today that its Adobe Analytics Challenge 2016 will award $50,000 to a winning college team that does the best job of analyzing Sony s PlayStation business.The point is to show how data is king in the modern business world.Now in its 11th year, the challenge will kick off on September 22.University students can team up to use Adobe s analytics tools to sort through data from a big company.In this case, Sony was chosen from among numerous proposed companies, said Nate Smith, senior manager of product marketing at Adobe, in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat.Under original contest creator Omniture, the analytics challenge began as a recruiting tool to help uncover the brightest minds and most passionate talent in analytics.It has grown into one of the top business competitions in the country for college kids.Adobe bought Omniture in 2009 and it has continued the contest.