Samsung has announced that it s recalling more than two million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices following reports of exploding batteries.First introduced in early August, the latest addition to the Galaxy Note-branded phablet line was met with positive reviews, but earlier this week reports began to surface that a number of buyers around the world had encountered exploding batteries leading to the device catching fire.This knocked a cool $7 billion off Samsung s market value, and the company subsequently delayed further shipments pending quality control inspections.The issue gained widespread attention when YouTuber Ariel Gonzalez uploaded this video of a Galaxy Note 7 on fire, with Gonzalez claiming that it happened immediately after ceasing charging of the device — he said he was using an official Samsung charger.Rumors began to circulate that the company was considering a full recall of the device, but as of last night Samsung would only confirm that it was carrying out a thorough inspection.The Korean tech giant held a press conference today at 5pm local time, confirming that faulty battery cells were to blame and said it would recall all 2.5 million devices sold so far, replacing each of them.Despite that, Samsung claimed that only 24 devices per million have so far been found to have faulty batteries.As of Sept. 1, a total of 35 claims were registered with Samsung s service centers at home and abroad, said Koh Dong-jin, head of Samsung s handset arm.
About a week ago, Salesforce surprised the industry by spending over half a billion dollars to buy a startup named Quip, a productivity app founded by Facebook's former CTO, Bret Taylor.Salesforce reported to the SEC that it bought the company with $582 million worth of stock and some unnamed "equity awards", while TechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden reported that the cash component brought the total price to about $750 million.Quip was valued by its investors at about $376 million after its last round about a year ago, according to investment tracking firm PitchBook.So Salesforce paid a premium for this company.Talking to Wall Street analysts on Wednesday, CEO Marc Benioff explained why he thought Quip was worth the money.First off, he wanted Taylor to work for Salesforce, Benioff said:"I did not expect to get a call from someone who I have incredible respect for, Bret Taylor, who is the CEO of Quip.I have followed his career for many years, I try to have dinner with him once a month."Everyone knows he was the CTO of Facebook and he had accepted an investment from Salesforce to this company and we were talking about the possibility of Salesforce acquiring his company and him joining our team as one of our top technical leaders.Everyone here and many people in the industry as well covet and love Bret and when we had that opportunity, we took that.
He s got guts, I ll give him that, said Ross Gerber, chief executive officer of Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management, which has a $5 million position in Tesla and has recently been selling shares.He really pushes it out on his companies, but Elon could implode.As it is, only about 4 percent of his net worth is tied up in SolarCity, of which he s the chairman and largest shareholder.If the proposed acquisition by Tesla doesn t come to pass, and SolarCity burns out, Musk will take a relatively minor hit.He suffered one Thursday, when his fortune, on paper, shrank by $779 million, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.That was due to two factors: drops in the companies stock prices; and Wednesday s regulatory filing showing he has put up an additional $489 million of his Tesla and SolarCity stock as collateral to secure personal borrowings.The pledged shares are stripped out of his total net worth calculation because they re not immediately available to him.
Some of the more expensive stuff that Sony showed off at this year's IFA trade show are those that appear in the image above.It's all about the gold-plated NWM1Z Walkman that supports high-resolution music formats, and which costs about 3.200 dollar, high-end earphones Signature Series MDR-Z1R going for 2.300 dollars and headphone amplifier Signature Series TA-ZH1ES that is supposed to sit between the Walkman and the headphones.It goes for 2.200 dollars.This makes the entire package a total of kotstar 7.700 u.s. dollars, which is the equivalent of approximately 66.000 sek.
the Apple Watch 2 feels like it is on time, is uncertain, however, if it comes along with the iPhone 7 in the next week.Just like with the iPhone 7, it has now begun to leak parts for Apple Watch 2, or in all cases, the parts claimed to be for Apple Watch 2.If the parts in this video are correct we will get to see a watch that has the same shape and total thickness but which has a thinner screen and thicker the battery.And it sounds very good.If it be so remains to be seen.
The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 brought a lot of nice features, including OS-level Ink features for stylus devices – but it also brought some nasty bugs along for the ride.Including, but not limited to, a login problem that caused users to encounter a total OS freeze when running a PC that has two drives, including one for the OS and a second for apps and other data.It wasn t a problem with any easy fix, and many affected users had to resort to rolling back from the update altogether to an earlier version of Windows 10.The issue first got serious attention in mid-August, and Microsoft sent out the fix via Windows Update late yesterday, August 31, according to PCWorld.This doesn t address all of the bugs affecting users of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but it does correct one of the more severe problems overall.That s good, because it s a good update despite the remaining issues.
After news broke recently that Apple would have to pay Ireland some €13 billion $14.5 billion USD in back taxes, Apple s CEO today fired back that the ruling was total political crap.No one did anything wrong here, Cook said.Ireland is being picked on, and this is unacceptable.The European Commission ruled Tuesday that Ireland gave Apple illegal tax benefits by not collecting the €13 billion owed over a 10-year period.The ruling put a close on a two year investigation that found Apple s effective tax rate on reported profit in Ireland to be just €500 per million euros in profit.The sum fell to €50 per million in 2014.
LastFM was hacked in 2012 but how the full scope of the breach has been exposedWe have noticed you are using an ad blockerTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.To continue reading, please turn off your ad blocker or whitelist us.Following recent security incidents at Dropbox and LinkedIn, millions of user records from UK-based music streaming service have now surfaced in the wild from a hack that occurred in 2012, according to breach notification website LeakedSource.Each record reportedly contains a username, email address, hashed password and profile data for 43,570,999 users in total.
Intel put most of its marketing and PR muscle for IFA this year behind Kaby Lake, the tweaked 4K-friendly version of its flagship Skylake architecture.But you'll only see those chips if you're buying midrange and high-end laptops—slower, lower-end stuff often comes with Celeron and Pentium chips derived from the lower-performance, lower-power Atom chips, and Intel has quietly announced some of those this week, too.Anandtech has the details on the new 14nm CPUs, dubbed "Apollo Lake."These are a replacement for the Braswell architecture, and they include both the new "Goldmont" CPU architecture and new GPUs that use Intel's Gen 9 integrated GPU execution units EUs .Gen 9 is the same GPU architecture used in Skylake.There are a total of six chips, three J-series chips for desktops and three N-series chips for laptops.
technology company bittium the predecessor to the electro-bits in the ' 80s based had Juha Hulkko is a lightened stock ownership.the Fresh owner of the delisting, according to Hulkko sold in August, a total of 193 045 bittium the shares.Yesterday, the closing price calculated on sales value is about 1.4 million.Hulkko is still Bittium's second-largest owner of 4.2% of the owner established under.the value of the holding is around 10.6 million.
When it comes to funding for startups, marketing tech is seeing a boom at the moment, and one company that is reaping the fruits of that is Zeta Interactive.The marketing technology company — co-founded by the ex-CEO of Apple and Pepsi John Sculley and David Steinberg who is the CEO and valued at over $1 billion — today announced that it raised $45 million.In an interview, Steinberg said Zeta plans to use the funding to finance its $50 million acquisition of Axciom Impact as it gears up to raise a larger round and continue its consolidation spree in big data and analytics as it starts to eye up an IPO, potentially a year or two from now.This latest fundraise — which comes from business development companies managed by FS Investments and sub-advised by GSO Capital Partners LP the global credit investment platform of Blackstone , Cerberus PNC Senior Loan Fund, L.P. and PNC Bank, National Association — is a debt round, and Steinberg said the next round will be equity based.The company is currently very profitable he said and doing over $300 million a year in revenue , growing 75 percent since its last equity round the company has raised $195 million in total, with the last round at $125 million in July 2015, with investors including a number of private equity firms .We needed the money faster than we would have gotten if this were an equity round, Steinberg told TechCrunch.
They go over to that buy hybrids in different forms, " says Bertil Moldén, ceo of Car in Sweden.– in Addition to in Stockholm marked eltrenden most evident in Jämtland and Registrations of passenger cars increased by 1.6 percent to 27 316 cars in August, according to industry association Bil Sweden.It means a lift during the first eight months of 9.2 per cent compared with the same period of the previous year.Lastbilsregistreringarna total increased by 44 per cent in August, which means a boost to 5 678 registered vehicles.It provides an increase of 18.8 per cent so far this year.
You ve likely already heard reasons why using a bike or public transit instead of a car is better for the environment.But there are other avenues you can take to minimize your carbon footprint that don t require ditching your wheels.In our newest episode of Sustainable Self, a HuffPost Originals series about how your everyday choices can significantly affect the Earth, we address the huge effect car pollution has on the environment.For example, cars and trucks account for roughly one-fifth of our country s total global warming pollution.Chemicals from motor vehicle pollutants have been linked to birth defects, cancer and other serious illnesses.With Americans now driving more than ever, there are steps you should consider taking to give our planet a bit of a break.
Also, the Karolinska institute are now asking the patients who received synthetic trachea, and their families, apologize."We see very serious researchers at Karolinska institutet have contributed to this and we deeply regret that patients have had to endure unnecessary suffering, and we ask them and their families to apologize.We will do everything for it not to happen again", said the Karolinska institute's deputy principal, Karin Dahlman-Wright, in a press release.According to rector, it may "not be excluded" that the operations have contributed to a premature death.a Total of carried out the transplantation of a synthetic trachea for three patients, two died and one was severely damaged.the Patients underwent surgery at Karolinska university hospital, which recently performed a similar excuse.