As you’ve likely heard by now, Apple has its own little tracking device called the AirTag, and while its design is sleek, it’s also missing a key feature: a hole for easily attaching it to items. Apple has accessories that you can purchase for securing the tracker to various objects, but iFixit has presented a different — crude and ill-advised … Continue reading
iFixit did a teardown of Apple’s AirTags | iFixit The team over at iFixit has done its teardown thing again, this time examining Apple’s AirTag trackers. Part one of its two-part review digs into the guts of the little trackers, and for those lamenting the lack of a key ring loop on the AirTag, iFixit (carefully) drilled a hole into one without damaging any of its parts. After some reconnaissance inside our first AirTag, we grabbed a 1/16” drill bit and carefully punched a hole through the second tracker in our four-pack—after removing the battery, of course. We miraculously managed to avoid all chips, boards, and antennas, only drilling through plastic and glue. The best part? The AirTag survived the operation like a champ and works as if nothing happened. The team cautioned that you... Continue reading…
Juice cleanses may seem like a healthy fad, but nutrition experts advise against them on a number of grounds. One big reason: They lack fibre. Nutritionists often tout the benefits of a fibre-rich diet filled with a variety of vegetables and other plant-based foods. Indeed, it’s common knowledge that eating your veggies is good for your health. “Consumption of fibre has long been associated with several health benefits, including reduction in the risk of several diseases including cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer,” said Jonathan Valdez, owner of Genki Nutrition and New York City media spokesperson for the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.He highlighted other pros like improvements in immune function, constipation prevention, and reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol and inflammation.But for the overachievers out there, is it possible to go overboard and eat a diet that’s too rich in fibre? Is too much fibre even a thing?We asked nutrition experts to break it down.First of all, what exactly is fibre?“Dietary fibre comes from the edible parts of a plant that we cannot digest nor absorb in the small intestine,” said Melissa Halas, registered dietitian and author of several books for kids and adults that promote fibre’s health benefits.Fibre can be insoluble or soluble, both of which are “superheroes for your health,” Halas added. The former helps prevent constipation and keep you regular, while the latter can lower your body’s cholesterol levels and make you feel full ― and most plants contain both types, in different amounts.“Soluble fibre is easily fermented by gut bacteria and is used as energy by your cell’s large intestines,” she continued, noting that consuming fibre positively impacts the composition of microbes in your gut. “The more you feed your gut, the greater microbial diversity it will have. This is good because having a healthy, diverse microbiome is essential for overall immunity and brain health.”There’s no need to focus on the breakdown of soluble versus insoluble fibre in your diet, but rather you should think about your overall fibre intake. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, herbs and spices will give you plenty of both types. And the benefits are endless. Can you eat too much?“Most [people] are not even coming close to getting enough fibre in our daily diets,” said Frances Largeman-Roth, a registered dietitian nutritionist and author of “Smoothies & Juices: Prevention Healing Kitchen.”Meanwhile, “foods with fibre take longer to eat and tend to be more filling than many other foods,” noted Jill Weisenberger, a registered dietitian nutritionist and creator of the “Stick With It” video course.That fullness would make eating too much fibre difficult, but it’s certainly possible.“Anyone with certain gastrointestinal problems, especially those susceptible to an intestinal blockage, could eat too much fibre. And it’s possible to get too much fibre from fibre supplements or fibre-fortified foods,” Weisenberger said.“If you go overboard ― say you had two stuffed bean burritos and several bowls of kale, plus some edamame ― and go over 35 grams, you may experience symptoms of too much fibre,” Largeman-Roth suggested.What happens to your body if you eat too much fibre?“Eating too much fibre, or suddenly increasing your fibre intake, can cause uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms, like bloating, gas, flatulence and diarrhoea,” said nutritionist Alyssa Northrop. If you’re trying to boost the amount of fibre in your diet, be mindful of these possible side effects, but don’t let them stop you from pursuing a nutrient-rich diet. Pay attention to other possible root causes, as well. “Unfortunately, the signs of too much fibre may also mimic other gastrointestinal issues, like irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease,” Halas said. “So, feeling gassy, crampy, bloated or excessively full doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting too much fibre.”She advised using a fibre tracker app for a few days to measure how much you’re consuming and take note of the plant sources you’re using. If you have a history of disordered eating, however, it may be best to avoid tracking systems. “You can go much higher than the recommended fibre intake. Many of my vegetarian or vegan clients take in 40-45 grams of fibre a day without any issues and reap the short- and long-term health benefits,” she added.  There have also been concerns that a very high-fibre diet might lead to decreased absorption of health-promoting minerals like calcium, magnesium and zinc, and while this can be true, research suggests that eating foods with naturally occurring fibre overall leads to increased mineral levels due to the fact that these plant-based foods tend to be more nutrient-rich overall. “This is more of a concern with excessive use of fibre supplements,” Weisenberger noted. So as long as no other health issues restrict your diet in a conflicting way, the benefits of eating nutritious plants generally outweigh the risks.“People in some cultures eat much more fibre than the average person, and they tend to have less chronic disease,” Northrop noted. “So the issue isn’t really about eating too much fibre ― it’s about eating more fibre than your body is used to. It takes time for your digestive system and the bacteria in your gut to adjust to a higher fibre diet.” What should you do if you eat too much fibre?“If you’re experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, try backing off on the amount of fibre you’re eating to give your digestive system a rest,” Northrop said. “Then gradually build up your intake over time to get your digestive system and gut flora accustomed to eating more fibre.”In addition to cutting back on the amount of fibre you consume in a day, Largeman-Roth advised varying your sources of fibre. “Instead of eating bowlfuls of high fibre cereal to get what you need in a day, have some cereal, and also berries and other fruit, salad, cooked veggies (which are easier to digest than raw), whole grains, seeds, beans and nuts,” she said. “Also, while fibre supplements can be helpful if you’re struggling to get enough, you shouldn’t rely on them for all your daily fibre.”Consult with a professional if you have concerns about your fibre intake or continue to experience bad symptoms. “Intentional excessive fibre intake could indicate an eating disorder or disordered eating, in which case, reach out to your medical provider,” Halas said. “Working with a dietitian is always helpful to evaluate your overall diet and fibre intake, significantly beyond macros!”
Samsung is ready to take on Apple’s AirTags with the launch of its SmartTag+ in the United States. This new tracking accessory is designed to attach to the objects you may misplace, including your keys, bag, and wallet. The trackers feature ultra-wideband tech and Bluetooth LE combined with AR guidance to the misplaced item. The Samsung SmartTag+ is a vaguely … Continue reading
Fitbit is currently selling the Inspire 2 fitness tracker at $30 off and the Versa 3 smartwatch at $50 off, lowering their prices to $70 and $180, respectively.
If Apple’s big strength is taking the complex and stressful and making it simple and elegant, then its AirTag tracker might be the most successful gadget from the company in years. It’s no surprise, then, that since the tiny circular tags were announced earlier in the month, people have been brainstorming just what they might attach them to. I’m no … Continue reading
Apple's newest product is a tracker called an AirTag. You attach it to an item and can keep track of it with your iPhone's Find My app.
Researchers found that vaccine side effects like headaches and fatigue were reported less frequently in the real world than in clinical trials.
The Walmart PS5 restock could happen today, April 29, and we have PS5 Twitter tracker Matt Swider sending out an alert.
A recent research on the Smart Sports Fitness Tracker Market offers a comprehensive analysis of the requirements and consumptions of different products/services in relation to the market's growth dynamics over time.During the forecast period, the in-depth demand estimate of different opportunities in the segments is reflected in volumes and revenues.Drivers and constraints, threats and opportunities, regional segmentation and demand evaluation, end-use/application prospects review, and competitive landscape assessment are only a few of the topics discussed.The report further examines how federal practises are adapting in the wake of the COVID-19 disturbances.New laws are being drafted by policymakers in both developing and developed countries in response to the ongoing macrocosmic shocks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.Effect research is being taken seriously by new entrants as well as existing players who want to emerge as champions in the post-COVID period.Access Sample Report - order to capitalise on new prospects, core stakeholders in the Smart Sports Fitness Tracker Market, such as market leaders, regulators, and investors in different countries, have been constantly realigning their policies and methods to execute them.Many companies have restructured their plans in recent months to stay flexible in the face of global uncertainties triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.Any industry player should be aware of the following observations and analyses, which will aid them in determining the current trends and possible trajectories of the Smart Sports Fitness Tracker Market.
The clock is lastly ticking for those waiting to obtain their hands on the brand-new clever watch from Apple The iPhone-compatible wearable is claimed to be all set for an April release.The Apple site stated it will certainly be available in a selection of styles as well as shades. The differences in styles will be in the "collections" including various materials.Apple is calling them "View", "Enjoy Sporting activity" and "Watch" version. It includes an 18-karat gold case. The watch will certainly can be found in two shades consisting of yellow gold and rose gold. Buyers can additionally individualize their Fitbit straps South Africa watch with a variety of band styles and colors. You will have 6 band kinds as well as 18 shades to choose from.The bands are interchangeable thanks to a locking mechanism that slides in and out.
It holds 14 keys, has a built-in flashlight and clips to your car's key fob. Get it now for $34.
It would appear that T-Mobile USA is ready to roll with a tracker device that’ll do battle with Apple’s AirTag and Tile. T-Mobile revealed the SyncUP TRACKER this week with connectivity to the T-Mobile LTE network. The device is tracked with an app on Android and iOS devices, and does not need to be within a specific range of a … Continue reading
T-Mobile's new tracker tag wants to help you find your lost stuff.
The SyncUp uses LTE rather than Bluetooth or UWB so it doesn’t need to be within range of your phone (or someone else’s) to be located. | Photo: T-Mobile It seems that 2021 is the year of the tracker, with new options from Samsung, Apple, and now T-Mobile in the form of its SyncUp Tracker. But unlike those other Tile-type tracking devices, SyncUp uses LTE rather than Bluetooth or Ultra Wideband for real-time location information, a la Samsung’s SmartThings tracker. That means it doesn’t rely on being within a certain range of your phone (or other phones) to tell you where it is — but it does come with a $5 per month data charge on your T-Mobile phone plan. The SyncUp offers some nice tracking features: you can make the device ring to help locate it when it’s out of sight, for example, and it offers geofencing to send you an alert when it leaves a predetermined area. It’s also IP67 dust... Continue reading…
Narrowband - IoT Industry Scenario:The crippling effect of the global COVID-19 pandemic has detained the growth potential of the Narrowband - IoT Industry.Moreover, in-depth data analysis is estimated to offer a clearer growth perspective to market participants.The global Narrowband - IoT Industry is expected to grow over the CAGR of ~50% during the period 2020 to 2027 from USD ~10 million in 2027.Many prominent vendors such as Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Emirates Telecommunications Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated and Vodafone Group PLC among others are working towards making the IoT dream, a reality.Request a Free Sample @ Outlook:The Major Key players of Narrowband-IoT market are: Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. (China), Vodafone Group PLC (U.K.), Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (UAE), Telecom Italia (Italy), Qualcomm Incorporated (U.S.), China Unicom (China), Intel Corporation (U.S.), Ericsson (Sweden), Nokia Networks (Finland), Verizon Communication (U.S.) among others.Segmentation:Segmentation by Device Type (Tracker, Smart Metering, Wearable)Segmentation by Deployment (Stand Alone, Guard Band, In Band and)Segmentation by Vertical (IT, Manufacturing Agriculture, Healthcare, Automotive & Transportation)Narrowband-IoT Market:The usage of tracking devices and Smart meter is increasing among various industry such automotive & shipping industry, building automation, healthcare among others.The increasing sensor deployment and machine-to-machine connectivity in order to manage the devices from remote locations are some of the major driving factors which are helping the Narrowband-IoT Market to achieve new heights in upcoming years.Browse Full Report Details @ of Contents: Report Prologue Introduction 2.1 Definition 2.2 Scope Of The Study 2.2.1 Research Objective 2.2.2 Assumptions 2.2.3 Limitations 2.3 Market Structure 3.Research Methodology 3.1 Research Process 3.2 Primary Research 3.3 Secondary Research 3.4 Market Size Estimation 3.5 Forecast Model Continued….About Market Research Future:Market Research Future (MRFR) has created a niche in the world of market research.
Global Fitness App Market Research Report: Information By Type (Workout and Exercise Apps, Disease Management, Lifestyle Management {Sleep Tracker and Period & Ovulation Tracking}, Nutrition & Diet, Medication Adherence and Others {Meditation and Brain Training Apps}), By Platform (Android, iOS and Windows), By Device Type (Smartphones, Tablets and Wearable Devices) - Forecast till 2027Market HighlightsGlobal Fitness App Market spans across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the rest of the world.North America is dominating the global fitness app market owing to the growing demand for wearable devices such as smart bands, smartwatches, and smart rings, the increasing awareness regarding the health conciseness, and the rising penetration of smartphones.During the forecast period, the US is expected to be the leading country-level market, registering a CAGR of 27.56%, followed by Canada and Mexico.The growing consumer demand for a healthier lifestyle and the continuously growing interest in maintaining a balanced diet and the demand for improved healthcare across Asian countries has made the country the fastest growing.Additionally, the increased personal per capita disposable income is driving the fitness app market growth in the region.To facilitate analysis, the Asia-Pacific market has been further divided into China, Japan, India, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, and the rest of Asia-Pacific.
The Target PS5 restock is the one you've been waiting for, according to PS5 Twitter tracker Matt Swider. Here's how to get it.
Here’s a detailed comparison between its other recently released trackers such as the Luxe, Inspire 4, and Charge 4.Since its announcement on April 19, 2021, Fitbit Luxe has been the most luxurious fitness tracker to date.While Fitbit Luxe still has a lot to offer, it is also getting a fierce competition with the existing fitness tracker lineup of Fitbit.The Fitbit Inspire 2 and Fitbit Charge 4 have proved their efficiencies and established themselves with competitive and robust features.Plus, these fitness trackers also feature more than 20 exercise modes, a sleep tracking feature, and guided breathing sessions.Besides, all these three fitness trackers also have a swim-proof design.The introduction of a color AMOLED display in Fitbit Luxe has provided a pleasing look compared to grayscale displays used in the Inspire 2 and Charge 4.The Charge 4 & Inspire 2: Which One is Better?The Fitbit Charge 4 comes with in-built GPS allowing users to view their real-time distance and pace without any need to connect it to a phone.The feature enables it to make contactless payments at different stores that support NFC.Another feature that you can’t find in Luxe or Inspire 2 is Charge 4 to control playback on Spotify from a phone connected to it.
Instructions to track mobile by imei numberThe main thing you would like to try to to is get your IMEI digits by dialing a singular code in your telephone *#06#.Telephones generally produce three codes; IMEI 1, IMEI 2 and SN.the primary and second IMEI allude to an identical telephone , you'll disregard the SN because it won’t be valuable within the up and coming advances.In the event that you simply don’t have the phonephone between your hands, you'll attend your telephone administrator which will catch on from their database.this laws just permit explicit elements to follow telephone numbers and telephone administrators abstain from offering this administration since they’ll get overpowered by following solicitations.At the purpose once you got the IMEI in your ownership, get to the subsequent board and fill within the containers with data identified together with your telephone mobile IMEI number tracking.When finished, the client is of course diverted to a guide that shows the border where the phone could also be founded on past computations.IMEI TRACKEROur foundation gives an IMEI following usefulness on the online .This IMEI tracker can decide things of any gadget that's connected with a flexible gear personality.The IMEI tracker produces exact geolocation and consequently shows it on an intelligent guide.