Civil unrest is common, a symptom and cause of political instability.Crime is prevalent with muggings, robbery, and pickpocketing commonly reported.Methods of distraction are typically used by thieves such as asking for directions or staging a fight before committing the crime.Criminal gangs are not afraid to use armed violence.Secure Ground Transportation Ecuador Express kidnappings and armed robbery are a particular concern in Quito, tourists or those who seem unfamiliar with their surroundings may be more vulnerable to an attack.Road accidents are common, especially during the rainy season or during the hours of darkness.
ETS facilitates airport transfers with local security drivers and Executive Protection Services Spain teams in Madrid.We are the preferred suppliers for Fortune 500 clients for inter-city movement and transfers.Our security teams provide a low-profile meet and greet service, and secure movements from the airport and hotels.Secure vehicles and armed executive protection are available on-demand.
To increase your chance of survival you need to respond immediately.Travel Security Training Tokyo’s infrastructure and seismic technologies are the most resilient in the world; they are designed to absorb the shock.Drop to the floor and protect your head, if possible, use a piece of furniture for cover, or position where objects cannot fall on you.Hold your position even after the earthquake is finished, most quakes last less than 10 seconds but many injuries occur during the aftershock phase.When it’s safe to move, consider moving outside and making your way to the nearest evacuation point or safe area, primarily where there is less risk of items falling on you.If an earthquake occurs while you are outside, stay outside, and the principles are generally the same.
Current reporting indicates a significant rise in thefts and muggings.Executive Protection Services Nicaragua Incidents of express kidnappings involving unlicensed taxis have been reported.Pickpockets and thieves operate on public transport and around bus terminals.Many criminals have weapons, and most injuries and deaths have resulted when victims have resisted.Street crime is prevalent in Managua and other large towns across the country.Foreign visitors experience a significant number of crimes with robbery accounting for 75% of violent crime.
The recent suspected terrorist attack on London Bridge demonstrated how fearless members of the public used their initiative, reacted selflessly and risked their lives to prevent, Business Travel Security what could have been, a more serious situation.It appears the public are growing tired of individuals who want to cause harm and are taking matters into their own hands.This is not always the safest course of action and not one that should be encouraged, each situation is different but if you are backed into a corner and your only option is to fight, react immediately and commit to the offensive.
Once at the water, and as I mentioned in my previous article, please, please, please speak with the lifeguards who are on duty, these guys know the beach intimately, will have hourly briefs on what is happening with the conditions and more importantly tell you where is safe to swim.Travel Risk Management If no lifeguard is on duty, then there are some simple things to look for apart from the obvious flags and signs warning you of danger.The main visible sign for a possible riptide is a ‘sand’ or darker patch of water that is moving away from the shore.This is happening because the water that is rushing back out to the sea is churning up the sea bed.This also occurs with stoney areas but you do have to look a bit more closely.
Sri Lanka has a reasonable risk of low-level crime and foreign travelers can become vulnerable.ETS Risk Management Theft and pickpocketing are common in densely populated areas, including known tourist hotspots and hotels.Criminals are likely to target individuals who are unaware of their surroundings or have valuables such as smart phones, purses or other electronic devices on display.High-Risk Celebrity Protection Sri Lanka Violent crime and armed robbery cannot be ruled out.In 2019, Colombo was the target of an IS terrorist attack which caused significant damage to the region.This was believed to be a coordinated attack with the use of suicide bombers and resulted in mass casualties at several places of worship and luxury hotels.
Niger is particularly volatile and experiences high levels of terrorism.Extremist groups, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS based in Mali, and the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram presents an increasing threat to foreign travelers within the region.Border regions of Secure Ground Transportation Niger are particularly vulnerable, where there is an increased risk of kidnap or violent attacks.Criminal activity in Niger is high.Petty crime, including pickpocketing and theft, are typical forms of attack.Thieves are known to operate in areas where foreign travelers are mostly located, setting a pattern and being unaware of your surroundings may make you more vulnerable.
Travelling solo as a female is both courageous and inspirational, unfortunately, like most adventures in life, it comes with certain risks.Travel Security This should not deter the devoted enthusiast or curious beginner; it just means being aware of the threats and knowing ways to avoid or reduce them.One of the key things I learned during my time in the military was ‘knowledge is power’.
Becoming caught up in a terrorist incident involving some more details form of bomb or Improvised Explosive Device (IED) is unlikely to ever affect the vast majority of travelers around the world – even those traveling to less permissive or hostile environments.Whilst, however Travel Security Elearning, there are more likely hazards and risks you may be exposed to on your travels it is still prudent to become familiar with both the threat and also what actions you can take should you find yourself in an IED incident.
The majority of criminals will try and focus on perceived ‘easy’ targets Online Travel Safety Training.It is generally assumed that women will not try and fight back and/or will be less able to defend themselves.Females are targeted more frequently because a majority of women carry purses or handbags which are much more accessible to criminals.In certain cultures, women are perceived as lower class citizens and therefore treated with less respect.Click Here For More Info...
Sit in the back and diagonal from the driver - Always sit in the back seat if you’re travelling alone and sit diagonally from the driver Business Travel Safety. This creates an extra layer of security between you and the driver. When in transit, sitting in the diagonal position affords you a better view of the driver e.g. Do they have Learn More anything hidden in their lap? In the diagonal position you can monitor their movements and maintain situational awareness.
Business travel security good practice starts with good planning and so the things you do before departure can have as much effect on the security implications for your trip as the things you do when you are there. Depending on the nature of your trip, the budget you have available, and time constraints, it may be sensible to obtain the services of a specialist business travel security consultant, but if for whatever reason this is not possible there are some things you can do, prior to departure, to help ensure your security and safety.
Plus, being offered electronically opens up the doors to a great range of interactive and user-friendly content Travel Safety Training. Forget about reading exhausting guides which bore you with details without actually showing you how to do anything you need. Instead, watch videos, animations and demonstrations of essential tips and guidelines. This actually prepares you for the real world while helping you to retain your new insight. You won't just read something; you'll see how those tips actually are transferable into actions. Today's best travel safety e-learning courses are both quick and affordable.
Travel Risk Assessments - Check Here The analysis and assessment of business travel related threats must be evidence based and cannot be fully outsourced to providers or third parties as the business comprehension and obligation remains with the person/s within the company charged with the authority and responsibility of duty of care for business travellers. Collection, processing, analysis and distribution of Travel Risk Management elements such as traveler, location, past event, current circumstances, special events, forecasted changes and business activity must be inclusive of the process. Consistency and clarity of travel risk assessments are required if the process is to be replica table, transferable and applicable for any and all business travel.
Quite often, and mostly in big cities Travel Security Companies, you’ll see charity fundraisers walking the streets in an attempt to collect donations in the form of money for a variety of causes—the environment, child welfare, and pet care, to name just a few. They might only ask to take your name down so they can contact you at a later date, but if they ask you for your credit card, beware. “These causes are known to target people’s emotions to get them to donate,” warns Lesavich. “Although legitimate in some cases, they could instead be scams to charge your credit card and get your credit card information.” If you want to contribute to these causes, a safer bet is to visit their website, check that it’s secure and then make a donation from there.
The use of e-learning is becoming one of the most widely used training methods in corporations today Travel Safety Elearning. While there is a lot to be said for face to face interaction and classroom training the benefits of e-learning are undeniable. Take a look at the top five reasons to consider e-learning for your organization. Accessible 24/7: Training delivered online is accessible to employees anytime, anywhere virtually eliminating time off job, overtime and travel related expenses.
Given that multiple overlapping departments Travel Safety Elearning support and manage business travel, the total amount of wastage and efficiency management is rarely visible in a single report or budget review. Significant efficiencies can be realized when the entire system is standardized to support travel administration, planning, health, safety and security. Compounding savings and harmonized expenditure can result in thousands of dollars in working capital saved or re-injected back into the business.
Zika infections are "highly likely" to keep spreading in Asia Business Travel Security, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned. Hundreds of cases of the virus have been reported in Singapore while two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly have already been confirmed in Thailand. Across the region increased numbers of cases have been reported many including pregnant women. Thailand and Singapore have reported the most cases - but Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines have also reported cases.
Explore Secure, a travel safety training service managed by former UK Elite Counter-Terrorism personnel have Business Travel Safety formed a travel safety training module to better meet the needs of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) community. Both of Explore Secures travel safety training products will contain the GLBT safety module. The company has a Business Travel Safety Briefing for Corporate, and a Student travel safety briefing aimed primarily at scholastic organizations, gap year travelers and study abroad students.