Once at the water, and as I mentioned in my previous article, please, please, please speak with the lifeguards who are on duty, these guys know the beach intimately, will have hourly briefs on what is happening with the conditions and more importantly tell you where is safe to swim.Travel Risk Management If no lifeguard is on duty, then there are some simple things to look for apart from the obvious flags and signs warning you of danger.The main visible sign for a possible riptide is a ‘sand’ or darker patch of water that is moving away from the shore.This is happening because the water that is rushing back out to the sea is churning up the sea bed.This also occurs with stoney areas but you do have to look a bit more closely.
In July 2016 a 22 year old British Tourist in Ibiza, Spain drowned after jumping into the sea on an early evening swim.This is just one of what will be hundreds of traveler deaths by drowning around the world this year.Drowning is in the top 5 killers of travelers abroad.It is also one of the most avoidable.Hundreds of travelers every year perish in rip currents, Travel Security heavy surf and through misadventure in the water.Hundreds more are seriously injured or paralyzed.
The majority of criminals will try and focus on perceived ‘easy’ targets Online Travel Safety Training.It is generally assumed that women will not try and fight back and/or will be less able to defend themselves.Females are targeted more frequently because a majority of women carry purses or handbags which are much more accessible to criminals.In certain cultures, women are perceived as lower class citizens and therefore treated with less respect.Click Here For More Info...
From a personal security perspective it is important to deal with a credible travel agent and/or Travel Safety Training agency. Home based criminals would welcome information which informs them when you and your family members or business associates are away from your home or office for a week or two. No one escapes the business and travel security leprechaun. An innocent trip backpacking to Australia turned into a nightmare for British backpacker, Jamie Neale in July 2009. Playing a football match in Jakarta could have had serious consequences and resulted in large fatalities for the Manchester United football team View More, had they stayed in the Ritz-Carlton hotel a day earlier when it was blown up by suicide bombers.
Business travel security good practice starts with good planning and so the things you do before departure can have as much effect on the security implications for your trip as the things you do when you are there. Depending on the nature of your trip, the budget you have available, and time constraints, it may be sensible to obtain the services of a specialist business travel security consultant, but if for whatever reason this is not possible there are some things you can do, prior to departure, to help ensure your security and safety.
Plus, being offered electronically opens up the doors to a great range of interactive and user-friendly content Travel Safety Training. Forget about reading exhausting guides which bore you with details without actually showing you how to do anything you need. Instead, watch videos, animations and demonstrations of essential tips and guidelines. This actually prepares you for the real world while helping you to retain your new insight. You won't just read something; you'll see how those tips actually are transferable into actions. Today's best travel safety e-learning courses are both quick and affordable.
Situational awareness is being aware of Travel Safety Elearning your surroundings and understanding potential threats that may compromise your physical security and safety. The statement below sourced from this article is from a traveller that fell victim to opportunistic crime and highlights a lack of situational awareness: Iceland is ranked as ‘the safest country in the world’ by the Global Peace Index…Because Iceland feels so safe, my mindset was very laidback and I got lazy with taking notice of my surroundings.
Given that multiple overlapping departments Travel Safety Elearning support and manage business travel, the total amount of wastage and efficiency management is rarely visible in a single report or budget review. Significant efficiencies can be realized when the entire system is standardized to support travel administration, planning, health, safety and security. Compounding savings and harmonized expenditure can result in thousands of dollars in working capital saved or re-injected back into the business.
Plus, studying with Online Travel Safety Training provides an affordable solution. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars, when the best tips for safe travel can be taught to any interested party for a tiny fraction of such a price. Whether you're going to Europe, South America, Central America, Africa or Asia, anywhere across the globe, stay safer with a reputable e-learning travel safety course. Convenient and affordable, up to date and interactive, and with the need to know tips which can make a real impact, online travel safety training courses are the way to go when you're ready to be on the move.
Zika infections are "highly likely" to keep spreading in Asia Business Travel Security, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned. Hundreds of cases of the virus have been reported in Singapore while two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly have already been confirmed in Thailand. Across the region increased numbers of cases have been reported many including pregnant women. Thailand and Singapore have reported the most cases - but Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines have also reported cases.
The Explore Secure is dedicated to improving the health, safety and security of all travelers Travel Security. The company knows from hard earned experience in specialist government and Special Forces units that simple, easy to learn thought processes and methodology can significantly increase safety and security for moving abroad. All briefings teach individuals and groups how to identify threats early to avoid danger and minimize risk, and if the worst case scenario ever does occur they are prepared to react in a manner to increase chances of a positive outcome.