While CBS upfronts presentation today was largely confined to its new shows coming next season, the network took the opportunity to unveil the very first teaser for its new Star Trek series.Set to debut in 2017—the pilot will premiere on CBS, with the show at large being exclusive to new streaming service CBS All Access—the new series will be helmed by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, who has the Trek bonafides to merit attention.The teaser is less than a minute, and shows off exactly zero new footage, but its CGI sequence culminates in the tagline that the show will feature new crews, new villains, new heroes, new worlds.Unfortunately, that s all anyone will get for now; network president Les Moonves ribbed the crowd by saying, You didn t think we were going to show you the cast, did you?Though Angela Bassett has shot down rumors that she was cast as a captain, the fact that Fuller has said in interviews that he wanted to cast her—along with Rosario Dawson as first officer—is reason enough to think that series will boldly go where no television series has gone since Enterprise went off the air over a decade ago.
As frustrating as this time of year can be if your favorite TV show gets axed, the silver lining is that cancellations make room for new programming.Set to premiere this fall, the series centers on the ever-resourceful Angus Mac Macgyver played by Lucas Till and his missions with former CIA agent Lincoln George Eads .The preview features quick thinking, clever solutions, and narrow escapes.An adaptation of the 2001 film, CBS Training Day series follows young police officer Kyle Craig Justin Cornwell after he s partnered with a morally ambiguous veteran detective, Frank Rourke Bill Paxton .He stars as Jack Gordon, a well-known adventure reporter who ends up in charge of a group of eager millennials working in an outdoor magazine s digital department.CBS has still more shows coming as well, including Bull, a drama starring Michael Weatherly; Pure Genius, a medical drama; Kevin Can Wait, a comedy featuring Kevin James; Matt LeBlanc s new comedy Man with a Plan; and Doubt, starring Katherine Heigl.
The universal translator has long been a piece of technology present in sci-fi shows, the most memorable one being Star Trek.Now, thanks to New York-based startup Waverly Labs, a real-life version is making its way onto crowdfunding site Indiegogo next week.Other technical details about the Pilot are a little sparse right now, but more may be revealed when its crowdfunding campaign kicks off on May 25.Fans of the excellent The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy may find the Pilot brings to mind the Babel Fish featured in the novels – an animal placed in the ear that feeds on the brainwaves of those around it and excretes a telepathic translation of alien languages into the brain of the wearer.While the demo video does look impressive, we re still not at the stage where languages can be translated in total real-time.Waverly Labs product may not be cheap, but here s hoping it turns out to be worth the price and is the saviour of monoglots traveling abroad.
Fitness bands are made for tracking your activities, most of which happen to take place outdoors.This data is, of course, relayed back to your Microsoft Health app so that you can see and analyze those pieces of information as part of a bigger whole.You can even add points of interest along your way to help you remember your trek, or even share them with others.For example, it will nudge you when it's time to rehydrate yourself or eat something to maintain your energy and health levels at maximum.It also puts the UV monitor to use by alerting you when exposure is above safe limits.These new hiking features will arrive via a Microsoft Health app update coming soon.
Today at the Upfronts, where networks tease shows coming next season, CBS offered a shiny glimpse of the worlds where its new Star Trek series will take us in January 2017.It almost has the feel of the Doctor Who credits sequence, with its kinetic ride through spacetime.This trailer does confirm that we'll have "new crews," which was something many had suspected but had not yet been confirmed.So don't expect the Seven of Nine spinoff we were all hoping for.The good news is that Nicholas Meyer who wrote and directed Wrath of Khan is in the writing room, and smartypants Bryan Fuller Hannibal, Pushing Daisies is the showrunner.The bad news is that the show's pilot will air on CBS, but all subsequent episodes will only be available on CBS streaming.
Where do you go when Microsoft Office and Google Docs are not enough but Adobe Creative Cloud is too much?Spark Post updates include an iPad version, animations, and Live Photo export, which can convert your post into a Live Photo.Among Spark Page s new features are an iPhone version, new Storybook and Trek themes, Google Photos support, and 3D Touch support, letting you preview projects and zoom in on images.It allows universal access via laptop, desktop, and Chromebook for use in the home, workplace, and schools.Preferred browsers include Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.With Spark, Adobe is also inaugurating two collaborative relationships: one with Facebook Blueprint, an international education and certification program focused on assisting with marketing initiatives on Facebook and Instagram, and Change.org, a petition-based social change platform, to help create training materials for its users.
And it seemed fitting, Nimoy tells BGR, to include along with a host of remembrances, show clips and more an interview in his film with a Star Trek-loving character on one of the most popular TV shows today.DON T MISS: Bionic eye restores man s vision after being blind for 40 yearsSome of what Nimoy is shown filming during that Big Bang episode will be seen in his documentary, which he says will be ready in time for the 50th anniversary of series in September.Thanks to contributions from Trekkies with an abiding appreciation of the series, the Spock doc is being made with the help of more than $662,000 from upwards of 9,400 backers.For the director, it s surreal on a number of fronts.He mentions, as an example, a scene showing the relationship between Spock and the character Leila Kalomi in the episode titled This Side of Paradise.In it, strange flowers weaken Spock s inhibitions and he falls in love with Leila, played by actress Jill Ireland.
Theranos' business model is built on the idea that it can offer more than 100 simple blood tests directly to patients at a much lower cost than traditional blood labs, ideally using its own technology to test that blood with only a finger-prick.But it has faced accusations about the validity of its technology since last year, and in January the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found problems with its Northern California lab in January, saying some of its practices "pose immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety.Its founder Elizabeth Holmes said in a TV interview recently that, "we stopped testing and have taken the approach of saying, 'Let s rebuild this entire lab from scratch so that we can ensure it never happens again.Take a consumer genetics test, for example: Rather than making an appointment at the doctor, sitting for an array of expensive genetic tests, waiting days for the results and then having to trek back to the office to discuss them at your physician's convenience, the company offered a simple, straightforward alternative: Spit in a tube, mail it in, and get results online in a visual, simple-to-understand format.Theranos has been doing something similar, but with blood instead of spit."We've taken comprehensive corrective measures to address the issues CMS raised in their observations.Many "disruptive" Silicon Valley health companies have run into this regulatory problem as well.But because Theranos focuses on blood tests, which provide information that the average person could act on, like diagnosing a sexually transmitted disease or monitoring an existing diagnosis, Theranos faces an additional scrutiny.For example, a patient who had gotten a blood test through Theranos went to the emergency room in 2014 after a blood-test result that showed abnormally high results, The Journal reported."Holmes then went on to explain, in veiled terms, a bit about how the company runs its tests in an attempt to dispel some claims about dilution methods.
The first episode of Star Trek premiered 50 years ago, and the beloved sci-fi series is now scheduled to return to television next year in a new show on CBS — or more specifically, on CBS All Access, the Network s digital subscription video on demand and live-streaming service.There s also quite a bit of Star Trek history behind the cameras already, with Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller attached as the showrunner and co-creator of the series.Fuller got his start on television writing for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager, and he s joined by Nicholas Meyer, the writer and director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, who will serve as a writer and consulting producer on the new show.Along with Fuller and Meyer in both producer and creative roles on the series, Alex Kurtzman the co-writer of the 2009 Star Trek movie that rebooted the franchise and Eugene Roddenberry the son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry will serve as executive producers on the show.One particular, unofficial report indicates that the first season of the series will be set in the time between 1991 s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country — the last film to feature the full cast of the original series — and the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation.The series will premiere on the standard CBS television network in January 2017, but subsequent episodes will be available exclusively on CBS All Access, which requires a monthly subscription.
Google's new message apps Allo and Duo have been released to Google Play for Android devices in a new form - not actually available, just appearing there as placeholders.Users such as yourself will be able to see the apps in the places where they'll be listed in the Google Play app store, BUT, you wont be able to download them until Google actually makes them available.As you'll remember from our Allo feature yesterday, Google will be releasing this app as a connected-to-your-phone-number sort of messenger app that uses the web to send images, texts, links, emoji, and a bunch more oddities we don't yet know about fully.This and Duo will be released later this year - this Summer, says Google - on both Android and iOS.The code-name for this app is Fireball.You can see what Google has given the app store title "Google Duo" in the Google Play app store listing for Duo now, too.
Priscilla FrankEarlier this week, a rousing headline shot at warp-speed across browsers and Twitter feeds: Women Swept The 2015 Nebula Awards, taking home the prestigious science-fiction and fantasy prizes in the categories of Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story and Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy work.The news might ve come as a surprise to — or, at least, to the chagrin of — a boisterous group of science fiction writers and fans who ve taken up the cause of restoring the genre to its tenants of yore: lighthearted adventure that s sleek, zippy, fun, and — oh yeah — comprised of shelves worth of white male writers.Last year, they rigged the voting for a similarly lauded set of prizes, the Hugo Awards, favoring white male writers and effectively quelling women and authors of color.Kate Wilhelm s suspenseful speculative fiction has won multiple Nebulas and a Hugo; Vonda N. McIntyre, whose longstanding attachment to the Star Trek franchise rocketed her to acclaim, won both awards as well.Unlike Luke Skywalker, Batman, or, more recently, Star Wars star Rey, she s not fighting to avenge a lost family or hometown; instead, her journey is fueled by broader ideals.Consider our tech.
Not sure how it works, but it helps you lose 20 pounds in a week while consuming the same calories as before.Thanks to the explosion of sensors to measure everything imaginable within the Internet of Things, enterprises are confronted with a never-ending buffet of tempting data.Finally we extract the nutritional value and put it to work to improve some part of our operations.Enterprises have evolved to consume data from CRM, ERP, and even the Web that is high in signal nutrition in this genteel, managed manner from which they can project trends or derive useful BI.The IoT and its superabundance of sensors completely changes that paradigm and we need to give serious consideration to our data dietary habits if we want to succeed in this new data food chain.Real-time data is critical to everything from in game advertising, which depends on near instant delivery of the right ad at a contextually appropriate moment, to recommendations and game features that are critical to the user experience and which are highly specific to moments within the game.
But Robert Swan OBE is an explorer - in the purest of forms.And, 30 years later, he s doing the 600 mile-long trek all over again, this time with his 21-year-old son Barney.2041 During one of his missions across the Antarctic, Swan s eyes changed from blue to grey, and his skin blistered.I am a survivor, says Swan, adamantly.Increasingly, the attention is turning towards the next generation to come up with solutions to pressing environmental issues; climate change, air pollution, sustainability.You just have to do it 26 times in a row.
GIFThe latest trailer for Justin Lin s Star Trek Beyond debuted at tonight s fan event in Los Angeles, and it showed off a retrospective Kirk as his ship is shot out from under him.The trailer teases Idris Elba s villain Krall, and shows off the presumed destruction of the Enterprise.Kirk seems to be facing some second thoughts about his lot in life, with a voiceover from Shohreh Aghdashloo cautioning that it s easy for someone to get lost out in the depths of space: there s only the ship and crew for a captain to count on.Here s the trailer:The rollout for publicity for the latest Star Trek film has been minimal so far this year, and this event looked to jumpstart that process, releasing a behind the scenes documentary, announced that director Justin Lin was finishing up the final edits tonight, and that the film would premiere at a special San Diego Comic Con outdoor IMAX event on July 20th.Star Trek Beyond opens in theaters on July 22.
Speaking at the fan event, Abrams noted that Star Trek Beyond s director, Justin Lin, was outraged at the legal situation that had arisen: Justin was sort of outraged by this as a longtime fan.We ve been holding our breaths waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to all the other films.That said, the lawsuit has left a chilled environment for the Star Trek fan film community.Donating money to fund a production is more of a gamble than it was before.Axanar released a statement regarding the news:While we re grateful to receive the public support of JJ Abrams and Justin Lin, as the lawsuit remains pending, we want to make sure we go through all the proper steps to make sure all matters are settled with CBS and Paramount.Our goal from the beginning of this legal matter has been to address the concerns of the plaintiffs in a way that still allows us to tell the story of AXANAR and meets the expectations of the over 10,000 fans who financially supported our project.
Star Trek fans have a reason to celebrate today; not only has a new trailer for Star Trek: Beyond been released, but franchise owners Paramount Pictures and CBS have revealed they're dropping a controversial copyright lawsuit against the makers of the ambitious fan film, Star Trek: Axanar."This wasn t an appropriate way to deal with the fans," Abrams, who's serving as executive producer on Beyond, said when he revealed the news."Justin was sort of outraged by this as a longtime fan… The fans of Star Trek are part of this world.Axanar was originally scheduled to begin filming in January, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that raised over $630,000.The lawsuit was filed in late December, however, with Paramount arguing that the fan film made use of "innumerable copyrighted elements of Star Trek, including its settings, characters, species, and themes."Not only is the lawsuit against Axanar going away, but Paramount/CBS lawyers told Buzzfeed's Adam Vary that they will draw up some guidelines for fan film projects to follow, so that this sort of thing doesn't happen in the future.
We ve gotten our second taste of what the latest installment of the reimagined Star Trek universe looks like, and we ve got to say that the movie looks like it s going to boldly go where no Star Trek has gone before pardon the pun .The Enterprise was boarded after a fierce battle with the Klingons, and rather than lose the ship, Kirk and Spock set off the auto destruct sequence.In just two installments, we ve seen the Vulcans destroyed, the near annihilation of 23rd Century London, and Starfleet Command nearly brought down to its knees.Our cast of characters also seem to have changed: Chris Pine s Kirk is a man often uncomfortable in command, while Zachary Quinto s Spock is a Vulcan less in control of his emotions.Unfortunately, it still does not answer any questions as to who Elba s character really is and where he comes from; it doesn t even answer questions as to what this movie s plot is in the first place.Star Trek Beyond hits theaters on July 22.
CBS and Paramount confirmed Abrams' comment to Buzzfeed reporter Adam Vary after the event.Vary also reported that Alec Peters, Axanar's executive producer who was in the audience on Friday night, was unaware that the two studios were intending to drop the suit against his company until he heard Abrams' story that evening.CBS and Paramount filed the lawsuit against Axanar Productions and its executive producer, Alec Peters, in December.Although the two companies have encouraged fan fiction in the past, the Axanar project intended to make a professional-looking Star Trek feature film, even hiring people who had worked on canon Star Trek installments before, and CBS and Paramount took umbrage with that plan.In March, lawyers for CBS and Paramount detailed many of the specific instances in which Axanar Productions had allegedly infringed on the studios' copyrighted works during a 20-minute prequel called Prelude to Axanar.In a blog post published on Sunday, Peters wrote on behalf of Axanar Productions: It was a great moment for Axanar and we are very grateful to both JJ and Justin Lin.
Image Source: YouTubeThis summer, we re bound to see a new chapter from Captain Kirk s adventurous life in Star Trek Beyond.A new trailer for the third movie in the new Star Trek trilogy is out, showing us what looks like a brilliant battle in space where Kirk s Enterprise takes quite a beating from this episode s villain.DON T MISS: This is the Netflix hack the world has been waiting forThe trailer is almost three minutes long, or just enough to leave us wanting more Star Trek action.The Enterprise goes down in what could be a great battle between our heroes and a new race lead by Krall – played by none other than Idris Elba, not that you ll recognize him under all those spines.Also, for some weird reason, there are motorbikes in this Star Trek move.Then again, directing Star Trek Beyond is Justin Lin, whom you might know from the Fast and the Furious saga.