View photosMoreA woman walks on a street as a car R used for a sharing service supported by Uber drives past in Kyotango, Kyoto prefecture, Japan May 26, 2016.REUTERS/Junko FujitaTANGO, Japan Reuters - Ride-hailing app Uber has finally cracked Japan - approved to offer its service in Tango, part of Kyotango city on the west coast, with a population of just 5,560 and abandoned by the local taxi firm eight years ago."Finally, we were able to make our very first step," said Masami Takahashi, president of Uber Japan Co. "This service can be a solution for Japan's aging society."Uber hopes to roll out similar services in other depopulated areas in Japan.One of those assets, 68-year-old Uber driver Yoshihiro Hatanaka, welcomed the flexibility of Uber's service."I love trekking, so I'll probably only drive when it's raining," he said.
View photosMorePokemon Go is displayed on a cell phone in Los Angeles on Friday, July 8, 2016.Just days after being made available in the U.S., the mobile game Pokemon Go has jumped to become the top-grossing app in the App Store.LOS ANGELES AP — Beware: "Pokemon Go," a new smartphone game based on cute Nintendo characters like Squirtle and Pikachu, can be harmful to your health.The "augmented reality" game, which layers gameplay onto the physical world, became the top grossing app in the iPhone app store just days after its Wednesday release in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.The game was created by Niantic Inc., a San Francisco spinoff of Google parent Alphabet Inc. that previously became known for a similar augmented-reality game called "Ingress."To play, you fire up the game and then start trekking to prominent local landmarks — represented in the game as "Pokestops" — where you can gather supplies such as Pokeballs.
We're a young travel startup who helps local guides around the world sell one of a kind group experiences.We recently launched a trip where travelers will be trekking through mountains with Kyrgyz nomads, sleeping in yurts, and hunting with golden eagles.This trip is admittedly a little weird.Definitely on the fringe of mainstream tourism, which I think is cool.... but makes it really hard to market.We have a small email list and social following.The trip is being run in conjunction with Unveiling the Pamir, which is a small economic development initiative, so we also have access to their community.
Do you own a 3D printer that works?Do you play Pokémon Go?Do you have a driving need to charge your phone while trekking across the city in a hunt of the last Eevee?It won t actually talk to you like a pokedex.Or guide you like a pokedex.But it will augment your reality more than Pokémon Go is already augmenting it.
Do you own a 3D printer that works?Do you play Pokémon Go?Do you have a driving need to charge your phone while trekking across the city in a hunt of the last Eevee?It won t actually talk to you like a pokedex.Or guide you like a pokedex.But it will augment your reality more than Pokémon Go is already augmenting it.
Looking to save a few dollars on your toothpaste, toilet paper, or t-shirts by ordering on Amazon rather than trekking over to your local Wal-Mart?It might seem like a good deal if you re an Amazon Prime member, but is it actually worth it?The $99 membership fee may pay for itself for some online shopping aficionados, but for others, it may not be the best bet.And now, there s a tool to help you figure that out.Meet the latest service from online shopping tool Slice: My Amazon Report.To determine whether or not you should be subscribing to Prime, My Amazon Report takes stock of your purchase receipts so yes, you ll have to register and link your email address to get this to work .
Walking an average of eight miles a day and spending up to eight hours trekking around New York after finishing work is the kind of dedication it takes to truly catch em all.Nick Johnson posted on reddit claiming to be the first person in America to capture all the Pokemon available in the country, and sat down with Business Insider to explain how he did it.Johnson said he caught 4,269 Pokemon in his bid to catch the 142 different types available in America, and we re willing to bet about a third of those were Pidgeys.On top of that Johnson hatched 303 himself and walked nearly 95 miles, as well as hiring an Uber and demanding it drive him around Jersey City until he found his second last Pokemon, Porygon.Now Johnson s looking for sponsors to support his trip to Europe, New Zealand, Australia or Asia so he can catch Mr Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch d, none of which are available in America.Ditto, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew are also still at large.
Smartphones may be our go-to camera for everyday shots, but we wouldn t take one below 50 feet underwater for selfies; step on it; or drop it onto rocks OK, with some you might, but those phones are rare .Whether it s the outdoorsman who wants to grab snaps and videos while trekking in the wild, or vacationers who just want to toss a camera around a pool, there s still a valid need for this type of compact camera, even if demand in the overall point-and-shoot sector is declining.Olympus continues to be a major player in this field with its Tough series, and its latest for edition for 2016 is the TG-870 $280 .The camera is a mild evolution from the TG-860 – a camera now discontinued we beat the heck out of, but didn t leave a scratch – and retains the same ruggedness as its predecessor.Also on the front are a flash, LED/autofocus illuminator, and the lens.In other words, you ll need outdoor light for best results and the flash for indoor subjects.
Sometimes, life can be as pretty as a picture.Jarrod Robertson from Birmingham, Alabama, was at the top of a ski lift in the Italian municipality of Kastelruth when he realized the view before him miraculously matched the phone background he d had for two years.Robertson recently shared his story on Reddit along with a picture of himself holding his phone against the IRL Dolomites mountain range landscape.After having it for 2 years, I accidentally FOUND my phone background the other day near santa cristina, italy!The Redditor, who lived in Italy for about 6 months, told The Huffington Post that before moving there, he searched for picturesque mountain towns to visit, found a pic featuring a gorgeous view and made it his phone background before trekking out to see it in all its glory.He knew the mountain range featured in the photo and that the picture was taken somewhere around the Seiser Alm area in Northern Italy, but didn t have much information beyond that.
For times when a portable battery pack and solar charger won t do, the power of the wind could be the way to charge your smartphone.École Cantonale d Art Lausanne design student Nils Ferber has developed the Micro Wind Turbine, which came out of his personal experience of running out of battery during longer treks.I contacted a number of mountaineers, climbers, film-makers, and expedition leaders and asked them questions about their experiences, requirements and typical weather conditions.But being entirely dependent on sunshine is a huge problem for them, sometimes putting them out of work for several days, Ferber wrote on the James Dyson Award site.They were instantly excited about a wind turbine but pointed out that weight, pack size and ease of use would be of greatest importance for them.To satisfy portability requirements, the Micro Wind Turbine weighs just over 2 pounds, which Ferber claims is 40 percent lighter than its closest competitor, and folds down to the size of an umbrella or trekking pole.
One of the least enjoyable parts of buying a car is trekking to a dealership - usually late after work or on a weekend when you'd rather be anywhere else - and spending hours behind the wheel with a pushy salesperson at least, that's been our car-buying experience .Amazon, in partnership with Hyundai, is looking to change all that, delivering test drives to some potential car buyers wherever they are.A new program called "Prime Now.Drive Now" is letting people schedule a spin with a 2017 Hyundai Elantra through Amazon's same-day delivery service.The car will meet them anywhere home, work, Starbucks at a set time between 9am and 7pm, and folks can take it on a 45- to 60-minute test drive.If they want to finalize a purchase, they'll be pointed toward their local Hyundai dealership.
Bloggers have had a field day over the past week writing about how Pokemon Go is dead because it s beginning to sink on Apple s top free iPhone downloads chart in the App Store.Of course, those bloggers don t really understand how the app market works, do they?Pokemon Go is still taking the world by storm and people love trekking out to hunt down Pokemon all around their areas.Of course, the game is hardly perfect and players still have a bunch of complaints.MUST SEE: The holy grail: Hack Pokemon Go so you can walk anywhere, no jailbreak requiredFor a long time, the biggest problem with Pokemon Go was Niantic s server instability.
On Wednesday, Samsung will take the first step on a long, painful road to forgetting about the exploding Note 7 saga.The company says that it s shipped 500,000 non-combustible Note 7 devices to stores, and they ll be ready for exchange starting on Wednesday.In a statement issued today, Samsung gave an update on its progress with exchanging explody phones for less-explody phones, and also announced a software update that will push owners to go participate in the exchange program.DON T MISS: The iPhone 7 is going to be a problem when it gets coldAccording to Samsung, 500,000 safe Note 7s have arrived in the US, and will be available for exchange at retail locations starting on Wednesday the 21st.There s no way to check availability online that we can see, so you re probably best to call before trekking to the store.
Trekking around the great outdoors can sometimes be more trouble than it s worth, no matter how enthusiastic you are.A few years ago , myself and a friend were on a camping trip, entrepreneur Pete Flood told Digital Trends.We decided to go duck hunting, which meant carrying a canoe over two miles.It was early in the morning and extremely cold.Our hands were getting numb and we had to keep stopping because the canoe was heavy.In the end, we counted about half an hour on the water before it was time to turn around and come back.
The year s busiest holiday shopping season is already upon us, with tremendous deals to be had at every turn.Whether you re angling for a new Apple Watch, a new iPhone 7 or even a new HDTV, there are no shortage of incredible Black Friday sales consumers can take advantage of at retail locations like Target and Best Buy.Of course, one frustrating downside to Black Friday sales is that they often attract massive crowds, forcing shoppers to endure what can sometimes be excruciatingly long and frustrating lines.At some stores with particularly good deals, it s not uncommon to see people begin to queue up hours in advance, all to ensure that they can get their hands on whatever newfangled device they have their eye on before anyone else.DON T MISS: T-Mobile has some of the best Black Friday deals we ve seenIn an effort to save consumers some trouble from trekking out to a store only to be swallowed up by an unforgiving swarm of holiday shoppers, Google recently added a new software enhancement to its Maps software that lets users see how busy a particular store is in real-time.
Stock up on all the footwear you could need to get outside for spring from Amazon’s one-day Merrell shoe sale.Take up to 40% off shoes for many different occasions, like hiking, running, or trekking from one of the most popular outdoor brands.You’ll probably need to think of more excuses to leave work and get the heck outside.
Rugged phone maker NOMU has released the full specifications of the all new NOMU S30 and promises high-end specifications not normally seen on phones of this ilk.Generally speaking, rugged smartphone tend to be a little lacking in the hardware and department.Sure they offer a rugged body, and large battery but generally speaking the rest of the phone spec leaves a lot to be desired.NOMU plans to rewrite the rule book with the launch of the NOMU S30, a rugged Android smartphone with specifications that wouldn’t look out of place on a more expensive flagship device.In a press release set to us today, NOMU says that through 9 years of smartphone development, and using its own R facility at its own 20,000 Square Meter factory, NOMU has produced a cutting edge piece ok kit.The NOMU S30 is the name of this new smartphone and like rival rugged devices it comes with IP68 water and shock resistance, a 5.5-inch FHD display and a large 5000mAh battery, but that’s where similarities end.Join GizChina on TelegramNOMU have managed to break the mould with the NOMU S30 have equipped their phone with a 2.0Ghz Mediatek MT6577 chipset, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and main 13-megapixel PDAF Sony IM214 camera.The large 5000mAh battery should prove enough to keep you amped while trekking in the outdoors, but the addition of Quick Charge 3.0 means you won’t be left waiting when you do need a top up.Other key features of the phone include NFC, OTG, waterproof NXP speaker module, CAT 6 LTE, and a clever physical shortcut button.NOMU has already started to promote the NOMU S30 over on Aliexpress where you can order this rugged flagship killer right now.Pricing is just $227.49 at the time of writing, but be fast as pricing will increase in the coming days!Share this:TweetMorePocketShare on TumblrEmailPrint
The Thermo-molded shoulder straps also have a two-point adjustment system that can be dialed-in to fit any torso length or shoulder width.Why should you buy this: The North Face Summit Alpine 50L is the lightest mountaineering pack on the market with a sleek minimalist design suitable for both rock and ice climbing.This FuseForm construction weaves together 70-denier and 40-denier Cordura nylon into a single fabric used in the construction of the pack.This combination of materials provides the Summit Alpine 50L with excellent abrasion resistance as well as a significant amount of breathability.By fusing the fabrics, North Face also reduces the number of seams which improves its overall water-resistance and durability.There’s also a curved back pad that hugs the body and provides a comfort unmatched by a straight back pad.
p Are there any children’s toys out there right now that are more popular than fidget spinners?Also referred to as hand spinners, these little plastic and ceramic gadgets seem crazy to adults, but kids can’t get enough of them.What do they do, you ask?You can find fidget spinners all over the place these days, and if you have young children they’ve no doubt sent you on multiple missions to buy them.Rather than trekking around town and overpaying since they’re so popular right now, we’ve found high-quality hand spinners on Amazon that only cost $9 each.Here are some highlights from the product page:
HBO just couldn’t help itself.On the first day of summer, the premium cable network released a new trailer for the seventh season of Game of Thrones, announcing once and for all that “Winter Is Here.” The second trailer for season 7 is not only slightly longer than the first, but it gives us an even closer look at the countless wars that will be waged when the season debuts on July 16th.We open with a shot of Sansa Stark trekking through the snowy woods, with the words of Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish playing in the background, telling her not to fight in the north or the south, but to “fight every battle, everywhere, always, in your mind.” We then cut to images on Jon Snow approaching The Wall, an army gathering in King’s Landing, Daenerys in an empty room and Arya on horseback.The next voice we hear is Jon Snow’s, imploring the people of Westeros to come together to fight “a common enemy, despite their differences.” We then rush through shots of battles, some on sea, some on land, some with dragons, some without, until we suddenly cut to Sansa’s voice:“When the snows fall, and the white winds blow, a lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”Either the warring factions of the world will band together to fight back the winds of winter, or they’ll all end up dead.