And like Woody Allen explained in Annie Hall, "A relationship, I think, is like a shark.It has to constantly move forward or it dies."If you were looking for a golf buddy, a gym partner or even a mate, part of your strategy would be to tell everyone you know that you were looking.You want to align yourself with people and companies that can get you in front of your type, that ideal consumer you created a profile of.These people and companies are influencers who have a direct connection to your type and already have their attention and trust.Find a way to work with and partner with these established influencers.
In the near future, posts on Pinterest are bound to become decidedly more kinetic.A select group of Pinterest users are now able to pin and view GIFs on their boards as the company is reportedly in the process of rolling out the animating feature to its roughly 70 million members.For the uninitiated, GIF is an acronym for graphics interchange format -- a type of compressed file that is commonly used on the web for short animations.While GIFs previously appeared as still images when uploaded to the site, now a play button appears for users who are a part of the test -- including the fashion search engine Wantering."We've heard from the community that they'd like the ability to post and view GIFs as Pins," the company confirmed to Mashable, "so we're testing ways to make that happen."The company declined, however, to elaborate on how many users were testing the function or when it would be available for all users -- if ever.
MillerCoors, the joint venture behind Miller High Life, Coors, Crispin Hard Cider and Blue Moon, among other beer brands, is looking to get into the spirits business.The company is debuting a new bourbon-flavored lager called Miller Fortune.The beer -- which has a malty, complex taste and, at 6.9 percent, a relatively high alcohol content -- is meant to be served in a rocks glass, Bloomberg reported.While specifying the type of glass may seem like a gimmick, a similar marketing scheme has worked for MillerCoors in the past: Blue Moon’s distinctive orange slice helped the beer become one of the company’s most popular brands, Bloomberg notes.The new product comes at a time when young people are increasingly ditching beer for harder alcohol.From 2000 to 2011, the spirits industry went from taking up 29 percent of the beverage alcohol market to 34 percent, stealing 5 percent of the market share from breweries in the process, according to a report by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.
Q: If I have to choose between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which one is the most effective for mobile marketing?A: The social ecosystem is steadily growing, which means marketers must be more strategic than ever when engaging with consumers across social networks and devices.As consumers traverse from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram, content is digested differently.Ultimately, the network that will be most effective for your mobile marketing efforts depends largely on your audience, their interests and the type of content at your disposal.For example, Pinterest is highly visual with a predominately female audience, while Twitter’s user base is much more diverse and text oriented.Alternatively, Twitter’s bite-sized headlines and Facebook’s content-friendly interface are optimal for B2B companies to engage with customers and prospects.
As a result, many online marketers have dramatically changed their strategies.Ranking high in Google for competitive keywords is not as easy as it was three years ago.Because black hat SEO is harder and harder to execute, and less and less likely to deliver results, a new type of SEO has emerged called “negative SEO.”This is a guide that will help you understand what negative SEO is and how you can protect your business from becoming a victim.If you are serious about building your brand online and keeping it safe, this is something you should not ignore.Negative SEO refers to the practice of using black hat and unethical techniques to sabotage a competitor’s rankings in search engines.
The delivery drones are coming, and they're bearing coffee.If you happened to look at the sky over Zurich, Switzerland on Wednesday, you might have seen a drone fly over the city and deliver a hot cup of java onto the roof of a parked Mercedes-Benz van.As TechCrunch reports, the occasion marks the first successful delivery for Matternet, a logistics company focused on drones.For the next three weeks Mattenet will be shuttling coffee by local e-commerce company Siroop over Switzerland’s largest city.It’s not exactly a door-to-door type thing, which means humans aren’t quite out of the equation yet.The drones fly autonomously for the most part, but the specially made vans guide them in through GPS for greater precision on the last stretches of the journey.
Christine Perkett dubbed this type of thinking as “Creatalitics” and gave an excellent definition for the term: “[Creatalitic thinkers] combine really creative and innovative ideas--those ‘dreams and visions’ with data and analysis--the ‘blazes of insight’ that tell them if their creations go beyond initial appeal and into the world of actionable value to the company’s bottom line.”Creativity is an important aspect of our jobs, but we should not neglect the warning signs from the left side of our brains pushing us to analyze our ideas.Can those results be replicated for your brand?Take a sheet of paper, and draw a line down the middle; on the left side write “Like” and on the right side write “Improve.” Under “Improve,” reference everything that doesn’t work about the idea or areas that should be improved.On the left side, write everything that you like about the idea and would bring value to the company.Next, figure out how you can change those areas under “Improve” to work for your creative idea or whether the idea is still worth pursuing.
In his book Tweet Naked, online marketing expert and Social Media Firm CEO Scott Levy provides the critical information entrepreneurs need to craft a social media strategy that will boost their brand and their business.Your initial goals for using each platform will determine which results will matter most to your business.Conversion is defined as the number of visitors, usually illustrated as a percentage, who take or complete a desired action.Conversions are typically determined by the action, or actions, the business expects visitors to perform.Many business owners and social marketing directors spend a lot of time trying to find ways to improve conversion and conversion rates.Conversion rates will vary depending on numerous factors such as type of product, price point, marketing reach, geographic location, market share, etc.
Poor LeEco, it’s so sad to see a most promising company struggle during the past year (or so) and still being unable to cope with all the issues they’re facing: unpaid debts, assets frozen, stores closed, but among these unfortunate events a set of images appears to give us a view of the LeEco Le X7, the prototype that was never meant to be seen…The images appeared earlier today on Slashleaks and show a device with significant bezels, metallic body and a design that “screams” LeEco from a distance.We can spot everything if we just pay attention: the sensor, earpiece and a front facing camera on the top bezel, the antenna lines in the familiar U-design at the top and bottom, the single main camera at the back, along with a LED flash and the signature mirror-like fingerprint reader of the device just below.The Le X7 packs an IR blaster on the top side, along with a volume rocker and the On/Off buttons on the right side, along with a dual SIM tray slot (we are just guessing here) and a USB Type-C port at the bottom.If you pay attention to the final image, you will be able to confirm that the Le X7 runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with EUI 5.8 skin, it packs a 10 core SoC @ 2.3GHz and comes with the July 2016 Security Patch.This means we will never get to see it in stores, as it has probably “died” before its official launch, due to the financial issues of the Chinese company.
Anker has launched a new projector called the Nebula Capsule on Indiegogo, where it hopes to fund the device.Boasting a shape and size akin to a soda can, this projector is small enough to easily carry around, but with more features than most competing portable projectors.Among other things, the Nebula Capsule is able to project an image measuring up to 100-inches across.This is the only Android 7.0 smart DLP projector, according to Anker, which is best known for its charging devices.The Nebula Capsule features 360-degree omni-directional audio thanks to 5 watt speakers coupled with an “intelligent amplifier.” This is similar to the type of audio you get from things like the Echo, and in that spirit it can also be used as a standalone Bluetooth speaker.The projector has a built-in battery that is able to power 2.5 hours’ worth of movie playback or up to 40 hours of audio.
Amazon‘s in a bit of a celebratory mood as of late, and it’s not entirely surprising why – the retail giant refreshed its Fire HD 10 tablet, bestowed 4K on its Fire TV, and unveiled a trio of Echo devices in the span of two weeks.It might be why Amazon is handing out $10 in promo credit if you sign up for a free 30-day trial of its Music Unlimited service.There are a few things to keep in mind about the promotion, the first being that you can only use the credit on items sold and shipped directly by Amazon.You will also need to be a new subscriber to get the credit – current or former subscribers are not eligible for the promotion.Finally, you have until October 6 to sign up and until October 31 to use the $10 credit.You will need to type in the promo code MUSIC1 when signing up.
The work was led by bioengineering professors Peter Yingxiao Wang and Shu Chien with collaborating professors Victor Nizet and Xiangdong Xu, all at the University of California San Diego, along with researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.The team published their work this month in Nature Communications.The smart proteins, called "iSNAPS" (integrated sensing and activating proteins), are designed to detect precise molecular signals in live cells and in response, act upon those signals to enable the cells to fight disease or perform other beneficial functions.This study is the first to demonstrate how both sensing and activating capabilities can be combined into a single molecule, Wang said.The researchers inserted their iSNAPS into a type of white blood cells called macrophages and demonstrated that they dramatically enhanced the macrophages' ability to engulf and destroy rapidly dividing cancer cells.Part of their task is to remove foreign particles and harmful organisms such as pathogens and cancer cells by digesting them.
At its heart it represents not only a commitment to a collective cause but also the essence of a brand's behavior and heart: who you are, what you stand for, what motivates you.Small companies with nimble business practices are reshaping the global economy, and this fluidity is increasingly present in other areas as well.There's a new cultural macro shift--infiltrating everything from fashion to food--that celebrates individuality and freedom of expression with a sharper focus on craft, culture and personality, compelling building blocks when it comes to designing the brands of the future.Nonprofits often lack the funding to invest in design, but this logo for Speak Up Africa, a communications and advocacy organization for children's health, has received enormous support as a result of its clear and powerful logo.In branding, this type of company is referred to as a "challenger"--one attempting to shake things up--and this cheeky logo certainly helps Sunfeel stand out in its category.This new identity for the 40th anniversary of Montreal's Olympic Park draws inspiration from the O of Olympics, the iconic rings and the circular shape of the Olympic Stadium.
Nomad is an accessory company that makes cables that are known for two things: being durable, and being incredibly wild looking when it comes to adding a wide variety of adaptors to the ends.But the company’s newest cable, the Universal Cable USB-C, might be the wackiest-looking one yet, with the ability to transform from a USB Type-A to Micro USB cable into a full USB-C to USB-C cable, or any combination of those four tips you can imagine.It’s a similar concept to Nomad’s original Universal Cable, which offers a standard USB Type A plug on one end, and a three-pronged set of adaptors for Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C on the other.But the Universal Cable USB-C seems like it’ll be more useful simply due to the fact that both ends of the cable are able to be switched up: one side between USB-C and Micro USB, and the other between USB Type A and USB-C.The Universal Cable USB-C supports up to 100W for charging, and supports data transfer, too (although only at the slower USB 2.0 spec).And like Nomad’s other cables, the cord is made out of braided ballistic nylon, which should probably be more durable than the cable that came in the box with your laptop or phone.
Facebook wants to get the blood flowing in India—in a good way.The social network rolled out tools to enable users in India to begin signing up to be blood donors on that country’s National Voluntary Blood Donation Day, Oct. 1.Users in India will see messages atop their News Feeds, or they will be able to edit their profiles to sign up, with all information remaining private.Product manager, health Hema Budaraju and head of programs, South Asia Ritesh Mehta said in a Newsroom post that this feature will initially launch on Android and the mobile web, as those are the most widely used platforms in India.Facebook will also release a tool in the next few weeks enabling those in need of blood—individuals or organizations such as blood banks and hospitals—to create special posts alerting users in the country to those needs.Those posts will contain the locations where blood donations are needed, contact information and optional information such as required blood type and background stories.
Portable devices are helping maintenance and operations professionals throughout the process industry sector work more efficiently by monitoring multiple systems, lowering costs, and improving product quality.For example, portable hygrometers can quickly monitor a plant’s compressed air supply system and verify air dryer performance by accurately measuring dewpoint.Uncontrolled moisture in your air supplies may damage pneumatic controls, tooling, and finished products.To combat this, regenerative desiccant dryers such as pressure swing and heater type, as well as refrigerant dryers are often used to remove or reduce moisture from compressed air supplies.For spot-check measurements, a hand-held, battery-operated, portable hygrometer can be specified.These devices enable technicians to verify air dryer performance on the factory floor, as well as check the accuracy of the dewpoint sensor installed on the dryer.
You’re not a decent Xiaomi fan if you don’t own at least this small piece of Chinese technology – well OK, I’m just joking.It seems that Xiaomi launched another piece of beauty… a rather simple Type-C data cable (flat line) that costs a mere 2.5$.As you can all figure out, this Xiaomi Type-C Data Cable enables data sharing and charging between a laptop and a smartphone, but it also supports Quick Charging (if you have the necessary equipment of course).The new data cable by Xiaomi relies on the flat line design instead of traditional circular one, it’s 1.2 meters long and quite impossible to tangle up.Underneath the plastic casing, we can find four pure copper wires.Each copper wire is surrounded with nylon to prevent bending of the wire.
According to Hungarian blog, Huawei is preparing to bring its brand new 360 degree camera to Europe, after having successfully launched it in China.The new Panorama 360 Camera goes under the model number CV60 and it’s equipped with an iCatch V35 SoC for processing the images.It consists of two cameras that each one comes with a a 1/3.06” Sony sensor and f/1.8 lens, and it can shoot photos at 5326 x 2688 pixels while video recording comes in either 1920 x 960 (30 fps) or 1280 x 640 (30 fps again).The Huawei Panorama 360 Camera was recently presented by a Leica representative and a Huawei manager based in the Central European country.It’s compatible with all Android 6.0 (and above) smartphones with a USB Type-C port, but you will need the Huawei EnVizion 360 app which could be found on the Play Store after October 16.It’s expected to hit European stores with a price tag of 39€ on October 17, so perhaps I should get one for a quick review
Milestone: Starting with Firefox version 54, Mozilla is debuting their long-time project 'Electrolysis' which allows splitting Firefox into multiple processes, enabling up to four processes to run all tabs, what they say strikes just the right balance between speed and memory use, saving on RAM and improving performance.Mozilla is calling it Firefox's "best release ever."Firefox is on a rapid release development cycle which means new versions will come more frequently.Mozilla has promised to push out a new stable build every six weeks.Type your term into the location bar (aka the Awesome Bar) and the autocomplete function will include possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites and open tabs.The Awesome Bar learns as you use it—over time, it adapts to your preferences and offers better-fitting matches.
The real Polaroid Corporation is still dead (RIP), but there’s a new Polaroid and it will gladly sell you instant film and cameras.Earlier this month, a company known as The Impossible Project rebranded itself as Polaroid Originals.Impossible bought the last functional Polaroid instant film plant lock, stock, and barrel in 2008 and has since restarted film production for Polaroid-compatible cameras like the SX-70, Spectra, and 600-type.Thanks to the reunification of Impossible’s film and the Polaroid brand, the new Polaroid Originals OneStep 2 instant camera is a bit of a homecoming.The brand’s been used on everything from digital cameras to cheap TVs in the past decade, so it makes this Polaroid fan happy to see an instant camera bearing the name once more.It’s a fixed-focus point-and-shoot that’s as simple to use as any instant camera—just aim and push the button.
Apple unveiled three iPhones this year, including two “boring” updates of the now-traditional 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone designs, and a brand new iPhone X that brings over a different type of screen technology.OLED displays make possible edge-to-edge phone designs, though the X also has an incredibly sophisticated facial recognition system that totally ruins said design.A new report suggests that Apple may be looking to bring the iPhone X design to all its iPhones in the future, including the cheaper models, regardless of whether there’s enough OLED supply to go around.For anyone who’s been following the OLED display saga, it’s no surprise to hear that everyone in the display business has been committing billions of dollars in investments for the sole purpose of securing iPhone business.Late to the OLED game pioneered by Samsung, Apple will make OLED screens great again and there are signs that more companies want to equip such devices on their main iPhone rivals.However, Samsung, the only company that can meet Apple’s iPhone X requirements, can’t possibly make enough OLED screens for all the iPhones Apple sells each year.
Obsessed with their technology's disruptive potential, fast-moving outfits like Uber have long been on a collision course with regulation, says Paul MarksShould technology start-ups operate under more lax legal regimes than other businesses?Yet there exists a certain type of Silicon Valley outfit that seems destined to upset regulators as a result of the rapid pursuit of getting their technology out there.This appears to include Uber Technologies – a firm in the vanguard of the sharing and gig economies.Its app-based, dynamically priced taxi-hailing and sharing service has seriously undercut entrenched cab firms the world over, leaving the likes of London’s black-cab drivers apoplectic at the lost business.To continue reading this premium article, register or login for free for unlimited access.
A bug in the latest version of Internet Explorer so that the web site you are visiting can see what you type in the address bar.the Effect will be in practice, to a web site you are visiting can pick up where you intend to surf next, or what you are looking for on the internet, if you enter search terms in the address bar.the Bug was revealed yesterday by security researcher Manuel Caballero, who set up a site that demonstrates the procedure.If you click there and then type something in the address bar, stops his site charging of the next website and tells instead of where you wanted to surf.the Hack works with Internet Explorer but not with other browsers.It seems to only apply to the current tab.
A new report from analytics company SafeDK has highlighted the danger that 3rd party SDKs pose to our privacy.Alarmingly the testing showed that on average Android apps use 17 mobile SDKs.What that means is that not only do you need to trust the developer of any given app, by proxy you also need to trust 17 other developers with your privacy!You might think that when you download an app from the Play Store that you are enjoying the labors of the app developer and not much else.But what the latest Mobile SDKs Data Trends report highlights is that app developers are including (knowingly or maybe even unknowingly) dozens of third party SDKs in the code.According to SafeDK the fastest growing type of SDK used are Payment related SDKs, with over 45% of app now using them.
Facebook doesn’t just want to make it easy to sign up to be a blood donor from the News Feed.It’s also creating a special kind of post for requesting blood donations of a certain type in a certain location, and then notifying nearby donors that qualify.While many people are interested and willing to give blood, they might not know how to sign up, where to go, or have the social pressure to actually go do it.Plus, this good-hearted activity is likely to garner Likes in Facebook’s News Feed, which could help posts reach enough donors to find a local match.It’s all part of an initiative in India pegged to the country’s National Blood Donation Day on October 1st.Users in India can find more information on donating blood here.
If you haven’t heard of it, Thread is an online-only fashion technology brand with a unique proposition.Instead of sending you generic product suggestions or ‘trends’ emails, each week a personal stylist will deliver product recommendations based on your preferred styles, color palette, body type, budget – and your feedback on previous items.But here’s the twist: despite servicing around 650,000 customers (all men – its offering for women is in the works, but not yet live), Thread employ fewers than 10 stylists.So how does such a small brand also manage to personalize its product to each and every customer?There’s some fancy tech sitting behind this.Stylists and Thimble work in tandem to deliver hyper-personalized emails to users, explains Tom Banham, Content Editor at Thread:
Gogoro has announced its next Smartscooter sharing service location, tapping new investor Sumitomo Corporation to send electric vehicles to Japan.The deal will see Gogoro‘s EVs offered on a rental basis under the brand name GoShare.Arguably most exciting, however, is the type of vehicles Gogoro and Sumitomo will be using.First off, there’ll be the familiar Gogoro Smartscooters we’ve seen offered in Taipei, Paris, and Berlin.Those use the interchangeable batteries around which Gogoro has built its ecosystem, bypassing prolonged wait times for EV recharging by instead populating cities with Gogoro Energy Network battery swap points.It and Sumitomo will be looking at “compact four-wheel vehicles” the two firms say, as an alternative to two-wheeled scooters.
Inc. AAPL 0.71% has expressed interest in buying advanced liquid-crystal displays from Japan Display Inc. 6740 7.28% for some iPhones next year, people knowledgeable about the matter said, a sign the technology has life despite competition from a newer type of display.Japan Display said last month that the advanced displays, which it calls Full Active, would account for more than 70% of its business in panels for smartphones and other smart devices in the year ending March 2019.Japan Display has said in a regulatory filing that Apple accounted for about 54% of its revenue in the year ended March 2017.Asked at a Tuesday news conference about customers for the Full Active displays, Kazutaka Nagaoka, chief of Japan Display’s mobile unit, said clients so far were mostly Chinese handset makers including Xiaomi Inc., which he said used the panel for its Mi Mix 2 phone.People at companies that work with Japan Display said interest about Full Active LCDs has also come from Apple.It is still too early to say what kind of iPhones Apple might unveil next year and what displays they would use.
I don't see how that could be an issue for anyone ?
Online marketing in 2012 could be summed up in a few words: mobile, big brands and Google updates.While the execution of all this might vary wildly, there is no doubt a few areas will capture our attention and be the driving forces behind business decisions over the next 12 months:A surge in 'second screen' value: By second screen I'm referring to mobile.Last year we were tasked with making our websites mobile-friendly -- meaning responsive and easy to use on mobile devices -- but this year will be all about offering value in mobile app form.This type of value will be in new information, new formats for consumption and entirely new resources.The evolution of 'attribution modeling': Last year was one heck of a year for analytics.