p The HTC U11 was officially launched today and pre-orders are now open.The new flagship, known for its side-squeezing functionality, packs a Snapdragon 835 processor, 5.5-inch QHD display, and the highest DxOMark ever awarded to a smartphone camera.We’ve already been hands-on with the unit and you can read all our initial thoughts at the link.If you’re looking to pre-order one now, these are the offers we know about so far.The HTC U11 will be released on June 9 in the US, and HTC’s official site has the unlocked U11 available for pre-order for $649.Amazon also has the HTC 11 up for pre-order in the US, coming it at $649 with free shipping.
p Liking the sound of the HTC U11?Fear not, it's on its way to the UK – and soon.Here's what you need to know about pre-ordering the new Android powerhouse.At a special event in Taipei, Taiwan, HTC unveiled its 2017 flagship phone, the HTC U11, ahead of a projected June UK release date.There's lot to like about the HTC 10 successor, not least its 5.5-inch QHD screen, 3000mAh battery, Snapdragon 835 chipset, and Alexa integration.Promised updates to Android O and Android P sweeten the deal further, making this a phone that will be near the top of the mobile food chain for a good two or three years.
Glassy, glossy, sassy... but smudgyReview Thank goodness HTC is still with us, for I haven’t enjoyed using an Android more all year than its flagship U11.From the spec sheet it looks generic flagship too.Mine was one of the four basic colour combos, a retrained and rather superfluous “black”, a “white” that’s really a silvery blue, a deep cobalt blue-to-purple, but the most striking is “Solar Red” which is quite fantastic, shimmering from red to gold.If you’re going to go for a gaudy look, you may as well go the full Imelda Marcos.It may go off accidentally in a tight trouser pocket – but it depends how tight your trousers are (I don’t want to know).
Integration with HTC's U11 is good news for the many people who rely on Alexa as their digital assistant of choice.Another digital companion is on its way to the HTC U11 to go toe-to-toe with Google Assistant.HTC has announced via its American Twitter account that Amazon’s Alexa will debut on the phone on July 17.Alexa was promoted ahead of the U11’s June release, but wasn’t ready by the time the device launched.Earlier this week, HTC updated its Edge Sense app, which controls the phone’s squeezable frame functions, with an Alexa shortcut.While the shortcut can be switched on in the settings, it doesn’t seem to be operational at the moment, and presumably won’t work until Monday’s launch.
Amazon’s Alexa intelligent assistant will soon arrive on the HTC U11, giving owners an alternative to Google Assistant.HTC confirmed to us when the U11 launched that the Alexa update would be coming within the first few months of the phone’s shelf life and now, it’s coming in three days according to a tweet from HTC’s official account.Your HTCU11 is about to get a new personal assistant.In many ways, Alexa and Google Assistant are similar.Both can tell you the weather and share the one-off fun fact.But Amazon’s assistant has skills where Google doesn’t yet, as well as some special functionality for those that are bought into the Echo ecosystem, or should I call it the echosystem?
Back when HTC announced the squeezable U11, it said the handset would be the first to use a "hands-free wake word" to access Amazon's Alexa.Now, thanks to a new software update and app, the voice assistant is available to owners of the well-received handset, bringing most of the Alexa experience found in Echo devices to the smartphone.The U11 isn’t the first phone to integrate Amazon’s assistant.Huawei rolled out Alexa support for the Mate 9 back in March, but that requires users to launch an Alexa app first.The U11 is the first handset to feature always-ready, hands-free access to the service.As with the Echo and Echo Dot, just saying the wake word – “Alexa” – launches the AI.
And not just because it looks fantastic, thanks to that gorgeous Liquid Surface glass back.Even if it doesn't have a headphone jack.All those features mean plenty of settings and features to tweak and toggle, though.HTC's Sense UI is pretty straightforward, but we've still done some digging to pull out the best bits.You’re shown how it works when you first set up your phone, but in case you weren’t paying attention, head to Settings -> Edge Sense and set it up manually at any time.Tap on Adjust your squeeze force level to get a visual level of how hard you’re squeezing, then tap Test your squeeze force to see how it works in practice, but using EdgeSense to blow up party balloons.
The US version of the HTC U11 packs 64 GB of storage, which, when combined with the microSD card slot, does not leave most owners wanting for more.We did note that other markets got a version of HTC’s 2017 flagship with double the storage, a version that will make its way to the US after all.As a refresher, the U11 features a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, the octa-core Snapdragon 835, a 16 MP selfie sensor, a 12 MP main camera that currently has the highest DxOMark score among all current smartphones, and a 3,000 mAh battery.The phone might not feature a similar look on the front that helped the LG G6 and pair of Samsung Galaxy S8 phones grab headlines, but the U11 features a liquid glass surface on the back that is bound to turn heads.The U11 also features pressure-sensitive sides that let you access various apps or functions, one of which is Amazon’s Alexa, which is now available to U11 owners.As previously mentioned, the only version available to folks in the US was the U11 with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage.
The HTC U11 has some fervent fans, but not everyone with their eye on the model has picked one up yet.If you’re counted among those people, HTC has some good news: you’ll be able to preorder the 128GB version of the U11 in the United States starting tomorrow.The company is also hoping to bring in some new customers by dangling a few sweet summer deals.The 128GB version of the HTC U11 features, of course, 128GB of internal storage space, making it more appealing than the options currently available.The preorders will start tomorrow for $729 USD, a fairly reasonable price for a flagship phone packing this much storage.The HTC U11 is notable for its Edge Sense feature and ‘squeezable’ nature, enabling users to summon Alexa and similar by squeezing the phone.
Oukitel U11 Plus has been officially announced in May so it’s already out for several weeks.But they makers decided to bolster the wares with a new variants, sapphire blue and brilliant black versions.And we have a video for you today.On the hardware side of things everything should stay the same so keeping the 5,7-inch FullHD display, MT6750T chipset, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM, but it’s adding dual curved design and the rear battery cover adopting the IML craft similar to the one Xiaomi Mi Mix has.It’s also sporting 3700 mAh battery capacity and identical 16 MP cameras both front and back with dual flashlight, using the OV AR1335 interpolated 13 MP sensors.In the video above you can get some idea about the looks of the new versions and even though you don’t have to agree with the manufacturer’s claim that it’s like a combination of Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix, the phone certainly has something to offer.
Chinese phone maker Oukitel has officially started presales of their Oukitel U11 Plus flagship phone in both a sapphire blue and jet black edition.The smartphone features two 16MP cameras and a good looking glossy design.It’ll be available for pre-order for $139.99 instead of the full retail price of $199.99; let’s learn more about it!As some of you may know the Oukitel U11 Plus isn’t a totally new phone but a revamped version with a better looking design, a big 5.7-inch Full HD coated in 2.5D curved glass and a two-sided curved metal frame to make it easier to hold and give it a more premium feeling in the hand.Overall the Oukitel U11 Plus as been improved in screen size, memory, battery and higher definition cameras.Here are the full Oukitel U11 Plus specifications:
According to @LlabTooFeR, a new update for HTC U11 is coming that will bring the build number up from 1.2x to 1.3x.Besides upgrading the Bluetooth on the U11 from version 4.2 to 5.0, the update will also include a whole slew of new features for the device.The big features coming soon are Bluetooth 5.0 support, sRGB screen mode, and 1080p video recording at 60 FPS.On top of that, the update will also bring a new security patch, camera and performance tweaks and some adjustments for Edge Sense.Most major regions should receive the update during this month, so you’ll want to keep checking your phone for the update since it brings a lot of needed features to the device.If you have the U11, tell us whether you’ve received the update in the comments section below.
The Oukitel U11 Plus is Oukitel’s latest offering in the sub $150 segment.Standing tall like a phablet should, the U11 Plus made its debut in the month of May this year.How did it fare in the day to day tasks, let’s find out!5.7 inch, IPS LCD, 1080p resolution, 377 PPI, multi-touch, capacitive64GB eMMC – microSD slot13MP interpolated to 16MP with LED flash and AF
The HTC U11’s most intriguing – and arguably underutilized – feature is getting supercharged, though it’s not the Android phone-maker’s own handiwork.Instead, the developer community has stepped up to unlock the potential of Edge Sense, the squeeze-to-launch shortcut system HTC introduced on the U11.HTC was always enthusiastic about the future potential for Edge Sense, though the company opted to play it safe with the technology’s first launch.Although the sensors built into the sides of the U11 are capable of recognizing a broad range of pressures – and, indeed, the system can be customized to suit the strength of grip an individual user prefers – out of the box only two actions are supported.You can launch applications or the camera, trigger the voice assistant, take a screenshot or start an audio recording, or toggle the WiFi hotspot.HTC has said it will consider adding new functionality over time, but exactly when that will happen remains to be seen.
When HTC launched the U11, it said that the U Ultra that preceded it wasn’t exactly the complete story it wanted to tell the world this 2017.It turns out, the U11 might not exactly be complete either.No, there isn’t a new HTC smartphone coming, at least none that we have heard of.Instead, the HTC U11 story itself is far from over and HTC is promising updates that, more than just fix issues, actually add completely new functionality, including this new firmware update in Taiwan that adds the promised Bluetooth 5.0 support.Most manufacturers launch smartphones that are, more or less, feature complete.Of course, there are exceptions, like Samsung’s Bixby on the Galaxy S8, but the norm is to prevent making the phone feel incomplete and unfinished.
After launching the well-received U11, HTC looks to add one more device to its U-branded lineup before the end of 2017.One of our sources has confirmed that the HTC Ocean Life, which has been subject to a handful of leaks in recent months, will come to market as the HTC U11 Life later this year.As you can see in the image attached above, the U11 Life will sport a similar front panel to that of the HTC U11 or HTC 10.Below the phone’s 5.2-inch Full HD display sits the front-mounted fingerprint sensor, and above the screen you’ll find the earpiece and 16 MP Panorama Selfie camera.That’s right — the HTC U11 Life will feature a 16 MP front camera sensor just like its big brother.It’ll also come with a 16 MP rear-facing camera with phase-detection auto-focus.
A little over a month ago, there was a rumor that HTC had an “Ocean Life” smartphone in the works.Based on the information at that time, it was clearly made to be a mid-range version of the “Ocean”, which turned out to be the HTC U11.Indeed, this latest leak pretty much confirms that and also gives the name of “HTC U11 Life”.It is perhaps indeed better to ditch the “mini” moniker considering how barely smaller this smartphone is and how close it is to its more premium older sibling.The HTC U11 has a screen that sits at 5.5 inches and has a WQHD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.The HTC U11 Life is not that far off down the ladder, with a slightly smaller 5.2-inch 1080p screen, common for mid-range smartphones these days, and even some high-end flagships.
The HTC U11 is a very desirable phone, but it's quite large.The rumored U11 Life may bring some of the U11's best features to a phone that better fits in your hand.HTC has won plenty of new fans with the HTC U11, a very capable camera phone with the unusual squeezable Edge Sense feature to really make the phone fun to use.It’s not finished for 2017 either, and rumors are to be believed, it will release another phone similar to the U11 called the U11 Life.The HTC U11 looks stunning from the back, due to the eye-catching 3D liquid glass finish.We don’t know if the U11 Life will also have the same color-shifting look, as the only leaked image shows the device from the front.
HTC’s latest flagship phone, the U11, has proven itself to be one of the top Android device releases of the year with impressive specs and design, useful features, and a great camera — and soon it’s going to get even better.HTC has revealed that U11 was just certified for the Bluetooth 5.0 standard, and that users will be able to take advantage of its improved speeds once Android O is released.The confirmation of Bluetooth 5.0 support coming to the U11 following the phone’s release means that it actually shipped with all the necessary hardware already inside.Unfortunately it won’t be activated until the device receives a software update, which will be included in the rollout of Android O over the coming weeks.Once Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility is active on the U11, users will have access to much faster Bluetooth speeds, which means better connections to things like smart watches and smart appliances.Sadly, there is one downside: the U11’s Bluetooth 5.0 support won’t include data transmission over greater distances, one of the other big features of the new standard.
This may look odd, but yes, it’s a Valentine’s Day promotion run by Oukitel.In fact, in the Asian most populous country they celebrate this day on July 7th in the Chinese lunar calendar, which to us is August 28th.So, to celebrate that day, they’ll be selling their Oukitel U11 Plus at 30% off if it’s the second one your getting.Let’s learn more about the phone and the promotion itself!The Oukitel U11 Plus is one of the best looking phones Oukitel has to offer and that’s probably why they have gone with this device for this event.The handset sports a big 5.7-inch Full HD display coated in Asahi glass, featuring curved side edges and a glossy back.