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on-demand sector forecasting a healthy CAGR of 24.7% even before the pandemic?With COVID-19 propelling its need further, you know the on-demand segment that we’re discussing here, the telemedicine app sector.There needs to be a bridge between doctors and patients, not physically but virtually.In this digital era of smartphones and the Internet, why not leverage modern technology for doctor consultations?This idea has led to the rise of Uber for Doctors app.Check our website : 
Coronavirus and On-demand doctors appThe world has come to a pause as people are confined to their homes due to the infliction of lockdown to contain the COVID-19 spread.With no vaccine discovered to treat the deadly virus, maintaining social distancing is the best way to stay safe and sound without contracting it.In these frightening times, people with prolonged health issues and those with other health concerns will find it challenging to pay a direct visit to their doctors or have them come over to their place for house calls.The need to attend to such people's medical needs while maintaining safety and social distancing regulations is made feasible by the advent of an app like Uber for doctors.How Uber for doctor appointments app helps the COVID-19 times?The telemedicine and Uber for doctors app offer several benefits to its users, as listed below.Users can get immediate medical care without the need to step out of their homes.The Uber for doctors app avoids this scenario, empowering users to seek medical consultations virtually.Even if the users have to be admitted to the hospital or need direct visits to clinics, it can be diagnosed over the online consultation session, and prior arrangements can be made.Online payments: Users can pay doctors through any one of the secure payment methods available in the app, both for online consultations and direct visits.You can opt for ready-made app solutions that can be quickly customized and launched on the app stores.
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The healthcare industry is reviving and started to accept the latest technological advancements, mobile applications.MHealth sector shows positive signs of growth in the near future.According to the report from Statista, it has been estimated that the global telemedicine market was valued at 18 billion US dollars and is expected to reach 40 billion dollars by 2021.Mobile health application is useful to patients in the following ways such as,• No need to call the hospital• No need to wait in long queues
On-demand doctor service is not accomplished only by sending a physiotherapist to your home but also to provide quality treatments.Usually, they have a team comprising of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, etc.There are different types of payment models available for a wide variety of consumers who can choose from yearly subscription fees, or one-year doctor engagement plan to plans for specific visits by specialty doctors.The rates vary depending on total visits, specialties, types of service provided, and many more.Finding a specialist, training, and retaining specialist are the biggest challenges that on-demand doctor services face today.To face this, companies incorporate extensive training programs and facilities for professionals who work with them.
The article below explains the reasons making it necessary for the healthcare industry to have a nurse on demand app along with the basic constituents that can help make it successful for businesses.
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People can now be treated at the comfort of their own home with online doctor consultation services.They don’t need to go to hospital or wait for hours to meet doctors.This makes healthcare not only affordable but also available anytime anywhere.With the arrival of on-demand mobile applications, online doctor consultation becomes an easy task.Some of the benefits of virtual physician’s availability are,There is an increasing demand for such services.
According to statistics, approximately more than 4 million Americans delay or miss their visits to hospital due to transportation issues, and in that nearly 1 million of those are children.Those missed medical appointments cost the US healthcare system more than $150 billion each year and the no-show rates are nearly 30%.An entrepreneur can gain profits for every successful patient visit by doctors who have signed up and providing on-demand services.Uber for Doctors app will assist patient to choose any specialist of their choice based on the need.Doctors can choose between their availability and unavailability through the toggle option.Patients can see the detailed profile of the selected doctor’s years of experience, visiting charges, specialties and their locality.
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This blog is about how you can get doctors very dexterously and easily with the help of mobile app for doctors.