(Pennington Biomedical Research Center) U.S. soldiers, family members and veterans have had exclusive access to a smartphone app they used to improve eating, sleeping, exercising and stress, until now. The same scientists who created the one-of-a-kind military app for the U.S. Department of Defense were given the go-ahead to complete a new consumer version for 2021 release.
Primer can quickly sort through hundreds of sources to identify, say, Russian interference in Azerbaijan. It sells its tech to Walmart too.
3,000 WiFi access points and 150,000 wired ethernet ports The Pentagon, the colossal office that serves as the headquarters of the United States’ Department of Defence, plans to install 3,000 new WiFi access points and 150,00-plus wired ethernet switches after turfing out old Cisco kit.…
The Defense Innovation Board recommends continuing remote work beyond the pandemic, at home and in a nationwide network of coworking spaces
The T-6B Texan II plane crashed in Foley, Alabama, around 5 p.m. local time on Friday. It had flown from NAS Whiting Field, Florida.
(Purdue University) Imaginestics LLC, a software company headquartered in the Purdue Research Park West Lafayette, has received a one-year contract from the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, to make its engineering data instantly accessible for part identification, maintenance and repairs.
The swamp is full to the brim as usual in Washington DC, it seems Analysis  The powerful US telco lobby has come out fighting against an outsider and its efforts to snaffle tens of billions of dollars worth of much-needed 5G spectrum.…
A new audit by the Pentagon's top watchdog found that a significant amount of the equipment was likely unwanted or unneeded by police forces.
It'll be spent on drones, robotics and virtual reality training.
(University of Arkansas) A $1.25 million grant from the Department of Defense will enable data science researcher Justin Zhan to develop novel algorithms to enhance the speed and efficiency of computational software that uses large amounts of streaming data.
Starlink isn't just for broadband anymore.
Elon Musk's SpaceX will build four satellites for the Pentagon, fitted with wide-angle infrared missile-tracking sensors supplied by a subcontractor.
The $1 billion was given to the Pentagon as part of the CARES act and intended to help it prepare for the impacts of the coronavirus.
And have you tried simply asking hackers to not hack? The NSA has published online a guide for IT admins to keep systems free of bootkits and rootkits.…
Microsoft wants to position itself as the cloud provider for governments — and one key executive is at the center of it all.
Software fighter pilots could bring a whole new meaning to 'crash and burn' In brief  The US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said a “full-scale tactical aircraft” controlled by an AI system will go up against a human fighter pilot in a real-world dogfight in 2024.…
Databases, info pipelines, software... 'that is where the fight of 20 years will be won' The nation to dominate modern warfare with AI will not have necessarily built the most deadly killer robot or algorithm – it’ll be the one that has the best infrastructure to support and quickly deploy new technologies in the battlefield, according to US military experts.…
(Office of Naval Research) Leaders from the Office of Naval Research will discuss how the Department of the Navy can best harness the power and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) during two panel sessions at the Department of Defense (DoD) Artificial Intelligence Symposium and Exposition, held Sept. 9-10, 2020. The two-day virtual event is sponsored by the DoD's Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.
Amazon says DOD actions were "political cronyism" and review was "illusory."
China could build up its fleet or rapidly replace losses in a conflict, much as the US was able to do during World War II to defeat the Axis powers.