Facebook has been under fire for its data privacy issues that got exacerbated by Whatsapp's new take-it-or-leave it security guidelines. Now is it attempting to turn good samaritan?
(University of Cambridge) A review of ten types of policy used to reduce carbon suggests that some costs fall on those less able to bear them - but it also shows these policies can form the bedrock of a 'green recovery' if specifically designed and used in tandem.
Carl Greenhous' English bull terrier, Toby, had an abnormal fixation on dental floss.With each possibility he got, the canine scavenged through the restroom garbage can and selected just the pre-owned strands of floss.If you looking for best pet grooming in delhi visit to our website"He would for the most part crap it out, however here and there it wouldn't pass right through," reviews Greenhous.New examination is uncovering that gulping nonfood things might be more normal among Toby's variety than others.An examination in the Journal of Small Animal Practice is the first to see which dog breeds are bound to come into a veterinary clinic with gulped objects blocking their gastrointestinal parcel.Graham Hayes, a veterinary specialist at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School in the U.K., inspected each case over a four-year time of dogs coming into a neighborhood creature clinic for gastrointestinal deterrents."I think establishing about, searching junk and biting up plastic toys is in the idea of terrier-type breeds," says Hayes.Effectively Treating ObstructionsBeside taking a gander at breeds, Hayes dissected each recorded case to figure out what factors frequently lead to positive — or negative — results.One factor was the sort of item gulped, "discrete" or "straight."
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(University of Cambridge) Researchers from the University of Cambridge, the University of Milan and Google Research have used machine learning techniques to predict how proteins, particularly those implicated in neurological diseases, completely change their shapes in a matter of microseconds.
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(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Engineers at MIT and Imperial College London have developed a new way to generate tough, functional materials using a mix of bacteria and yeast similar to the "kombucha mother" used to ferment tea. Using this mix, called a Syn-SCOBY (synthetic symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), they produced cellulose embedded with enzymes that can perform a variety of functions, such as sensing environmental pollutants.
The global computer vision market report by Market Research Future (MRFR) contains insights and measures to be faced by various industries among the growing automation and digitization.The drivers, challenges, opportunities, and trends for the period of 2018 to 2023 (forecast period) takes into account the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.Market ScopeThe global market for computer vision is expected to surpass a valuation of USD 48,300 Mn by 2023.Security of valued assets and investments in security applications for fortifying defences across industries can bode well for the market.Integration of the technology into mobile applications for diagnosis of diseases will drive the need for computer vision.Engineers at the University of Cambridge have developed a mobile application for monitoring of glucose levels in diabetic patients.But lack of technical experts can restrict the market growth.Get a Free Sample @ https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/sample_request/5496SegmentationBy component, it is divided into hardware and software.It can reach a value of USD 26.43 billion by 2023.The market is also analysed based on computer vision applications comprising gesture recognition, face recognition, and character recognition.
(University of Cambridge) A team of researchers have tested everything from t-shirts and socks to jeans and vacuum bags to determine what type of mask material is most effective at trapping the ultrafine particles which may contain viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19.
(University of Cambridge) Gold nanotubes - tiny hollow cylinders one thousandth the width of a human hair - could be used to treat mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos, according to a team of researchers at the Universities of Cambridge and Leeds.
Countries across the world took unprecedented action in the first few months of 2020 to control the spread of COVID-19. At its peak, one-third of the world’s population was in lockdown. Around the world, car travel fell by 50%, the number of flights plummeted by 75% and industrial activity fell by around 35%. With so many cars parked, aeroplanes grounded and factories closed, global carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions fell by around 17% compared with the same period in 2019. But greenhouse gases such as CO₂ weren’t the only emissions to fall, and not all pollution heats the planet. Some of… This story continues at The Next Web
(University of Birmingham) A project to develop household sprays and other products that can provide long-lasting protection against the COVID-19 virus has been launched at the University of Birmingham.
The sale and promotion of derivatives of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to amateur investors is being banned in the UK by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is a further blow to the burgeoning cryptocurrency market, coming days after the US authorities indicted the owners of leading crypto derivatives exchange BitMex for operating without being US-registered and allegedly failing to follow anti-money-laundering rules. In view of recent findings from the University of Cambridge that most firms involved in crypto investments are still operating without a license, other operators are potentially vulnerable to indictments too. It all sounds… This story continues at The Next Web
Scientists from Queen Mary University of London, the University of Cambridge, and the Institute for High Pressure Physics in Troitsk have discovered the fastest possible speed of sound. The upper limit for the speed of sound is 36 kilometers per second. That is about twice as fast as the speed of sound in diamond, which is the hardest known material … Continue reading
(University of Cambridge) Virtual reality software which allows researchers to 'walk' inside and analyze individual cells could be used to understand fundamental problems in biology and develop new treatments for disease.
(University of Cambridge) Cambridge research shows a 'pre-bunk' game can reduce susceptibility to fake news for up to three months after just one play. Latest findings come as new Go Viral! game is launched in partnership with the UK Government to fight the spread of COVID-19 false information. * The games let users play the role of a fake news producer so they can understand how misinformation is circulated online.
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have announced 3D printed tiny and transparent conducting fibers that can capture exhaled breath to help diagnose medical conditions. The small conducting fibers can be used to make devices able to “smell, hear, and touch,” making them ideally suited for health monitoring, Internet of Things, and biosensing applications. The electronic fibers are 100 times … Continue reading
A new technique in fiber printing generates tiny 3D sensors that can sense breath escaping from masks
If you search social media for “NHS Test and Trace” you’ll find not the latest figures on infections in the UK, nor Boris Johnson’s plan for dealing with them, but post after post of people imploring others to drop “NHS” from the name.Instead, they claim the name – and the negative connotations that result when the system fails to reach its targets – should reflect the private companies that actually run most of the network.Exactly. Can the media stop referring to it as the NHS test and trace scheme. Its a failed Serco Test and Trace scheme. https://t.co/FCVOpRjJyJ— Deborah Meaden (@DeborahMeaden) September 16, 2020“Everyone has NHS Test and Trace hoodies but none of them work for the NHS,” a test site worker employed by a private company who wished to remain anonymous told HuffPost UK.“As far as I can tell, the whole thing is run by private companies as much as humanly possible.”The ‘data processors’Thirty-five organisations are listed as “data processors” involved in the NHS Test and Trace system but only four are NHS bodies. Four are Lighthouse Labs (see below).A further four are Public Health England bodies and another is the Ministry of Defence.The remaining 22 are private companies: ACF Technologies – provided software to enable you to book a test at a regional test siteAmazon – provides logistics for home delivery of test kits, collecting completed test kits from homes and delivering them to labsAmazon Web Services (AWS) – provides digital solution for ordering home test kitsAstraZeneca – analyses samples from the completed test kits Barcode warehouse – provides bar codes for test kitsBoots – provides testers and test supervisors on regional test sitesDeloitte – manages the registration and appointment booking, provides the capability for users to enter sample bar codes and responsible for holding data captured by the registration system and making it available to the NHSDHL – collects completed test kits from homes and delivers to labsEMIS Health – provides Keystone product to enable NPEx to link your test result to your GP recordExperience Lab – provides user or market research for people who have undertaken testsG4S – provides facilities management for some regional test sitesJigsaw24 – provides mobile phones and SIMs for the mobile test units appsKuenhe + Nagel –  Collects completed test kits from homes and delivers to labsLevy – provides facilities management for some regional test sitesPalantir – analyses anonymised dataRandox – supplies home test kits, analyses the samples, informs you of the result of your Randox home test Royal Mail Group – collects completed test kits from homes and delivers to labsSerco -– provides facilities management for some regional test sites”ServerLabs – builds the “digital solution”Sodexo – provides testers on regional test sites, and facilities management for some regional test sitesTeleperformance – provides call centre assistanceTransUnion – provides identity verification checks as part of the registration process for a home test kit The Lighthouse LabsThe Lighthouse Labs are “super labs” set up specifically to test for coronavirus and form a central part of the UK’s fight against the pandemic.There are Lighthouse Lab sites in Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Alderley Park, Cheshire and the project is funded by the UK Government.But while the overall responsibility for the system lies with the Department of Health, they are are managed through a partnership with the Medicines Discovery Catapult, UK Biocentre, the University of Glasgow, GSK, AstraZeneca, the University of Cambridge, and PerkinElmer.Why does it matter?Boris Johnson continues to refer to the “NHS Test and Trace” yet the irony is, when the NHS was actually in charge of the UK’s testing a diagnostic network, it was better perhaps better prepared to deal with a pandemic.Dr Valerie Bevan, a retired microbiologist who helped manage NHS-run labs in the ’90s, told HuffPost UK: “It wasn’t all perfect but there was a network of 52 laboratories and I think what would have happened is that testing could have been ramped up because there was good communication and trained scientists were already there.“In the late 2000s a lot of labs were given over to the private sector, to companies like Serco who managed them. It meant they were independent from the NHS and had to cut costs and be profit-making which was a false economy. “Had a network of laboratories been maintained and properly resourced, it would have kept pace with the changes that were happening, so if you had a big outbreak, it would have been prepared for it.”This week, leading doctors groups joined the revolt against the government’s handling of the crisis.Following health secretary Matt Hancock’s admission on Tuesday that tests for Covid-19 will have to be rationed amid a surge in cases, the British Medical Association told HuffPost UK “we don’t have a fit-for-purpose testing system”.Deputy chair Dr David Wrigley, added: “NHS Test and Trace – despite its name – is not an NHS service, it’s a largely outsourced programme that sees numerous private companies given billions of pounds to run testing sites, process samples and manage contact tracing call centres.“Despite billions changing hands, we don’t have a fit-for-purpose testing system. People can’t access tests, they’re not getting results in time, they’re having to isolate for days on end while waiting for results and we see contact tracers failing to reach enough people.”A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson told HuffPost UK: “These claims are inaccurate and do not present a fair picture or reflect the huge amount of important work being carried out by our professional and dedicated teams. NHS Test and Trace is made up of public health experts from across the UK, including NHS staff.” Bevan said the solution lies in having a “fully funded system where all public health services including NHS and public health labs are fully integrated”.She added: “I worry that we are heading for a two-tier system where the NHS deals with the routine diagnostic testing and the extraordinary is dealt with by the private sector.”Related... 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