Tired of all the new at Microsoft's Ignite? Enjoy a bit of DEC goodness Microsoft has followed up the delightfully retro CRT style available in its Windows Terminal application with the arrival of a blinking attribute familiar to DEC fans of old.…
And shows that even Redmond cannot resist the rise of hybrid Kubernetes Ignite  Microsoft has flicked the switch on its Azure Arc hybrid infrastructure manager and unveiled some upgrades to its Azure Stack HCI and Hub hybrid cloud offerings.…
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'People analytics' tool touted to count folks, measure how close they are via video cameras Ignite  Microsoft's Spatial Analysis, announced at its Ignite virtual event today, uses artificial intelligence to count the number of people in a room and monitor social distancing.…
On Day 2 of WIRED’s virtual conference, hacker Matt Mitchell cautions that law enforcement routinely trawls social media to surveil protestors.
At our virtual conference, the journalist and CEO of Rappler explained how the goal isn't just to spread lies but to blur our sense of true and false.
The neighborhood-focused social network leans on local human moderators as well as AI, she explained at WIRED's virtual W25 conference.
This means Linus Torvalds has definitely won, doesn't it? Ignite  Microsoft will release its Edge browser for Linux next month, initially through the browser's Dev preview channel.…
It’s not always necessary to get close to a patient to make a general diagnosis, or to counsel on good medical care.In dermatology in particular, as long as a medical practitioner can see a presenting skin condition, a long-distance data link with some good pictures can often be enough.‘Teledermatology’, in fact, because it’s so visual, is one of the really fast-growing offerings in the healthcare field these days.It’s not actually a very new idea, surprisingly.Target patients are the ones who already have diagnoses, but need follow-up.It’s for people who want to talk to a doctor.It’s a strategy for healthcare that has been shown to work terrifically well in the developing world.1 In developed countries too, studies are demonstrating that doctors and patients do find teledermatology effective and satisfying across a range of skin complaints.2In recent months, for pretty obvious reasons, the telemedicine option in patient care has exploded.It’s actually the case in some localities that video is almost the only option for consulting.
He either missed the memo or doesn't believe it ServiceNow's unstoppable showman CEO, Bill McDermott, has been telling anyone who will listen that the business's "destiny" is "to become the defining enterprise software company of the 21st century".…
Same mob promised not to target healthcare facilities The Doppelpaymer ransomware gang were behind the cyber-attack on a German hospital that allegedly led to one patient's death, according to local sources.…
Photo by Cameron Faulkner / The Verge Sega Akihabara 2nd, the multifloor haven filled with arcade cabinets and gacha games, closed in late August after being open for 17 years. The building served as perhaps the most recognizable landmark in Tokyo’s vibrant, gadget-filled Akihabara hub that attracts plenty of tourists. If you’ve played one of the great Yakuza games, you’ve probably spent time playing Sega arcade games in a virtual version of Sega’s Akihabara 2nd, or something reminiscent of it. Now, this building’s closing isn’t a sign that Sega arcade cabinets and the like will disappear from Japan — just from this building. As so many on Twitter have noted since it closed, it’s just another log in the already-too-long “2020 sucks” book. Hideki Naganuma, the Japanese... Continue reading…
67P is a gift that keeps on giving GIF  Astronomers have discovered an aurora in an unlikely place: Comet 67P.…
These slides can accompany the speech or even be displayed in the form of a video.The major features of presentation software include templates, multiple layouts, master slide selection, animation effects, transition effects, slide notes, interactive slides, intuitive dashboards, and plug-ins.Virtual presentations are trending in the market due to the impact of COVID-19.Here are a few tips that will be helpful for giving appealing virtual presentations and will have a good impression on your organization and team:Reduce distractionsDistractions can be of multiple types.It is also important to check whether all notifications are on mute, as such notifications can cause a disturbance.While presenting virtually, all team members are observing you, so losing focus by looking at other open tabs can give a bad impression.The use of presentation notes, in this case, will be helpful as it will help keep a consistent flow in a presentation and maintain focus.Ensuring that listeners are on mutePoor audio quality can have a bad impact on your virtual presentation.
An asteroid will have an "extremely close encounter" with Earth on Thursday, when it flies by the planet at a distance of fewer than 20,000 miles, according to the Virtual Telescope Project.