Hackers suspected Russian Pyotr Levashoc was arrested on Friday in Barcelona, the american authorities on request.levashovin have shown to have links with the Us presidential elections, the outcome of the vote, told Reuters news agency.Questioning police accused Levashovin developed a computer virus, which should contact Donald Trump to victory in the elections.the Suspect was arrested currently in Barcelona on vacation with his family.He is accused to have created multiple trojans viruses and spam programs.Levashovin is believed to be Peter Severa -under a pseudonym.
The developers of the notorious TeslaCrypt ransomware have called it a day and released a master decryption key for all of their victims to retrieve their encrypted files.The researcher contacted TeslaCrypt s authors through this feature and much to his surprise, they happily handed over the decryption key for free.The decryption details have now been posted on the webpage that previously hosted the payment details for victims with the message, we are sorry!Therefore, they should keep operating systems and software updated, use reliable security solutions with multiple layers of protection, and regularly back up all important and valuable data at an offline location such as external storage .Users are also advised to stay wary of suspicious looking links in their browsers or emails from unknown sources, which may be vehicles used to distribute the ransomware.Cases of ransomware have become more and more notorious in recent months with a number of high profile cases and several new variants of the viruses making the rounds, so users should stay vigilant.
Locky is a ransomware that has been widely spread lately. Hijacked files and demands for ransom to regain control of your computer. By looking at several different variations of hostages programs Cryptolocker and Crypto Wall says the security expert Weston Hecker have found a way to turn the properties of viruses against themselves. Make sure that the virus adds lot of time to encrypt totally useless files. Self, he bought a cheap SSD with USB connection that said to contain 256 GB, but really only had room for 8th The point is that the hackers will get it a little harder to access corporate files.
Chemicals off-gassed from product manufacture, smog from cars and trucks, and bacteria and viruses all get trapped inside; ironically, better insulation means 21st century buildings are doing a fantastic job at keeping us surrounded by those pollutants whenever we're indoors.Since the 1940s, the gold standard for air filtration has been HEPA - high-efficiency particulate arrestance - though few people know why it was developed.Worst case scenario: your household HVAC filter is actually one big petri dish that you're sucking air through to distribute to every room.Locking the air purifier in a sealed glass chamber, they introduced pure toluene - a VOC found in paint and solvents, and one of the trickier "aromatic hydrocarbons" to remove since HEPA filters won't catch it - and then turned the system on.White papers and various test results will be available on the company's site, for those smarter than I to sift through, though it's been enough to convince the Environmental Protection Agency EPA , which has partially funded Molekule's development.That's based on ongoing effectiveness rather than just a countdown of time; Molekule will provide them on a subscription basis, automatically shipping out as many as your filtering needs require for $99 a year.
Don't be fooled into this WhatsApp Gold version – it's a malware scamIf you've received a WhatsApp message inviting you to an exclusive upgrade to its premium "WhatsApp Gold" version, don't be fooled as it doesn't exist – instead you'll fall into fraudsters' hands and could install data-stealing malware on your device.The fake message has been hitting the WhatApp inboxes of a number of users claiming a "secret" version of the app is available that's used by celebrities and claims to offer a bevy of enhanced features not available to the rest of us muggles.Finally Secret Whatsapp golden version has been leaked.To be fair, these are all features WhatsApp users actually want so the fraudsters have been rather savvy but, sadly, anyone who falls for it and taps the download link could be in for a world of trouble.Exactly what type of malware lies behind the link is unknown but websites laden with malware could range from keyloggers that can record everything you type into your device to viruses and ransomware that could hold your smartphone to ransom.Apple iPhone users were targeted recently with a scam phishing text that claimed the victim's Apple ID login and password had expired, which led those fooled to click on a link to a fake website and divulge their details directly to hackers.
Indoor air pollution is bad — usually much worse than outdoor air.Today s filters trap and hold particles in place, where they can multiply and go back into indoor spaces.A smart room air purification technology from Molekule due on the market early next year breaks down pollutant particles into harmless elements using light-activated nanotechnology.It has a nanoparticle-coated filter, which when activated by light produces a chemical reaction on the filter surface, breaks down allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pollutants and renders them harmless.The unit can be controlled via Wi-Fi and managed via an iOS app, including notifications to replace filters when needed.If the Molekule air purifier performs as promised — to not only filter pollution but destroy it as well — it could make a very valuable addition for any home.
The Environmental Protection Agency EPA claims that indoor air contains 2-5 times and occasionally, more than 100 times more pollutants than outdoor air yet many of us live in homes without any type of filtration system.Most air purifiers utilize a HEPA-style filter but a company by the name of Molekule is taking a markedly different approach with its new product.Rather than rely on a HEPA filter technology that was developed in the 1940s , air taken in by Molekule passes through a pre-filter designed to capture larger allergens like pollen, dust and dander.From there, it uses a nanoparticle-coated filter activated by light that creates a catalytic reaction and breaks down the harmful pollutants into their most basic - and harmless - molecular structure which are then dispersed back into the environment.Molekule says PECO is able to destroy pollutants 1,000 times smaller than what HEPA filters can capture 0.1 nanometers versus 300 nanometers and is said to be effective against allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold and VOCs.You ll pay $499 for the opportunity, a figure that ll jump to $799 once the device launches next year.
Apple computers are increasingly common in workplaces, and anti-malware software designed for a Windows-only ecosystem can t stop Mac viruses.So Malwarebytes, which started offering a free Mac malware scanner for home users last summer, is expanding to the business sector with Malwarebytes Breach Remediation for Mac.This isn t a port of the Windows software, Malwarebyte s Thomas Reed told Digital Trends.Home users are encouraged to download the free Mac version of Malwarebytes, first released last summer.They think they re safe.With the latest ransomware, somebody hacked the Transmission bittorent client website, said Reed.
Last year, Consumer Reports named the top three repellents from their tests but kept the full rankings under wraps for subscribers.Now, to help people who need to fend off Zika, they ve released the rest for free.The top three on this year s list are Sawyer Fisherman s Formula with 20% picaridin, Ben s Wilderness Formula with 30% DEET, and Repel s 30% Lemon Eucalyptus—a nice sampler of different active ingredients that are all effective against mosquitoes and safe in pregnancy.One cool thing about the full data is that you can see how each repellent fared against three different groups of bloodsuckers: Aedes mosquitoes, which live in warmer climates and can carry viruses like Zika, dengue, and yellow fever; Culex mosquitoes, which live throughout the US and can carry West Nile virus; and deer ticks, which can carry Lyme disease.If your favorite repellent isn t on the list, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says you re still well-prepared if you use any EPA-registered repellent.All of those have convinced the EPA that they are effective, but they might not repel mosquitoes for as long as Consumer Reports top choices.
Windows 10 is building in an additional line of defense against malware with some new features for Windows Defender, Microsoft’s pre-installed antivirus.The update is called Limited Periodic Scanning, and was revealed as part of Microsoft’s Insider Preview Build 14352 this week.It allows users to run Windows Defender simultaneously to their own antivirus software.Limited Periodic Scanning, in theory, will only kickstart when your computer is idle or not in the middle of some important task.To turn on Limited Periodic Scanning, go to Settings, Update & Security and Windows Defender, and then Turn Limited Periodic Scanning on.However, Windows 10 has still faced many concerns and criticisms over its attitude to user privacy by collecting and monitoring a huge amount of data.
An artist's rendering of a brain tumor that can be killed off with the help of a virus.The finding, published Wednesday in the journal Science Translational Medicine, demonstrates the utility of such viruses and also provides a green light for the treatment strategy to move on to more trials.Instead of directly killing a cancer cell, the virus lays the groundwork for targeted drug strikes.The cancer cell then unwittingly reads through the blueprints and produces the enzyme—the yeast cytosine deaminase CD —which acts as a drug detonator.In the second part of the treatment, doctors send in the chemical bomb: an inactive form of a cancer drug called 5-FU, or 5-fluorouracil.This suggests that the virus was indeed selectively invading tumor cells.
Reuters — A group of 25 scientists on Thursday proposed an ambitious project to create a synthetic human genome, or genetic blueprint, in an endeavor that is bound to raise concerns over the extent to which human life can or should be engineered.A synthetic human genome potentially could make it possible to create humans who lack biological parents – raising the specter, for instance, of made-to-order human beings with special genetic enhancements.The scientists said that was not their aim.They said potential applications from a synthetic human genome include: growing transplantable human organs; engineering immunity to viruses; engineering cancer resistance; and accelerating vaccine and drug development using human cells and organs.The project aims to build such a synthetic genome and test it in cells in the laboratory within 10 years.The project, which arose from an invitation-only meeting of scientists last month at Harvard University that some critics denounced as too secretive, was unveiled in the journal Science by the experts involved.They acknowledged that their undertaking is controversial and said they would seek public involvement and the consideration of ethical, legal and social implications.The scientists, most of whom work at U.S. academic and other institutions, proposed what they called the Human Genome Project–Write.They said they hoped to get $100 million in public and private funding to launch it this year and expect total costs of less than the $3 billion used for the original Human Genome Project that completely mapped human DNA for the first time in 2003.A synthetic genome would involve using chemicals to create the DNA present in human chromosomes.The new project will include whole-genome engineering of human cell lines and other organisms of agricultural and public health significance, or those needed to interpret human biological functions, the scientists, led by geneticist Jef Boeke of the New York University Langone Medical Center, wrote in the journal Science.They said genome synthesis is a logical extension of the genetic engineering tools that have been used safely by the biotech industry for about four decades.The group also includes experts from Harvard Medical School, the Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology, the U.S. government s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Yale University, the University of Edinburgh, Columbia University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Washington, Autodesk Bio/Nano Research Group, Bioeconomy Capital and other institutions.Scientists not involved in the project cited potential benefits from the work, including learning the function of vast parts of the genome that remain mysterious and helping better understand how genes are regulated and why there is so much genetic variation among individuals and human populations.The project is not as controversial as some observers might be saying, added University College London professor of synthetic biology John Ward.There is no call to make an entire human being.Critics worry about the unknown effects on new generations and the temptation by future parents to genetically engineer embryos to enhance characteristics such as intelligence or athletic ability.
University of Massachusetts Medical School researchers have made a breakthrough in their evaluation of the zika virus, finding that a very small protein found in every human greatly inhibits the virus ability to infect cells, and may also keep the virus from killing brain cells.The protein is called interferon-induced protein 3, IFITM3 for short, and is the first reported weakness discovered in with the zika virus.Genomic tools developed by Brass to investigate the human cellular response to flaviviruses, including zika, were adapted and used to investigate the zika virus specifically.Using tools that had already been developed for probing similar infections, as well as past research hinting that the IFITM3 protein may have a role in blocking these types of viruses, enabled the researchers to move quickly.Speaking to ScienceDaily, Brass said, We simply adapted the technology we d developed over the last four years working with dengue, influenza and other viruses to begin work on Zika virus … What might have taken many months or longer to build, we were able to turn around in just several weeks."In their work, the researchers found that the aforementioned protein allows our cells to swallow up and quarantine the virus, which blocks the infection and helps protect other cells from being invaded.
Two new major cyber attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in Flash and Silverlight can completely bypass the protection, reports IDG News. Security researchers from FireEye has discovered two major attacks that completely ignores Microsoft's tools. "Anglers ability to avoid EMET's action and manage to exploit Flash and Silverlight are quite sophisticated, we believe," writes FireEye in a blog post. Angler is malware planted on Web sites and in these two cases utilize program vulnerabilities in Flash Player and Silverlight to attack the visitors. Succeed Angler gain a foothold in the computer program can then download viruses and bandits. For the many companies using EMET as a lifeline for obsolete applications will the attacks as a bad news.
GIFMosquitos are little bastards that do more killing, spread more disease, and cause more annoyance than any other creature on Earth.That s because they have a really sophisticated needle-like system for biting us to suck our blood.It s a gnarly process.The proboscis of the Mosquitos hides six parts: two shafts with tiny teeth are used to saw through our skin; another two are used to hold the tissue apart; a sharp labrum shaft is used to probe for a blood vessel to suck blood from it; and the final shaft is meant to drool saliva into us to keep our blood flowing.That s six needle-like objects used to do the damn job of biting us.That last part, the hypopharynx, with the saliva is the one that causes the itchiness and is the one that delivers deadly viruses and parasites like Zika and Malaria.
All versions of the Model X are four-wheel drive, with an electric motor powering each axle and the majority of the power going to the rear.This means an electronically-limited top speed of 155mph for all three, and 0-60mph times of 4.8, 3.8 and 3.2 seconds respectively.The windscreen is an particular example of how Tesla and its lack of history or decades-old house style mean it can start from a clean slate with every element of the car.They make getting into the middle where you can spec two or three seats easy, and even clambering into the third row is far more dignified than that time you thought booking a seven-seat Uber to get home from Soho at 4am was a good idea.When activated, the system pressurises the cabin like an aeroplane then relies on a filter 10 times larger than on a regular car to purify air entering the cabin, removing almost all evidence of pollution, pollen, viruses and, we're told, acts of chemical warfare.A release date and UK pricing for the Model X expected to be around £60,000 will be announced later in June, ahead of deliveries kicking off towards the end of the summer.
In this high-tech era of security breaches, cybersecurity is more important than ever.And small businesses, especially in the mergers and acquisitions space according to a new Firmex report, are particularly susceptible to hacks and breaches.What kinds of precautions can a business take to protect its data and its customers sensitive information?Here are six security measures that provide big protection against cyber attacks.1.Viruses, ransomware, and malware can invade your system with just one click.Consider presenting your staff with realistic cybercrime situations that teach them how to recognize suspicious emails and other red flags.It s also beneficial to bring in an outside firm to conduct facility breach exercises and social engineering penetration testing.For secure financial transactions that don t risk data being transferred in plain text, you ll also want to make sure your E-commerce platform is capable of supporting SSL encryption.To optimize your security, don t just be content with safeguarding your payment gateway.Also, it s noteworthy that besides ensuring security, SSL certification will increasingly play an important role in how Google ranks your website.Related Article: Lock It Up: How to Ace Email Security in 20164.But choose a QSA certified company wisely, and make sure the company uses accurate and complete testing procedures.
Mosquitos are little bastards that do more killing, spread more disease, and cause more annoyance than any other creature on Earth.That s because they have a really sophisticated system for biting us to suck our blood.But exactly how they bite might surprise you.It s a pretty gross process.Mosquitos use two needles with tiny teeth to saw through our skin; another two needles to hold the tissue apart; a sharp labrum needle to probe for a blood vessel to suck blood from; and a final needle to drool saliva into us to keep our blood flowing.That last needle, the hypopharynx, with the saliva is the one that causes the itchiness and is the one that delivers deadly viruses and parasites like Zika and Malaria.
Show that you are in expert in your industry.Confidence is sexy and something we are drawn to as humans.With viruses and malicious software, it s rare for someone to open an attachment from someone they don t know.It saves them time and is less stressful.You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.Please click here to continue.
On June 14, the World Health Organization reiterated that the Zika outbreak did not pose enough risk to warrant moving, postponing, or cancelling the summer Olympics in Rio.The decision comes after more than 200 academics, many of them ethicists, signed an open letter asking the WHO to consider postponing or canceling the Olympics due to the mosquito-borne virus.Mosquito-borne viruses like Zika follow a fairly predictable seasonal pattern: The insects thrive when it is wet and warm.There are millions and millions of people, says Alessandro Vespignani, a disease modeling researcher at Northeastern University who is working on modeling how Zika spreads.And that s just one of 42 sports.You just couldn t move the Olympics, he says.