Most copy machines lead a tedious existence—there simply to duplicate memos, syllabi, and the occasional smooshed body part.Snow-capped mountains, shimmering beaches, a glacial lake: These breathtaking scenes aren't exactly real—Teufen creates them with found materials on the glass—but that's part of the fun."When people look at these landscapes, they think they're photographed," Teufen says."I like to confuse people's understanding of what's real and what's not."Her adventures with the copy machines began in 2009, after she dreamed about an eerie, gray party, devoid of people and leached of all color."It's like stepping into a three-dimensional black-and-white photograph, where you are the only one moving, and the only one with color," she says.
As anyone who has ever applied fake tan will know, the process is riddled with potential pitfalls.This Country star Daisy May Cooper found that out the hard way when she woke up looking like this on Friday morning… View this post on InstagramA post shared by daisy may cooper (@daisymaycooper) on Jul 23, 2020 at 10:34pm PDTOh dear.The star of the hit BBC Three comedy asked fans for advice after she shared the hilarious snap of her patchy work on Instagram.“PLEASE HELP,” she wrote. “I am filming a new show tomorrow and at 11pm last night thought it would be a good idea to tan my face using Poundland fake tanning mousse and have woken up like this.“I have tried EXFOLIATING and using toner but NOTHING WORKS. Please please can someone help me.”Thankfully her followers came to the rescue with tips on how to tone down her new look and Daisy later shared an updated pic of her still looking bronzed, but decidedly less patchy.“Thank you so much for your comments, managed to get rid of the patches with a steamer and baby oil so doesn’t look as bad but still very orange,” she said.Daisy, pale and interesting is so 2020.READ MORE: This Country Star Daisy May Cooper's TV Baftas Dress Is Quite Literally Trash Woman Seriously Regrets Applying Fake Tan Before Hitting The Gym Rogue Gust Of Wind Exposes Donald Trump's Astonishing Fake Tan Line
This pilot fish runs the night support shift, and fairly regularly they have to call a particular DBA when they’re stumped. He is just that good you could be sure he’d have the answer.But when he answered the phone, he would cuss and yell, smear the caller with every name in the book, and then hang up. Within five minutes, he would call back on the manager hotline and say, “This is Barney. I am awake now. How can I help you?” Friendly as that dinosaur of the same name.According to Barney’s wife, he was just the same when she woke him suddenly — nastier than a hungry T-rex.Wishing to bypass the ugly Barney and get to the helpful, friendly one right away, they get him a pager, which he puts next to his pillow. When it buzzes, he can vent his five minutes of bile with no one to hear it. Then he calls in and fixes whatever the problem is.To read this article in full, please click here