Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross wants data collection to end Oct. 5 -- in defiance of a court order -- rather than the Oct. 31 deadline.
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Attorneys for TikTok argued Sunday morning during a dial-in hearing that a ban by the Trump administration would be “devastating,” and urged a judge to block it until the entire case can be decided. TikTok’s attorney said the ban that would prevent new downloads of TikTok from Apple and Google’s app stores at 11:59PM ET today was essentially “shutting down speech.” But the government’s lawyers argued that First Amendment claims by TikTok don’t apply, because the Trump administration considers the app a national security risk. On August 6th, President Trump issued an order saying the security concerns about TikTok and WeChat, both China-based apps, constituted a national emergency. He invoked the International Emergency Economic Powers... Continue reading…
Turning to the court is Bytedance’s last resort because now both Beijing and Washington have a say in the Tiktok deal, and Beijing is not likely to agree.
Ban would have required Apple and Google to remove the chat app from their stores by Sunday night.
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said in a statement the deadline for the ban has been moved to September 27 due to "recent positive developments."
The US government today announced a new initiative to restrict TikTok in app stores, a move which comes after weeks of uncertainty over whether the app would be banned in the US. It’s not banned yet, but the restrictions are very close — and it could be banned outright by November. In case you haven’t kept up, the administration led by President Donald Trump has issued executive orders that would both restrict transactions with the app — which is what this new ban is about — and would force the parent company to find an American buyer for its American… This story continues at The Next Web
Starting Sunday, you won't be able to download the WeChat or TikTok apps in the US. Here are some other options for messaging and social media.
You won't be able to download the popular video app in the US after Sunday.
The Trump administration's decision comes after weeks of drama over a potential acquisition of TikTok by a US company.
The Trump administration said TikTok will be banned from US app stores starting Sunday, and banned from being hosted on US servers as of November.
Here's everything you need to know about the ongoing feud between the Trump White House and TikTok.
Turns out the list of “transactions” is “anything that makes the app function.”
Sources said the ban could be rescinded by Sunday if TikTok manages to get the greenlight on its deal with Oracle before then.
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The ban is taking effect in three days, and nobody knows what it will do yet.
TikTok's US employees were worried Trump's ban would mean they wouldn't get paid.
Oracle looks victorious in the TikTok saga—but the deal is far from final.
TikTok's employees worry they won't get paid if the app is shut down come September 20.
The Trump administration has targeted the short-form video app because it's owned by Chinese tech company ByteDance.
A leaked document from the agency warned that a "lack of time to research" could mean "serious errors discovered in the data may not be fixed."