Is it "brave" to take away hörlursutaget in the Iphone 7?Fat mjukvarusythar which can cost thousands of dollars to a computer often costs under a hundring there, and I can use them in my Ipad.They are based on the small headphone jack, which has been around since I was a child, and far before it.I belong to them, therefore, who think it is a bit disappointing that Apple choose to fry it in the Iphone 7.the Leaks have done that we have all understood that this would happen.Instead, it was Apple's explanation as to why this is happening as got the internet to explode in a mångtusenhövdad run of mockery, memes and twittersarkasm.
Apple seems to like to appear in modesammanhang.For the second year in a row, select the Apple to sponsor the fashion awards, the Met Gala.With the Apple Watch took the Iphone manufacturer into the fashion world's elite.And now, Apple continues on the road when they choose to sponsor the fashion event, the Met Gala 2017, writes Vogue.don't Miss: IBM claims: "Mac's are cheaper than PC's"It is not the first time that Apple choose to put the money on the event.
Earlier this week, Apple released a book that illustrates the 20 years of its products.Designed by Apple in California is available in two different sizes and cost $199 and $299 depending on the size of the book.the Book is dedicated to Steve Jobs and Apple has also done a video with Jony Ive talking about the book, just like any Apple product at any time:Sure you can have opinions about the book's cost and the fact that Apple choose to put emphasis on to look back at his greatness, but the fact is that Designed by Apple in California at the same time, is one big exclamation mark.of Course, that was humoristerna quick to operate with Apple's extremely expensive book: Designed by Apple in California sold so far not in Sweden and it is still unclear if Apple plans to release it here.
Last year, Apple launched the book, Designed by Apple in California that is a historical tribute of their own products.Now it has been released in Sweden.With its 300 pages and 400 photos, it has taken Apple 8 years to complete the book that puts all the focus on the product design language.the Preface is written at Jony Ive and the the book is if anyone cares?printed on German paper with the edges in matte silver, and the Low Ghost-ink.You can undeniably have an opinion that Apple choose to celebrate themselves with a book of his own.
the other Day, claimed the Wall Street Journal that Apple will swap out lightning connector to usb-c in this year's models of the Iphone – something that attracted a lot of attention.some analysts are of the opinion that it is more likely that Apple choose to replace the other end of the cord, so that the company makes a byte from the usb-a to usb-c. Such a change would be more logical, especially as it would make it easier for users of the new Macbook and Macbook Pro that only has contacts for the usb (c).whatever the case, it may be time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of to retain or abolish the lightning connector.Therefore, it would be wise to keep the lightningApple has often chosen to focus on proprietary solutions, i.e. solutions you develop.Before the lightning was introduced in 2012 used a different proprietary connector, namely the Dock Connector.
Many expect that the product will contain the word Home and then is the most logical names Apple Home, Beats Home, Ihome, or Siri Home.the Other a proposal containing the word Speaker (speakers), including the Apple Speaker, Ispeaker, and Siri Speaker.Ihome and Ispeaker is already used by other companies, so we can probably count.Apple's next event is the WWDC that held on June 5 in San Jose, California.Since this is a trade fair for developers, the focus is on new versions of IOS, Mac OS, TV of the OLYMPICS and Watch the OLYMPICS, but it is not impossible that we'll see new hardware.If Apple choose to open up the Siri-speaker of third-party developers, it would be logical to give these a few months to develop the program, so then it might be a preview in June and säljstart in september/October.
On Monday, it is time for WWDC, where Apple is expected to show off new versions of Mac OS, IOS, TV the OLYMPICS and Watch the OLYMPICS.But according to Reuters there will be also a part of the bet on the smart röstassistenten Siri.They write: namely, that Apple will expand Siris functionality to more apps for the Iphone and Ipad.This will continue the trend that Apple started with IOS 10.What exactly that will be added is not clear, but then Siri can now book travel, send messages, browse images, help with the payment, and the like, learn Apple choose to extend these.the Rumor also goes hand in hand with the information about a potential Siri-speaker to control the smart home.