He and his siblings later moved in with a basketball coach to flee an abusive, alcoholic father.But Willis' remarkable story of empowerment and reinvention might not have happened this way at all.This February, Athlon ranked Willis the 22nd-best linebacker in NFL history — a plaudit that's double impressive when you consider his career lasted half as long as those of some other players."Apple's Steve Jobs Would See Himself in Tech Pioneer Eren Niazi," squawked a headline on TheStreet two years ago.As the two neighbors got to know one another more, Willis found himself impressed by Niazi's rags-to-riches story and tech-industry success.And now Willis: "It just felt like, a lot of times in my other occupation, it was all about you as an individual.
Understanding them doesn t necessarily mean we can overcome them, but we can be more aware of the effects and—more importantly—try to avoid lacking sleep at all.Knowing how being tired can affect your choices means you can prepare in advance by taking a nap before a social event or managing your schedule while traveling to make sure you get plenty of sleep.This list can be a life saver when I m feeling tired and don t really know what I want to cook.The results have been consistent across swimming, tennis, basketball and football.She s the co-founder of Melbourne startup Hello Code, an iOS developer, and a writer.If you liked this post, check out Productive Habits, a four-week email course to help you build habits for working smarter, not harder.
The sci-fi blockbuster would have to get from script to special effects at warp speed.When he was 8, the Lins invested their life savings in a fish-and-chips shop in Anaheim, California, and moved to nearby Buena Park, where they worked nonstop, overstayed their visas, and lived in fear of deportation until President Reagan s Immigration Reform and Control Act granted them amnesty in 1987.Unable to speak English, Lin was sent to the Boys Club of Buena Park, where Coach Bob tapped him and his younger brother, John—the only Asian kids—for the basketball team.He envied his neighbors, the Klug brothers, who had a trampoline and all the Hot Wheels cars I couldn t afford.Last year, Lin coproduced Hollywood Adventures, an American action comedy about Chinese tourists in LA, created for a Chinese audience.Now the team has set up a comedy with Jeremy Renner at HBO and a Bruce Lee-themed series at Cinemax, and they re developing the classic samurai graphic novel Lone Wolf and Cub, among many other projects.
The GO wheelchair not to be confused with the HU-GO, another 3D-printed wheelchair project is the brainchild of Benjamin Hubert, director of London design agency Layer.For instance, someone with a spinal injury midway up the back might require more support and a taller seat-back, while someone who has lost a leg might want things to be adjusted to take her off-center balance into account.Only the seat printed on a large-format device — it won t come out of a desktop printer and footrest sintered aluminum for durability are custom-designed; the rest is constructed of off-the-shelf parts, to keep the costs down and repairs simple.The company has been in dialogue with wheelchair users and designed things with their feedback; the GO isn t quite ready for wheelchair basketball those chairs are tanks in their own right, said Hubert , but players were consulted anyway.Right now the GO is still in prototype form, and will be on display at Clerkenwell s Design Week later this month.Hubert said that the design is mostly finalized, but now faces scrutiny from the National Health Services and the European counterparts to the FDA.
Google currently offers a cardboard smartphone holder that acts as a low-tech headset but offers a less-than-realistic virtual world.On Thursday, it said it will soon start selling a plastic headset in which consumers will insert their smartphones and a controller that serves as a virtual hand.Google for instance announced it will start offering YouTube videos for virtual reality and has partnered with news organizations, such as the New York Times, to try to bring readers into stories.Indeed, some of the most popular apps for Facebook s Oculus Rift headset allow people to step into the shoes of an American football quarterback or star basketball player.He then showed how people could build their own virtual drum kits they could play with virtual sticks before throwing the virtual drums across the virtual practice room.asked Mike Podwal, product manager for Google s cardboard VR headset.
I used to go for a run every single day, and then quit, and then went to yoga every single day, and then I did nothing every single day.But that isn t without a few caveats.FeaturesThe most important feature of the Fitbit Alta is its scratch-resistant OLED display.It also switches quickly from one notification to another when someone sends multiple texts, so you end up reading what do you think?You can, of course, go into the app and specify what type of workout you re doing from basketball to running to get more accurate results.The device lasts an entire week with active sleep tracking before it needs a charge, letting people settle in to the Alta experience.
With a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign now underway, Digital Trends picked up a paddle and got a harsh lesson in how calculated this bot truly is.Ted Kritsonis/Digital TrendsDesigned and co-founded by brothers Alexander and Harrison Chen, each of which left Taiwan and studied at different universities in California and Toronto, Trainerbot was born out of frustration.Irritated by a lack of suitable and consistent opponents to keep improving, they figured a robot could step in instead.That s why the Trainerbot functions more like a smart batting cage than app-based practice trackers from the likes of Zepp Labs and 94Fifty that measure the mechanics of swinging a golf club, bat, racquet or shooting a basketball.Ted Kritsonis/Digital TrendsThe app will be free for iOS and Android, and interestingly, both will be updated simultaneously because of the unified code they re using.Assuming the co-founders address the issues we noted, it s a robot we can see making some players better.
Millions of children worldwide feel the same way, with Minecraft a veritable phenomenon in the younger generations.Plus, Cuban highlights Minecraft as an easy way for kids to learn the fundamentals of computer science, while still having all the fun of building and engineering their worlds.That's what makes Minecraft so appealing for the Mavericks, says Cuban.For its part, Mineplex is an online destination for the Minecraft faithful, where hundreds or thousands of players gather to cooperatively build or play competitive "minigames" against each other.It's supported by premium memberships, which start at $10 for the lifetime of a Minecraft account.The star resident of Mineplex is millionaire YouTube sensation "CaptainSparklez," who films his popular Minecraft videos on the server.His arrival on Mineplex vaulted the server, already popular, to a population boom.In Dallas Mavericks World, visitors to Mineplex will be able to compete in basketball mini-games, as well as participate in building contests.It's officially launching later this summer.
Sadly, that's what's happened to the Milwaukee Bucks, who have revealed that financial data on all employees of the basketball team, including players, has been compromised.The fraudsters made the request for financial data on April 26th, and it seems the team didn't discover its mistake until May 16th.It's not clear if the phishing attempt was made by a specific group of hackers or if it was just someone acting alone, but the IRS and FBI are said to have been contacted, while the NBA and National Basketball Players Association will carry out an ongoing investigation.A representative for the Milwaukee Bucks says that staff and players will be given three years of credit monitoring as well as identity restoration assistance.Employees will also go through privacy training and be taught preventative measures so a human error of this type doesn't happen again.SOURCE Yahoo
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About the business:We're a creative agency that design-builds solutions that work.Some examples include - sculptures to make a dead space lively, functional installations to promote interaction imagine creating a basketball game out of a recycling station , office wall murals, and a festival tent in the shape of a moving breathing whale.Let us know if you need any help."Opt-in ensures you're not going to have your domain reputation scorched, right?Should we instead focus on using either our company emails or start an email marketing/lead gen domain instead?What's a better delivery method I do not want to clog up inboxes ?
Earlier, at EA Mobile, he managed teams that were responsible for games in the Simpsons and Star Wars franchise.Edited excerpts follow…Bill Mooney, Skillz Chief Product Officer is a fan of Diamond Strike.So many people watch football, soccer and basketball, and love it, probably have leagues, but obviously not as many are professionals like elite gamers in e-sports.E-sports is starting to bring new people into the fray, while turning people who might play occasionally into hardcore gamers.Skillz is making e-sports happen for the other 99 percent.Nearer term, we expect to see major e-sports tournaments coming up around titles that haven t been played this way before whether that s Word With Friends or something else.
A bit like SoftBank s Pepper bot, but without the arms and legs, Zenbo is a multi-functional machine designed for the family home.Standing at little more than 60 centimeters and moving around on wheels, the diminutive robot has two main parts – a spherical base a little larger than a basketball, and a head comprising a digital display with enough space for Zenbo s massive blinking eyes.The robot s raisons d être, apart from to make Asus a shed load of money, is to provide assistance, entertainment, and companionship for all members of the family.We then see Zenbo reading out a paella recipe, with Mom able to ask for individual instructions as she goes.Together we can make the robot of your dreams a reality, the chairman shouted to a bemused audience of tech reporters who were still recovering from watching him jig about the stage to dance music.Not to be upstaged, Zenbo, too, pulled a few moves, though having only wheels it was rather limited in its ability to impress.
And then, in May, Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft, put $2 billion on the table.While the other US leagues struggle to build international interest in their games, the NBA has leveraged social media and new technology to build a huge global following.Vivek Ranadivé, founder of Tibco, owns the Sacramento Kings.Rock Ventures founder Dan Gilbert owns the Cleveland Cavaliers.I m the newbie, so I m mostly listening and learning.That s why the league was so excited about a demonstration on the opening night of the NBA season at Oracle Arena in Oakland: the first ever VR livestream of a professional sporting event.
Sony is coming with a big lineup of games for its PlayStation Plus subscribers next month.If you re a member of Sony s premium PlayStation Plus service in June and own a PlayStation 4, you ll get access to an amazing basketball game and one of the most beloved independent games of the last few years.Like always, all three PlayStation platforms — PS4, PS3, and PS Vita — are getting two games each as part of PS Plus s instant library feature.Also, you should check out our guide to creating a monstrous player in NBA 2K16.Gone Home: Console Edition is an adventure game from developer The Fullbright Company that tells a story through exploration.It has players moving around a house in an effort to discover more about the people who inhabited it.Echochrome is a puzzle game that uses non-Euclidean geometry that requires your brain to work in unnatural ways.Your goal is to get your character to the end of each level by matching up a 3D object in a way that it is traversable in 2D space.Siren: Blood Curse is a survival-horror adventure that has players dealing with murder and mystery in a Japanese mountain village.PlayStation VitaGod of War: Chains of Oympus is one of the handful of portable action games featuring Kratos and his beat- em-up action.It tells the ongoing story of his struggle with the gods.Little Deviants is a minigame collection where players are tasked with rebuilding a spaceship to help the titular characters return to their home planet.
This is Eddy Cue.Eddy Cue is the senior vice president of internet software and sales at Apple.He also likes basketball.Warriors comeback completed!DubNation pic.twitter.com/lAG1GFulCv — SFChronicle @sfchronicle May 31, 2016It turns out Eddy Cue really likes basketball.On May 30, Golden State Warriors played Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Playoffs.The Warriors won 96-88, with Stephen Curry helping the team pull of what is being referred to as "one of the NBA's great comebacks."Eddy Cue was there, and even made the front page of The San Francisco Chronicle.Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policy, and social initiatives, is also a [email protected] DubNation SF Chronicle front page - San Francisco Chronicle https://t.co/UkRDvRPin9 — Lisa P. Jackson @lisapjackson May 31, 2016 NOW WATCH: There's a Keurig-inspired machine that makes individual tortillasLoading video...
The Fullbright CompanySony's latest Instant Game Collection additions could be set to please PlayStation Plus subscribers, as the company revealed that beloved indie gem Gone Home and AAA sports game NBA 2K16 will headline the June 2016 selection.The occasionally creepy, effortlessly nostalgic, 90s-set 'adventure' encourages players to piece together narrative threads by interacting with household objects and personal trinkets in a family mansion.The PS4's other main offering in June is NBA 2K16 - the most recent entry in 2K Sports' basketball series, developed by Visual Concepts.Renowned for its extensive MyCareer mode in collaboration with renowned film director Spike Lee , the visually impressive sports game may not be replicating the most popular ball-based past-time in the UK, but it the game was well received during its September 2015 release in spite of a few concerns about the abundance of microtransactions.On the Vita front, May's God of War: Ghost of Sparta giveaway is followed by its PSP sequel God of War: Chains of Olympus as well as Little Deviants - a mini-game compilation designed to show off the Vita's multitude of control features from the now defunct developer Bigbig Studios.Are you excited by this month's crop?
In one series of ads, a gaggle of players pretends to be a suburban family.Someone might retweet a funny ad centered around Warriors forward Draymond Green making a sandwich, but that doesn t mean the person is going to consider buying a product, let alone become a loyal customer.When measuring ROI success, it s important to analyze the right target audiences.Under Armour, for example, might work with a reduced consumer data set that includes only people who follow the NBA and Golden State Warriors on social media or who participate in basketball-themed online forums.Previously, he served for five years as the Global Technology Practice Director for H K Strategies.Josh is also an executive coach and strategic advisor to several startups, and currently sits on the advisory boards of AirGrub, Artivest, Blanc & Otus, H K Strategies and Taptalk.
The Houston Rockets had recently drafted Yao Ming, the 7-foot-5-inch Chinese center, to play for the team.It was simple: Yanjing would showcase its logo on signs around the court and arena.The Yanjing deal was just one of many to showcase the NBA s unique global influence.It also became a kind of pawn in Sino-American diplomacy.Former NBA player Shawn Marion at a primary school located in Meishan, China on January 18, 2016.It marketed Asian-American point guard Jeremy Lin to Chinese audiences as the next big superstar.
Of the four major American sports leagues, the National Basketball Association has done the most to take its game from a domestic powerhouse into an international juggernaut.The Association s popularity is still growing internationally, thanks to a combination of international outreach, technological savvy, and openness—as crystallized by these eight marquee moments that helped the basketball go global.Despite then-commissioner David Stern s misgivings, the United States sent the Dream Team to Barcelona for the 1992 Summer Olympics, and finally the best basketball players in the world had the attention of an international audience.The public reception in Spain was ecstatic—coach Chuck Daly likened it to Elvis and The Beatles put together —and the team s effect on the game was immediately felt.Last year, the NBA broadcast the Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers to 215 countries in 47 different languages, across televisions, computers, and mobile devices.The Chinese Basketball Association began playing a year later in 1995, quickly expanded it currently has 20 teams , and the country remains one of the most vibrant overseas professional leagues for players who don t quite make the cut in the NBA.