the Parliamentary social affairs and health committee of the basic income experiment to be significant, the committee on line in his report.according to the committee on basic income tax free and earnings independently of the underlying create a significant economic incentive to find employment.the Committee notes that the government's proposal in the explanatory memorandum to deal with all the basic income effect of the experiment involved a person on social security.the Committee believes that it is necessary that the experiment involved are clearly informed of the basic income of the potential impact of his social security benefits: it is particularly important to inform its impact on income support.the Committee also considers it important that the experiment's effects will be evaluated, not only the employment of quantitative indicators but also qualitative, subjective well-being describing the instruments.Qualitative research can be, inter alia, determine whether to try a target group among the more than employment and economic activity related to the activity, whether it is increasing their participation in society and contribute whether it's their autonomy, their empowerment, it said.
the plan of the british EU citizenship, the preservation of some form rises one theme in brexit negotiations, told the parliament's chief negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt british newspaper, the Guardian.He announced he was gonna take care of the fact that the plan is on the negotiating table.the Proposal is that certain EU-citizenship benefits would be extended to it to which the british, although the British left the union.Such interests include, inter alia, the free movement of union between the two countries.the Proposal is believed to have the support of the particular overseas the british.more and more britons are brexit-after the vote to apply also to other EU countries citizenship.
2000 randomly selected, the Coil of unemployment benefits covered by the Finnish will soon receive a letter from Kela.Their account started from January onwards, come to the monthly 560 for the basic income.These 2000 people from different parts of Finland have been selected by lottery to the government's basic income experiment of the first phase of the sample.They get the basic income for a period of two years i.e. 2017-2018.the spool of law unit chief Marjukka Turunen told the New Finland that the announcement of the selection of incoming mail slot a little after christmas.This is a research-based perspective that you can not refuse, because then it will outfit a selection.
the Coil is decided ahead of time ten leaked sex created by distances huge of the it reform project.Ark project, it was decided to bury 15. December.Future Coil said to develop information systems agile than the model as part of the new strategy, the bottom of which development programs.the 350 million budget, operated the Ark project was founded in 2012.Its mission was to reform customer-oriented coil of benefits processes and their information systems.the Coil has approximately 40 benefit system and 90 of the support system.
When the euro and the dollar are equally valuable, Mandatum Life portfolio management function leader Juhani Lehtonen?"It towards you go, but the exact date no one knows and the parity is only one chapter.How much foreign exchange rate changes can affect the company's performance?"History has shown that ten percent of the weakened currency has improved the euro area corporate results 3 to 6 percent.the Euro has weakened at the beginning of November, about six per cent against the dollar.the Currency should remain weak for at least half a year before the benefits start to really show the company in the result."
the housing act demographic pressures-the special support of the Hypo, deputy ceo Elli Reunanen advise to asp-saving competition to their loans immediately after lifting.Reunasen according to first-time buyers targeted asp-a loans are rising, although mortgage spreads have steadily in recent years."the first apartment is purchased the customer will have to pay the loan its more than just a few years ago.Wish him the benefits of asp, the borrower must do a little extra work: he should raise the asp of the loan on its own account from the bank and leave immediately after the competition round", Reunanen, noted in his blog.according to him, the situation are the reason for the large banks at the initiative changed the practice and interpretation about who must pay the asp-account of the additional interest."What's the largest amount of successful asp account to save, the more difficult it is to get a competitive asp-loan offer from your asp account bank loan offer alongside.
Forget extra vacation days, good health insurance, and 401k matching — these companies take their employee perks above and beyond.Glassdoor/FacebookFacebook, Google, Netflix, and other top companies in the US are competing for the best talent out there.See which companies are raising the bar and going beyond free food, on-site gyms, and 401(k)s to attract new talent.According to career site Glassdoor, more than half (57%) of all workers say perks and benefits are among the top things they consider when deciding whether to accept a job, and almost 80% of employees say they would prefer new benefits over a pay raise.Spotify provides six months of paid parental leave, plus one month of flexible work options for parents returning to the office.Lactation consultations for new moms at American Express
Error loading player: No playable sources foundMedical marijuana has been legalized in 23 states, including the District of Columbia and Guam.Researchers have shown many of its benefits, yet federal law still prohibits it as a medical treatment.Original reporting by Kevin Loria.
Particularly in the united states and britain of a familiar phenomenon, employment, poverty, has landed also in Finland, out of Service trade union Pam published today report.This means that workers have to supplement the small salary social benefits.Pam economist Antti Koskela said the floor in his blog that the situation is alarming.Pam according to the report, the trade working in the field can receive an annual 30 million social security taxpayers money despite the fact that the trade sector's net profit in Finland are 334 million euros a year.How can it be possible that the employers imposed the payment of wages to the burden on tax payers?Or whether the taxpayer made to subsidise the profits of the industry the net result of paying part of workers ' income to social security?"
You ve most certainly had—or at least heard of—kale chips, but kale isn t the only leafy green that can be transformed into a crispy snack.Brussels sprout chips are just as easy as the kale version and I think a little bit tastier.Click the link below for the full recipe and description of health benefits , but all you really need to do is remove the tips of the sprouts, toss the leaves in olive oil and seasonings garlic, rosemary and sea salt are all great , and roast in a single layer at 450F for 7-10 minutes, until the leaves crisp up.Serve hot, eat up, and feel slightly smug about your healthy snack choice.I like to top mine with nutritional yeast for extra flavor and smugness.Nutritionist Know-How: My Favorite Healthy Snack Cupcakes & Cashmere
REUTERS/Mike Blake Reuters - United Parcel Service Inc, the world's largest package delivery company, said on Wednesday it will expand the 3D printing services provided through its UPS Stores to create an on-demand manufacturing network starting this summer.Atlanta-based UPS and SAP SE also announced a partnership in which Europe's largest software company will provide supply chain solutions to help manufacturers get products to market more quickly and at a lower cost."Speed is critical to us and we see tremendous value" in extending SAP's capabilities further down the supply chain via UPS, said John Dulchinos, vice president for strategic capabilities at contract manufacturer Jabil Circuit Inc, in a telephone interview with Reuters.UPS already offers 3D printing services using ABSplus, an industrial grade thermoplastic, at more than 60 UPS Stores around the United States.Under the new system, customers will be able to upload digital designs to First Radius, a company specializing in 3D printing in which UPS holds a minority stake.IDC Research Inc analyst Robert Parker said the network will bring UPS only modest benefits at first because 3D printers have limited capabilities at present and few printable materials available.
We have had good success with our GPUs in high-performance computing, deep learning in hpc, deep learning, data analytics, remote work stations, said McHugh, a former Cisco executive who joined Nvidia six months ago.The Tesla M10 GPU has high user density when it comes to delivering apps such as Outlook, Office 2016, web browsers, Adobe Photoshop, and the Windows 10 operating system.Delivering business applications in a virtualized way is becoming more challenging because more businesses are using demanding graphics apps these days.The percentage of GPU-accelerated apps has more than doubled in the past five years, with half that growth coming in the first months of 2016 alone, according to a study by Lakeside Software.To provide the best user experience, these applications increasingly use OpenGL and DirectX APIs, as well as graphics technology from the data center.While the need for advanced GPU technology has commonly been associated with the usage of 3D applications, as enterprises make the move to software like Windows 10, Office 365, and other SaaS and web apps, IT departments will increasingly seek the benefits of GPU acceleration to provide everyday business tools to all of their users, said Robert Young, analyst for IT Service Management and Client Virtualization Software at IDC, in a statement.Nvidia is teaming  up with virtualization software companies, such as Citrix and VMware, to deliver a high-end virtualized app that runs as if it were being processed on a user s personal machine.The cost of running such virtual apps or remote desktop sessions is now down to less than $2 a month per user and, for virtual PCs, is less than $6 a month per user.The new Nvidia Grid software is available worldwide today, and the Tesla M10 will be generally available in the fall.Virtualized apps can now be delivered at a subscription price of about $10 per concurrent user, McHugh said, on the Nvidia Grid service.
Alibaba s membership of the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition has been suspended, following accusations of conflicts of interest and complaints from other member brands.In response to its suspension by the IACC, Alibaba said on Wednesday that they will still work to crack down on counterfeit goods and work to protect intellectual property rights.In a statement over Weibo on Wednesday, Alibaba said that neither the open letter by the IACC, nor the withdrawal of several IACC members in protest of e-commerce companies like Alibaba will shake their determination to fight fakes.The IACC is the world s largest nonprofit anti-counterfeit organization, founded in 1979.It admitted Alibaba into the body on April 13, but several luxury brands, including Gucci and Michael Kors, withdrew their membership shortly after, saying Alibaba has not done enough to rid their e-commerce platforms of fakes.Alibaba said that they have been in cooperation with organizations, government agencies and IACC member companies to protect intellectual property rights.Alibaba stressed its role in fighting against counterfeit products, saying that it meant to bring benefits to other member companies in joining the IACC , and that it is to the detriment of the e-commerce industry that the IACC suspended Alibaba s membership.Alibaba appealed in a statement that the IACC should welcome new trends and technologies with an open mind for the overall interest of its member companies, in spite of the anti-counterfeit body s internal political struggles, and competing interests of individual firms .On May 13, the IACC released an open letter in response to an anonymous letter that claimed that President Bob Barchiesi owned shares in Alibaba.IACC then decided to suspend the membership of Alibaba.Alibaba has been long criticized for the merchants selling counterfeit products on its e-commerce platforms.According to a random inspection by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, for the second half of 2014, 62.75% of the products on Alibaba s e-commerce platform Taobao were counterfeits.Alibaba loses up to five users for each fake product sold on our trading platforms, the founder of Alibaba Jack Ma said to the media in October 2015.
The company claims that its Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution revolutionises prototyping and printing by delivering "superior quality" end products at half the cost, and up to 10 times faster, than current rivals FDM and SLS printer solutions in the same price bracket .It offers printing at the individual voxel level the 3D printing equivalent of a single pixel in 2D printing, as it were so boasts high levels of accuracy, and also speed with the ability to print over 340 million voxels per second.And while this is aimed at commercial usage and the hardware is very expensive, it's exciting to see what sort of technology is in the wings and could potentially trickle down in some form to desktop 3D printing.Businesses and manufacturers can completely rethink how they design and deliver solutions to their customers."Pricing for the 3200 starts at $130,000 around £90,000, AU$180,000 , with the full solution comprising the 3D printer and Processing Station which you can see on the right in the above image - this provides faster cooling and a cleaner finish, among other benefits starting at $155,000 around £108,000, AU$213,000 .The Jet Fusion 4200 will ship late this year, and the Jet Fusion 3200 will follow in 2017.
Spraying the wheat crops with pesticide could be a thing of the past if EU gets current with scienceIn a rebuke to the EU, and environmental activists worldwide, the biggest scientific metastudy yet conducted of genetically modified foods concludes they re good for human health and the environment.The National Academics of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an advisory body of scientists, finds no evidence of risks over conventional crops, and huge benefits in the shape of increased yields in poor countries, and healthier crops.More resilient GM foods reduce reliance on pesticides.Since then, it s merely tried to strangle them by heavy regulation, giving member states the right to impose their own obstacles in the shape of temporary bans so much for single market harmonisation .Paul Dacre s Frankenfoods campaign, and the media s promotion of work by the now discredited scientist Árpád Pusztai were instrumental in fuelling revulsion against GM crops.Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore now promotes vitamin A-fortified blindness-fighting Golden Rice, which Western NGOs are attempting to restrict in the countries that most need it.
If you mostly run on roads, you re missing out: Soft and uneven surfaces help to build strength and balance by working some lesser-used muscles in your feet and legs.Even if there s no picturesque trail or beach in your neighborhood, you still have an option: Run on grass.Look around for a park or athletic field with a big grassy field you can use or go rogue and trample your neighbors front yards—wait, no, don t do that.Running on grass is also a mental as well as a physical change of pace, so try working it into the last 15 minutes of your next run.If that goes well, says a post at Competitor, you can work towards doing entire workouts on the turf.4 minutes hard2 minutes easy note that this is half the time of the hard interval 3 minutes hard1.5 minutes easy2 minutes hard1 minute easy1 minute hardRecover for 3 minutes walking or easy jogging , and then repeat the sequence two more times.
If hackers take down a bank, it could endanger the whole society, says Barclays chairman John McFarlane.The financial sector needs to do more to protect itself against cybercriminals, as the combination of money and personal data that banks possess represents the "perfect target" for hackers, according to a new industry report.Read More"Digital technology has radically changed every aspect of our lives and brought untold benefits.Of course, with these opportunities it's introduced a new threat which is cybercrime; not only are they after our information, they're after our money and can and will steal it from wherever they choose," said John McFarlane, chairman of Barclays and TheCityUK.TheCityUK also calls for the creation of a City-wide cyber forum to "to promote collaboration across all firms" in the sector, in order to encourage best practice sharing and strengthen every organisation's cybersecurity.There is no silver-bullet to manage it, but there are practical steps the industry, and the customers we serve, can take to ensure we're well protected against attack," said Chris Cummings, chief executive of TheCityUK.
AmazonWhile still a primarily online store, Amazon isn't turning its back on physical retail establishments.After opening its first brick-and-mortar store in Seattle last year, the company's CEO Jeff Bezos confirmed at Amazon's shareholder meeting that more stores are coming."We re definitely going to open additional stores; how many we don t know yet, Bezos said at the meeting according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.In these early days, it s all about learning rather than trying to earn a lot of revenue."Currently Amazon's Seattle location is mostly a bookstore, and the company is already building another location in San Diego.Still, Bezos' statement is a bold one, so we'll likely see numerous additional Prime membership perks rolling out soon.
The Cubot Cheetah is the first fruit of the cooperation between the Cubot and Cheetah Mobile companies and i m sure many of you have installed some app from this chinese software leviathan, because they claim to have over 600 million of non-chinese users.Looking at the official Cheetah Mobile website the numbers are pretty staggering, 635 million of mobile network users and total worldwide users of some of their products in billions.So it s only quite logical the first reason the Cubot Cheetahphone being interesting is the support of huge company behind it and 10 GB of free cloud space coming with it.According to Cubot statement the second reason is great full metal build of the phone with polished GPS equaling the best navigations.Third reason would be the Samsung sensor used for the 13 MPix rear camera with PDAF so the photos should be better and without noise even in low light conditions.Fourth reason in favor of the Cheetah is built-in gyroscope for the 3D gamers on the phone and the fifth the hardware specs of the phone meaning octa-core MT6753 processor paired with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of storage and 5.5-inch FullHD resolution display.The final decision is of course up to the potential customers and the official retail price of $199.99 could be little too high no matter the benefits, but as far as we know Cubot is planning some sale event for the Cheetah with lowering it to $149.99 which is much easier to stomach.We will keep you informed once we know more.
Photographer: Michal Sikorski / Alamy DEBATE. A fossil fleet is within easy reach and both businesses and government agencies are working in that direction. The share of the mentioned environmental best cars expected to decline in new car sales, with the exception of a very modest increase of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Number-wise increase diesel cars sharply, while the environmentally best cars will remain at about the same level until 2030 - contrary to Parliament's goal of a fossil-fuel independent vehicle fleet in 2030 It is therefore no wonder that the investigator concluded that his proposal will lead to emissions in 2021 will decrease by a negligible percent. The starting point must be a vehicle fleet that is almost entirely fossil in 2030. A system that benefits the climate best cars must give clear signals to consumers and companies in the industry that the vehicles today can run fossil-free given a bonus, it includes both plug-in hybrids and gas cars.