However, there are a few personalities who are actually taking everyone on the path of success.Claudiu Leverenz is one such leader, who inspires others by working with people with disabilities.Talking about Claudiu’s childhood, he and his family moved to Germany when he was 7 years old.His family moved to Germany at a time where Romania was recovering after the revolution and still trying to reach an economic condition where people have good work and a future perspective.He graduated in 2016 from the Technical University of Munich with a master’s in information systems.This made him focus on business administration and management skills.Through this interview, Claudiu Leverenz, the CEO of Munevo speaks about his extraordinary journey and life story.It also leads the team at Munevo towards creating new solutions in order to reach our goals.I would also describe myself as driven and motivated.Describe in brief about your company and its products and services.Munevo has started as a university project and has been developed according to the wishes and inspiring ideas of people that in the end require help.Munevo has today become a full-fledged company that provides a different solution to help people become more independent.
They focus on paying utmost attention to their health and well-being.After selling the hospital to the Government of Saudi Arabia, the founder of the hospital Sheikh.Khalid bin Mahfouz established OASIS Company to become a part of Al Murjan Holding Group.OASIS became one of the largest and most comprehensive systems for healthcare management in the Middle East, offering a wide range of clinical and non-clinical sub-systems.The company considers honesty as one of its primary policies.Furthermore, it believes in giving back to the society and maintains a very good CSR program.Delivering Superior ServicesOASIS offers excellent hospital management services across 70+ hospitals in governmental, military, and private sectors.The system has been popular among senior manager and IT directors in the ministry of health for a decade.
It helps to increase the productivity and efficiency of a patient’s care.One company which pioneered this clinical software market by developing one of the most integrated healthcare management software is JVS Group.Over the course of the last 18 years, JVS has established itself as a global leader in the Electronic Medical Records/Electronic Health Records and Hospital Information System market.Today, more than 18,000 physicians are using JVS products and have over 4.5 million registered patients across 45 countries.A Diverse Range of SolutionEquipped with business intelligence is JVS’ flagship product Softclinic.It is a scalable electronic health records software (EHRs), which caters to entire healthcare delivery eco-system with modules for primary care, general practice, group practice, day-care centers, small to large corporate hospitals, laboratories, radiology centers, and pharmacies.This ultimately results in better patient-care and decision-making.An Ingenious MindBehind JVS’ successful endeavors is its Founder and Managing Director, Mr. Saket Singhi.Saket has a strong ability to incubate and develop new business solutions with big results and minimal investments.With a broad-based experience in IT product development and marketing, he has coupled his love for technology to his extensive experience running a product-based IT company.
Ayurveda is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of healthcare.He single-handedly eradicated the Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC) from the Indian sub-continent.Starting from the late 1800s until the early1900s, Jammi Wellness Clinic focused on finding a solution for ICC as well as several other childhood diseases, known as balarogas.Throughout his life, Dr. Jammi has worked tirelessly to ensure that Ayurveda does not remain an esoteric field, but is widely practiced as a field of medicine that delivers wellness and quality care for all Indians.Upholding this legacy, to carry forward the vision of Dr. Jammi Venkataramanayya and to widen its formulations across the length and breadth of India, the Chairman, Dr. Jammi Venkata Ramana, who is also the Chief Medical officer laid the foundation stone for Jammi Pharmaceuticals.The marketing efforts are being spearheaded by Mr. Madhusudan Rachuri, who has spearheaded Marketing activities at various MNCs over four decades of his professional life.The team at Jammi Pharmaceuticals aims to broaden its reach along with increasing awareness about the positive aspects of Ayurveda amongst people – especially the younger generation.Blending Tradition and ScienceJammi Pharmaceuticals does not debunk allopathy, instead, it believes that allopathy has its own place.
On our quest to find ‘The 10 Most Ingenious Healthtech Companies to Watch’, we have come across Fortis Healthcare Limited, a leading integrated healthcare delivery service provider, which aims to build trust among the different stakeholders in the healthcare space.The company has been consistently advocating for public-private partnerships as it believes it is the need of the hour.The healthcare verticals of Fortis primarily comprise hospitals, diagnostics centers and daycare specialty facilities.As of 2020, the company operates its healthcare delivery services in India with 27 healthcare facilities and over 410 diagnostics centers.The journey of Fortis in the last two decades has seen numerous healthcare initiatives under its area of focus that includes Clinical Excellence, Patient-centric Care, Talent Engagement, Community Connect, and Investor Confidence.Patient-Oriented ServicesFortis offers specialty services combined with advanced technology in surgical interventions.It supports the clinicians in research, publications, conferences and other academic activities, that not only help physicians to treat ailments, but also ensure the wellness of the patients.What Sets it Apart?Fortis Healthcare is the first hospital network in India to implement and monitor clinical outcomes and many firsts in India to its credit.This initiative strengthens the company’s commitment to patient-centricity by striving towards continuous clinical excellence through improvement and enhancement of its clinical services.According to the company, constant evaluation of its clinical outcomes against global standards motivate its medical workforce to continuously improve all aspects of its practice.
Challenges nudge people to go beyond their comfort zone and look for opportunities they couldn’t find.And those who thrive through these challenges emerge as people who are looked up to and who inspire others.As someone who has an insatiable appetite for new challenges, Rupak Barua, has not only won new frontiers for himself but also set a benchmark in the healthcare industry.He saw his father working till his last breath, determined, actively involved and associated with many welfare activities.He adds, “There is no denying the fact that my growth has been from the grassroots level.I started my career as a management trainee, from where I rose to head a renowned chain of diagnostic centers.I also consider my efforts to redefine AMRI as the fastest growing healthcare chain in Eastern India to be a significant achievement.”Ever since Rupak took charge as the Group CEO, he worked towards regaining and boosting the confidence of patients, doctors as well as other stakeholders.
The contributions that he has made to the field of neonatology are extraordinary.The Journey So Far!He earned his Paediatric medical degree with a gold medal from Mysore University in 1989 and started working in Mysore Mission Hospital.As this area of specialization was not available in India during those years, Dr. Kishore went to England, where he spent four years specializing in the field and was appointed as a Consultant Neonatologist in Merseyside.He also completed a Fellowship in Neonatal ICU with an FRACP from Melbourne, Australia, clinching the certification as one of the youngest and highest qualified neonatologists in the world.Dr.During his time abroad, he became familiar with the brilliant standards of maternity care in the western world, and the lack thereof in India.So, he decided to start Cloudnine to offer similar services in India.Get Magazine: CloudnineCloudnine is a leading chain of maternity, childcare and fertility hospitals.The hospital offers a comprehensive range of services from maternity, gynaecology, fertility, neonatal intensive care and pediatrics.
With 138 asymptomatic cases found so far, close to 4.7m in Kashgar are being put thru the test.China though largely successful in controlling the spread of infection, has seen continuous small outbreaks.Xinjiang, home to China’s mostly-Muslim Uighur minority, are heavily persecuted by the central government in Beijing.Ever since the virus spread, schools in Kashgar have been closed with residents having to stay put till they get a negative report.The present panic has been aroused due to the presence of an asymptomatic woman in the outskirts of Kashgar.She, as revealed by the Chinese state media is the first such case detected in mainland China in the last 10 days.Widespread testing since Saturday of close to 3 million have revealed 137 such cases in Kashgar with the rest likely to be completed in the next two days, say the city’s officials.Normal life has resumed in most of mainland China, though small outbreaks continue to spring out which brings about immediate mass testing by the authorities.Before Kashgar, it was Qingdao which went thru a similar exercise with its entire 9 million citizens being put to test.Before that in May 2020, the supposed Covid-19 epicentre of Wuhan was tested in totality with close to 11 million citizens having to go thru the test.Source:
The word work carries different meanings but here work is described in physics as a force causing a body to be displaced.In the case of a force applied, owing to this force, work is the scalar product of the force applied and the displacement.In addition to the fact that both force and displacement are vector quantities, there is a scalar quantity owing to the essence of scalar product function.We ought to measure the amount of work done by an object in motion on certain levels.This detailed article would provide the definition of work performed, using the physics of work formula and illustration of utilizing the work calculator for this purpose.In everyone’s daily lives, there are several cases of work completed.For instance, an animal dragging a plough across the farm, a dad in a department store carrying a shopping trolley, or a child raising a bag on his shoulder or his hand full of textbooks and so many more.In particular, a force is a must for work to happen, and will trigger a change in the object’s position.Displacement of the body is a must for work undertaken, other than that no work can be completed according to physics, even though force is applied.Thus, if an individual puts pressure against a wall, he will just drain himself and he will do no work.In particular, the server uses power to lift the dish over his face, and true, as well, as the server runs, the dish travels around the floor.Although, the impact, the raising of the dish by the server, doesn’t really allow the dish to travel.The formal work formulation:The value of work performed will be given by the product of the portion of the force in the direction of the displacement with the magnitude of this displacement.We write work numerically asW = F x dWork Unit:Joule (J) is the SI unit for the work, and it is described as the work performed by a force of 1 Newton to drive an object in the direction of force for a distance of one-unit meter.The work equation is often used in any issue to quantify work completed, force or displacement.Just because the equation is fairly straightforward, as you may have inferred from the working equation, you are profoundly fortunate here.All you have to do is take the force, F, and multiply the force by the distance traveled by the subject.The work carried out on the object would result in the outcome.You should use the force concept in the work formula if you want to become nice / developed and then get:W = m x a x d as F = maIt is also a basic calculation that can still be completed easily.In your case, work calculator will show you precisely how much work has been carried out in any of the cases, so you can conserve your valuable time as well as mental capability.How to use the work calculator Online?The work calculator is very easy and convenient to use.You just have to put the force and the distance from your case in its simplified form.It will determine the outcome for you immediately.The optimized feature can be used to get more advanced forms of equations and alternate modes.For example, you will be provided with 3 different forms of equation.
NEW DELHI / Oct 23, 2020 – Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by Salmonella typhi. Dr Anamika Dubey, Senior Consultant, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital said, “Typhoid fever also known as enteric fever is caused by S. Typhi bacteria. It is caused by ingestion of organism, commonest source being fecal contamination of water reservoirs and street food. The bacteria invade the body through the gut mucosa in terminal ileum (the distal end of the small intestine that intersects with the large intestine) and into the blood. Typhoid tends to affect children most, with peak incidence occurring in children aged 5-15 years. In South Asian countries the presentation of typhoid fever may be more dramatic in children less than five years of age, with comparatively high rates of hospitalization and complications,” added Dr Dubey.
From monitoring vital signs to its basic function – filtering polluted air all the while translating speech into other languages; masks have acquired a multi-utility property.Wearing masks have become the new normal and this phenomenon has given birth to the idea of high-tech masks.Various tech companies and researchers are coming up with weirdly wonderful concepts of masks that carry out both the functions efficiently; covering against infections with technologically advanced aesthetic look.In Japan, Donut-Robotics (a startup) has come up with the wackiest ‘C-Face’ mask which not only just covers the face but helps the users in maintaining social distancing along with acting as a translator.A ‘C-Face’ mask wearer’s speech is transmitted to a smartphone via an app and permits the users to have fruitful communication while keeping the distance of up to 10 metres (32 feet).Taisuke One, Chief Executive of Donut Robotics says, “Despite the coronavirus, we sometimes need to meet directly with each other.”High-Tech masks are incredibly effective when it comes to having a doctor patient engagement, especially while communicating from a safe distance.The ‘C-Face’ mask’s lightweight silicone device can help doctors in communicating better with patients, where it can translate the speech from Japanese into English, Korean, other languages.
So, if you are suffering from chronic pain, fascial chain pain points might be the reason.The effect of Fascia on overall healthFascia can suffer from tightening with the progression of age.This tightening can lead to restriction of movement and pain in the affected areas and the adjoining parts of the body.Fascial restrictions are directly responsible for several bodily defects and disorders, which include stomach and intestinal dysfunctions.And this is where chiropractic treatment comes in handy.Chiropractic care for myofascial releaseMyofascial release is a chiropractic technique that allows the release of the fascial tissue with stretching and calming techniques.All you need is a licensed massage therapist to restore the perfect balance and reset of the fascial glide and coordination.I had extreme undeniable irritation and serious torment in my back.
We breath calmly and effortlessly in that state and do nothing that causes this state to change adversely. Contrast this with a situation where akin to a compressed spring, one is caused to feel pressured (irrespective of reasons) with breath either being irregular or short. In its advanced stages, stress also disturbs sleep and makes it difficult to do or take up normal daily activities. Stress is the body’s response to an alien situation that has elements of threat and loss tied to it. Remembering childhood slights and manhandling, Past losses and lack of successes, job and relational losses, office working piling up or unexpected/ unethical/ unjust demands being made etc. Remedies could include: Acknowledging the problem How do you solve a problem that you do not think exists!
For the healthcare sector, the year 2020 has a challenge in every step.To start, many, including the insurers did not know what and how to cover the COVID-19 claims that came pouring in.The policyholders found themselves paying an exorbitant amount of money for treatment and the insurance providers were looking forward to the guidelines that could help them deal with it.Whether health insurance is being provided by public establishments or private players, it played another crucial role in the way insurance money was handled.With the economic slowdown, it was tough for policyholders to pay their premiums in due time.With no standardized cost of treatment and inclusion of novel items like PPE kits into mandatory and routine treatment, they had a hard time figuring out the payables from the non-payables.On the brighter side, health insurance providers saw a surge in demand for policies.An increase in the number of queries also led to the development of new policies and products that could better cater to communicable diseases in the future.
Especially with Governments initiative on digital health, we have been able to see a lot of momentum in the Healthcare Industry in the past few years.Organization is being tested like never before, though the after-effects of Covid-19 is still unfolding across the globe.While Social distancing and work from home has become the new normal, Corporate leaders are striving to ensure that their businesses continue with minimal disruption.Get Magazine: is a Solution Provider having exclusive focus on offering Enterprise IT Solutions to the Healthcare Industry.The portal will exclusively handle the hospitals RFQ enabling the vendor to bid electronically mentioning the specification and other product details proposed.Currently, we are piloting this project in a multi-speciality hospital and soon will be launched for our other customers as well.TelemedicineWhile there are numerous products available in the market for Telemedicine, very few is integrated with the hospital management system starting from online appointment system, payment gateway integration until patient virtual check in and check out.Patient receives his encounter details on his registered WhatsApp Number.Cloud ComputingOver a period of time, maintaining IT Infrastructure on-prim can be a costlier in a Hospital environment.Having said that, hospital environment is complex with various applications & equipment’s and its related software used across the length and breadth of the hospital.
Challenges are always around the corner.However, at times, we find ourselves amidst situations that only are a part of the fiction.The novel Corona Virus pandemic has been one such situation which threw everyone off balance.The medical fraternity has been the worst hit, to say the least.On one hand, they have proven to be the real saviours of humankind.This proportionately increases their chances of being infected by a COVID patient – whether symptomatic or asymptomatic.However, health emergencies seldom wait.What the practitioner’s community did during the partial disruption was to prepare themselves for the times ahead.
For most people, sitting on a dentist’s chair is a nightmare.More often than not they ignore their dental issues opting for home remedies or over the counter drugs, just to avoid a visit that they think will be more painful than their current situation.However, such an attitude can aggravate a simple pain to some serious issues if not taken care of at the right time.The dental care clinic offers painless, effective and long-lasting dental treatment in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere creating a setup where patients are taken care of as a family.Soulful Dental Care offer services related to pediatric dentistry including preventive dental treatment like fluoride application and pit and fissure sealants, painless root canal treatment, metal-free white composite fillings, colorful twinky star fillings for kids, steel as well as ceramic caps for milk teeth and permanent teeth, painless tooth removal and space maintainers & orthodontic treatment all offered in a child-friendly environment.Get Magazine: core team of the clinic includes Dr Swapnil Rachha (MDS-Pediatric & Preventive Dentist), Dr Mrs Sneha Rachha (BDS-Dental Surgeon & Implantologist) Dr Shruti Athalye (Dental Surgeon & Cosmetologist) and three well trained dental assistants skillful in handling patients gently.Here’s Dr Swapnil Rachha, sharing how he followed his passion and established the dental care clinic.Kindly brief us about your journey as a dental practitioner and your clinic.I cannot be more grateful in the way in which my journey has been shaped.In the earlier days, many sensitive patients had to be forcefully held during tooth removal, with the advent of advanced techniques & sensitive equipment saving the natural tooth in a painless way and maintaining the right form has become the norm of dentists all over the world.Hence, I have a firm opinion that the dental field has evolved in a way that all patients have immensely benefited from it and patients are no more horrified for a dental visit and dentists are no longer considered as monsters!Share with our readers the measures that have to be taken to maintain good oral hygiene.How would you suggest we should spread awareness for the same?Maintaining good oral hygiene is an important daily routine which all must follow meticulously.
It is an international day dedicated to spreading awareness regarding the AIDS pandemic and the HIV infection, and the mourning of all those individuals affected by this disease.AIDS stands for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which is a fatal condition caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).The HIV virus invades the human immune system of the patient and reduces its resistance to other diseases.With adequate treatment, the lifespan of HIV infected individuals can be prolonged to an extent.This day is observed by healthcare organizations across the world, support groups, non-governmental organisations and even government and health officials, often with awareness and education regarding this issue.Currently, around 38 million people are living with HIV or AIDS.Among them, approximately 81% of people with HIV globally knew about their HIV status in 2019.Till this day, around 75.7 million people have become infected with HIV since the start of the pandemic.More than 32.7 million people have died of HIV or AIDS, despite it being identified only in 1983, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history.Incredible amount of scientific research has been conducted for the treatment of HIV, there are laws to protect people afflicted with HIV and we understand so much more about this condition.Although the masses have a generic idea about this disease, people are still unclear on the facts about how to protect themselves and others.Societal stigma and discrimination remain a reality for many people living with this disease.We need initiatives like the World AIDS Day because it reminds people and the government that HIV has not gone away – there is still a vital need to raise awareness, fight prejudice, and improve education.Global key-points:2/3 or all people battling HIV live in the WHO African region.
An unwavering commitment to ensuring the best care for all children and a partnership between patients and providers is the deeply rooted legacy that drives the mission of Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare.123 years ago Dr. Arthur Gillette and Jessie Haskins, a student who had grown up with a complex condition, successfully lobbied Minnesota lawmakers to establish the nation’s first hospital dedicated to the care and treatment of kids with disabilities.Today, this legacy and care model continues to guide the more than 1,400 people who work at Gillette as they care for children with complex conditions, rare disorders and traumatic injuries.Defining a Unique Care ModelBased on her own experiences with healthcare as a child, Gillette President and CEO, Barbara Walczyk Joers believes it’s important that everyone on the care team has a deep connection to the hospital’s mission and focus.Such a plan helps patients and families think about what’s possible and how to reach their full potential now and throughout life.” Joers says.This integrated practice model stands out in the current environment of consolidation in health care that can often leave patients and families feeling lost as they seek to navigate care.“Our care model is why patients choose Gillette” says Joers, “and why we feel that giving patients and families a choice in their care provider remains a priority for Gillette.” The Gillette Care Model is built on three pillars leading to the fulfillment of the vision—“Potential Realized.” These pillars are: Focused Expertise, Proactive Care Planning and Trusting Relationships.Barbara Joers explains: “At Gillette we are fortunate to be organized around a core of well-trained and devoted pediatric specialists and sub-specialists in areas including Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM ), Orthopedics, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Complex Care Pediatrics.This depth and breadth of expertise forms the foundation for our care – many of our providers are truly the best of the best, leading research and filling conference sessions around the world when they speak.”This amazing depth of expertise, combined with 120-plus years of experience allows Gillette care teams to develop innovative and sophisticated care plans with families, says Joers.
Such waves can be produced & felt when you stand close to a supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, or other phenomena that create violent changes in pressure.Characteristic Properties and Parameters of Shock WavesThe energy of a shockwave is released as pressure on the environment.This pressure is remarkably high, builds up extremely fast and with a classical shock wave the pressure amplitude is mainly positive pressure.The negative part is much weaker and longer and corresponds to the tension wave, hence, the key characteristics of Shockwave are: Extremely fast rise of the curve, extremely high pressure, Low negative wave compared to very high peak pressureExtracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is a conservative treatment modality with ever-growing interest in musculoskeletal disorders.Modern musculoskeletal ESWT is divided into focused and radial technology and most musculoskeletal lesions to be treated are easy to reach with either of them.In Late 70s & early 80s, Focused shockwaves were introduced as Lithotripter technology for damaging and destructive effects on Tissue (like Kidney Stones), while these effected were desired, it was also noticed that there were regenerative physiological effects as well in the areas that received lower energies.This led to development of a focused shockwave with positive lower energies delivered at non-destructive levels.These Focused shockwaves started to produce incredibly positive results of specific musculoskeletal conditions such as tendinopathies and in Bone healing.These devices focus the shockwaves to a point which is approximately 4–6 cm apart from the application to the skin.FOCUSED Shockwaves (f-ESWT) are generated extra-corporeally (electrohydraulic, piezoelectric, or electromagnetic).